Boris Johnson: ‘The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump’


Boris Johnson, 2017: is clearly out of his mind and unfit to hold the Office of President.

Boris Johnson, 2018: “ deserves “respect and recognition” and not “infantile denigration” We welcome him to the UK.


Boris, who seems to have a rather mixed-up impression of Trumpy, might have to rescind his call for the president to be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

It appears that the ‘Summit in Singapore’ is off. Trump is washing his hair or playing golf that weekend. 

So what is the story? Was Kim just yanking his chain?


Still, it seems that it will save the North Korean authorities some money, so as my Granny would say, “everything’s mixed with mercy”.



I see the bumbling fool of a Foreign Secretary would like his own plane for Brexit. 

So that’s Liam Fox that wants a royal yacht so he can sail his way around the world avoiding questioning on any trade deals he has failed to get, and BoJo, who wants a private plane. We should maybe just commit to a fleet, which of course they will have built in Korea.

Boris does have the use of a plane at the moment, but the Queen has first dibs on it, and then Charlie, then the Prime Minister… and when he can get his hands on it, he complains that it’s grey. 


Well, honestly, fancy expecting a man of Boris’s standing to travel in a grey plane. Mrs May should resign immediately.


Labour in Scotland “Nationalise our railways!”

Labour in London “Nationalise our railways!”

Labour in Wales, where they are actually in Govt: “Erm…look there’s a squirrel!”

What a shower of hypocrites!

No, seriously. the Labour Welsh government has just awarded the 15-year franchise to run Wales-only trains to KeolisAmey, a French transport company.

Why, Labour?


Caroline Nokes is the immigration minister. That means she works in the Home Office looking after immigration. One of the most important issues in immigration at the moment is that of the Irish border question. The rights of people in Northern Ireland to have both Irish and British citizenship, to travel freely between the two countries and to work in one and live in the other. It is, no one would deny, a complex issue but it seems that Ms Nokes just couldn’t be bothered.

The relevant document is only 35 pages long, yet her excuse to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, before which she was appearing, was that she was giving birth when it was signed (20 years ago) and that she has only been Immigration minister for 5 months.

You’d have thought that she might have been able to fit in a 35-page document in 5 months, or maybe get someone a bit cleverer to summarise it for her.

This, incidentally, is the woman who compared the Scottish government to Lincolnshire County Council.


Isn’t it all going well?




Some Random Pictures

Because things have been hectic for us today… Sorry!


This is Bertie the Blackbird, who is fond of sultanas but turns up his beak at currents! Go figure how fussy some of my animals are.
He’s not averse to the odd worm though.
Part of a friend’s garden.
Getting overgrown at Munguin Towers. Good for hiding in though…
Munguin likes to oversee the gardening, usually in conversation with Lord Buddha Voldermort whose company he seems to prefer to mine… Odd animal.  BTW someone could do with a bath!
Sometimes he chats with his tortoise instead…
Or even climbs a tree…
But mainly he sits on his fat lazy butt in the sun, while someone fetches and carries for him.
This fella is a random dog we met outside the best chip shop in Dundee, Glenns in King Street, Broughty Ferry. Even if they weren’t staunch independentistas (which they are), the food would still be pretty fantastic.
n jims dog seth
This is  Albus Fumblepaws. As Jim points out, there can be little doubt about which country he comes from.
n albus fumblepaws, albie, Jims
Albie for short..well, come on, who’s gonna shout ALBUS FUMBLEPAWS across the park?

Finally, BJSAlba sent me this link today. It’s absolutely hilarious. Well worth a read, but not while you are drinking tea!



n smile
Morning. There are a few extra photos of my family today, firstly because Tris promised Panda Paws an extra one, and secondly because our friend Ed Freeman has been in hospital this week and we thought we might cheer him up. Get well soon, Ed, we miss you.
n bled slov
Bled, Slovenia.
n mum
MUM, don’t! Especially when peoples is looking!
n galata tower istanbul
Galata Tower, Istanbul.
n norwegian sunset
Norwegian sunset.
n i dont like milk
I don’t like milk!
n hii
Did you think I was just a monochrome beast?
n alps
Les Alpes
n pangolin
I’m the cutest Pangolin you’ll see this side of  Bournemouth. We endangered, so can you tell the bad men to stop trading us illegally, please?
n milky way
Milky Way
n meadow
Wildflower meadow.
n pig
Our drinking trough is empty. Can we have that milk that ungrateful orangutan doesn’t want?
n Huashan_Mountain_1
Huashan Mountain 華山
n rob
Will you sometime take a picture of me in the sun?
n raccoon
Rocky Raccoon?
n hi
I’m ready for my close up…
n or2
Sorry, can’t stop. Got stuff to do.
n or3
This looks like fun.
n or1
Well, that’s it again. Hope you didn’t mind all my sisters and cousins and brothers and aunts. See you next week, OK?