Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Nothing has changed. As predicted.

The backstop is the backstop is the backstop.  Because legally it has to be. And no matter how you play the legal language, there is no way around it.

It is impossible to have a backstop that one side can walk away from without consultation. If there is no trade deal after December 2020, and that is, given the painfully slow progress of the current government in the withdrawal phase, more than likely, the backstop will have to come into force.

Interesting to note that last night the leadership of the DUP was consulted on the outcome of the talks. The first ministers Scotland and Wales were not. Almost like we didn’t matter.

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Make with the money, May!

So, how will they vote tonight?

Will the bribes of vast amounts of our money to Labour MPs’ constituencies in England work?

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Will the DUP be satisfied? If so, will Rees Mogg take his line from them, as he has said he would?

Will May still be prime minister this time next week?

How did we get into this almighty mess?

Erm, yeah, I think

How soon can we escape?



Tell you something though, I bet they don’t have blue passports, made in France.

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See, I told ya so. So there. Nah nah nah nah nah.


Oooops, sorry. My bad!



Dear Mr Mundell,

I am flabbergasted at your ignorance of what the people of Scotland voted for, and therefore appear to want.

I mean, what part of 62-38 are you failing to grasp, Secretary of State? Do you think we all said, ‘oh well, the English voted by a narrow margin to leave so obviously that’s what we want too’?

We don’t want an orderly Brexit… or any other kind of Brexit. And just because you say it to yourself doesn’t make it so.

Now, it’s your job to convey our wishes to Downing Street, you are supposed to be our representative there. So why don’t you do that instead of threatening every few days to resign and then remembering that you’ve got a highly-paid cushy number with all that foreign travel, and withdrawing your threat?

Not that I think for a single second that your leader will be in the least bit interested what a bunch of Jocks think. She’s only interested in your confidence and supply partners in Northern Ireland (who represent a minority of Northern Irish sentiment, by the way) because without them she is toast.

In fairness, she’s probably toast anyway.

Yours sincerely




(My thanks to Jonathon Poole-Smith for the pic.)



Well, everyone today is talking about the humiliating defeat of May, the triumph of the Scottish Labour, Scottish Green, SNP and Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs along with Jo Maugham QC, the advice on Northern Ireland and the fact that Fluffy STILL hasn’t resigned, and how utterly idiotic Liam Fox sounded at a committee hearing talking about the Commons stealing Brexit from the British people.

I think in the last of these he must have been getting confused with the following little matter from 10 years ago.

In the 2009 expenses scandal, he was the Shadow Cabinet minister found to have the largest over-claim on expenses and, as a result, was forced to repay the most money.

So, as you can read about that anywhere, we’ll just cover the hopefully soon-to-be ex-prime minister discard what the UN has said about poverty in Britain after 10 years of austerity and repeat another of her meaningless sound bites.

Hearty apologies if this post doesn’t work out right. WordPress has offered up a new template to write with, and it’s taking some getting used to. 

Have they started using the new flag already?

Auf Wiedersehen, Schottland!

They mighta waited till we voted. Still, it’s Ok with me.

Actually, joking aside, I’d find it really disagreeable to have to have two flags sitting in my living room, one at either side of the fireplace.

It’s bad enough Munguin going around waving his Antarctican flag all the time.


If you want a summary of what May is proposing from the point of view of a QC, this is worth a read.