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Morning all. Happy Sunday.

n toure soliel
Sunflowers at sunset.

n tort
House and Garden…

n tiger
It’s Twins.

n wasp moth
Wasp Moth

n sheep

n recued
I got rescued by these kind (but slightly ugly and shaved) grown up orangutans

n grand canyon.jpg
Grand Canyon.

n foxy1
I wonder what’s up there…

n manatee
Stay close by mum.

n nuts2
Oh look, Brexit!

n flow
What a perfect place for wildlife.

Image result for baby walrus
This looks a good place for a snooze!

Image result for baby platypus
When we wake up we will be duck-billed platypuses.

Image result for baby giraffe in wild
Mum, don’t make a fuss!!!

Image result for bhutan

n pals 1
Best Buddies.

Image result for greenland wildlife
Greenland Musk Oxen.

Image result for jungle
I need to grow some…

Image result for orangutan babies
Cut, cuts, cuts… the school bus is too wee.




Image result for orangutan babies
Morning all.


n pic
You take my picture and I’ll take yours.

n dog1
Yeah, that’s it, the idea is not to get your bottom wet!

N barn
Barn Owl.

n bear 2
Nah, it’s not that cold and the salmon is really good.

n blue mycena mushroom
Blue Mycena Mushroom.

n cow
Nothing like a nice beach holiday, wouldn’t you agree?

n faroes

n f
Handsome, aren’t I?

n pink poppies
Pretty in Pink.

n fin swan
Finnair announce the departure of…

n jumping
I’m training for the high jump in the Oceana Olymoics.

n lion 7
It must be Love, Love, Love.

n koala
A boy and his bear… well not really a bear.

n rh
This is what I’ll look like when I grow up.

n goaty
Aren’t I the most handsome black and white animal on Soppy Sunday today?

n mummy
Sometimes, you just need a cuddle.

n thailand

n wake up, it's breakfast time for burds
Hey, wake up, lazy bones. Birds get hungry in the morning.

Image result for orangutan babies
Well, that’s it. I’m gonna make a quick getaway while my mummy’s sleeping. Adventures to be had. See you next week.



Image result for baby orangutans
Morning all…

n great egret
Great Egret.

n green
The beauty of northern Greenland.

n tortoise
The wisdom of age.

n kids!
Grrrr …. kids!!!

n lift
And don’t run away from home again!

n papillon citron
Papillon Citron.

n paris
I’ve stood there watching the cars and wondering how the hell you would know which lane to be in for a 12 exit roundabout.

n teddy bear picnic
I’ll have the soupe du jour …

n pigmy marmoset
Pigmy Marmoset.

n play
I wish I could go out and play with them…

n two tails
A tale of two tails.

n zermatt1

n wyoming
Welcome to Wyoming.

n wol
This human provides a nice soft and warm perch.

n tree1
Come on in, the water’s fine.

n snow
Yeah…we know, thanks.

I Kea. LOL, no, not a Swedish store, a New Zealand parrot.

n silver falls oregon
Silver Falls, Oregon.

n bats
British cabinet.

Image result for baby orangutans
Well, you lot, that’s your lot for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon though… Yeah?


Image result for baby orangutan
Hello… we’re just starting school and we’re feeling a bit scared.

Do you think I’m nearly as good looking as that Blaze fellow?

n isola dei Pescatori
Isola dei Pescatori (Isle of Fishermen and nothing to do with pesky Tories).

n foxhole
Pretty smart nouse I got here, doncha think?

n cat
They washed my brother and the colour ran!

n coyote gulch utah
Coyote Gulch, Utah.

n bears
The early arrivals for the picnic…

n bearded vulture
Bearded Vulture.

Downtown Nuuk.

n bavaria

n horse
You got any carrots there?

n prisojic
Slovenia. Prisojnik.

n mozambique spitting cobra
Mozambique Spitting Cobra… rude thing!

n norway hut
Norwegian Hut.

n Lilac-breasted-Roller-by-Rich-Lindie
Lilac Breasted Roller (as opposed to the more colourful Bay City ones).

n me and my himan
Me and my human.

n Mongolian fox
Rather superior looking Mongolian Fox.

n inwstqnbul

n starling

Image result for baby orangutan
Hope you enjoyed that… Before you go, I have a little extra for you. This lil fellow lost a leg, but his buddy looks out for him.

Soppy Sunday

Image result for baby orangutan
Ah yes… it’s Sunday, isn’t it?

n spooky
Must be getting near Halloween.

n pussy

n z.jpg
I’m a stripey horse.

n playmates

Let’s wrestle

n poler
That’s a great slide… come on, have a go…

n dorset

n dug
I’m coming… hold on.

n cassis
Cassis, France.

n calf
OK, so I bet you can’t do that!

n d cof
MMMMM that was good. Did I get any on my nose?

n barn
Barn owl.

n 9th-century Monastery of Tatev in southeastern Armenia
Tateu Monastery, Armenia.

n fierce
This is how you look fierce, OK?

n easter island inac
Easter Island.

n fox2
Who’s cute then?

n bears.jpg
Bears in the woods… No, they’re singing.

n green sea turtle.jpg
Green sea turtle.

n s gre8
Greenland wilderness.

Image result for baby orangutan
This is my little baby so make your way out quietly and we’ll see you next week.


Soppy Sunday

Image result for baby orangutans
What do you think will happen if I pull this?

n ti
Sometimes I sit and think… and sometimes I just sit.

n Þingvellir
Þingvellir, Iceland.

Image result for goose
Mother Goose?

n adelie
Munguin’s Auntie Adelie.

n blaze
Blaze from Skye (with his dad’s permission).

n bellagio ita;ly
Bellagio, Italy.

n antarctica
I bet you didn’t think that Antarctica was that green.

n autumn
It’s that time of the year again… sigh.

n only ca
Only in California… and it’s a great place for wildlife to cross the road.

n huang shan ch
That really is someplace for a tree to grow. Huang Shan, China.

n baby wolf
Do you think I look frightening enough?

n el
Family Outing.

n grey heron
Shhh. I’m fishing.

n buter
Oh, hello.

n south greenland
Nice garden.

n cloudy
Cloudy today.

n learning
I think I’m getting the hang of this swimming thing.

n cuddles2
Who likes a cuddle then?

Image result for baby orang
Look… I’ve cleaned my teeth… more or less. Anyway, see you next week.



Image result for baby orangutans
Oh, it’s you lot again…well, you’d better come in.

Image result for baby giraffe
I’m pretty new to this world.

Image result for baby rhino
Nearly hallowe’en. I’d better get my lantern made.

n s gre7
THAT’S why they called it Greenland.

n sheep ice

n leo the leopanrd
Anyone lost a pussy cat?

n em

n white cliffs
The white cliffs of… Antarctica.

n yosemite

Image result for baby buffalo
Little buffalo.

Image result for baby mice
A handful of mice.

Image result for baby rabbit
Nice place for bunnies to play.

Image result for baby panda
Happy birthday to me…

Image result for baby cheetah
We’re on guard.

n nagasaki

n snowdonis national

n aut

Image result for baby wild dolphin
You’re doing fine, little one.

Image result for baby orangutan
OK. Hope you enjoyed your tour.  See you next week?


n or10
What kept you?

n albno squirrel
Albino squirrels

n bear
This’ll go nicely with some chips…

n bed
Perfect bed for a musical dog.

n bibi jawindi's tomb Pakistan
The tomb of Bibi Jawindi, Pakistan.

n dinner
What’s a dog to do to get some dinner around here.

n cccat
What was that dog doing?

Image result for baby elephant
I’m weeding… look.

n goupil Zeb Soanes
Goupil, one of the London foxes beloved by BBC man Zeb Soanes.

Image result for geese
If they were marching would it be called “goose step”?

Image result for swiss valley
Il n’y a rien d’aussi beau, qu’une vallée a l’abri du temp, où les oiseaux font leurs nids dans les coeurs des arbres géants. Et court la rivière à l’ombre et la lumière. Douce vallée, Sweet Swiss Valley. Il fait bon vivre chez toi.*

Image result for Black panther animal
I’m not part of a terrorist group, honest.

Image result for rattlesnake
Oh come on, admit it, I’m as cute as a button. Albeit a very poisonous button.

Image result for luxembourg

Image result for baby elephant
You lot are funny looking elephants…

Image result for wildebeest baby
Baby wildebeest saved by lioness.

Image result for african jungle
Don’t suppose you’ve got a banana?

Image result for nile

Image result for Bhutan
Bhutan temples.

Image result for ulaanbaatar city
Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Image result for snail
It’s one way to keep them from eating your plants!

Image result for baby orang
That’s it then. We’re off to school, even though it’s Sunday. I want to get a PhD someday so can’t afford to slack.

*There is nothing as beautiful as a sheltered valley where birds make their nests in the hearts of the giant trees, and the river runs in the shade and the sunlight. Sweet valley. It’s good to live in you. (Song Pet Clark wrote about her home in Switzerland.)


n comfy mum
Morning. As you can see the little one is still sleeping, so we threw in a couple of bonus pics for you…

n oh stop it
My little bro can be a bit of a pain at times…

N bird
So I said to him… if you mess with me you’ll regret it, but would he listen?

n branscombe devon
Branscombe, Devon, England.

n north ple
Apparently, the North Pole.

n polar
Never mind “apparently”, it is. We’ve been there.

n zurich
Zurich, Switzerland. If you look carefully you can see Terry Entoure out doing his shopping!

n chameleon
Bet you wish you were as colourful as me.

n machu picchu
Macchu Picchu.

n magpie
I’m a coming to get ya.

n leaf
At the current rate of exchange, this leaf is worth a lot more than the pound sterling. Can I have €20 for it?

n turt
Nothing like a nice salad for lunch. Especially when you grew it yourself.

n crowdear
“Erm, Crow… there’s a landing charge, you know?” ::: “Is it dear, deer?”

n stockholm

n roadside
The beauties of the kerbside.

n leo the leopanrd
Did someone say Whiskas?

n lofenten is norway
Lofoten, Norway.

n dd
I’m sorry about the puddle. Do you forgive me?

n doghorse
Not just man’s best friend, it seems.

n or 4
Well, that’s it for another Sunday of soppiness. See you next week.



n or 6
Sometimes all the excitement of Soppy Sunday just wears you out.

n bat1
But not me. I’m raring to go.

N bath
Baths in Bath… how odd.

n bee
If I could just work out how to get this window open, or if Tris would just open it for me, I could be off to work polinating stuff again.

n kyoto
Kyoto, Japan.

n sete (Frank)
Sète, France (Les Vacances de Frank).

n horse
This is our field. I hope you weren’t thinking of moving in?

n moose the 2
The lovely Moose the Husky (Vestas). You might say there was a Moose loose about the hoose.  Or you might not…

n saltzburg
What a cool place to build flats, in Salzburg.

n tianmen china
How to get down a mountain in China.


n tre
They thought that when I blew down I would die, but I’m made of sterner stuff!

n pussy
Who’s a nice pussycat?

n whalesdolphins
Imagine having those two for cruising company?

n pine marten
Just like Tris at the gym, says Munguin (laughing up his sleeve)… Pine Marten. 

And now there’s a Moose loose about the gairden. (Vestas)

n rome

n deer
How did you get up here? 

n wildcat
Scottish wildcat, looking, erm wild!

n or
Hope you enjoyed that.  See you all next week.