Soppy Sunday

n o1
Look, everybody. I’ve found a great place to hang on to my mummy.
n athens
N Binn tower perth
Binn Tower, just above Perth. It was 31 degrees that day.
n blue damsel fly
Blue Damselfly 
n blue eyes
Old Blue Eyes
n balcan lynx
Balkan Lynx.
n c3t
I wonder who’s behind the blue door.
n cheetah cubs
Cheetah Cubs playing
n clouds
Wow clouds.
n dog sail
Nothing like a river cruise for dogs of leisure.
n florence (viki)
Florence where my Hungarian family is at the moment.
n hornbill
n hornet
n humanty lake peru
Lake Humanity, Peru.
n husk
Nah, it’s not cold if you’re born to it, besides they built me this fire.
n guanajunto mx
Guanajuato, Mexico.
n med
Wildflower meadow,
n joey
Look at my teddy, everyone.
n sagrada familia catalunya
Sagrada Familia, Catalunya.
Image result for orangutans baby
I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  Enjoy the hot weather and see you next time…


n oo
Hello everyone. Welcome to Soppy Sunday.
n banff canda
Banff, Canada.
n mates
They don’t make Vaporetti like they used to…
n dundee, dave
Dave tells me this was taken in Dundee recently. I’m trying to work out where… Anyone?
n guoliang tunnel in taihang mountains china
Guoliang Tunnel, China. 
n bathtime
n jaanese garden
Japanese garden.
n bat
No smart Alex remarks about me being batty…
n cat1
Well… some of you like cats.
n black
One overheated blackbird. If you can, make sure the birds in your garden have somewhere to drink, and to bathe if possible. They find the heat exhausting too.
n cherry
That made me want some cherries… at half past ten on a Saturday night… Fat chance.
n garden
The garden at Munguin Towers.
Say AHHHHH!  I’ve no idea how Frank got this shot, but I think you’d agree it is brilliant.
N finland derek,
Derek took this one in at around midnight a couple of days before midsummer in Oulu, Northern Finland.
n hamish (roaming junketeers)
Hamish, the chief Roaming Junketeer.
n grass
n cote d'Argyll frank.
You might have assumed Côte d’Azur; in fact Côte d’Argyll. (Frank)
n moon
La lune.
n hens
Anyone for a boiled egg?
n harris
Another Côte d’Azur, this time on Harris.
n hofskirkja ice
Hofskirkja, Iceland.
n ire
If you can see yourself, wave. Don’t often get such a clear view of our countries
n o
OK. That’s your lot for today. Come back next week and we’ll find some more nature for you to behold.


n morning
Morning all. I’ve just woken up. You like my pillow case?
n brazilian tanager
Brazilian Tanager.
n cat
I was sent along to make Tris like pussycats. How am I doing?
n dogy
I think I might be more Tris’s cup of tea!
N Faroe Islands
The magic of the Faroe Islands.
n h
Room for a little one?
n monument valley az
Monument Valley, Az.
n narsarsuaq-is-home-to-the-largest-forested-area-in-greenland-1400x933
A forest walk. Now you can see why early settlers gave the country the name of Greenland.
n pen
It’s a long way down to get dinner!
n joss
What’s that you say? I’m cute? Oh yes, You’re right there.
n nanortalik-by-the-sea-_-by-johan-arne-fleischer-1400x917
Nanortalik, Greenland.
n reading time
Reading room.
n The Bacchus Temple at Baalbek, Lebanon.
Bacchus Temple, Baalbeck, Lebanon.
n rey
n t
Do you come here often?
n tall
Dunno whether they are big trees or he’s just a little fella?
n oe4
Nothing better than a hug from your friends.
n sometimes
Fancy some skiing?
What big eye’s you’ve got…
n or6
Well, that’s it for another week. Hope you enjoyed your tour.


n orang1
I’m not being rude, I’m just concentrating
n brugge
n canyonlans
Canyonland Park, Utah (not Colorado, as I first suggested. My thanks to Danny, Munguin’s man in America, for the correction.)
n albie (Jim)
There’s wee Albie got the wind in his sails again… (Jim).
n aberdeen
n fox enjoying sun
Perfect spot for a bit of sunbathing.
n friends
On orangutan’s best friend is his dog… and a dog’s best friend is his orangutan. Sounds like perfection.
n Grosnez Castle
Grosnez Castle, Jersey.
n hare
Don’t you dare say anything about Noddy!
n head scratch
Nothing like a scratch with tree bark…
n iberian lynx v rare
Iberian Lynx, extremely endangered.
n z
Sometimes, when all you want is to play and everyone else falls asleep!

n hi
This is my new daddy. Whatcha think?
n you cant see me
Am I still small enough to hide behind this sapling?
n Hrensko, cz
Hrensko, Czech Republic.
n nest Gille-Brighde oyster catche angus mcn
From Angus B MacNeil’s Twitter. They are Oyster Catchers eggs… although he called them ‘Gille Brighde’.
I don’t want to go to bed Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
n matesunlikely-animal-friends-8
What do you think of my big mate?
n swim
Come on in, the water’s great.
n or5
Well, that’s yer lot for this week, peoples. Come back soon.


n kiss
Morning. I’m trying to wake my friend up, then we can both take you on the tour, starting with this squirrel that fell out of a tree… but fell on his feet!

n yellow mountain
Yellow mountains in China. They aren’t really yellow though, are they?
n wc kit
Scottish Wildcat kitten.
n wc2
Endangered but being bred in captivity…
n sw
Few things more majestic than a swan.
n venice
n ny subway
Sunset on the New York subway. But, Don’t sleep in the Subway!
n rhino
I suppose you don’t have a hose, do you? This grass needs watering.
n summer fruits
Amazing what you can do with summer fruits. (Thanks Iain.)
n Sustenpass 2260m, Switzerland
They build some roads in Switzerland at 2,260 meters!
So, last week we went on a field trip from Arbroath to Auchmithie along the cliff path. Well, Munguin rode in style and I walked and took photographs of the wildlife. Then we had cake and coffee in the But and Ben in Auchmithie. Fortunately, we took out a bank loan before the trip.
It was mildly scary in places, but beautiful nonetheless.
Baie St Paul, Québec, Canada.
n violets on a wall (john Nicolson.
Ivy-leafed Toadflax (thanks, Andi)  from John Nicolson.
n chimp andtiger
This is my little pussy cat… well, tiger really.
n cabn
Munguin’s idea of camping.
n canadian bison
Canadian bison.
n wallace monument
Wallace Monument.
n friends
That’s it then for another week: me and my dog are going for a walk. See you next Sunday.



n sleep

Shhhh… you arrived too early.

n tintern abbey wales
Tintern Abbey, Wales.
n clover in rain
Can you see a four-leafed one?
n badger dave
From Dave… A Scottish (and therefore safe) Badger.
n egret china
Egret in the sunset.
n elephat and other kids
Three buddies.
n highland calf
What? You’ve never used your leg for a pillow? Odd animals, Humans.
n breemen
Bremen backstreet.
n po
That’s my kinda post box.
n dear
Dear deer.
n happy
Who’s happy?
n hawaii
Hillside in Hawaii.
n ladyb
OK, so this flower is mine… and that one is yours…
n kvernufoss iceland
Kvernufoss, Iceland.
n lamb
That’s my mummy…
n laoch and Blaze
Laoch (known by his brother as Wii Shiite) and Blaze
n tupi
A forest of Tulips.
n leopard
What was that you were saying about not liking cats, Tris?
n mates
This calf is my best friend.
n morning
Ohhhh, it’s that time already…see you next week.



n rescued

Hello. I got rescued, and now I’m taking my turn as your guide on Soppy Sunday. Do you like my towel?  If you want to help orangutans like me you could look at this site, maybe?

n baby elephant
I can do it…
n Bongo Calf, dublin zoo
Bongo Calf, Dublin Zoo.
n stockholm
n fuli 1
Little Fuli, my friend Dani’s aunt’s puppy. He turned 15 this week. He’s was cute back then and he’s cute today. Here are some pics of him.
n fuli baby
Just a little bit bigger…
n fuli hungary
In a wildflower meadow…
n fuli 15
And there’s the birthday boy… all 15 years of him.
n calf
Stop going on about using my hankie. I’m a calf. I don’t have one.
n cat
I don’t normally have a lot of time for domestic cats, but, even I have to say this one is cute
n national geographic pic of the year
National Geographic picture of the year.
n zzzzz
ZZZZZZ with my best buddy…
n north of Echizen Cape, jap
Echizen Capre, Japan.
n dear
Deer Green Place?
n hal
Look how fast I can go…
n magnol
Magnolia blossom.
n jasper national park canda
I was pretty lucky I got caught here, otherwise, it would have been curtains!
n The_aurora_of_Loch_Lomond_by_john_mcsporran Adj
Arora of Loch Lomond by John MacSporran, thanks to Danny.
n lambs
Larry and…erm Larry
n like my hair
Well, that’s it. I’m sorry to see you go. Hope you’ll come back next week. Now let’s all have a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday to You” for Fuli, or, as he’s a Hungarian doggie, “Boldog születésnapot”. Hmmm… OK, maybe best stick to Happy Birthday. We don’t want you rupturing your vocal chords.