n winter
This sad auld year’s noo nearly feenished,
oor unmet dreams for it a’ vanished.
But pit behin ye lyin Tories,
LibDem Swinsonite fairy stories,
forget auld Jeremy’s heaven for workers
an Nigel’s mob o racist lurkers.
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For Scotia tholed their maukit blast,
clung tae her values strong an fast,
looked tae the future no the past.
It’s up tae us tae bear the gree,
tae a better future set yir ee,
wish Westminster tae dark damnation
an work tae mak oor ain wee nation.
Sae, as the sun cams up on Ne’erday,
mak a start tae dae it oor wey,
dae whit ye can, where’er ye’re frae
tae pit us on tae freedom’s way.
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Sae, let us noo a’ cam thegither,
faither, mither, sister, brither,
young yins, auld yins, faur an near,
tae mak this Scotia’s best e’er year.
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An tae Munguinites, where’er ye be,
may this new year be guid tae ye!
On behalf of the little one, and me, I’d like to echo Andi’s sentiments.
We want to wish those who have had health problems or relatives and friends with health problems, a much healthier year in 2020.
We’d also like to thank you all for your support throughout the year and for the brilliant comments which make such a difference to the blog. Every day is a school day here at Munguin Tower… mostly due to your contributions.
Thank you and…

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr do na h-uile.

Good New Year to all of you.

Bonne année à tous.

Bonus Novus Annus omnibus.

Добра Нова Година на всички

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I’m just mastering this climbing thing.
n armenia
Panda Paws gonna love me.
n foxes
To all the people who went fox hunting on Boxing Day.
n et l'invers
Nice warm pillow.
n buddies pillow
But I’m not so sure about this way round!!!
n ems
Family photo.
n sadeyes
Come on, Tris, with the cake and the seeds… Mice get hungry.
n marcia prague
Prague. (Marcia).
n early morning mist john naismith
Early morning mist (Vestas).
n dog
That looks about right. Bring me my towel, human.
n burunbdi dbell
Burundi (David).
n bratislava marcia
Bratislava (Marcia).
n doug the dog
Doug the Dog.
n moose stamping ground John Naismith
Moose’s stomping ground (Vestas)
n polar
A boy and his bear. (Probably best not to do this at home…)
n st kilda 2 tom
St Kilda (Tom).
Beeware st Fillans Marcia
St Fillans (Marcia)
n catboy
A boy and his cat. (You can try this at home).
I’m in hospital but I’m getting better. Thanks for asking.

With thanks to Marcia, Tom, Vestas and David.


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Special thoughts for any Munguinites who aren’t feeling too well (I know Panda Paws’ back is really sore, and Conan has some issues right now and Ed is undergoing some treatment at the moment). So to them especially (and any others not feeling well) a special thought from Munguin. (PS: Tris says Happy Christmas too!)



This is the pic John was trying to put up.

Sound like strong stuff.  So strong Munguin thought about flying to Bulgaria to get some, but decided, instead, to stay where he was and simply send for some.



Random Thoughts


No, honestly, Morrisons, they are still Brussels Sprouts even though the UK is leaving the EU and when we leave the UK London Pride will still be called London Pride, because that’s its name. Do go all Freedom Fries on us.


Mr Johnson and his girlfriend will be spending their Christmas and New Year break on the Caribbean island of Mustique, once frequented by the royal lazy tosser of all royal lazy tosser, princess (hic) Margaret.

Princess Margaret, centre, and her friends Lady Ann Tennant and Colin Tennant on Mustique
Princess Margaret on royal duties on Mustique… erm, sort of.

“Sticking it to the elite,” one comment on Twitter read. “Our #PeoplesGovernment #PM will spend New Year with the masses in Mustique.”

I suspect that many of his new-found blue-collar Tories will be shrugging their shoulders and humbly saying that…” ‘ow as he’s a toff an’ all, gov, it’s his rightful due”.

I’m sure all those English people flooded out of their homes won’t mind one bit that he, with several homes provided at our expense, is off to luxurious sunshine.

After all, next year all the factory workers in the North-East can spend their redundancy money doing the same thing. What jolly hockey sticks!


And here’s a thing: All those flooded workers from ‘oop North’ can take comfort and calm themselves down by reciting the Illiad, in Ancient Greek… ‘μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ Πηληϊάδεω Ἀχιλῆο οὐλομένην.’ It works for the prime minister, why not for them?


At least he’s not driving…

I’m sure that you will all be hugely relieved to know that Prince Philip will be with the Queen at Sandringham for Christmas.

Recently, many of the lower end newspapers were praising HM for staying in London to run the country (yes, the Sun actually said that) while her ailing 98-year-old husband was in Norfolk resting.

That notion was kinda bashed on the head when a few days ago Liz took off for Sandringham… on the very day that Phil was brought to hospital in London (because presumably, hospitals in Norfolk are just not up to royal standards).

So it seems that it was less a matter of her selflessly staying in London and more a case of her doing her damnedest to avoid the old goat…althjough I can’t say I blame her.