It seems that Monsieur Barnier didn’t manage to catch her speech.

Still, she did meet with her boss from Washington and apparently they made up. At least she sat next to him nodding like a Churchill Dog at everything he said, no matter how banal.

I have grave doubts about any trade deal being to the advantage of the UK in general, but very particularly to the advantage of ordinary people in the UK. Mr Trump had, after all, been selling his vision of America First… which means at very best UK second.

It is interesting perhaps that the other face to face meeting he had was with Netanyahu.


His best buddies, May and Netanyahu.  What company to keep.


Reactions so far to May’s speech from tech and business figures: “lazy,” “disappointing,” “ridiculous,” and “embarrassing”



May is on her feet in and live on , if live is the right word for the Maybot, reading out vacuous drivel written for her by some half-witted adviser.