A Short Musical Interlude with Panda Paws

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With the farce of the UK government and the recent presidential visit you could be forgiven for thinking you had jokers to the left of you and jokers to the right and Here I am Stuck in the Middle with You. The orange faced one left Scotland for Helsinki and boy was that an illustration of how the Fool on the Hill really is Putin’s Puppet on a String.

So, what of us here in Caledonia?

We face a no deal Brexit we didn’t vote for. We’ve not yet left but already there is a shortage of migrant workers meaning soft fruit is rotting unpicked. We can’t assume there will be Strawberry Fields Forever. When we do leave continental travel will be dearer and more difficult; it won’t be as easy to visit Vienna or Club Tropicana.   A hard Brexit will be a disaster. At best The Road to Nowhere, at worst The Road to Hell.

We have an escape route if only we can grasp it – independence. But we have to convince No voters to come to Yes across the country by reaching out to them. Perhaps some may travel Over the Sea to Skye (by boat!). Others staying local going Downtown (especially for Tris!) and talking to the Common People. We need to welcome No voters. They thought they were doing the right thing, so reassure them You’ll Never Walk Alone.

There is no longer any Status Quo. It will be tough either way but with independence, the future will be in our own hands. There Will Always be an England. But whilst they want to pull up the drawbridge at the White Cliffs of Dover, Scotland wants to remain in the EU trading freely, not relying on selling jam and Jerusalem to anyone who ’ll buy it – with WTO tariffs!

We Gotta to Get Out of This Place. People don’t like change, it scares them but change is coming anyway. So, we have to stop being fearties. It’s time for Scotland the Brave.




Iron Lady made of  Papier Mâché
So, how many dead for Brexit?
Aye, the trouble is that most of them will be Mr Bun the Baker.


Well, that’s a relief.
You just stick to what you’re best at mate, drinking and smoking.
Pity that the easiest thing in human history is proving too hard for you, you bloody disgrace.
How long before they are calling on us to display the Dunkirk Spirit?
br boris eu
Well, well…
So Davis has gone, but is his replacement any less ridiculous?
And, talking of ridiculous…
Yes, Lord Bramall, it is. Indeed it is.
Stunning. What did she promise Dacre for that? Lord Dacre of Brexit?
And today they managed to make their own policies illegal…
Oh yes. Let’s be like Denmark.


Some hastily scribbled notes on the latest developments.

So we have eight-and-a-half months before we leave the EU. The last six of these are supposed to be for the consideration of the agreement between the UK and the EU negotiators by the Brussels parliament and by the parliaments of the 27 remaining members (including some regional or devolved parliaments).

So with effectively two-and-a-half months to go, the UK cabinet finally came to some sort of fractious agreement about a negotiating position, and, in keeping with the conduct of everything this Westminster government has done since Mrs May came to “power”, everything has fallen apart within hours.

Not only has David Davis resigned as Brexit Secretary, but two of his junior ministers have also gone. The department has been left even more rudderless than it was last week.

By anyone’s standards, the UK is in a bit of a laughing stock. In the two years since the referendum, until Friday, it had come up with no real suggestions about how to exit the EU. Friday’s agreement, unbelievably, was hailed as a success by May who then announced that the EU must now respond.

Probably before they do, though, they will want to read the proposals and meet new ministers “responsible”.

So far we know that Dominic Raab, a junior Housing Minister for the last few months, has been promoted to the Brexit cabinet post, arguably the most important job in government at the moment.

We don’t know a lot about him, especially in Scotland, because he’s an English MP and has been a relatively junior minister in English departments.

However, we do know that he is a solid Brexiteer, apparently trusted by the right wing of the party. In an earlier post at the English Ministry of Justice, he attempted to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. He failed, it is said, because he couldn’t come up with a plan that was legally literate. He was, they say, a slogans man. So Brexit means Brexit will be right up his street.

He also was a member of a Facebook Private group that advocated abolishing council housing and bringing back the workhouse.

That May appointed a man with views like that as a Housing Minister says a great deal about what kind of vision May has.


Raab is quoted as saying: “Food banks are not about poverty but people with a cashflow problem”. So that’s OK then. (Maybe people would have fewer cashflow problems if Esther McVey would get her head out of lying backside and sort out the horrific problems of Universal Credit.)

Warned by the Express? Aye right?  Maybe if the Tories could show some unity, it would be a start.

So, like I say, about 10 weeks to go before the final proposals have to be made and to call the government “chaotic” would be to compliment them.

I suppose that the next question is: What about Boris and his well-reported comments on the plan being a turd? I mean you can say what you will about Davis being lazy and incompetent, but at least when push came to shove he had the cojones to resign.

What about BoJo? Will he be gone by the end of the day? The BBC reports that he has gone into hiding and even the Whips can’t find him.

On the plus side, if he resigns it would mean that he won’t be obliged to meet with the Orange Moron this week.


If that last line is true, I suspect that Fascism may find the UK a relatively easy place to get a foothold. 

So, what May is saying is that, no matter what cackhanded mess she comes up with and no matter the cost to the people, the British parliament, to which I believed we were supposed to be “taking back control” (well you would think that if you believe that we have, or had, a “parliamentary democracy”), will be allowed to vote, but unless it votes the way Mrs May wants it to, it might as well watch the football because it will not be listened to.

Sorry, that was a long and rambling sentence, but I couldn’t find another way of putting it.

I’m really perplexed about all this taking back control malarky.

Y’see we were told we would be taking back control from the European courts.

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I have to say they don’t stint themselves when it comes to pretty dresses. But I am struck by the lack of gender balance.

No longer would judges from Bulgaria or Portugal be able to pass down rulings on EU law affecting decent British people.

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With wigs like that, what else could they be, but enemies of the people?

But then, when the English High Court and then The British Supreme Court ruled that Westminster and not Royal Prerogative should decide upon Article 50, the judges, Decent British Justices, sworn to serve their British Queen, I would add, possibly even with Union Jacks in their hearts, became enemies of the people.

So we didn’t really want to take back control to English or Great British courts at all. Is that it?

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Taking back democratic control from those unelected people in the Brussels parliament.

And now if that Parliament,  the Great British Parliament, opened by Her Majesty the British Queen, and operating under her benevolent grace, to which we were going to return power, having wrested it from the unruly mob of foreigners in Brussels and Strasbourg, tries to tell the government to try again with the EU and negotiate something a little less damaging, Mrs May is saying that they might as well stay at home for all the good it will do them.

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I’m beginning to wonder if this Bexit malarky isn’t just a pile of cobblers.


So, David Cameron tweeted this.
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And Rachel Clarke answered

I know just what you mean. My equivalent mother-son moment was first, calmly explaining how his generation’s future was sold down the river by a man who cared more about personal power than an entire country’s future. Disbelief, sadness & anger followed. What a life lesson.

Game, set and match to Dr Clarke, methinks… and LOL (lots of love???) to Cameron!


…Because, according to Laura Kuenssberg, David Davis went to see Theresa Maybot today, being unaware of the latest plan to get the Cabinet, if not the Tory Party to agree on something that they can take to Brussels next week.

It didn’t go that well…

She writes:

“Hear that David Davis went in to see the PM this morning after not knowing about Number 10’s ‘new plan’, but left the meeting still not having discussed the ‘new plan'”

So… if he doesn’t know the plan, how can he sell it to the EU?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much. After all, it seems (from what I heard on the radio…maybe Mr Davis should try listening to his?) that they want to be in the single market for goods, but not services, people (except for Ireland) or finance.

Since day one Brussels has said that the four freedoms are not divisible and that the UK can’t cherry pick!

I suppose it’s just possible no one in Whitehall or Westminster knows what “divisible” means.


Do you remember when Mr Davis first went to Brussels to meet with M Barnier… and Barnier and his team had all this paperwork and Davis had… erm… nothing? He was back in London by lunchtime.

EU's chief Brexit negotiator Barnier and Britain's Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Davis attend a meeting in Brussels

And how at that point we all thought it would get better.

Hmmmm. How wrong we were.

And Scotland has come out of it worst.


Rather like our own referendum, everything they promised has turned to dust.

And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, it’s frequently been this no-hoper who was responsible for turning it to dust.

Imagine, decisions being made about Scotland by the likes of him!


Please, someone, rescue us from this…





So, Conservative Central Office is bragging the government has brought in new legislation protecting people who buy their package holidays on line.

“We are introducing new rules to protect package holidaymakers and save customers tens of millions of pounds”


“The government has today (Sunday 1 July) introduced new measures that will protect an extra 10 million UK package holidays a year and help save British holidaymakers tens of millions of pounds a year with strengthened rights for consumers and new protections.” They say.

Awww. Isn’t that kind of them?

Well, no, it isn’t, as it happens.



So hardliners (30 or so of them) have told May that this is the deal they want.


Dear Prime Minister,

At this critical moment in our country’s history, the time has now come to get tough in your negotiations with the European Union. We are looking to you to demonstrate courage and leadership in the face of those who seek to undermine the express wish of the British people in the 2016 referendum.

In order to satisfy this result and uphold our promise to the British people, after our formal departure on the 29th of March 2019, we will not accept:

  • an extension of the transition period beyond 31st December 2020
  • any extension to the two-year withdrawal period as stated in Article 50
  • the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over the UK in any form beyond the transitional period
  • remaining part of a customs union or other similar entity
  • any departure deal that prevents us from forging new trade deals
  • free or preferential movement of people from the EU
  • any deal without robust conditionality, linking the £39 billion financial settlement with a satisfactory free trade agreement
  • any part of the United Kingdom being treated differently from the rest

Our departure must be absolute. We must not remain entangled with the EU’s institutions if this restricts our ability to exercise our sovereignty as an independent nation. Anything less will be a weakening of our democracy. Britain must stand firm.

Yours sincerely