42 thoughts on “LEAVE A LIGHT ON…”

  1. Donald Tusk giving a wee clap there – must be thinking easier to deal with us than May but check out that eejit at the end sitting behind a Union Flag and his sarky weeping. UKIP to Tory no doubt.

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  2. A depressing speech for Alyn to give.
    Looking at the Kippers with their pathetic Butcher’s Aprons on their desks, their complete contempt for the place they serve in is so obvious. I’ve never seen another national flag on any other desk any time I’ve seen coverage from the EP. I can’t help think that every member of any parliament should be made to take a vow that says they believe in that parliament. That goes for Kippers in the EP and Tories at Holyrood. To have people whose only goal is to destroy a democratic institution from the inside is to invite chaos.

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    1. It’s what you expect from kippers. Ignorant and childlike.

      They “won” (and lost). They are leaving. It’s a shame they were absolutely incapable of doing it with grace.

      Just another example of Great British Values, I guess.

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  3. The truth is the English Tory’s
    Would be ecstatic to see Scotland feck right of
    After Brexit (the Tory version)

    But can’t say so at the mo
    Cos of their dependence on
    The DUP votes .

    If they gain power at Westminster and start to
    Construct the slave state of England .

    The rest of the non English
    Nations can be lopped of the
    Crown .

    And good riddance says the
    English Brexiteers

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  4. Boris has a new skill.
    He’s just polished a Turd to show how loyal a tory he is.
    They all think that they can be the Tap Dug in the House of Common Fools.
    So, There is No money.
    We’ve bunged the DUP a billion.
    We’re giving the EU £39 billion.
    We’ve got 2 aircraft carriers but No aircraft to go with them.
    We have an ongoing project called HS2, projected to cost £1 billion a Mile.
    We’ve got ferries standing by to bring in supplies, but that just £30 million, even if they don’t get used.
    Army standing by to sort out the riots.
    Crossrail behind schedule.
    ENHS in turmoil, Eu staff going home.
    Scotland is a scrounger region, has 8% of the population but 34% of the resources, figure that.
    Knife incidents all over england, the maybots getting on with her party’s needs.
    The 23 maybot promises not even moved on.
    England is an exceptional place, a banana monarchy with a petty dictator in power but not in charge.
    The Greens have shown the way forward, first A50 recinded, next the Treaty of Union.
    We , the Scots are on our way to being a Normal Country.
    Hope Tris and Mum are on the mend.

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  5. Well sorry to spoil the party – here’s one SNP member who will be voting no in any future Scottish referendum to re-join (if we’re allowed a referendum that is).

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      1. I sincerely hope there is no referendum to join or not join the EU for a number of reasons.

        1) We cannot have a referendum claiming we are being dragged out the EU against our will and then prevaricate about joining the EU.
        2) We need to hit the ground running when we achieve independence. If there is uncertainty about our direction of travel then expect the rest of the world to shrug their shoulders while we make up our minds. Whatever we choose, it has to be part of the independence story in advance. Our future landing point needs to have a legislated commitment on day 1.
        3) Uncertainty is not a good look right now. There is no point in avoiding the mess of UK Brexit merely to create our own very version at the worst possible moment of maximum vulnerability.
        4)Voters need to know what they are voting for when they vote independence because there needs to exist a lasting consensus around the meaning of independence. Brexit failed because there was no shared vision for what it meant. Leaving the biggest constitutional questions unanswered means that indy will surely follow the same route.

        Rant over,


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        1. As ever, Terry, you make good points.

          It is illogical to claim that we need independence because we are being dragged out of the EU, and then have a referendum on whether we should join or not.

          Nothing damages economies more than uncertainty. A nascent Scotland will need as much certainty as it is possible to have in that situation.

          I’ve always been pro-EU, whilst recognising its shortcomings.

          My argument on this thread has been that, on Munguin’s Republic, we should respect other people’s viewpoints no matter how much we disagree.


  6. That is the whole point, as a normal country we can make up our own minds about whether to be in the EU or in what level suits Scotland.
    As we are just now we just get the medicine that London decides the rUk requires.
    You must have your own reasons for not being a part of the EU and you are entitled to hold them.
    I am not happy at the level of representation we endure, local councils, MSPs, MEPs and MPs.
    It can be sorted.

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  7. J Galt,

    And your incredibly strong reasons for that would be what, exactly? Since the end of WW2 we have avoided nuclear holocaust – y’know, handing the planet over to tardigrades – largely because Europe has become a fairly peaceful place. Chucking that up in the air and seeing where it falls is stupid beyond reason. Forget the economics, forget the economic growth, just look at the peace.

    I am sick and tired of eurosceptics that think that what we have now hasn’t been generational in it’s achievement. The fact that Europe has not been the source of a major conflict for nigh on seventy odd years just passes folk like you by.

    It is frankly a disingenuous and silly approach to the world you actually live in.

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      1. trispw,

        Only if you deny that the last two World Wars were instigated in Europe. That we have had an incredible peace between the major protagonists in both of these conflicts. That has lasted since 1945 to the present day?

        Folk are entitled to an opinion, but. It is a strange thing to live within short miles ( 60 or so) of the home of the UK’s nuclear deterrent submarines, and assume that this is peace.

        I think withdrawing from an organisation that has kept a sort of peace for, what (?) 74 years is an act of reckless stupidity.

        So, no.

        I think our chum J Galt is in the training pool for mutual nuclear annihilation. Perhaps he should ponder on that, rather than write this sort of thing:

        “Well sorry to spoil the party – here’s one SNP member who will be voting no in any future Scottish referendum to re-join (if we’re allowed a referendum that is).”

        I am not entirely sure why? Which was my initial question, I think?

        Perhaps J Galt and I could correspond and we could both be mutually enlightened?


        1. I am quite interested in pursuing this discussion. Y’know European veto legislation, European support for Eire. Europe not standing up for a small member, e.g. Eire? When the EU has actually stood up on it’s hind legs for Eire? So, no veto of Eire? Well, apparently not. They did the opposite, they supported their member state.

          There are an enormous number of nations that supported Eire, and within that group, none that support Westminster. Shock, horror!


          Because, I would argue, that Westminster is on the wrong side of history.

          Your mileage may vary.

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  8. Spot on Douglas “peace” in Europe from one generation to the next for the first time ever.If we can protect the environment we live in with less pollution that would be even better and let’s face it the biggest detriment to our environment would not be plastic it would without doubt be war.

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      1. I am vaguely interested in J Galt. I would really like to know where my friend trispw positions himself. This is frankly not a position of neutrality. Going with the “whatever you say is fine, is fine” is to be independent and uninteresting. I happen to think our very good host doesn’t subscibe to that pov.

        Perhaps I am wrong?

        Well, tripw?

        Explain yourself, if you will. Apologising for the likes of your new superhero J Galt is, perhaps, not what you started out this web-site to do?

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        1. Well, I’ll get involved in discussions when the flu has gone and I’m not trailing up to hospital to see my mother twice a day, Douglas, OK?

          But fundamentally I think the E£U, for all its faults, has been good for peace, for trade, for understanding, etc.

          I think Scotland should join it.

          But I understand that some people don’t like it and I accept that that is a legitimate point of view.


          1. Fair enough. First three paragraphs. I hope you and your mother recover. Sincerely. trispw, I wish that with all my heart.

            Fourth para is ridiculous, it is in no way a legitimate point of view. It is, frankly, ridiculous. Why do you think otherwise? It is an illegitimate and stupid pov. You, my friend have been arguing against this sort of stupidity for a while longer than I. Why the surrender?

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            1. It’s not a surrender.

              The EU is not perfect, and to be fair, I think De Gaulle had a point. England never fitted in.

              Now the EU has been good to me. I’ve been paid out of its funds; done a degree at one of its universities, worked in it and made some of the most awesome friends from there.

              I’m 100% behind it, imperfect though it (like every “government” is).

              But I maintain that people may not agree with me and I respect that.

              OK. I’m off to bed now. I have another nightmare day to get through tomorrow.


          2. Hope your Mum makes a speedy recovery.

            Both of the Entoure crumblies were in hospital in January after they both independently took a tumble. Hospitals are miserable places, despite all efforts to make them less miserable. My greatest wish right now is to never again set foot in Gartnavel Hospital.

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            1. Thanks, Terry.

              Yes, no matter how friendly and kind the staff are; no matter how good the conditions, they are hospitals.

              I hope your parents are both recovered. It must be doubly difficult for you being in Switzerland.

              Isn’t it a bitch that we get old.

              I’d like to add that the staff at Ward 16 in Ninewells are just fantastic, and they are treating my mother very well..


  9. Tris, I hope your mum’s on the road to recovery and I’m sorry for causing a wee stooshie!

    Douglas I respect your views which are obviously sincere and keenly felt.

    However as regards peace in Europe, my own view is that, that, is more due to the fact that Germany was from 1945 US occupied territory and today essentially remains so, and that an utterly ruined and indebted Britain from 1945 would not so much as say boo to a goose without permission from Washington (well they tried it in 1956 and got short shrift!).

    The Peace of Europe is the Pax Americana.

    I had no objection to a trading bloc of sovereign nations who could settle their differences at The Council of Europe.

    However if the sovereign people of Scotland decide to re-join the EU in a democratic referendum even by 51% then that is what should happen and I respect that.

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    1. It’s not a stooshie really.

      I don’t happen to agree with you, but Munguin’s Republic is a place where everyone would be able to put their point of view and everyone’s point of view should be respected, no matter how much anyone disagrees.

      Over the last 10 years, we’ve had a wide range of views expressed, some anti-independence (Niko, you know who you are), but largely the discourse has been either polite, or jokingly “rude”.

      Say what you will on here.

      I’d get more involved in the discussion if I had more time and energy, but, right now, I don’t.

      Thanks for your good wishes regarding my mum.

      It started off as a throat, then chest, infection, but the antibiotics had a strange effect and my mother became distressed and fractious. It was bloody hard work. The worst of that seems to be over now, but I have a feeling that this will be a long haul with some dramatic changes coming up.


      1. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall -” The Life of Voltaire” (1903) – a good motto, I think, for all of us.

        Get well soon, Tris, and all the best to your Mum.

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      2. Tris well said re MNR and the very best to you and your mum both now and in future. I want MNR to be a wee refuge from some of the fallings outs currently going on in the indy movement at the moment, where we can agree to disagree.

        I don’t agree with J Galt’s view on EU but I agree they should be able to express it here. Whilst we court the No remainers, we still need the Yes leavers and they are as much indy supporters as the Yes remainers like me.

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  10. Listening to the House of Common Fools.
    Where is Guy Fox when you need him?
    The EBC in full Goebbels’s mode, an article from muddel inserted in the website as if he actually took part in the debate.
    Angus MacNeill had a couple of nice ones.
    Where does the Brexit Festival start from? Are the 50p coins being melted down?
    Why would you pay these lunatics when they accept NON Meaninful voting in a parliament.
    Time to go Nicola.

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    1. You couldn’t make it up.

      Yes, I think at 11 pm GMT the bells of Big Ben will ring out and rejoicing will happen all over this sceptred isle; this England.


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