Soppy Sunday

n or6
Hello, you caught me giving my mummy a big kiss.
n nl ice
Northern lights in Iceland.
n happiness
n moooo
n echidna
n roo-ear-scratch
What? Everyone gets an itchy ear sometimes, you know.
n bertie
Bertie Blackbird.
n botswana
Elephants in Botswana.
n bus
It’s a bus… tell me more!
n cats
We’re off on an adventure.
n glencoe
n nepal
n Parkhead-X
Not in Edinburgh for a change…
n pups
See, I got a Baby Box from Nicola too!
AEbKVLqHn donkey
A great charity.
n road in china
Chinese roads… Not so much spaghetti junction, as prawn noodle junction?
n snow leop
Snow Leopard.
n who remembers
Does anyone remember this?
n satanic leaf-tailed gecko
I’m a Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko, but you can call me Fred.
n or4
I was hiding in this big tree when that strange looking bloke with the big ears and the inappropriate suit went past. So I missed him.





n or3
Hello… I’ve been waiting for you.
n alone
Am I a mushroom or a toadstool?
n bored squ
‘Scuse me… late night last night, ya know.
N Clach na Criche wishing_stone_morvern_02
Clach na Criche.
n dublin 1926
It’s Dublin. But when?
n kinnoul
Kinnoul Hill and the view down the Tay.
n Fredvang norway
This is Norway. And this is the bridge they built to a tiny village of Fredvang.
n blaze
n kelpie, david.
A close up of a Kelpie (from David).
n edin tram
Where and when?

n or2

My mummy’s quite big, isn’t she?

n thumbnail_DSC06338


n numbat


n thumbnail_DSC06333

Beautiful close up of a bee heading for wildflowers

n sq

Luncheon, I think.

n staffa
N The-cluttered-harbour-of-Ilulissat-harbour-Greenland-750-cs
Illulisset Harbour.
n donk
Winner of the nicest nose competition.
n fred
Fredvang Harbour.
n spoeed humps iceland
How the Iceland roads department stop you speeding.
n Na
n or742cdad5d11ae542d51c69cccc5eb1ab--baby-orangutan-orangutans
How tall am I now?




n 1or

With our cousin, who’s come for a visit.

n adeli
Let’s try again with the Adélie Penguins.
N balquhidder
n blaze
n blue wax bill
Blue Wax Bill
n Borneo-Orang-Utan-Baby-1-copy
Wanna give me a hand up?
N caithness
Northern lights in Caithness.
n chicago
Chicago through the clouds.
n costa rica
Costa Rico.
n cow
n dove and chick
When I grow up will I be as handsome as you?
a adelie
Another attempt at Adélie Penguins.
n ehthiopian lion
Ethiopian Lion.
n Edinburgh_Castle_from_Grass_Market
Edinburgh before even Niko’s time.
n greenland
Colourful Greenlandic village.
n hedge
Hedgehog lunchtime.
n strokker
Strokkur, Iceland.
n solandra maxima
Solandra Maxima.
n wol
I’ve got my eye on you!
n resized-little-one
That’s it then. Another Sunday done and dusted.






n or
Morning all…
n any chance
Erm, I don’t suppose you’d have a spare cup of milk, would you?
n bear
n hainan2
Hainan, China.
n Alstroemeria
n ad1.jpg
Adélie Penguins, by request of Panda Paws, to remind us that thousands of Adélie chics were wiped out this year in Antarctica due to unusually thick sea ice, meaning that the parent birds had to travel much farther than usual to forage for food.
n blackhouse-beveridge
Blackhouse. Anyone make a guess?
n rose
Une belle rose… pour vous.
n cheetah.jpg
n fox
Lovely wee fox hoping that we have given up the barbary of fox hunting.
n edin icecream 7
Ice cream shop in Edinburgh…
n mull of oa
Mull of Oa.
The path to Dron today. Look at the colours of that beech!
n sq1
Did someone say “nuts”?
n swan
What’s the password? You can’t get past without the password.
n seal pup
Seal Pup.
n strokker geyser
Strokker about to blow. (Strokker is Icelandic for “churn”.)
n sky
Icelandic skies…
n tower bridge
Tower Bridge , London.
n tram
What a fantastic tramcar.
n resized-little-one
OK…that’s yer lot. You must have something else you could be getting on with. Before you go, did you know little orangutans are very partial to banana ice cream?  Just thought I’d mention it!




n or4
Heavens… is it Sunday already?
n Tongariro, new zealand
Tongariro, New Zealand.
n mates
Best mates for life.
n Moher, Ireland
Moher, Ireland.
n mooooooo
Now, be honest, did you ever see anything as cute as me?
n jingo-ji, kyoto
Jingo-ji, Koyoto.
n malky
Mr Malky.
n louvre
Lovre Museum
n hi little buddy
Hello Little Guy…
n greenland1
The beauty of Greenland.
n handy pillow.
Never pass up a chance to rest your eyes…
n eibsee, bavaria
Iebsee, Bavaria.
n eagle
I’m what you might call Eagle-eyed.
n having a drink down the pub
In theory, we really shouldn’t be drinking side by side, but I’ll not say anything if you don’t.
n drab looper
Rare Drab Looper.
Sooooo… where and when?
n dog1q
I hope I don’t sneeze…
n blaze molly
Blaze and his sister, Molly.
n orkney
n river ouse
River Ouse.
n orang
Well, there you go. Another Sunday done and dusted…



n 9

Morning. You catch me at breakfast… and I forgot my napkin!

n 1200px-St.-Eustache
St Eustache, Paris.
n baby
Who’s un ugly chick? Not I. Must be him next to me…
N baby-orangutan-1
It’s all work and no play at Munguin Towers. Even for little ones like me.
n badger
I can’t imagine why the English government is hell-bent on killing them.
n glenfinnan
n cheetah3
Who are you calling a cheater? Oh, Cheetah… sorry.
n donk
Nice field, Eeyore
n blue
Bluebell wood. So beautiful.
n Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe.
n ouch
n ulla
Catalan joins Gaelic and English as the official language at Ullapool.
n deer
Oh, deer!
n greenland 3
Holiday cottage in Greenland.
This week it’s Inverness. Not too many clues to the date except for the car, I guess.
n pennsyvania
n mount kirkjufell
Mount Kirkdufell and the northern lights.
n venive
One of my favourite towns. Venice.
n ullapool
Ullapool really going for it now…
n or7
We’re in the funny face competition but my mate isn’t really trying!



n or3

I brought my mum to meet you.

n hawian crow
Watch carefully and I’ll explain what this tool is for.
n ben arthur
Ben Arthur.
n cute-cheetah-photos-cheri-marie-cullen-34640143-500-375
n Aurora Borealis Over Skjálfandafljót River
Northern Lights in Iceland.
n dog1
When he said ‘come and help with the sheep’, he never told me that there were so many… or that they were so big. Help!!!
N edin old town
n Zebra_ZN
Mum and baby Zebra.
n wood duck1
Mandarin Wood Ducks
n skye
We build bridges. Skye.
N Hamish1
Hamish, one of The Roaming Junketeers (probably the boss man).
n not sure
I’ve no idea where (anyone?) but it’s pretty.
N Glasgow 1942
Solved the parking problem here. Don’t have any cars. Glasgow… 19??
n herring
Irish coastline, starring a beautiful Herring Gull.
n paddy fireld
Paddy fields.
nwood duck
Amazing colours…
n hamish
Hamish builds bridges too. In Mexico.



n or
Have a peaceful Sunday, y’all.

And we mustn’t forget our friends in Catalonia today:


Bona sort i valent coratge.