I’ve just read on Twitter that a guy I follow, Martin MacDonald, took some pictures of the wildfires in Lochalsh. (Not the ones used in this peace which came from Googling.)

He posted them on his Twitter feed and soon got this tweet from the “Scottish” Sun.


Mr MacDonald replied in the negative:

Replying to 

Sorry, no.

No equivocation there. Just plain and simple NO. Even a moron could have understood.
So what do you think the Sun did?
Yep, you’d be right.
They deleted their original tweet asking for permission and used Mr MacDonald’s photographs anyway.
Is there anything he can do?
I’ll be honest I would absolutely refuse to allow one of these Tory rags to use any picture I had taken unless the payment was in four figures. However, I’d make an exception in the case of the immoral, disgusting Sun, Scottish or not. For them, I would require a seven-figure sum!
Why do these newspapers not have reporters any more? Why, as this fire has been raging for some time, have the “Scottish” Sun not got a reporter or photographer there in Skye taking photographs and asking locals how they are coping, talking to the Police and Medical and Fire Services?
Why do they just steal other people’s stuff?




So, now you know!

There really are people who “think” like this.


Which only goes to prove that they are as daft as each other.
So that Liam and Boris can fly around the world in luxury.
‘Principle’, says David Davis! You have to giggle.
So, it’s odd then, Fluffs, that immediately England and Wales voted for it, it became a great opportunity for Scotland. How did that happen then, Pet?
I supposed a burly man with 18 snarling dogs screamed that at you in the street, Ruth. Still, at least you weren’t pregnant at that time.
Hmmmm… just at the time when we’ll be needing to home produce as much food as we can.
Embarrassingly Colonel Davidson’s boss doesn’t seem to share her recently-adopted opinions that Brexit will be good for us.
Reported after David Davis made a speech in Germany.
The seriously sad thing is that, by the time any kind of serious arrangement with the EU is reached, a fair number of the people who voted for Brexit will no longer be around to enjoy it. In the meantime, the opportunities that had been available to them for 45  years of their lives will have been removed from younger people.


What would you do with them?

Well, clearly, in this case, you welcome the guy with open arms, because who on Earth wouldn’t want people like Mamoudou Gassama in their country?

President Macron did just that.

The evil Immigration Service in England would have had him in a detention centre and on a plane for Mali.


Batty Boris has claimed that he is the first Foreign Secretary for 50 years to visit Peru and the first in 35 years to visit Chile and Argentine. Apparently, he suggested that being in the EU had made the UK more Eurocentric and less global than they had been before their membership.

He seems to not have noticed that the EU and Peru have a trade deal, as do the EU and Chile. This latter is currently being upgraded. So we have profited from the EU’s deals with these countries. We shall now have to renegotiate them from a less advantageous position.

Maybe someone should also tell Bojo that EU foreign ministers, or indeed other EU citizens are perfectly at liberty to visit any country they want. They don’t have to get permission from Brussels.

UK (and indeed Scottish) ministers frequently visit countries with which they/we want to do trade. There’s been nothing to stop him or any of his predecessors visiting South America or indeed anywhere else.

Finally, as a point of interest, if Boris thinks that the EU is a massive barrier to UK-Argentine trade, it might be an idea to remind him of Mrs Thatcher’s war in the South Atlantic.




So what actually happened?

Well, here a video of it.

It could be argued perhaps that Ruth was on a day off, but as she apparently doesn’t do surgeries, it’s hard to know when people are supposed to approach her about anything. And she is a public servant, paid very handsomely by US.

I thought that the guy was polite: he certainly didn’t harass her from what I could see or hear. He simply asked her why she had announced that there was no appetite for a second referendum just after 90,000 people marched in Glasgow.


And as for his dogs barking? 

It must have been a sotto voce bark, because, well, I didn’t hear it, did you?

What I don’t understand is why Ruth wasn’t aware that her “stalker” could use the footage he filmed to disprove her lies.


But she’s a Tory, so why would I understand anything at all about her?


n kiss
Morning. I’m trying to wake my friend up, then we can both take you on the tour, starting with this squirrel that fell out of a tree… but fell on his feet!

n yellow mountain
Yellow mountains in China. They aren’t really yellow though, are they?
n wc kit
Scottish Wildcat kitten.
n wc2
Endangered but being bred in captivity…
n sw
Few things more majestic than a swan.
n venice
n ny subway
Sunset on the New York subway. But, Don’t sleep in the Subway!
n rhino
I suppose you don’t have a hose, do you? This grass needs watering.
n summer fruits
Amazing what you can do with summer fruits. (Thanks Iain.)
n Sustenpass 2260m, Switzerland
They build some roads in Switzerland at 2,260 meters!
So, last week we went on a field trip from Arbroath to Auchmithie along the cliff path. Well, Munguin rode in style and I walked and took photographs of the wildlife. Then we had cake and coffee in the But and Ben in Auchmithie. Fortunately, we took out a bank loan before the trip.
It was mildly scary in places, but beautiful nonetheless.
Baie St Paul, Québec, Canada.
n violets on a wall (john Nicolson.
Ivy-leafed Toadflax (thanks, Andi)  from John Nicolson.
n chimp andtiger
This is my little pussy cat… well, tiger really.
n cabn
Munguin’s idea of camping.
n canadian bison
Canadian bison.
n wallace monument
Wallace Monument.
n friends
That’s it then for another week: me and my dog are going for a walk. See you next Sunday.



Boris Johnson: ‘The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump’


Boris Johnson, 2017: is clearly out of his mind and unfit to hold the Office of President.

Boris Johnson, 2018: “ deserves “respect and recognition” and not “infantile denigration” We welcome him to the UK.


Boris, who seems to have a rather mixed-up impression of Trumpy, might have to rescind his call for the president to be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

It appears that the ‘Summit in Singapore’ is off. Trump is washing his hair or playing golf that weekend. 

So what is the story? Was Kim just yanking his chain?


Still, it seems that it will save the North Korean authorities some money, so as my Granny would say, “everything’s mixed with mercy”.


I see the bumbling fool of a Foreign Secretary would like his own plane for Brexit. 

So that’s Liam Fox that wants a royal yacht so he can sail his way around the world avoiding questioning on any trade deals he has failed to get, and BoJo, who wants a private plane. We should maybe just commit to a fleet, which of course they will have built in Korea.

Boris does have the use of a plane at the moment, but the Queen has first dibs on it, and then Charlie, then the Prime Minister… and when he can get his hands on it, he complains that it’s grey. 


Well, honestly, fancy expecting a man of Boris’s standing to travel in a grey plane. Mrs May should resign immediately.


Labour in Scotland “Nationalise our railways!”

Labour in London “Nationalise our railways!”

Labour in Wales, where they are actually in Govt: “Erm…look there’s a squirrel!”

What a shower of hypocrites!

No, seriously. the Labour Welsh government has just awarded the 15-year franchise to run Wales-only trains to KeolisAmey, a French transport company.

Why, Labour?


Caroline Nokes is the immigration minister. That means she works in the Home Office looking after immigration. One of the most important issues in immigration at the moment is that of the Irish border question. The rights of people in Northern Ireland to have both Irish and British citizenship, to travel freely between the two countries and to work in one and live in the other. It is, no one would deny, a complex issue but it seems that Ms Nokes just couldn’t be bothered.

The relevant document is only 35 pages long, yet her excuse to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, before which she was appearing, was that she was giving birth when it was signed (20 years ago) and that she has only been Immigration minister for 5 months.

You’d have thought that she might have been able to fit in a 35-page document in 5 months, or maybe get someone a bit cleverer to summarise it for her.

This, incidentally, is the woman who compared the Scottish government to Lincolnshire County Council.


Isn’t it all going well?