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Thanks to John for sending me these two cuttings from Private Eye.

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It makes you laugh when you think just how skint so many people in her majesty’s realm actually are and how they struggle to eat, heat and keep themselves alive.

Of course, if Charles (Brian in PI) used transport the way other people do, it probably wouldn’t make THAT much difference you might argue. After all his 10 day trip to the Caribbean, at nearly half a million for transport alone, wouldn’t have paid for the salaries of THAT many doctors or nurses, would it?


But it might have made a little difference to someone being looked after just a little bit better.

Why do we put us with this farce?



 ANZEIGE: Bücher von Klaus Stuttmann bei Amazon
Der Spiegel.

 ANZEIGE: Bücher von Klaus Stuttmann bei Amazon

Well, what’s moving the world right now? Iran conflict? Refugee crisis? Environmental destruction?

Shaking attacks!

Politico, Belgium.
Politico, USA.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, U.S.

Thanks to BJSAlba for these (and the German-English translation).

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She has escaped!!

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Image result for brexit cartoons

Image result for brexit cartoons

Just like to say to all our readers in France, Happy Bastille Day.

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Morning all… My mummy brought me along today.
n what you want bird
n walsingham

n tresm
What? It’s a heavy stick!
n tickle me
Oh go on, rub my chin. You know you want to.
n snail
Well, this will last a while!
n so how are you
So, how are things in horseworld?
n rose
Close to perfection.
N Utah, arches park
Arches Park, Utah.
n cat on a post panda
Cat on a post (Bugger le Panda).
n baby
Hide and seek is a good game, eh?
n Mardalsfossen, Norway
Mardalsfossen, Norway.
n loveseals
There’s nothing like a cuddle!
n gone fishing
Nothing like a day’s fishing!
n mount robson Br Col
Mount Robson, British Columbia.
n handsome
What a good looking animal that is! Oh, it’s me!!! Well, I never!

n junglefowk
n koala
Don’t judge me. I’m a tired little koala.
n wales

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OK, I’m working in Munguin’s grounds now, so I’m a bit busy to chat. But we’ll see you next week. Now, is this a weed or what?


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when was the washing machine invented Lovely 1950s Westinghouse Washer Ad Black & White Appliance Vintage

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I’m not sure all whose photographs are included this week so, to be safe, I will thank John, David, Dave and Frank, who are in the habit of sending me pics for Saturdays.

Also: Munguin and I emailed Ed yesterday to see if he was OK. As some of you will probably know, he doesn’t enjoy the best of health and as we hadn’t heard from him, including no mention of affirmation of life on Sunday (most unusual), we were a bit concerned.

He is, you will be happy to hear, fine. A bit fatigued and listless though, so Munguin urged him to visit the doc and get someone to check him over. As no one in their right mind doesn’t follow advice handed down by Munguin, I expect arrangements have already been put in place.

Get well soon, Ed.


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Her Majesty the Queen and her British “government” is looking to recruit a suitable person for a most senior post in Washington DC, that of

Ambassador (Lick Spittle)

Candidates should have the following diplomatic qualifications.

The ability to dress well for formal dinners and to eat without slurping soup or chewing with an open mouth (even when the host is doing it).

Total fluency in English. (Gaelic, Welsh, Kernewek speakers not considered). Even though the host is less than fluent.

The ability to dance at functions with people like Ivanka and Melania, should the successful applicant be male, or with Don Jr., or even Eric, in the unlikely event that a female be chosen.

The facility to translate into functioning English from “rambling nonsense” (when listening to or reading the inane twitterings of the resident head of government).

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A sound understanding of American history, particularly as it relates to the use of aircraft and airfields in the revolutionary wars.

It is important that candidates be able to smile pleasantly while being bored witless by elderly orange men with a fear of descending stairs, and with that in mind, it is probable that the successful candidate will have an IQ somewhat under average.

Physical Requirements: A long tongue is also a necessity for this post.

Applications, in the first instance, should be sent to Theresa May (if you hurry) or either Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson, all c/o Widdecombe Farage Recruitment.

Clearly, the final interviews will be conducted in Washington DC by President Trump.


References will not be required.

This post is likely to be relatively short term, however, the pension rights and the likelihood of honours and antiquated titles in the near future make this an exciting opportunity for the right kind of creepy reprobate.