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1. It can’t be time to get up yet…
2. This should cheer you.
3. Scottish autumn skies.
4. What do you mean it’s your garden?
5. Gone fishin…
6. And this is me close up… As you can see, I’m concentrating, and if you scare away the fish with all that human noise, you’ll get the rough edge of this beak!
7. On Skye, water goes up the way!
8. Breakfast time for this Chickadee.
9. Canada.
10. What’s the news on the streets, guys?
11. The Bulgarian idea of fox-hunting!
12. Cotonou, Benin. Their version of les grandes avenues.
13. Buddies for life.
14. When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go…
15. Oslo.
16. Is it Hallowe’en or something?
17. Apple harvest in Massachusetts.
18. Autumnal colours in Massachusetts.
19. Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly.
20. Munguin said to go out and be seen, as the original photograph didn’t display. And when Munguin says… Well, we’re here!

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Well. Why is it special?

There’s the inequality of it for starters?

Inequality Archives - Believable Politics

Then there’s the fact that one country in it makes all the decisions although the other countries don’t necessarily agree with them.

U.K. Election Results Map: How Conservatives Won in a Landslide - The New  York Times

It has a unique “upper” house of parliament consisting of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Archbishops, Bishops, friends and relatives of the prime minister, donors to the three English based parties and an assortment of has been failed and rejected MPs who sleep a deal of the time, and refer to each other as noble, although many of them have earned an “ig”.

House of Lords: Lord Graham had gone completely he was fast asleep | Daily  Mail Online

And, we mustn’t forget that there are a few people that someone fancied…and some REAL prize doolies.

Oops, un petit accident. LOL no, no one fancied him! He’s the dooly

Certainly, apart from Iran, and I guess, Vatican City, it’s the only place where senior clergy are involved in the governance of the state, even though they are all from the “established” church of ONE of the four participating countries.

After the notorious interview will the Queen let Prince Andrew return? –  Film Daily
Weird old duffers wearing fancy dress like they were Jacob Rees Mogg or something…

It maybe the only state that has a way of circumventing parliament by passing Orders in Council which can be agreed by a very small number of compliant toadies and a head of state chosen by reproduction and impossible to get rid of, as is her disagreeable family, no matter how repellent some of whom will follow her into the top job.

More than 100,000 Britons to retire to poverty without personal pension  savings | UK | News |
Oh well, gran, only 5 more sleeps before pension day.

It is very special in that its state pension is the lowest in the developed world.

At least by comparison with most Western states it is pretty corrupt.

Yes, I’m talking about you. Corrupt and buffoon.

It has an utter buffoon as its prime minister… although to be fair there are a few other countries that can claim that, nem Ă©rtene egyet, Magyarország?

Yes, Indeed, Prime Minister

I’m sure Munguinites can help DRoss out with some more stuff that makes “our union” so, <sniff sniff> special.

Feel free…




OK, let’s do a quick translation.

Dear Brave Donny,

I’m a washed up politician. Well, I say politician but, rather like you, I don’t really actually do any politics. But I love being up there getting adoring racist muppets cheering at me for saying outrageously stupid stuff and making impossible promises. (Have you tried the one about $350 million a week for…oh wait, you don’t do health care, do you?)

You have to agree. Lying to morons feels so good, especially when you can make money out of it.

I’ve had a great deal of experience internationally. I’ve skipped meetings in Belgium, Luxembourg, England and France to go to the pub. I have turned up on occasions to make a big speech and then to turn my back as they played the European anthem. Pretty smart, huh?

However, I am kind to old ladies and often see them across the road while pulling faces.

Nigel Farage in Plymouth on Brexit Party election campaign - live updates -  Plymouth Live

The thing is, though, I achieved my aim. I got Brexit done all by myself with my own fair nicotine stained hands. (OK, OK, except in Jackland where I was escorted from their capital by the local police who don’t seem to be nearly as friendly as our good old British bobbies).

Protest planned for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party rally in Edinburgh -  Edinburgh Live

They speak strangely there, by the way. It was almost as ghastly as being in Belgium or Luxembourg. Does anyone know what “GetTae” means?

So, I find myself, your brave magnificence, in a situation where, having achieved all that I desired, I’d now like to try something different, preferably in a totally new environment, as far away as I can reasonably get from England before the proverbial hits the proverbial, as it were.

I am willing to travel, although I prefer not to do so in Europe, but I do have a nice new German passport. I don’t want to have to speak foreign a language though. I’m sure you agree that there’s nothing worth saying that can’t be said in good old English. I’ve sometimes sat on a train in England and listened to people speaking foreign around me. I can tell you, I gave me the shivers.

I enclose a copy of my CV (sorry about the beer stains and the fag burn) and I hope that you will cast your brave and resilient eyes over it.

Yours deeply respectfully to the point of utter nausea.







Sorry to bang on about this, but it’s something I feel so strongly about.

Supposedly, the UK is in the top ten rich nations and yet, in this rich, supposedly Christian nation (suffer the little children; it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, etc), which can find billions to spend on unnecessary railways and unusable WMDs, not to mention a give away to any mate of the Tories who comes up with a “scheme” to buy unsuitble PPE or Ferries which are really takeaways, we have millions of kids going hungry? More than other, supposedly poorer, European countries.

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle- Christian Art

But ain’t it just peachy for us Scots to be lectured about this by Douglas Ross and the Starve a Kiddie Party while they get stuck into subsidised meals and drink in the London parliament?

Like I say, sorry to harp on, but if you ever want to get me angry, the way to do it is being cruel to kids or animals. Munguin will tell you, that this mild mannered lad suddenly becomes a Niko!

San Francisco Scene - Hulk Smash - Hulk (2003) Movie CLIP HD - YouTube


The Tories were out and about today, I see.


Sweet. the most unpopular Tory is going to come and talk down our government.


Bruce has done a survey on his blog. You might want to take part… they are always fun.


Prince Andrew plots return to royal duties to 'serve his country' almost a  year after car-crash Epstein BBC interview

Airmiles, they told us at the end of May (only 5 months ago), would never resume his royal duties… information we all received with utter indifference, mainly because we hadn’t a clue that he’d ever done any royal duties.. unless you include, shooting things, playing golf, partying, having dubious contacts, using OUR royal transport to run his private life, entertaining other persons as unpleasant as himself, eg Donald Trump, and taking his daughters out to eat in the brief periods between their luxury holidays…

Well, shock of shocks, now we are informed that the fat lad intends to return to “serve his country”. Well, there you go. Sacked one minute then… back to work coz mater is the boss.. and probably he and Boris Johnson get on well together being birds of a repulsive feather.

As pretty much all the organisations he was involved with walked away from him, or rather demanded that he walk away from them, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting him to come and open their shop or whatever it is these people open, I wonder just how he intends to get back to “earning” the vast amount of money we used to pay him.

I have, though, a small suggestion for employment. Maybe he could contact Pizza Express in Woking, where I hear he is known to the management, and inquire if he could open their restaurant …every morning at 8… and close it again after the last customer has gone away.

No sweat, they might reply.


What Is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

I apologize to everyone for the posts which are appearing on here without my having anything to do with them.

WordPress appears to think that, as Munguin makes use of the free version of their blog, and they therefore don’t make any money out him, they will cram the blog with ads and posts that are nothing at all to do with us.

We are considering what to do about this at the moment.

In the meantime I am sorry.

I want you to know that neither Munguin nor I make a penny out of this.


10 Heartbreaking Videos that Show the Devastating Effect of Palm Oil on  Orangutans - One Green Planet
1. No-one is looking so I’m off to explore this republic Munguin’s got.
2. Lake Mackenzie, NZ.
3. What d’ya think of them for cheeks, eh?
4. Fly me to the moon… way up there.
5. Guess who’s stuck up a gum tree?
6. Well done!
Tiger - Wikipedia
7. Now, where is this forest of the night place I’m supposed to be burning bright in?
8. Hello, Rory the Rhino here… good mate of Munguin’s
9. What a relief.
10. Neighbour’s wild flower meadow in the summer.
11. Norway.
Happy Dogs - Guardian Animal Medical Center - Dr. M.J. Wixsom
12. I AM smiling. This IS my smile… duh, humans! Dim or what?
13. Bulgarian pipers.
14. Purrrrrrrrr.
15. Market in Lomé, Togo.
16. Why don’t I have stripes like my buddy?
17. I just had a new punk hairdo. Whacha think?
Mini donkey walk in an ancient orchard - Airbnb
18. Did you remember to wash your hands?
Turtle gives the rude finger to a photographer in Queensland | Daily Mail  Online
19. No, you can’t take photographs of me… unless you pays me. It’s ÂŁ1.
Orangutan Babies - 2018 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit Photo Competition
20. OK. That’s yer lot. You can come back next week if you want.

Thanks to John, Wilson, and, in anticipation, Marcia.

Crock and top role – as oldies vie for US presidency


Ageism’ has become as toxic as racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, and all the other dangerous -isms that are pitfalls for the unwary and politically incorrect.

How to watch the presidential town halls live - CNNPolitics
Old or Older.

Perhaps that’s why a unique aspect of the US presidential election has gone largely unremarked. No such constraints here, so if you haven’t noticed, here it is:

The candidates are the oldest in presidential history.

Incumbent Donald Trump is already the oldest president of all time, being 70 years and 220 days when inaugurated in 2017. He is now 74 as he bids for a second term. But his opponent, Joe Biden, is already 77 and will be 78 just 17 days after the election, almost as old as Trump will be should he win and finish a second term.

Biden will be all of 86 should he win and complete two terms, twice the age of John Kennedy, the youngest elected president on record, who was 43 when he defeated Richard Nixon in 1960.

What Mike Pence really thinks of Kamala Harris
The VPs.

This raises another unspoken point: what are the prospects of Mike Pence or Kamala Harris, the would-be vice-presidents, succeeding in office? History is on their side.

Of the 45 people who have served as US president, eight have died in office: four were assassinated, and four died of natural causes. In each case, the VP has succeeded to the presidency. This practice is governed by the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States constitutionratified in 1967, which declares that, “the Vice President shall become President” if the president is removed from office, dies, or resigns.

Let’s put aside the four who were assassinated – Lincoln, Garfield, McKinlay, and Kennedy – and consider those who died of natural causes.

What Really Killed William Henry Harrison? - The New York Times
William Henry Harrison.

*      The first was William Henry Harrison, on April 4, 1841, only one month after his inauguration, aged 68.

*      Next was Zachary Taylor, died on July 9, 1850, aged 65

*       Warren G. Harding suffered a heart attack, and died on August 2, 1923, aged 57.

*       On April 12, 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt collapsed and died, just after beginning his fourth term in office, aged 63.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life' Examines The Personal Traits That  Marked FDR For Greatness : NPR
President Roosevelt

None were in their 70s, unlike Trump and Biden who are in mid- to late progress through their eighth decade. The odds favour their running mates, quite apart from history and the candidates’ ages.

Trump is recovering from Covid-19, alone a contributor to shortened life expectancy, obese, and lacking physical exercise. Biden’s physician is on record saying that he receives treatment for irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, and has a history of aneurysms. 

Neither has made the age and health of the opponent a campaign issue, probably because both are well aware that it cuts two ways. But on election day, will Americans consider whom they might really be voting for as president – Mike Pence or Kamala Harris?

President Gerald Ford trips and falls down the steps of Air Force One, upon  arrival in Vienna, Austria, for a state visit in 1975 - [980x1463] :  HistoryPorn
Gerald Ford takes a tumble.

Who can remember vice-presidents who have succeeded to the presidency, far less those who didn’t or were losing running mates? Lyndon Johnson, maybe, successor to the assassinated Kennedy. But Gerald Ford? Chiefly remembered for being the eminently forgettable replacement for the disgraced Richard (but still an improvement on the original running mate, Spiro Agnew). 

Mike Pence (age 61) seems pretty much in the Ford category, hardly noticeable after four years as VP. And Kamala Harris (55) would be the first woman president, and a black woman of apparently very conservative inclination in some areas.

Like their senior partners, neither seems to have immediate or widespread appeal. “A contest between the evil of two lessers,” as one commentator so memorably described US presidential elections.

Thinking of that could well change the minds of many come November 3. But in which direction?