Many of you will remember Pa Broon who used to write a blog of his own and comment frequently on Munguin’s Republic. (Aye, what happened there then?)

You may also remember that he is a Scout Master, and one of the activities he does with the lads is he takes them on trips around Scotland, and then writes books about the journey.

His stories are a mix of informative travel information, mixed with a bit of history and geography, and this mix is served up with a generous helping of wry humour and general irreverence. In short, it’s always a damned good read, interesting and hilarious in turns.

It is available in two formats. There’s an actual old-fashioned book. (Yep, they still exist.) It sells at £6.98, or you can get a copy for your Kindle at the incredibly generous price of £0.0.

Munguin, being a media mogul, is getting both.

Seriously, it comes highly recommended by no less than Alma Cogan or some female singer…




n oran
Morning all. This is my best friend. We’re off back to play in the sandpit while you have a wander around and enjoy the photos.
n puff
Icelandic puffins.
n palestine oldest oT, 5000
Olive Tree in Palestine. Over 5000 years old.
Only one fish, for a big tummy like mine?
n wol frank
Thanks to Frank for this beauty.
n 3p
Don’t be silly, we’re not holding flippers… we’re just good friends.
n axolotl
I’m an Axolotl, but you can call me Fred. I’m cute as a button, aren’t I?
n moth
Three little moths from school are we…
n best mates540
Best Buddies…
n bergen
Odd public art in Bergen.
n jim and arlene
Saw this on Twitter and thought it was really beautiful, then I realised it was Jim’s (of Jim and Arlene). His back garden in the snow that seems (thus far) to have given Dundee a miss.
n bird self portrait
Amazingly, being a bit short on paint hasn’t stopped a bird from doing his or her self-portrait.
n hallstadt
Hallstatt, Germany.
n pad2
Anyone want to play snowballs? Or we could build a snowpenguin?
n pad12
Donald, if you’re looking… 
n border SA and Qatar
Border between Saudi Arabia and  Qatar.
n wol
What are you doing down there?
n woods
Who’d not want to be here in autumn?
n pad1
Last one at the top is a sissy…
n iceland
Iceland waterfall (foss)
Adorable Rescued Orangutans
So… you enjoy your tour? OK, we’re getting on with playing while the grown-ups aren’t around. See you next week.




The Chinese are nearly finished the bridge and tunnel from Hong Kong to Macau, a distance of 25 miles. Worked started in 2009 and it is expected to open this year.

So, Boris, the man who was determined to split Britain from Euopre thinks that there should be a bridge between England and France, apparently the two great military powers of Europe.

Friends of Boris said that the president was enthusiastic about the project, although I suspect that “la politesse française” may have prevented him from saying what he really thought.


Anyone got any thoughts on the subject?



From the STV website.

The Conservative vice chairman for youth has apologised for comments suggesting that people on benefits should be sterilised.

MP Ben Bradley, 28, backtracked over a blog post describing jobseekers as “unemployed wasters” and saying that those who can’t afford children should undergo vasectomies.

“Sorry but how many children you have is a choice; if you can’t afford them, stop having them! Vasectomies are free,” he wrote in the personal blog in 2012.

“Families who have never worked a day in their lives having four or five kids and the rest of us having one or two means it’s not long before we’re drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters that we pay to keep!”

Mr Bradley, the Member of Parliament for Mansfield, deleted the post after it was highlighted by Buzzfeed News.

“I apologise for these posts,” he said.

“My time in politics has allowed me to mature and I now realise that this language is not appropriate.”


Mr Bradley was elected in 2017.

His offensive blog post was in 2013.

So, in my turn, I would like to ask, how on earth do the Tories vet their candidates?

Don’t they check up people’s blogs and social media to see if there is something lurking that could come back to bite them on the backside?

Worse still, this ‘person’ has just been made ‘vice chairman for youth’ of the Conservative Party (admittedly a job that shouldn’t tax his apparently limited intellect too much, given that there are only 70,000 members in the party and most of them are over 70).

Mrs May should be aware that he having been caught out he has admitted that he thinks that these remarks are “not appropriate”.

Maybe  “utterly repugnant” would be more appropriate. Who else does he believe shouldn’t be allowed to breed?


After tonight’s vote in the Commons it’s clear that Scottish Tory MPs aren’t just failing to stand up for Scotland’s interest – they are actively working against it


Big thank you to the Scottish Tory MPs who failed to stand up for Scotland today in Westminster.


You’ve probably managed to persuade another tranche of people that, not only is there no point in Scotland taking part in UK referenda in the future, because we get what England votes for, but also that there is no point in having a Scottish Secretary, even if he makes reasonable tea, or indeed any Scottish Tory MPs. They vote the way the English Tories tell them regardless of how it hurts Scotland.

Not only are we not in Europe despite voting 62-38 for it, we shall also undoubtedly lose a raft of powers to the London parliament.

Why don’t you have the guts to do what you always wanted to and just shut Holyrood down?



And, finally!

I’m proud to announce that Andrea Leadsome, loathsome fox hunter in chief, has blocked me on Twitter. I’m seriously proud because I must have done something to hack her off. I just wish I knew what, though, so I could do it over and over and over again.