Le nouveau “British Blue Passport” sera fabriqué en France

According to The Sun (OK OK, I know) the new British Blue Passport, is to be made in France. But who knows, maybe it’s true.

Rumour has it that Jacob Rees Mogg is going to get Nigel to throw him into the Thames along with the next load of smelly kippers he comes across.

Now please, whatever you do….


Or as they say at the factory where they will be made…


Arrêtez de vous moquer des passeports bleus




anige rb

Rule Britannia… Her Majesty’s finest.

Today was to be the day of the big empty gesture.

The MP from the 18th century, Jacob Rees Mogg, was going to protest at the UK government’s capitulation over fishing, by throwing a load of dead fish into the Thames.

That would have shown them. Well, it would have if it had been even half organised. (No, OK, it wouldn’t. Barnier would still have been laughing at the cheap comedy Jeeves and Wooster show.) 

But, of course, like everything else they do, it wasn’t organised at all.


Hi ho, hi ho, it off to walk we go…


They had failed to obtain permission from “Transport for London” to dock and pick up Mr Rees Mogg, and, without permission, Mogg was unable to board… so he had to walk to parliament for a committee meeting instead.

However, docking permission was finally sorted out, and Nigel Farage was allowed to board and make the empty gesture in his stead. (Never let it be said that Nigel turned down the opportunity for a bit of publicity.)

Nigel, on the other hand, is grand gesturing all over the place. It’s what he does best. I wonder if they are ‘kippers’ he’s throwing.

But what is surprising is that Nigel cares about fishing so much.

Well, it’s much more fun than meetings and stuff.

Except, of course, where there is some publicity to be had. When it’s just boring old meetings, pffff…who cares?

So, in conclusion, it occurs to me that we live in a union of countries where well over a million people every year use food banks, and where others go hungry and cold.

And some very rich playboys with vast fortunes (and shares in Russian Banks) think that it is appropriate to throw perfectly good dead fish into the Thames instead of giving them to a food bank or soup kitchen drop-in centre where they just might alleviate that gnawing feeling of hunger that some kids live with day in day out.





And I expect she doesn’t get subsidised haute cuisine and vintage wine as part of her package.


A dining room in the Commons.

If they can take school dinners from kids. They can do without too. Petition: Abolish the subsidy on food and drink in the Palace of Westminster restaurants.

If they try very very hard, they CAN eat ordinary peasant food, almost in the way we do.


It seems to me that if we are so hard up that the government can’t afford to pay for free school meals for kids from extremely poor families, we must surely also be too poor to subsidise MPs’ and Lords’ restaurants and bars. (Maybe if we didn’t sell them cheap booze they wouldn’t be completely incompetent?)

fat bastards
The House of Lords Menu for the Opening of Parliament.


This petition demands:

In 2016, the food subsidy in Parliament cost taxpayers around £3.7 million. This use of taxpayers’ money must stop and the funds diverted to public services where it is needed. MPs earn significant wages and citizens who themselves struggle to buy food should not be forced to help feed MPs as well.

Their Lordships’ dining room.


It’s ironic that people earning £8,000 a year in England, will now not qualify for free school lunches for their kids. Of course, they won’t be paying income tax on that income, but they do pay VAT and duty. And so they are actually subsidising cheap food for MPs and Lords.

It’s almost unbelievable.

Let’s do our best to make them take some of the hardship they inflict on the rest of us. Let’s stop their subsidies.



n o2
Morning all. How do you like my little baby?
n matthias hungary
St Matthias, Budapest. We were there a couple of years ago and it is as fantastic in real life as it looks.
n muskrat
Musk Rat mates.
n baaa
I’m ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille. 
n brasov romania
Brasov, Romania.
n camel
Well, what do you want?
n castle
Edinburgh Castle, but when?
n lan
Lamb taxi…
n spidersnowflakelorez1.jpg
Snowdrop hotel and a resident.
n ny ny
New York. They know how to do skyscrapers there.
n cat
What do you think? I’m just as good as these big cats, aren’t I
n sunset on skye
Sunset on Skye.
n concepcion columbia
Concepcion, Colombia.

n doggie 3n doggyn doggy2

n doggy4
Family album.
n garden
This is how Munguin wants his garden to look. Pay attention, Tristan.
n japan
They have some super nice mosses in Japan.
n baby-orang-utan-poses
They’ve put the little one to bed, but I’m here to see you off the premises. We hope you had a good visit.  See you next week.