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joke scot

I mean, what colour is that supposed to be? Is there a bigger joke?

Oh wait…


Image result for benny hill salute

Or a Knighthood for this thing, for services to clearing sinuses… Nose Picker to Her Majesty:

Image result for IDS Nose picker

Image result for boris brexit cartoons

28 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Trumpy has identified the cause of his orangeness problem. It’s those new style light bulbs that Obama era federal regulators are forcing Americans to buy. 😉

    Happy New Year to all!

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    1. Ah.



      It’s the light bulbs that make you look orange?


      We have energy-saving lightbulbs here. We have for many many years. Munguin has commented on occasions that my face looked red (just after I’ve cleaned up his personal apartments) but he’s never mentioned “orange”, and he’s not the kind of animal to hold back in an effort to spare my feelings.

      Still, at least Trump admitted that he was vain.

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            1. Glad to know the identity of Uncle Percy. 😉

              Hardy indeed! Perhaps the Kilt is less drafty than it appears. Hardly surprising I guess considering it’s worn in cold Highland winds.

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  2. This sad auld year’s noo nearly feenished,
    oor unmet dreams for it a’ vanished.
    But pit behin ye lyin Tories,
    LibDem Swinsonite fairy stories,
    forget auld Jeremy’s heaven for workers
    an Nigel’s mob o racist lurkers.
    For Scotia tholed their maukit blast,
    clung tae her values strong an fast,
    looked tae the future no the past.
    It’s up tae us tae bear the gree,
    tae a better future set yir ee,
    wish Westminster tae dark damnation
    an work tae mak oor ain wee nation.
    Sae, as the sun cams up on Ne’erday,
    mak a start tae dae it oor wey,
    dae whit ye can, where’er ye’re frae
    tae pit us on tae freedom’s way.
    Sae, let us noo a’ cam thegither,
    faither, mither, sister, brither,
    young yins, auld yins, faur an near,
    tae mak this Scotia’s best e’er year.
    An tae Munguinites, where’er ye be,
    may this new year be guid tae ye!

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    1. oh superb Andimac- deserves to be above the line that!

      Anyhoo Happy New Year to all at Munguin Towers and the readership with special best wishes to those like me for whom 2019 has been a time of family illnesses and deaths and indeed personal illness.

      Here’s hoping 2020 is better for all and that we will soon “work as if we live in the early days of a better (independent) country.”

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