Remember Alistair, he was the big beast who was going to sort out the uppity wee Nicola. Aye right!

His best argument here against her was that everyone else was wrong except her so they’d better not discuss it. So a huffy big beast with no arguments and a tendency to erm, lie.

Anyway, Alistair, I note that we voted to stay in the UK , which was what you wanted, and … oh, look what happened. That lot took us out of the EU, just as Nicola suggested might happen, against the will of the Scottish people, expressed in 2016, I’d say much more forcibly than was the will of the British people to leave.

And on Thursday we saw that little of the arithmetic had changed.

Scottish people voted as strongly for Remain parties as the English voted for Leave parties.

Still, Michael Gove or Boris Johnson, or some such person, is going to be elected by a tiny electorate of elderly blue rinse Tories (and that’s just the men) and bring “the country” together, because, god knows, they are such excellent conciliators, all of them…


Sorry, I probably should have warned you not to take a sip before that last sentence.



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Do I feel sorry for her?


Did the tears make any difference?


She was Home Secretary and a senior member of the Conservative Party when Cameron cooked up his little ploy to stop the disintegration of the Party in the Commons and in the country.

He would promise a referendum. That would stop the drift to UKIP of his MPs and probably his voters. But, at that time, all the polls showed that he would lose the next election, or at best be forced into another coalition with the Liberal Democrats (who would immediately veto a referendum as a condition of coalition), so he would never have to deliver.

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Then that all went horribly wrong. The Liberal Democrats suffered from their liaison over the previous 5 years and Ed Miliband carved his manifesto on an “Edstone” and showed that he couldn’t eat bacon rolls.

Cameron won and a referendum had to be delivered.

And May knew exactly what had been done in preparation for a leave vote… Exactly nothing, because, despite recent evidence to the contrary,  he was still convinced that he would win because he was David Cameron, Eton and Oxford!

She knew that the Party was split. She knew the UK was split. She knew that Cameron had opened the gates to hell, and she should have known about Northern Ireland!

And yet she still went for the job, because… Well, you tell me.

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From that pathetic curtsey followed by the St Francisesque speech on the doorstep of Downing Street about the “just getting by” and how her government would be for the ordinary person, not the elite, she has been a constant figure of fun both in the UK and in the rest of the world.

She’s barely made a good decision.

Time after time, from her disastrous and unnecessary election where she lost her slim majority and found herself pandering, expensively, to a religious right party of Northern Ireland, to the ridiculous bringing back of her Withdrawal Bill for a fourth shot, giving MPs the chance to change their minds while denying that choice to the people.

From her ill-judged invitation to Donald Trump to make a state visit within days of his being elected to her inept handling of Grenfell.

From her inability to handle ministers (she’s had 30 ministerial resignations/sackings in less than 3 years) to her Magic Money Tree comment to a nurse who hadn’t had a pay rise in 6 years.

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From being caught out lying by the Police about funding, to the horrendous record on people being starved to death by her DWP.

The woman has been an inept, incompetent catastrophe.

I’m trying hard to think of one decent thing she’s done. And I can’t.

And yes, I’d agree that she has had a mammoth of a job, but, as I said, she knew what she was applying for. She was AROUND the top long before she was AT the top.

Am I sorry to see her go?

No, but neither am I glad.

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Her successor will face exactly the same situation as she did. Divided party, divided state, broken society. And, with no majority, it is likely that May’s successor will have to call a general election, possibly in late summer.

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Time we went, Scotland.


I listened to the news at 5 pm, and it seems that, for Mrs May, the ba’s on the slates and the game’s a bogey, etc, etc.

She, at that time, had locked herself in the cellar in Downing Street with, according to some correspondent on the BBC, the sofa against the door. “I Vant to be alone”.

She had refused interviews to both the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary.

Paul Brand
BREAKING: David Mundell has asked for an urgent meeting with the PM this afternoon following her statement to MPs. He is not acting in coordination with other cabinet ministers but the expectation is that this is going to be a conversation about her future.

Wind forward three hours and I glanced at Twitter to see that David Mundell is furious with her (Oh Nooooo!!!!) and has demanded an audience. I was thinking that, whatever you think about Hunt and Javid, at least they hold reasonable senior and important positions in the Cabinet… the so-called great offices of state. So, unless Mrs May is in need of a refreshing cup of tea, or indeed she has run out of digestives, I’m thinking that it is highly unlikely that wee Fluffy has a hope in hell.

What, you may ask, is the wee soul angry about…?

Robert Peston
I am told the reason 

is furious with the PM and has asked to see her is that her apparent openness to another Brexit referendum is seen by him as a betrayal, because it would open the door to and legitimise another referendum on Scottish independence.


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So, no matter how many votes the MPs can have on her wretched agreement only a few weeks apart and often with only two or three words being changed, there is NO WAY Scotland is getting to have a referendum 6 years after the first one, no matter how drastically the circumstances and voting population have changed.

But, my money is on Peston being wrong.

Probably Fluffs just wants to know if the Maybot has any idea about how many sugars Boris takes in coffee.


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OK, Munguinites! Who’s the next prime minister?



At a campaign launch for the European Elections, The Right Honourable Colonel Davidson told the assembled that the SNP should move on from the constitutional debate. (Rich, coming from someone who talks of little else and whose obsession with Nicola Sturgeon rather than any possible Tory policies, is becoming frightening)

Ms Davidson spoke out against having a new vote on Brexit or on independence.

“The Scottish Tory leader said the UK should “leave the European Union in an orderly manner” and move on to new debates.

“Ms Davidson said a vote for her party would “respect the result of referendums”, pledging “to honour the voices of millions of people (*in Scotland) who told us Scotland should stay in the UK, and (*in England and Wales) that Scotland should leave the EU”.

*My additions!

Somewhat embarrassingly, but not particularly surprisingly, dear old Theresa knocked that little number right on the head this afternoon in what was probably a fruitless attempt to get her EU-agreed plan for Brexit over the line.

As part of her speech to the nation (it should surely have been nations), Strong and Stable Treeza said:

“So to those MPs who want a second referendum to confirm the deal: you need a deal and therefore a Withdrawal Agreement Bill to make it happen.” 

Nicola Sturgeon
The PM might not have guaranteed a second EU referendum, but her promise of a vote on one puts the Scottish Tories ‘vote for us for no more referendums on anything ever’ pitch on something of a sticky wicket. Just an amusing aside.
5:34 PM · May 21, 2019

Ruthie must be fair fizzing. Two days from the elections and the main, nae, the only plank of her campaign has been knocked sideways for six and nailed to the roof.

Still, nothing new there. Anyone who remembers Ruth’s “lines in the sand” nonsense which was abandoned sharpish when Cameron changed his wee mind, won’t be terribly surprised that May has left her Scottish branch looking like it fell aff the tree!



A couple of fun tweets… just to show how well her latest plan is going.

Dominic Raab @DominicRaab
I listened carefully to the PM’s speech on the govt’s revised terms of Brexit. I cannot support legislation that would be the vehicle for a second referendum or Customs Union. Either option would frustrate rather than deliver Brexit – and break our clear manifesto promises.

Boris Johnson @BorisJohnson

With great reluctance I backed MV3. Now we are being asked to vote for a customs union and a second referendum. The Bill is directly against our manifesto – and I will not vote for it. We can and must do better – and deliver what the people voted for.


A bit of a mix here today. The cartoons weren’t that great this week and didn’t warrant a whole page (but thanks to BJSAlba for sending anyway), so I threw in some pics of the march and some figures from Marky about the English election results.

CON 3562 (-1332)
LAB 2021 (-81)
LD 1344 (+700)
GRN 265 (+194)
UKIP 31 (-145)
IND 1044 (+606)
OTH 134 (+56)
NET COUNCIL CHANGES: CON -44 LAB -6 LD +10 RA +1 IND +2 NOC +37 #LocalElections2019 #LE2019
Somewhat unbelievably, Mrs May has concluded from these results, a massive shift from Brexit Supporting parties to those opposing it, that the great British public wants her to get on with Brexit. If this were anyone else, you might wonder at her sanity, but in the case of May who has called everything wrong from Day 1, we all know that she is batshit and frankly, why would we expect anything different…?
Dave sent me this pic from the march, but I couldn’t upload it so I found it online. He writes: The picture was taken of the end of the march just after Charing Cross. About 16:00. So this shows around a third to a quarter of the route, just before it gets to George square. I think more than 90,000 people.







As noted earlier we all know that the prime minister is batshit… not so sure about Mundell, who has sworn that no one ever mentioned being thrown out of the EU if we voted for independence. Is he mad as a box of frogs (eh?) or is he just desperately hoping that the Maybot will reward his slavish loyalty with a K or an OBE or something?

!£tory conference
He certainly draws a massive crowd, eh?






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Mrs May has gone on a walking holiday in Wales.. and we all know what kind of farce that sort of thing can conjure up. Imagine her alone with her trusty advisor, Philip, for a whole week… [shudder].

So let’s laugh while we can, because heaven knows what crap she’ll come up with while she’s away.

So, it occured to me that there are now two Brexit parties lining up for the EU elections.

Firstly there’s Nigel’s party, launched last week (which, if I’m not mistaken, has lost its leader already) and then there’s super loonie “new” UKIP (even nuttier than before), which seems to have lost a lot of support, not least that of its own MEPs.

From 24 members elected, they are down to four serving members at the last count.

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The defections are probably because of the hard right-wing stance of the latest in the party’s sad succession of leaders since Mr Farage declared “job done” and resigned back in 2016.

Mr Gerald Batten (at least it wasn’t Battenberg!) and his close advisor, Mr Tommy Robinson or (on Sundays) Mr Stephen Yaxley-Lennon make some of the previous holders of the post seem almost normal. Just imagine being too nutty for the likes of Coburn?



The thing is, that while I admit that there is going to be a fair number of people who will want to vote for one of the hard-line Brexit parties and secure a no deal Brexit, didn’t it occur to them that having two parties standing in every seat is going to split the vote and let other parties through the middle?


Ho hum…

brexit application
So don’t be surprised if you get calls from insurance companies. The Tories have to make money somehow.


And Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…
brexit closk
Maybe add 14 o’clock and 15 o’clock…
Making your mind up…
Jeez… who told you that doing deals with the devil was a good idea? Actually, I’m not sure that I know which one of them I’m addressing that to. Both?