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Ah, hello. Sorry can’t chat, I’m in the middle of my “swinging from branch to branch” class. That’s my teacher. Come to think of it, I don’t see him doing much swinging, do you?
n moose and skye
Moose and Sky keeping Vestas fit.
n cat ruth
Can I be the new leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland?
n glacier NP Montana
Glacier Park, Montana.
n pepper vestas
Moose’s buddy, Pepper.
Hmmm, hello!
n mush
Nuuk suburbs.
n heron
Gone fishing.
Bed time.
n table pour 2
Pass the jam, please.
n el
Out for a walk in the woods.
n red panda
Red Pandas!!  Well, most of them come from China, after all!
n kangaroo kalbarri
Kalbarri, Australia.
n cheetah
Walk this way.
n cat
If I look cute enough, do I get a treat?
n luang prabang laos
Luang Prabang, Laos.
n moose
n john sunflowers
Bulgarian sunflowers.
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OK… That’s your lot, Munguinites. I’m off for my dinner. Laters!

Thanks to Quokka, John and Vestas.







And so it kicked off with some archaic language. That’s the British way.


Then we were reminded of this:-

So, I suspect that we expect Mr Hancock’s resignation as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in England. I wonder who will replace him.

Oh and these ones too!

Not to mention Rudd.


The Scottish Conservatives were unable to find their leader who is usually so available to the press.

Shy and retiring, Ruth hates publicity.

Her Office said that she would not be doing interviews today.

I suppose that they thought that her usual “SNP Bad” speel was a bit feeble, so they put up the absent-minded professor. I say absent-minded because, when he was a law professor he railed against the use of the royal prerogative as an abusive form of arbitrary power. Using it to shut down parliament is surely the most abusive thing you can do with it. He seems to have forgotten all that.

Still, he’s a Tory…what did you expect?



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While I was writing this, Ruth Davidson appears to be on the verge of resigning as branch leader, citing pressures of motherhood and being at odds with Johnson.

Respect where it is due. Although, maybe there’s a lesson in THIS somewhere…



Nicola had that to say. It’s no exaggeration nor is it hyperbole.




The Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg (Lord President)
The Rt Hon Baroness Evans of Bowes Park
The Rt Hon Mark Spencer

Privy Counsellors

Two Orders appointing The Lord Ashton of Hyde and James
Cleverly TD MP Members of Her Majesty’s Most ?Honourable?
Privy Council.

Prorogation Order proroguing Parliament no earlier than Monday 9th
September and no later than Thursday 12th September 2019 to
Monday 14th October 2019, and directing the Lord High
Chancellor of Great Britain to prepare a Commission accordingly.

Question. Why is James Cleverly being made a Privy Councilor? Only last week he was involved in an accident while using his mobile phone! That’s a criminal offence, isn’t it? Honourable? …Not a lot!


Suggestions are that this may make the queen rather unpopular, which is unjust as she really had no option but to agree to what her government and the privy councillors advised.

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So, is it time that Harry and Miss Marple had another kid for us to support.




I’m sure more interesting stuff will emerge as the day continues… Feel free to update in the replies!



Our dear old mate, Ross Thomson, went on a visit to Nolan Seafoods in West Tullos. He got some great shots of him talking to ordinary people. Well, an ordinary person anyway.


He put them up on social media.

He wrote: “They export globally and are a local success story now employing over 700 people. I was able to watch skilled employees hand fillet whiting and haddock as well as see the latest cryogenic freezing technology.”

He also got a pic with the boss.


Unfortunately, that shot included the plaque outside the offices proclaiming that the building was part-funded by… the EU. Y’know, that organisation that Ross is busting a gut to leave.


Thanks for the close up to Brian ‘A little bit trashy’ Wright


Jeez, funded by the Fisheries Fund of the EU and even worse, also supported by the Scottish Government! Old Ross’s two pet hates in one sign. and he gets himself photographed next to it. Thanks for that shot  to @danrobertson89

Oh well, better luck next time, Ross.



I see too, that Brexiteers have criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury for getting involved in Brexit by offering to chair citizens’ panels in an effort to stop a NO DEAL Brexit. Note, not to stop Brexit per se, just the No Deal version.

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What they may have forgotten is that their primary aim was to take back control from Brussels.

Now, I appreciate that almost undoubtedly a lot of that control will be passed very swiftly to the President of the United States in return for a trade deal. (It has already been suggested that America will expect Britain to take a different stance, ie America’s not Europe’s, on matters such as Iran and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Who knows what else may be up for discussion in the bartering process? Quite a lot, I suspect.)

But I digress. The Brexiteers presumably fondly imagine that much of the control that is taken back will end up in the hands of their own dear politicians in London. And some of it will.

So, perhaps now would be a good time to remind them that, playing his part in that great British democracy that they value above all else, the Archbishop of Canterbury, along with the Archbishop of York and twenty-plus senior Church of England bishops is entitled to sit in the House of Lords. The Lords Spiritual.

He is, in fact, a politician.

One of only three countries in the world to include clerics in their governing councils (the other two being the Vatican City State and Iran), senior English bishops are entitled to sit in the second chamber, with all the honours thereto attached.

So, dear Brexiteers, Lord Welby has every right, indeed some might say that it is his duty, to intervene. This is the great British democracy you guys craved so badly.

Suck it up!

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a tale of two principles if our Ruth wasn’t a part of it. nigel2

Just one more thing. Why is Mr Goodlad ‘Ruth Davidson’s candidate’? Why is he not the Conservative candidate? He surely couldn’t be ashamed to be in the same party as Boris, could he? 



Mr Cole-Hamilton tweeted this out presumably in an effort to demoralise the SNP canvassers and support who are working so hard for a victory in what is a very strong Liberal Democrat seat left vacant because ex-leader Tavish Scott got a better job offer.

Chris Jones tweeted in reply:

What an awful smear. I’ve been driving the @YSINational  around the island – their energy and enthusiasm has been a joy to work with. Hang your head in shame @agcolehamilton  for talking down young political activists.

PS we were North of Brae yesterday… 

For heaven’s sake Cole-Hamilton, you really are a beginner at this kind of thing, aren’t you?

If you’re going to tell a lie on social media, lesson number one, its probably best to get at least some of the facts right, enough to make your lie plausible. Otherwise, you just look like a dick! And guess what you look like?

Yep, You got it!

Some of the SNP canvassers.

Good luck to Tom Wills on Thursday. It’s a HUGE ask, to take a seat in the northern islands, but you’re doing a hell of a job from all I read.

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With a bit of help…

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prince andrew
Written by a ten-year-old with English as a second language? (And PS: the dog ate my homework!)
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Hmmm. Shoulda thought of that…
philip hamm
Oooops, caught out…

Thanks to BJSAlba, Mike Galsworthy, Wordmentalist and The Duke of Hazzard.





Morning. Happy Sunday.
n devils bathtub virginia
Devil’s Bathtub, Virginia.
n bird
Does that feel good?
n johns rescue cat
John’s rescue kitten.
n kalbarrie 1
Kalbarri, Australia (Quokka).
n pelican. kangaroo
Australian Pelican (Quokka).
n dolp
Come on in, the waters fine and we can play.
n panther chameleon
Panther Chameleon.
N sunflowers john
Bulgarian Sunflowers (John).
n bp1
I’m just a pussy cat, really.
n indonesia
That’s what you call a waterfall. Indonesia.
n t
What big teeth you’ve got.
n mink
Just your friendly neighbourhood mink… You don’t like fur coats, I hope?
n damselfly.png
Damsel Fly.
n white egret ka
White Egret (Quokka).
n wolf buds
Hi, Buddy!

n red
Ewwwww. Stay indoors!
n wedge tailed eagle kang
Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Quokka).
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That’s another Sunday then. Thanks to John and Quokka for their contributions