Random Brexit Thoughts

The figures are laid out here. in the Independent.
It occurs to me, as Mrs Strong and Stable croaks on about the “will of the British people”, that no one really knows what that is. Least of all Mayhem herself.
She didn’t even know what Brexit was, except that it was Brexit, and it was Red, White and Blue.
UK wide, 48% of the people were motivated to vote for Remain, but of course, 52% voted to leave.
Almost everywhere you look the UK is split about what it should mean. The Tories and Labour are both split. England and Wales voted one way; Scotland, NI and Gibraltar the other way. And Brexit, which the idiot prime minister couldn’t define, means different things to different people.
My point is that “the will of the British people” (or 52% thereof) probably comprises a pretty wide spectrum of points of view.
What did Neil of Newcastle, Sally of Stoke on Trent, or indeed Cathy from Clachnacudden or Billy from Blaenau Ffestiniog actually vote for?
Some will have read excellent pieces online, on blogs or Twitter.
And some will have read in-depth financial reports from learned academics. Others will have taken the Financial Times and daily faithfully ploughed through it.
Many more, I suspect though, will have been influenced by the headlines in the Sun, Telegraph, Star, Express and the Devil’s own journal, the Daily Mail. After all, who can forget the story of an old woman being carted off to casualty with a broken arm the day after the referndum, and demanding to know why the Iraqi doctor that was treating her had not gone home.
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They will have seen this kind of thing, daily on the newsstands.
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They will have read about £350 million a week that we apparently send to Brussels and which they have promised to dedicate instead to sorting our four ailing health services in these islands.
And they will have swallowed the line repeated everywhere about taking back control of borders, laws, and money (eh? Never understood that!).
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If this is true, surely any kind of deal, which, remember, will require compromise on both sides, will not be suitable for them. You can’t take back control and then immediately cede it. Can you?
No, I suspect that many of these people voted to strike out on their own.
No deals. No compromises. No foreigners. No foreign laws. Nothing. Nada.
Just “Rule Britannia”, iconic blue passports… or to be more accurate…passeports bleus iconiques and “Dieu et Mon Droit” (bloody foreigners get everywhere).
It will break,  and with a bit of luck break-up, the UK, but I suspect that that is what the British people voted for.
Mrs Maybot might like to reflect on that thought a while before she repeats “the will of the British people” ad nauseam.


Our precious union?

Ye gads!

You embarrassing woman.


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It appears, from Radio 4’s Today programme interview, that Liam Fox wants to hold US/UK trade deal talks in secret.

You might well wonder why.

Well, maybe it’s because it will allow corporate lobbyists to influence the talks while the UK public and parliament will have no idea what is on the table as quid pro quo.

What you reckon Mr Fox… Oh sorry, DOCTOR Fox, wants to hide from us?


Workers’ rights?


Environmental standards?

Fracking licences?

Foreign affairs?


Is it because, if it is done in public, the “ordinary” people will see the UK fold its tent every time the US makes a demand?

What do you think?



Also on the Today programme, the BBC out and out lied about Africa and trade deals. Mrs May is in South Africa to drum up support for a future trade agreement.

Mike Galsworthy pointed out:

Argh! talking crap about why we have “huge tariffs” on “African countries” & whether we can lower tariffs. This is ignorant. 33 African countries have ZERO tariffs to EU – coz they fall under “Everything But Arms” agreement.

Also, on top of this, the EU has various deals with African regions in development, aimed at helping Africa integrate into global trading system (EU is Africa’s biggest trading partner)

The EU has *huge* interest in the economic development & stability of Africa… especially given the proximity and immigration issues. With these trade deals, I understand EU even planning to invest to help African producers meet EU quality levels to help boost exports to EU.

Small wonder that the BBC’s “flagship” news programme has lost 800,000 listeners in a year.


That’s £500,000,000 per annum, by the way.



Hard to take this in. But apparently, it’s not that unusual on the streets of London, where, according to Mike Dailly’s Tweet, a homeless person dies on average every couple of weeks. This, as the post says, in supposedly one of the richest and most advanced cities in the world.


Much has been made of the fact that in October one of Andrew Saxe-Coburg Gotha’s daughters is getting married. She is styled and titled Her Royal Highness, Princess Eugenie of York. She is apparently 9th in line to the throne and has absolutely not the remotest chance of getting it. She does no public duties at all. She does, however, go on a LOT of holidays. It is her claim to fame.

However, she has decided that she wants an open carriage procession through Windsor, just like her cousin Harry (5th in line) got.

As far as I’m concerned she can have open carriage processions through Bratislava, Nuuk, Blaenau Ffestiniog and Oymyakon (Siberia) if she wants. Just the same as anyone else can if they have the money. The trouble is that this princess and her pushy father, Airmiles Andy, the Fat Old Duke of York, wants us to pay for all the security that will involve, at a cost of around £2 million.

I have no idea how much the royal family is worth but I bet that they can afford to pay for this nonsense themselves, and when people are dying of poverty on the streets of London, I find it offensive that the government is prepared to spend that much money on some spoiled posh girl whose claim to fame is going on holiday.

The usual, “oh, but think of the money that it will bring in in tourism in London” won’t wash with this one. I doubt if many people have even heard of her and I shouldn’t think that most people are in the least interested in her nuptials.

What do you think?


I doubt many people would argue that Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in living memory… and probably a good deal before.

She’s a dithering, wobbly, weak, croaky, cartoon character, who has no control of her party or of her MPs or of her orange-coloured bedfellows in the DUP.

She’s at odds with everyone, here, in Europe and in the USA.

She is utterly USELESS. My granny’s cat could do a better job and he’s dead.

And yet, despite all that, Corbyn comes in a poor second to her in a Yougov poll for the best person to be prime minister. It’s interesting that the most popular vote was NEITHER of them.

And just when we needed leadership more than we have needed it for 70 years.


Thanks for BJSAlba for this one.

It’s disappointing to see a second EU referendum being sold as a “democratic right”. If these groups care about democracy they’ll listen to the voice of the people, clearly expressed in 2016- to leave the EU!

Stephen Kerr is Conservative MP for Stirling, in Scotland.

Scotland voted 62% -38% to remain in the EU. Stirling voted 67%- 33%.

That’s two-thirds of his constituents.

Still, the English and Welsh voted to leave so … sod the people of Stirling.

Image result for steven kerr mps

Mr Kerr’s other claim to fame is, as a high-ranking member of the Mormon Church, yes, I know we’re not supposed to call it that any more, he outed gay members. The Mormons are homophobic, it seems, except, of course, when they use a gay person to get elected to a high paid job.

I hope Stirling remembers that when the next election comes along.







I’m not sure what to say about this Twitter conversation.

But in a way, it encapsulates what I want from an independent Scotland.

As a mate of mine said when I read this out to him… Can you imagine anyone hugging Theresa May?

Image result for theresa may

And no, I can’t. Not because she isn’t some people’s cup of tea. I’m sure she is, just as some people don’t care for Nicola Sturgeon.

But more because the British state doesn’t do that kind of thing. It’s far too stuck up and protocol conscious. From the court downwards there is a “way” of doing things. Everyone in their place and no one daring to move from it. Hugging the prime minister just wouldn’t be the done thing.

Now obviously, that’s not all I want from an independent Scotland. Hugging Nicola is all good and well and I’d be very happy to do it (“me too”, says Munguin), but it’s not everything.

Image result for map of the scandinavian countries

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by the northern countries. Odd in a way, because I’m not keen on the cold, rain, snow or darkness. And really, climate-wise I’d be much happier in Greece or Southern Italy.

But I’ve always been attracted to the political philosophy that drives countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. And I’ve always been somewhere between fairly appalled and utterly repulsed by the political philosophy that guides the Brits, regardless of which party is in Downing Street.

Maker money; punch above your weight; suck up to America; keep tradition; sod ordinary people.

The more I travelled, the more I’ve read, the more I’ve talked to people who live in Scandinavia (and the Nordic lands), the more I’ve realised that surely THAT is the way we should all live.

And it’s not just me. Academic studies have shown over and over again that the Nordic countries figure highly amongst the happiest people in the world, despite the climate. This year Finland came in at number 1. Norway, Denmark and Iceland at numbers 2, 3, and 4. Sweden at number 9. (Switzerland comes in at number 5, please note Terry Entoure.)

Equality, decency, common sense, a concentration on ensuring that things work within the country, rather than the rushing to interfere in everyone else’s business and a disinclination to bomb other people. which seems to dominate the British political elite’s thinking.

There are high taxes, without a doubt, and so no one is very rich. And no one is very poor.

Image result for central reykjavik

And yet despite the fact that you can’t get obscenely rich, people seem to be happier than in other places and don’t seem to emigrate to somewhere that they can stack up the money that they’ll never be able to spend.

Maybe they have found that being obscenely rich and quasi-important doesn’t count for much. Maybe the people have found that punching above their weight is something that benefits only an elite few, and impoverishes the rest of the population.

Is that Socialism?  Maybe.

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I believe that Scotland is like that.

We’re geographically close to the Faroes, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Ireland. Closer in some cases than we are to London. And the current Scottish government has involved itself heavily in the Nordic Council, even hosting meetings in Edinburgh, with Nicola attending meetings in Reykjavik and having bilateral discussions with all their leaders.

Image result for nicola sturgeon adresses nordic council

I hope that this is the way forward for us. My nationalism is nothing to do with race or creed. It’s to do with breaking away from an unequal society that will never change for the better… and in the light of Brexit will probably change for the worse.

What do you think?