40 thoughts on “AH BREXIT, DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT?”

    1. I wonder if they have thought of that. Probably not, given that they haven’t thought of anything else.

      Still, we can have en plein air, because, in addition to blue passports it will never rain in Brexit Britain, and the birds will always sing that little bit louder.


        1. Don’t be defeatist.

          I’m sure we’ll find sufficient birds of our own without importing Johnny Foreignbird, as long as we can persuade those royals not to shoot them all.


          1. Ahh! Migratory birds, it’s just entryism! How dare these birds come here and drop their damn eggs on the Queens trees when they are really not wanted here!

            Bloody foreign birds! Don’t you just hate them!


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          2. We won’t need birds in Brexit Britain, Pensioners can do compulsory bird song to earn their pensions. We can all be sat at dawn and dusk, on perches for extended periods of time whistling, β€œI’m needing the toilet,” in song thrush.

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  1. Who in their right mind would send a letter to the EU which really says,
    We need the DUP support to keep me in office.
    The DUP don’t want to be any different from the rUK, well except for ,well, religious beliefs!!!!!!!!!
    The DUP don’t want be be in the CU or the SM.
    So be good boys and give rUK all the present trading systems but don”t charge us tariffs.
    By the way we’re not going to let your people stay in the rUK, they don’t meet the englishness test or have sufficient money to support themselves, neither does the majority of residents but they’re just too stupid to realise that blue passports are worthless now as they’ll need to purchase a visa.
    Oor oris has just insulted the people he wasn’t to be nice to us.
    He wants to crash out is the only logical deduction from this letter, as some have said right from the start. A brexit crash out, no payment of the divorce deal.
    Which country will deal with him in the future without extracting maximum benefit for themselves.
    As we see regularly ‘Are You Yes Yet’?
    The empire is closed for refurbishment it’s no longer trading, it’s on life support, generously provided by picking the pocket of the Scots.
    Maybe this negotiating strategy will be used again.

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  2. By the way, the pretendy posters? Works of genuine imagination.

    Maybe not so much imaginative but predictive.

    Actually, to me they seem quite prescient. Y’know, scum taking over our lives and the worst being advertised as those that will rule us best at the local level, on behalf of an elite that doesn’t care? Where have we seen that before?

    What will it take – these images work for me – but what will it take to suggest to some folk that they are walking into a nightmare? It seems to me that they see the disaster as an inevitability. And are so wound up in themselves that they think that they can avoid it. Which is never true. Those that attempt to avoid a political tidal wave tend to be defeated by the undercurrents.

    Obviously excluding all Munguinites…

    And so to bed, hoping the bugs don’t bite!

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  3. The two main things which have allowed England to continue to strut the world stage and pretend that it is still a global power are,membership of the EU and patronage from the USA.
    Now,all the eggs are in one basket and completely dependent on Trump for future stability and prosperity.
    They don’t appear to have noticed that Trump is only interested in Trump who will do whatever to further his own personal ambitions,as is the case with our present PM (BoJo for BoJo that is)
    Fine while they are still best buddies but that won’t last forever and then what?

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    1. They have been told time and again that their position in the world will falter because of Brexit, but they seem to feel that it will rather be the EU’s world position that will falter.

      And, depending on Trump, who can get out of shape by a smallest of slights to himself, is utter madness.

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    2. Three main points, the third;
      Nuclear and Trident, it allows them to sit at the big boys table. Their feet might not reach the floor, dangling in air but they can always try and photo bomb the group selfies.


  4. Do you think that Trump wants to buy Britain? Maybe he got confused and said “Greenland” instead. Did the Brexiteers have that in mind all along?

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      1. I’ve just done a post on it. He’s only gone and cancelled a state visit to Denmark over it.

        Toys, pram, temper are words that come to mind.


    1. I reckon it was Ireland and the eedjit got the “Green emerald Isle” and Greenland mixed up. Ireland would have made sense, he could have done a border deal, UK gets out of EU and it would give him a lever over the oris, whereby he would extort a payment (part of the 39 billion) for taking the on the NHS and the rest of the country.
      Yip, I think it was originally Ireland.


  5. And yet, as I mentioned a couple of months ago, my England based Scottish relatives are solidly behind Johnson and his bunch of reprobates. I spoke to them yesterday, and the quotes ranged from, ” Boris will show these pesky Europeans what’s what”, to” The ferry ports will operate as normal, and supplies of food , medicine, fuel etc, will continue as normal”, to” I.D.S’s idea of raising the State Pension Age to 75yrs is a great idea”.
    If these views are prevalent amongst the majority of the electorate in England, and I believe they are, due in part to their belief in their own “exceptionalism”, and fostered by an ever increasingly shrill M.S.M who will blame anyone in sight for this approaching catastrophe, except the lying politicians, who brought it about in the first place.

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    1. I know someone who is just like your relatives, Alex.

      I spent some time with her yesterday. She has no doubts that it till all work out well.



      1. The more right wing, the more they like them.

        Look at the top of the cabinet.

        Johnson, Javid, Raab, Patel… and then looka round at the rest.

        They are all right wing nut jobs and frankly I’m not sure any of them has more than a few really functioning brain cells.

        I hear that Johnson has come up with a plan to save the Brext project. Ireland temporarily joins up with England, but still gets to stay in the single market… until? Until, paf paf paf…

        I just don;t see how that can possibly happen. You can’t be in a single market and have open borders with a country that is not. Otherwise the single market leaks like a sieve.

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        1. Scrap the backstop, they say. “We have no absolutely no intention of putting any type of border in place” they say. Can we assume from that, that the fear of Turkish (17 million?) and others “swarming” in “hoards” over our border has abated?

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    1. Mr Duncan Smith thinks it will be good for you. Interestingly, he will become a pensioner next year, so I wonder if he’d be up for the hop harvest?


      1. Mr Duncan Smith, the man that resigned from the DWP, because the measures being applied to claiments were too cruel.


  6. I seem to recall the idea that pretending to live in a better place, rather than living in the reality, might make a difference? Was this a Hungarian or Czechoslovakian idea?

    Perhaps we should adopt that?

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      1. Point. But I seem to recall the up-ended concept. That anyone could live, if they chose to, at least in their head, in a place that met their dreams.

        Seems to me that that is all that keeps us going, sometimes.

        Luckily I am a tad more optimistic about where we end up. It will not just be in our heads, it will be reality.

        Ohh, err!

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