“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us! It wad frae monie a blunder free us, An’ foolish notion.”


Well, thanks to the Guardian, we can do just that.


China: ‘The Brexit farce has encouraged the nationalists in China, especially the young generation’

Liu Ye, editor of international affairs at Sanlian Life Week magazine in Beijing


France: ‘Once, we used to hold up British parliamentary life as the Rolls-Royce of liberal democracy’

Sylvie Kauffmann, editorial director and contributor, Le Monde


Germany: ‘Johnson is seen as treating Europe as a big joke. Quoting witty lines in Latin won’t change that’

Khuê Pham, staff writer, Zeit magazine


Japan: ‘The Japanese have always seen Britain as a gentle, stable country, but that has changed’

Nobuyuki Suzuki, media and entertainment news editor, the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper


India: ‘If Britain wants a deal with India, it will have to relax immigration. This is non-negotiable’


South Africa: ‘There’s a gleefulness in watching the British realise the ineptitude of their own politicians’

Khadija Patel, editor-in-chief, the Mail & Guardian newspaper, Johannesburg


Russia: ‘Our leaders see Boris Johnson as temporary – a clown. They’ll wait for the new leader’

Alexey Venediktov, editor-in-chief, Echo of Moscow radio station


The United States: ‘Trump’s US doesn’t look as desperate for friends as the UK does in its split from the EU’

Jen Kirby, foreign and national security reporter, Vox


You can read the full stories here.

25 thoughts on ““O, wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us! It wad frae monie a blunder free us, An’ foolish notion.””

    1. I imagine most countries are having a laugh at the UK.

      I suspect that the much more important USA having a moron as president is the only thing that spares UK from being the world’s laughing stock.

      By comparison with American Britain is just so unimportant.

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  1. They, the UK “elite” have just exposed themselves to the world as the useless pompous old school tie wearing eediots we always thought they were.

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      1. I would go further tris. To my mind they are the personification of evil. Since 2010, this collection of Tories, supported for a time by the treacherous lib-dems, have have imposed an entirely unnecessary policy of austerity throughout the U.K.
        Their treatment, especially of the sick, the poor, the disabled, has been nothing short of a scandal. Do they care? Not a jot. All that matters to them is that the Tory party survives, and they, and their rich pals can coin it in on the backs of the least fortunate in what is left of our society.
        If we thought May’s cabinet was the worst ever assembled, just wait until this gang of half-wits get going. You ain’t seen nothing yet folks.

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        1. Yes, Alex. I suspect I was being generous.

          At the top, you have Javid, whom I imagine to be a reasonable man, even if I think his politics are boufin’

          But then there’s Patel. A woman who was prepared to break every rule in the book by going on holiday and holding bilateral talks, without informing the FCO or the PM, with a foreign government, at the highest level, and propose something which breached UN directives in unswept rooms without any UK officials present. Then, compound it by coming back and lying about it to the prime minister and her officials.

          There’s Raab. A man who assisted the then PM to negotiate a treaty with the EU, which was so crap that he voted against it himself. As I understand it, this bloke who seems to be unable to do an interview or answer MPs’ questions without making a total mess of it, is also our deputy prime minister. Dumb as a stump and dangerous.

          How on earth will he or his hair-brained boss deal with China? With all the panache of Prince Philip, I suspect.

          McVey, Truss, Gove, Cleverly (jeez was anyone ever misnamed), Leadsom, Williamson, Shapps, Rudd, Jack, Villiers. Not a star one amongst them. Not one I’d trust to get us anywhere except deeper in the…

          So yes, they are a ragbag of stupid, but some of them are positively evil as well.

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  2. Given the Ultra Brexiteers
    Will never agree another eu

    The idea Boris will agree to a
    Scottish referendum is risible .
    He will never ever sit opposite
    To the Queen and say I Boris
    Have broken the Union .

    But as a here today gone tomorrow politico Someone else surely will lol 😂

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  3. Well donny what you going to do now.
    China has devalued their currency.
    Steel has just got cheaper.
    Manufactured goods of all kinds just got cheaper from China, they hold the cards, not davies the first brexit secretary.
    Dangerous times.

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    1. Ha ha ha ha ha…

      Oh well, you wanted to pick a fight with the big guys, Donny, and erm, they fought back.

      You’d be better to stick to telling the British Prime Minister she was crap. The Brits have nothing to fight back with and will creep up your butt no matter what you do.

      The Chinese, on the other hand, they’ve a great deal to hit you with.


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    2. Fox and his pals were hanging their hats on a trade deal with Trump but now that Congress has said no Good Friday Agreement,then no trade deal,where does that leave them?
      One way or another they have to address that issue if they are in any way to survive outside the European trading bloc.
      A GE is inevitable so that they can dump the DUP and allow NI to be separated from England (they hope).
      Otherwise,it will definitely be die for BoJo’s stint as PM.

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  4. The best part of the Guardian article was the Indian response. Very clear and informative, hit the nail squarely on the head and distinguished between Britain and England.

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  5. As I’ve written before (but can’t remember where), Scotland is the only part of the UK right now with a truly functional democracy (Stormont isn’t sitting, and the Senedd has a Unionist party in charge – even if its Unionism isn’t quite as monolithic as it used to be). Westminster is a joke, as we know; a very bad joke in very poor taste. Our representatives and our Government, on the other hand, are making a very good impression in Europe with their sanity, reasonableness, internationalism and commitment.

    Putting Christian Allard forward as an MEP was, apart from the man’s obvious qualifications and abilities, a PR masterstroke – I understand that they’re already calling him Monsieur Ecosse.

    We look very good indeed compared to Farage, and those obnoxious [insert plural of word for favoured genital organs or a scatological insult HERE] who turned their backs on the Ode to Joy at the opening of this session of the European Parliament.

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    1. I met Christian Allard on a march in, I think, 2013.

      Alyn Smith is also a fantastic representative, making a great impression on the Europeans.

      Along with Nicola and Mike Russell, they are playing well for Scotland.

      I don’t know the third one.

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