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I spent yesterday clearing the furniture out of my mother’s house. I had mentioned elsewhere to John, in connection with that, that charity shops wouldn’t take books. He said he could remember from his youth that ‘library books had a warning on the pocket where the card went: “Please report any infectious diseases immediately before returning this book” or words to that effect. Perhaps back then, TB or whatever diseases were prevalent in Scotland could be passed on through book exchange. Munguinites would probably be able to give us the whole story behind that”.’ 

So there’s a wee challenge. Does anyone remember anything about that?

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Worried about a 'no deal' brexit? UK startups should check this ...

I’m beginning to wonder if this Brexit thing may not be all it was cracked up to be.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall that there was not going to be a downside to Brexit and we had not only all the cards but a hand full of aces. However, bit by bit, it seems, promises have turned out be the kind of piecrusts which have attracted vermin to the larder.

There were those who promised that there would be a free trade deal and others who said that that we were certainly not about to leave the single market. Indeed the current prime minister was one of them, as was ba’heid here.

Malex on Twitter: "Leave in 2016. "Only a fool would leave the ...

No, Mr Farage, it wouldn’t be terrible at all, indeed, I desperately wish we were more like Norway and Switzerland in numerous ways, not to mention their partners in EFTA, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

But that wouldn’t have allowed us to take back control of pretty much anything… even though having actually done it we are about to hand it all to Mr Trump.

Additionally, as these four countries are very rich, they don’t mind not benefiting greatly from grants for development, agriculture, science and technology, social funding, etc, at the same time as paying into the EU and supporting the four freedoms.

But Nigel’s OK because it seems he took the step of ensuring his rights by getting himself a German Passport.

Nigel ist ein kluger Junge.

The opium kicked in, Rees-Mogg admits

In the meantime, dear old Jacob Rees Mogg, has seen a company of which he is a director, move its base to Ireland, is fear cliste é Jacob, and the chairman of one of the Brexit organisations, Nigel Lawson (you’ll remember him, the one who said his main home was in France so he could claim £16,000 in overnight expenses) applied to remain in France as a citizen but was refused. Maybe Nigel n’est pas si intelligent ou peut-être il ne parle pas couramment  français?

Nigel Lawson - Wikipedia

So I fear that these guys, whom you’d hope would know a lot more about Brexit than Munguin or me, must be aware that it ain’t gonna be all peachy and creamy.

Munguin is already looking out his Antarctican passport. What about me, I hear you ask. Aye indeed, I hear myself ask it too, but, reply comes there none!Tommy Robinson: Violent ex-EDL leader to give talks to ...But Mr Yaxley Lennon, also known by his gig name Tommy Robinson, who also strongly advocated Brexit, has a different reason for leaving.


He says that he has been the victim of arson attempts, or rather his wife’s house has. (There’s a court case coming up and there may be damages so he doesn’t have a house any more.)

Nigel Farage calls Tommy Robinson a 'thug'

So, first of all, let’s be clear, I have no time at all for arsonists or people who use violence to make their political points. Robinson may hold repugnant views (May? Munguin) and he may be a violent thug himself (May? Munguin), but arson isn’t even vaguely appropriate revenge for his unsavoury behaviour. Additionally, he’s got two kids, damn it!

So, I can’t blame him for making a run for it…

But here’s the thing…

Irony at Grammar Guide

This is a man who has ranted against refugees who have been fleeing equally terrifying situations. Running from war zones in Syria, for example, where their houses have been bombed or burnt and their kids’ lives and theirs have been put in danger.

Dozens Are Killed in Airstrike at a Bustling Market in Syria - The ...

And this is a man who has spoken out against the EU and freedom of movement.

Yet, when his wife and kids’ lives have been threatened, he’s off to live as a refugee in the European Union.

Given that he demanded that people who went to England must be able to speak English fluently, I hope his, his wife’s and his children’s  Spanish is absolutamente de primera clase.

Anyway, I wonder when Katie Hopkins will do a bunk… Let it be soon.


Two Orangutans, Pongo pygmaeus, Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia, Asia
1. Morning. We’re two Orangutans, Pongo pygmaeus, in Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia, Asia.
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3. All this reading is hard work for a little cat.
4. I’m glad I don’t have four leaves, otherwise, I’d have been picked, and then died.
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5. Don’t mind me. I’m just sunbathing. Even very little birds need to cool down sometimes.
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14. At long last, I’ve found a use for the cat.
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15. Did you think I was a pine cone?
16. What? Oh, that. Nah, we’re Icelandic horses, this is nothing to us.
Togo: Lome
17. Lomé, the capital of Togo.
18. You say you’re an intrepid reporting team for Munguin’s Republic, now prove it by getting my picture on there.
19. It probably won’t come as a massive surprise that this is called the sausage tree, or Kigelia.
20. He’s my dog and I’m his orangutan. It’s a fair enough deal. It works for us.

It’s hard to disagree with any of this


No, we do not hold all the cards, Mr Gove. What a moronic thing to say. Even “most” of the cards is very silly, Mr Redwood. (Sing us the Welsh National Anthem, go on, Munguin dares you…);

There will be downsides to it, Mr Davis. There are, to be fair, downsides to everything, but this is a doozie;

Nope, it will not be the easiest trade deal in history, *DOCTOR* Fox. How on earth could even you be that stupid?;

No, it won’t be better than the deal we currently have. How could it be? Which idiot proposed that? That’s plain daft, Mr Carswell.

Absolutely, the deal hasn’t been completed in one afternoon over a cup of tea, Mr Batten (remember him, he was the leader of UKIP for… oh, well over 20 minutes). Indeed, only today, Michel Barnier has said that there is an impasse and that No Deal sounds more and more likely to be the outcome;

No, the Commonwealth countries, which one of you promised would come running to the mother county’s aid (second empire?), looking for a trade deal, have thus far not been desperately keen. As Mr Lammy said, India will do a trade deal, but they want visas for students in return;

No, you’re unlikely to be able to secure a better trade deal with any country than you had with the EU, because, to borrow a phrase, size matters, and 60 million is smaller than 460 million and growing;

And, the Financial Times has apparently reported that there is no chance of a deal with the USA before the end of the year… oh dear, Mrs Truss, you promised us a deal by the summer, which, despite the weather, it now is.

Oh, bother, said Pooh, we should have got Wol or Rabbit to do the negotiations!

And so far, it seems we have spent more money on Brexit than we paid into the EU in 40 years, so kiss goodbye to £350 million a week for the NHS (which was always a lie anyway). And that’s before we have built all the customs posts, and employed all the customs clerks, set up our own systems to replace all the ones run from Brussels, negotiated deals with farmers, universities, science, social fund, development, etc.

Oh, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad I don’t live in Ashford;

And, quite apart from the passport control queues that you never mentioned, it seems that holidays will be more expensive because we’ll need to have health insurance and, if we intend to drive, an international driving licence and international insurance. It’s strange but I just can’t imagine arriving in France and feeling like a foreigner;


And then there is Northern Ireland. Some bright spark thought that you could avoid an EU border in Ireland whilst taking back control of your borders. But you can’t, at the same time, take back control of your borders and not take back control of your borders. Even the great British Empire can’t manage that. So you have now more or less lost Northern Ireland and the UK is starting to crumble (boo hoo).

I’m sure there are additions to that list. I can’t have remembered of every lie you told us, however, I’m sure our faithful Munguinites will remind me of those I’ve missed.


I couldn’t resist this, and this:


Do come again next week.






Next time they stand outside their doors for 2 minutes, clapping their grubby hands, remember that they were possibly thinking how they might very well get the same grubby little mitts on a nice little earner as an English director of an American or Japanese pharma company that owns a hospital or two back in dear old Blighty.

A hundred thousand a year for 4 board meetings a year.

And I can’t see that Edinburgh would be able to do anything about that, because they will almost certainly vote to strip the Scottish government of that power.

Remember, they can vote down everything.

And think on, farmers… they just voted to stuff you and your businesses too. Standards just went out the window.

Don’t ever say we didn’t tell you so…




Murdo Fraser – Deputy Deadwood – 18 Years An Unelected MSP ...

I’ve just read on Twitter that Murdo Fraser of the Tory Scottish branch has called Alex Salmond a Russian agent on the radio. Anyone confirm this? If so surely that’s actionable?

Tory hopeful Fraser slammed for 'Queen's XI' comment after Old ...

He’s known for saying very foolish and embarrassing stuff (like the above tweet, for example, which had it been seen by the Queen would have caused her grave embarrassment) but even for him, this would be rather a step too far.



Is this not a Tory paper?