A posh boy plan that has gone horribly wrong!


I suppose the answer is that David Cameron promised an EU referendum in order to dissuade members of the Conservative Party, MPs and voters alike, from switching to UKIP.

His argument, as I recall, was that if people voted UKIP the likelihood was that they would get but a few MPs, who would be in opposition and who would have no power to offer a referendum. MPs crossing the floor might or might not be re-elected. (In the event only one of the floor crossers was reelected and he subsequently left UKIP and sat as an independent MP.) 

However, if people voted Conservative, he, their prime minister, would call a referendum on Britain’s (and Gibraltar’s) future in the European Union.

Of course, Cameron didn’t believe for a second that he would have to actually call a referendum. When he was making these promises, the polls showed very clearly, that a Labour win was on the cards.

And even, had Labour not won, for the Conservatives to form another government they would have needed a coalition with the Lib Dems, and Cameron knew that Nick Clegg would make coalition dependent upon there being no referendum. (Clegg subsequently lost his seat in the 2017 election called by Theresa May to boost her majority, which left her in minority government, dependent for her existence on a hastily arranged, ill-advised and very expensive confidence and supply arrangement with a party from Northen Ireland. A party which back Brexit, against the will of the Northern Irish people.) 

Smug, and satisfied as ever, Cameron thought he had it all in the palm of his hands.

Then disaster.

Image result for ed miliband stone

No one had reckoned what a chaotic, useless and ultimately disastrous campaign Ed Miliband would run. He started off looking like little could stop him from becoming the next prime minister and ended up resigning and returning to the backbenches.

But Cameron, in a way, had also lost. He was left with little alternative but to call a referendum.

Still, the Eton boy, Oxford and Bullingdon culture pertained. He would win. Nothing would stop him. (And when Nicola Sturgeon reminded him that he might lose, he told her not to be silly.)

So, then he lost, and although he had previously promised to stay on and sort out the consequences of his referendum, he resigned as prime minister, and although he had further promised to stay on and serve his constituents, he resigned his seat in parliament, and took to a seriously expensive shed (£25,000) at the bottom of the garden to write his memoirs. (Apologies to Jacob for the comma before “and”.)

Being so sure of himself, as is his way, Cameron had failed to think about the consequences of his original plan and consider that it might, just might, go wrong.

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And so today, having gone through 3 years of chaos with Theresa May dithering, holding an unnecessary election, losing cabinet members, signing an agreement with the EU, which was then rejected three times in parliament, and finally resigning to be replaced with something even worse… we are facing a hard Brexit, where there will likely be massive job losses, losses of rights, rising prices, falling standards, chaos and possibly riots. And, although it probably won’t initially affect the mainland, a possible return to civil war in Ireland.

Ironic, isn’t it, that this whole project was designed to keep the Tory Party together.

A thick posh boy plan gone horribly wrong.

The Tory party is split like never before, indeed some Tory MPs have crossed the floor and some are threatening to bring down the Tory government. A Tory ex-Prime Minister is threatening to take the government to court. Labour is split, and has lost MPs, and is utterly unfit for purpose. UKIP has split and largely been replaced by a party which has no policies except getting the UK out of Europe. The UK is split by countries and may end up dissolved. And Ireland is facing civil war.

Image result for david cameron looking stupid

Bravo, Dave, you wanted your legacy to be the “Big Society” (whatever happened to that?) and now it will be the probably break up of your precious union and of your party.

You complete and utter roasted posh boy wally!

42 thoughts on “A posh boy plan that has gone horribly wrong!”

  1. There was, at least on Twitter, a lot of criticism of Scots, then Welsh, then Irish for booing Boris.

    Several people, including me, pointed out that he had been booed in Manchester and London too.

    And today this. Language warning.

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  2. Never apologise for an Oxford comma Tris.
    The Scottish parliament is full of arseholes, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

    The Scottish parliament is full of arseholes, Nicola Sturgeon, and the SNP.

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          1. As you can see I’ve finally been able to get my WordPress account to work, I’ve no idea why it stopped, it’s been months since I’ve been able to comment.

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  3. In the present circumstances,a majority of one in parliament will not allow this administration to function for very long.
    The Tory whips are going to have to do lots of arm twisting,blackmailing and pleading to get their business through parliament and even then will have to factor in how other parties are going to react.
    A GE is inevitable and soon,despite the bluster from BoJo to the contrary.
    NI will be the least of his problems.

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  4. After telling them that NI and the border would be a problem , we’ve spent 3 years with the maybot as a non person not in charge of her party and with no idea what was happening except that ‘Now isn’t the Time’., and other soundbites of no rational contribution.
    Listen again to her first output as pm, what has she achieved from that small list, Absolutely nothing.
    I have a list of 23 things she was going to FIX, she has done none of them.
    Even Jesus Christ only spent 40 days in the wilderness we have spent ONE THOUSAND and ONE HUNDRED with nothing but oris to show for the pain.
    We are going back to only the Toffs having any influence in the parliament, the common man and woman are of no consequence as the tory party line is that the backstop is un-democractic and needs to be shelved.
    1984 has arrived.

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    1. Gawd ‘elp us, Dave – 1984 has arrived! Does that mean that in addition to everything else we’ve got to prepare for the return of Bon Jovi, Culture Club and Toyah? Aaaaaaaarrrgggghhhh!

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    2. It’s all a bit frightening.

      With a majority (provided by the unstable nut jobs in the DUP) of ONE, Boris’s government is, to put it mildly, unstable.

      His cabinet is basically loyal, having all signed up to a pledge of Hallowe’en, come hell, high water, or oblivion.

      But the Tory party itself isn’t.

      It seems to me that we are heading for yet another general election… and if Boris loses, which he probably will, possibly another Tory leadership campaign… OHHH NOOOO.

      No one has the foggiest idea what will happen, but they must have found a magic money forest, never mind tree, because they are pouring money (probably insufficient, but vast sums anyway) into No Deal Brexit preparations.

      I suppose the one thing that we can take comfort from is that, staunch leaver though he is, Grayling has been sacked from Cabinet, and will have nothing to do with it. So there is yet a tiny bit of hope!


  5. Is that wilcox you mention?Islayscene.
    Listened to an article on Orwell’s time on Islay, he spent his time there at the Northern end, very desolate and still the same.
    Our colonial masters have developed the island well, with Nuclear power stations, crossrail and a huge sewer system, oh they’re somewhere else.
    A pound spent in Croyden is better than one spent in Strathclyde.
    I can recommend Alex’s programme on Malta, part 1, an island Nation of 400,000 persons with a place at the top table and a veto on policy, that’s taking control.
    Roll on the divorce from the Onion

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    1. I think you’ll find that Orwell lived for a time on Jura, not Islay – indeed I believe he very nearly drowned when his boat capsized near the famous Corryvreckan tide race whilst out fishing.

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  6. So here we are then, current state of play
    1. Boris the Last wants a No Deal Brexit….problems are
    a) EU won’t change the Withdrawal Agreement or do a Trade Agreement without the backstop,
    b) the US will not do a Trade Agreement without the backstop (or if it breaks the Good Friday Agreement),
    c) DUP won’t accept the backstop or Irish Sea border,
    d) the Celtic nations are getting agitated

    Stuffed then, even if Boris was to win a GE he still has the same issues.
    Only solution IMHO an Irish border poll with or without a GE.

    2. Ruth the Mooth won’t accept No deal….problems are
    a) Boris can’t sack her
    b) Boris wants No deal….
    c) she has nowhere to go politically so Tory vote in Scotland will split

    Stuffed then. If Boris the Last calls a GE, he could win in England but lose Scotland. IMHO that won’t bother him or the Tories.

    So Irish border poll it is then, with or without a GE.
    NS to call Scottish Referendum on same day as Border poll.

    Been saying this for a long time now. Maybe were finally at the stage where we have a PM who realises it too.

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    1. All this , while the world not unreasonably. laughs its head off and thinks, “they are so desperate, they will do anything for a trade deal… yipeeee”.

      Bring it on.


  7. A wrecked UK economy, declining living standards, hatred and resentment to Europe, and the outbreak of a civil war in Ireland – the fucking shit hole that is the UK is going to burn.

    Indeed, in Northern Ireland, and in fact the Republic to, there are more undercover special forces deployed than ever were during the Troubles. And with hundreds of Scottish police having been trained for deployment in NI the UK government knows fine well that the reintroduction of a border, the restriction of free movement of goods and people is going to be a powder keg.

    Already legislation is in place to allow a Border Agency Officers to stop, question and detain anyone within ten miles of the border or at main railway stations where the officers suspect that folks have crossed the border.

    Can’t think it’ll be too long before the Border Agency force will be needing to be accompanied by armed troops. The IRA are re-arming. The Good Friday Agreement has been repudiated, a border is being reinstalled, and the 71% and 56% majorities who voted for the GFA and remaining in the EU are being trampled underfoot.

    What part of democracy does the U.K. respect – the bullet, the bomb. It certainly seems so and to war they will go.

    But tough and lethal as the U.K. thinks it is it didn’t beat the IRA in the last war and it won’t do so again. Maybe PM Johnson and his like think IRA spectaculars in London and other major English cities will galvanise the British war time spirit. I wish them well on that thinking, I really do..

    But it is not only a war in Ireland that England will be facing. The decline of living standards, the destruction of the economy, the removal of social protections, the Great Repeal Bill ( remember that !) will all play to an ever more divided and discontented society. That will play out well too as the elites prosper as the masses suffer.

    And in Scotland, the call for independence will get stronger as Johnson tries to undermine the devolution settlement.

    All in all though, maybe we should be thankful that the UK doesn’t permit gun ownership like the US does. Yes the police forces across the UK are now something like 25% armed , with guns available in minutes, if not already being carried, but if the people had widespread access I think you can imagine the mess we’d be in.

    But hey, as Stanley Johnston, father of Boris said only very recently, who cares if the Irish shoot each other. Who cares indeed a Stanley, especially when it could be yoo-hoo.

    The place is frigging insane, and the place will burn.

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    1. Seems a worst case scenario, which normal I would pretty much dismiss… on the basis that “they wouldn’t let this happen”.

      But, as you say, the place is insane.

      Only a few monhs ago, who would have imagined Patel as Home Secretary, or Raab as Foreign Secretary and I think de facto deputy prime minister?

      Who would have imagined any of what is going on just now?

      I may have mentioned before that I read Ian Dunt’s book on Brexit in which the first chapter paints a dystopian picture of a no deal Brexit and then promptly points out that this is a very unlikely possibility.


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