Well, everyone today is talking about the humiliating defeat of May, the triumph of the Scottish Labour, Scottish Green, SNP and Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs along with Jo Maugham QC, the advice on Northern Ireland and the fact that Fluffy STILL hasn’t resigned, and how utterly idiotic Liam Fox sounded at a committee hearing talking about the Commons stealing Brexit from the British people.

I think in the last of these he must have been getting confused with the following little matter from 10 years ago.

In the 2009 expenses scandal, he was the Shadow Cabinet minister found to have the largest over-claim on expenses and, as a result, was forced to repay the most money.

So, as you can read about that anywhere, we’ll just cover the hopefully soon-to-be ex-prime minister discard what the UN has said about poverty in Britain after 10 years of austerity and repeat another of her meaningless sound bites.

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Have they started using the new flag already?

Auf Wiedersehen, Schottland!

They mighta waited till we voted. Still, it’s Ok with me.

Actually, joking aside, I’d find it really disagreeable to have to have two flags sitting in my living room, one at either side of the fireplace.

It’s bad enough Munguin going around waving his Antarctican flag all the time.


If you want a summary of what May is proposing from the point of view of a QC, this is worth a read.


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I found these tweets on my timeline.


Well, if the Tories say so, it must be true…

…or maybe not so much.

What does “guarantee mean, Fluffs? Any ideas?

Well, no, absolutely not, except we are?

!!!!!!promises proises
Tell me, Douglas, how could we get a better trade deal than we have now?

I’m sure the Tories will look after the farmers… Oh, wait. A bit like the fisherman, they talk a good talk, but…

So, yeah. Has Dom just let something out of the bag?





A Survation Poll for the Sunday Post* has shown that among the age group 16-34 (clearly those most affected by Brexit, on the basis they have the longest time to live with it) are nearly 82% Remain.

The 35-54 group are now 66% pro remain, and even in the 55+ group, only 43% of those questioned were pro-Leave.

With a sample size of 880 out of a voting population of  3.9 million, I’m not sure how accurate that might be. If anyone knows, please inform us.

Even at +/- 10%, it would put every group in the Remain camp.

It is ridiculous that Scotland is leaving the EU

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(*For non-Scottish readers, the Sunday Post is a largely Tory-supporting Scottish Sunday tabloid newspaper which, at one point, had almost blanket circulation within the country. Circulation in recent years has fallen and is currently around 125,000 per week. It is the home of “Oor Wullie” and “The Broons” and is published by DC Thomson, Dundee.)

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Heathrow Immigration is in a bit of a mess. The average wait, if you are arriving from outside the EEA, is over 2 hours. Can you imagine how long it will be after March 29, 2019… assuming there are any flights coming in?



Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


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Having already refused to give visas to a dozen or so authors invited to attend the Edinburgh Book Festival, the immigration service held up the family of Nelson Mandela who were travelling to the festival to appear in a Q&A with their great-grandmother on the life of the late president.

Do you get the impression the UK government might be trying to sabotage the festival? If they are, they are doing their usual cack-handed job of it. It’s reflecting just as badly on their global Britain image. But ‘cack-handed’ and ‘Theresa May’ seem to be joined at the hip.



Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Freda Jackson.

Poor Freda. She went on holiday with her friend to Benidorm and was surprised, nay shocked, to discover that there was a load of Spanish people there.

How very dare they?

Did no one tell them that Benidorm is for the exclusive use of Brits?

I mean, it must have been like going to Blackpool and finding English people there.

Can you just imagine? Horror of horrors.

Freda said Spanish people were rude.  Of course, this may be true. There are undoubtedly Spanish people who are rude. I suspect though, not all of them.

Probably they had the effrontery to speak Spanish.

‘The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish – why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?’ said dear Freda.

Johnnie Foreigner just gets more and more unreasonable as time goes on. The entertainment was Spanish, in Spain, and there were Spanish people all over the place. Locksalaudy, whatever next?

I mean, how are decent English people supposed to enjoy a foreign holiday or indeed have a football riot, when their plans are thwarted left, right and centre by foreigners?

Mark my words, Europe. This will not be tolerated.


Oh hell… where do you even begin on this?


Get me out of here.



Even if this bumbling idiot’s main role, one for which he gets paid a considerable amount of our money, is to protect the Scottish devolution settlement, his real job is making the tea and biscuits for proper cabinet members and doing any other little jobs around the place that the Maybot wants doing…

…like lying through his teeth to the Scottish people.

Just go, you silly little man.


Latest figure I read for new SNP membership this week is 7,500+. I wonder if Bercow wants a job?