Yeah, right…

After the end of January, apprentices who were employed by Carillion will no longer have a job or a training place.

The outsourcing company had a £6.5m public contract to train apprentices. It seems they must have spent this money on paying the senior management massive bonuses. Oh well, that’s Britain.

Have you any idea of what a complete dick you look…

Of course, the UK government in the form of Cabinet Office minister, David Lidington, who goes under the bizarre ancient title of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, had previously promised that folk working for Carillion full-time would be paid and trainees would not lose out. Not sure of his definition of “lose out”.

What is it they say about Tory promises… something to do with pie crusts?


…For Directors and Shareholders

Ah, yes, and while we’re talking about Carillion, it seems that they “wriggled out” of payments into the company pension schemes as things got worse, all the while paying shareholder dividends and bosses’ bonuses, according to MPs.

Still, I’m sure these apprentices will be happy to know that their betters are not suffering in any way, as befits Brits of their station. The good old UK. All in it together. Broad shoulder. What what!


MPs Warn? Or what? You gonna make us, like?

And in other news, the cost of a Brit passport is to rise by 17%, which is a lot given that inflation is only 3%. (LOL LOL LOL, oh the UK government makes me laugh…3%!) But the Brits assure us that it has nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to do with the fact that they are going to be BLUE and the best passports ever in the whole wide world (‘cept obviously for American Trumpian passports which are even betterer).

No honestly.


And ever so BLUE.


To be fair, can you even imagine what his hair would be like if it got wet?




20 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. That pic of the Chancer Duchess of Wancaster (shome mishtake shurely?) – that looks like just the sort of outfit that’s crying out for appropriate underpinnings, like a satin basque and frilly knickers – but of course no blue-blooded Tory male would dream of such attire (after they’d left school anyway).

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  2. Off topic, but I just read this from Peston:

    Robert Peston
    14 hrs ·
    Facebook Creator
    At the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, Angela Merkel naughtily poked fun at Theresa May, in a secret briefing for journalists.

    Here’s what transpired, according to those there.

    Merkel said that when she asks Mrs May what she wants the shape of the UK’s relationship with the EU to be, Mrs May says “make me an offer”.

    To which Mrs Merkel says, “but you’re leaving – we don’t have to make you an offer. Come on what do you want?

    To which Mrs May replies “make me an offer”.

    And so, according to Mrs Merkel, the two find themselves trapped in a recurring loop of “what do you want?” and “make me an offer”.

    At its telling, the hacks laughed uproariously – though I am not sure this is so funny for the UK.

    Merkel and May’s comedy skit reflects a deep and uncomfortable truth for the government and country – which is that Theresa May and her cabinet haven’t yet decided what our future trading relationship with the EU should look like, because (to state the bloomin’ obvious) ministers are at loggerheads over this.

    But good news! The negotiations that matter start in earnest this week: not between the UK and Brussels, or even the UK and Germany, but between the erstwhile Remainers Hammond, Rudd and Clark on the one hand and the arch Brexiteers Gove and Johnson on the other.

    What an embarrassment she is. And I’m not talking about Dr Merkel.

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  3. I’m sure Carillion kept up to date with its direct debit to the Conservative Party central funds right up until the end!

    That way everybody who lost out can be reassured that the great institution that the country is REALLY being run for got its wedge!!

    We know this because Lord (waiting in hope) Peter Lilley told us so when he was toting his services to give that fictitious Chinese company insider information on Brexit. Didn’t he tell them that he knew the British Government which was really the Conservative Party, which (fortunately) he knew even better!! Cheap at twice the price huh!!

    But a word to the wise your (would be) Lordship….I’d wait till I got my ermine robes on and was on the gravy train BEFORE getting caught filling your boots in an embarrassing sting!

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    1. Naw, I would say that it’s impossible to embarrass a Tory. Caught prostituting themselves for cash is a normal, and indeed accepted practice within a political party whose only mantra is to make the rich, richer. These are politicians who are killing the very people they are supposed to protect. Privatising the E.N.H.S, deconstructing the Welfare State, now they are matters that should be of great concern to our brothers and sisters south of the border, and yet, faced with the greatest economic catastrophe ever visited on these shores, Brexit, most sit on their hands. Much like the Labour Party in fact.
      The fact that Carillion are taking care of their shareholders, and highly paid executives, really shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, their “ordinary” employees are only an after-thought. Discarded on the scrap-heap when they no longer have any use for them. And this from a company who were still being given multi-million Westminster Government contracts up until a few months ago. Our money. Public money, almost literally poured into the pockets of the rich.
      Could we do things differently in Scotland if we were an independent country? I would certainly hope so.

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    2. I’m sure it did.

      Or at least until it became apparent that nothing would save it, and so there was no point in throwing money at the Tories because they weren’t going to be able to throw government money back at you.

      Still, I’m sure that in a few years’ time there will be lordships and stuff for the directors, as long as they keep up their individual contributions.

      I read the ST articles last night together with their editorials.

      What a bunch of money-grubbing low life.

      In their own ways they are all repulsive.

      But Pete Boy maybe the most so.

      Clearly expecting to go to the Lords, probably thinking that the impending title will boost his chances of another hefty wage packet… and ooops.

      I dunno about him, but I’VE got a little list of Tory Money Grubbers, who never would be missed… and he’s pretty much at the top of it.

      So Mr Lilly, hopefully for life, eat it up.

      That’s £300 a day and an opportunity for all sorts of expenses cheating that you’ll never get now. Just like the disgraced Jack Straw.


  4. I read that Carillion had did not meet their pension obligations for the last 9 years but the trustees had know idea how bad the companies finances were. Aye right.

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    1. Yep. I think a lot of these auditors thing that it’s money for not doing much.

      Their terms of reference when it is public money should be strengthened.


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