Only a couple of days ago, Neil did a design for us here at Munguin’s New Republic, and then our very talented Andi did a cartoon version of Munguin at Munguin Towers saying how much he loves our NHS.

So without further ado… here it is.


Once again Munguin and I are much touched (that’s enough, Niko) and we’d like to thank Andi for his gift even if Munguin did have to paint in the “+Munguin” himself.


from neil
I’m a bit proud of this. Neil designed it for Munguin. When I get my IT man back, we will work out how to incorporate it into the blog. In the meantime… Thanks, Neil.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are going on their first major ...

Presumably, in an effort to reingratiate themselves with the public after the disastrous publicity surrounding Andrew, Harry and now virus man, Charles, *Prince William is apparently saying (in private) that he wants to return to the front line as a helicopter pilot to help out with the virus crisis. (*forewarning: link to Sun story)

Unfortunately, says the Sun, he is one of the only senior royals working (working?) at the moment (although he is self-isolating in Norfolk), so his time would be limited. I seem to recall that it was limited before when there was a load of them “working”. He was more often than not unavailable.

Of course, it wouldn’t do any harm for some of the rest of them, who have sponged off the state all their lives, to be doing something now, not, I suppose that there is a lot of stuff to open.


Prince Charles of Wales Should Renounce the Crown | The New Republic

In other royal news, I understand that Charlie boy is better. A remarkably short time after he was diagnosed. Odd that.

Maybe the virus doesn’t get on too well with blue blood, or, of course, there was nothing wrong with him and this was all an ill-thought-through ruse to get some sympathy for the poor old queen (his mother, I mean) which went horribly wrong.


Duh…does he ever think?

Donald Trump explains his distinctive orange hue: it's the light ...

Trump just asked a journalist if she knew the population of Seoul?


Well I know more than anybody about South Korea, Seoul has a population of 38 million”

Seoul actually has a population of less than 10 million.

(Keith R, Twitter)

He knows more than anybody, eh?


NHS England promotes IT in 'to do' list | Digital Health

NHS England has warned doctors, nurses & other staff will be subject to disciplinary action if they raise with media health and safety concerns relating to workplace conditions or patient care, such as a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Quite apart from the obvious implications, has it not occurred to NHS England that this is probably not the best time to be sacking highly-skilled, trained medical staff?

I wonder who gave the OK for that!

Who’s the English health secretary? Oh yeah. All makes sense now.


Referee and Tory MP Douglas Ross will not officiate at World Cup ...

Douglas Ross is whining about the construction industry being shut down in Scotland for all but absolutely essential building (ie NHS).

I wonder how many big construction companies are regular donors to the Conservative party.

“I am acutely aware of the damage this crisis is doing to the economy. But that can be fixed, what we can’t do is bring people back to life”

– The First Minister of Scotland


In the Netherlands. Seems the perfect place to self-isolate.



I assume that these travellers are people who need to go to work. People without whom the place would grind to a halt.

So why has Transport for London shut tube stations and reduced the number of trains?

What it means, of course, is that fewer drivers/guards are required, which saves them risking their health and I can appreciate and salute that.

But it also means that people (essential workers remember, many of them medical staff) are packed in like sardines into the small carriages and on the platforms, and any chance of 2 metres between people is laughable.


Baby orangutans traumatized after smuggling attempt - National ...
1. Morning. You caught me having breakfast. Have a look around but don’t touch anything and wash your hands…lots.
2. Follow my leader.
n lizard
3. Picnic tables always have some tasty stuff on them.
n great white shark
4. Ah, caught you dozing. Wake up and pay attention.
ss bear
5. Morning, welcome to Bear Stores. What can I get you?
6. It’s what mums are for!
n bad
7. Sorry, you can’t come in. I’m self-isolating.
drink times
8. Just popped out for a quick drink.
petite fleur
9. Lady’s Mantle or Grandma’s Bonnet? Anyone?
10. You’re a funny bunny!
ss cheetah
11. Did no one tell you to smile?
12. Another one of Munguin’s country residences.
lazy bones the sloth
13. It’s Lazy Bones, the Sloth.
14. It’s a bit undignified, but I guess when you’re hitching a free ride you just have to swallow your pride.
15. Munguin, looking over my shoulder, just told me to buy it.
athabasca falls canada
16. Athabasca Falls, Canada.
The Musk ox - Greenland Travel
17. Greenlandic Musk Oxen.
18. A stroll along the waterfront before retiring, dear?
19. Paradise.
Baby Orangutans Enjoy the Early Years with Mom | Baby Animal Zoo
20. OK, I got stuff to do, so that’s the end of this week’s tour. See you next Sunday. Stay safe. Stay inside if you can.

Munguin says, not quite. We just came across this fella having a game of footie…or in his case nosey!