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Well, everyone!

And when I say well, I don’t mean that things are going well. I just mean W-e-l-l…

You see, we have in the UK:

the slowest wage growth since Napoleonic Wars;

the worst productivity for 2 centuries;

a national debt which has doubled in 7 yrs;

the highest inflation rate for 5 years;

the lowest ever UK credit rating;

the highest ever trade gap;

a budget deficit still £50 billion, despite 7 years of austerity;

debt standing at £1,940,773,400,000 and climbing at £5,170 per second, so heaven knows what it will be when you read this.

Additionally, hospitals, GPs, schools, roads, transport, council services are all chronically underfunded and collapsing under the strain of cuts and of trained and qualified people leaving the sinking ship. And of course, to save money, the government is going ahead with the disastrous, underfunded, badly set up and even worse managed Universal Credit, which sees people wait for months for their benefits, a part of a benefits system to which may be attributed the deaths of thousands of people.



As if that were not enough, the UK is dealing with the most difficult and complex issues it has faced, at least since world war two.


Austerity for toffs.


And in charge (and I say that with my tongue firmly in my cheek), while all this goes on, we have a bunch of squabbling, badly behaved, incompetent pests, who find it hard to keep their trousers on, and dependent for their majority on a party made up of people who really believe that the world started 6,000 years ago and that the Giant’s Causeway was created late on THAT Saturday night, after which God rested!

So all in all, not too well, rather than well, I’d say… but what do I know?


I’m just gonna sing a wee song with my musical director here.

love Munguin


Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - October 26, 2017

Those of you who have followed Munguin’s New Republic, and his old one too, for a long time, will know that I’m a ridiculously big fan of Petula Clark, who, over the years I’ve been to see in hundreds of places and on a few occasions got to sing with. Today (Nov 15) is Petula’s birthday. Not that I suppose she’d thank me for mentioning it, but it’s her 85th birthday.

She is celebrating it in the way she does best. She has kicked off a concert tour of the USA with a new English language album “Living for Today”, so she’ll be singing, which is what she likes to do better than anything else.

She’s just spent the summer in Québec making an album of French Canadian songs with young upcoming Québecois writers and producers. When she finishes the USA tour she will be touring Canada with her new French album. By the time all this is over she’ll be pretty nearly 86 years old.

petula album

She has now been in show business for 77 years.

You may or may not like her music, but what you can’t ever knock is her boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Bon Anniversaire, ma chère Pétula.


I had managed to get through the early part of November this year without ranting about poppies and how the British state had commandeered them for nationalistic and political purposes. 
In the past I have been known to mention that, whilst the British state puts on a good show of caring about the fallen every year on the nearest Sunday to November 11, wearing the right clothes, looking suitably sombre and laying a wreath or two in Whitehall, they have been less caring when it came to stuff that didn’t get them on the front page of the newspapers and the first item on the BBC news.
We all know, and I won’t repeat them this year, dreadful stories of men (or women) returned from war who have, thanks to unimaginable experiences under orders, failed to reintegrate into civilian life, lost their jobs, lost their families, lost their health, mental and physical, and who have then been treated with none of the respect due to them by HM Secretary of State for Work and Pension and the British government in general.
Many have died, not from wounds inflicted by Her Majesty’s enemies, but by those inflicted by Her Majesty’s government.
So, having said I wouldn’t rant, I just did. Sorry.
What brought it back to mind was that our old “friends”, the Queen’s man, Murdo Fraser, and the guy who was, after a drink or two, a guest of Her Majesty, the ignoble Baron, George ffoulkes, have apparently criticised Ian Blackford for showing up at the Cenotaph in London wearing a kilt and a dinner jacket and without the traditional (or what passes for traditional, among those and such as those) poppy.
The sylph-like figure of the ignoble lord reposing on the red benches as he sleeps off lunch hic!
Incidentally, although I can’t get hold of ffoulkes’ tweet, as he has blocked me, I believe he referred to Ian in that noble way of his, as  “Billy Bunter Fatso”, which, when you consider the physique of ffoulkes himself, is delicious irony.
Why is it that the royals, would-be royals and other self-important people have special poppies?
So, first of all, let’s deal with the small stuff.  The badge that he wore instead of the traditional poppy was reportedly a Scottish poppy badge. I’m not sure what the problem is.
Secondly, anyone who has ever had to take part in an occasion where royalty will be present knows perfectly well that you receive from the palace incredibly detailed instructions about what is and is not appropriate, in matters of dress, comportment, etc, ad infinitum. Mr  Blackford checked with the authorities. He was told that he must wear a black jacket with his kilt. He complied.
Oh look, soliers in kilts.
But most importantly, ffoulkes and Fraser being singularly ignorant people, may not be aware of the fact that many Scots soldiers went to war wearing kilts. People of their “class” may think that the service of remembrance, like so much else in British life,  is about taking part in a fashion parade, putting on a show for the lower orders, or something.
Goodness, more of them. You’d have thought they would have had the good grace to dress like proper Brits.

On the other hand, some people think of it as a genuine occasion for paying respect to people who died in the service of the country.

‘Struth, these ill-dressed scallywags get everywhere.
What a bunch of cheap second-rate politicians, prepared to use ANYTHING to denigrate the SNP/Scotland, we have. They make you so ashamed.
I’ll leave you with the wise words of one of the guys I follow on Twitter.

If you’re indeed complaining about Kilts being worn on remembrance day, then that shows you have no concept of what the day is about, a total ignorance of history or the forces and your poppy is more of a fashion accessory than a mark of respect/remembrance. Do one!

Well said, Mr Taylor.

Soppy Sunday

n or6
Hello, you caught me giving my mummy a big kiss.
n nl ice
Northern lights in Iceland.
n happiness
n moooo
n echidna
n roo-ear-scratch
What? Everyone gets an itchy ear sometimes, you know.
n bertie
Bertie Blackbird.
n botswana
Elephants in Botswana.
n bus
It’s a bus… tell me more!
n cats
We’re off on an adventure.
n glencoe
n nepal
n Parkhead-X
Not in Edinburgh for a change…
n pups
See, I got a Baby Box from Nicola too!
AEbKVLqHn donkey
A great charity.
n road in china
Chinese roads… Not so much spaghetti junction, as prawn noodle junction?
n snow leop
Snow Leopard.
n who remembers
Does anyone remember this?
n satanic leaf-tailed gecko
I’m a Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko, but you can call me Fred.
n or4
I was hiding in this big tree when that strange looking bloke with the big ears and the inappropriate suit went past. So I missed him.




Yep, right enough, Mr Cole-Hamilton, we wouldn’t want ex-leaders going on Russia Today. But then, at least he isn’t the current leader. That would be seriously bad.ach1

Alex Salmond no longer works for the state.

He is not a First Minister. He is not an MSP. He is not an MP.

What he does is his business.

Unlike previous First Ministers or indeed Deputy First Ministers, he isn’t likely at anytime soon to accept a seat in the House of Lords and claim his £300 a day plus expenses. And he’s a bit young and energetic to retire.

The BBC wouldn’t let him near a programme.

So why would he not do one for Russia Today?

People accuse the station of being Russian State Propaganda. Alex has said that he has been given complete editorial control.

So let’s see what he does with the show before we judge if he is being used to spread Putin’s word, shall we?


In the meantime, ask Vince if he was encouraged to say anything like:

Я думаю, что российское правительство делает замечательную работу. Я только хочу, чтобы у меня было тело господина Путина! Я тоже снял бы рубашку!

(I think that the Russian government is doing a wonderful job. I just want to have Mr. Putin’s body then I, too, would take off my shirt!)

Wealthy Britons have stashed about £300bn in offshore tax havens…

That’s the equivalent of £350m being paid into the NHS every week for the next 16 years.



Embarrassingly for the government, the head of NHS England has told the government that they must honour that pledge. The head of NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and NHS Northern Ireland should join him.

When you fail to get a job that you have interviewed for, you have nothing left to prove. When you lose an election you can sit in opposition and carp. When you lose a referendum, you can criticise all you want.

The trouble only really comes when you get the job, win the election or the referendum.

Then you have to put your money where your mouth was.

That’s something that on just about every single issue, the Brexiteers have failed dismally to do, just as the British government failed to do when it won the Scottish referendum.