46 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

    1. Funny that… I thought the same thing, then I looked at Blair and I thought…nah, I was right.

      Being an evil conniving liar has aged him something rotten… and I don’t mean old Des!

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        1. Well you don’t get the Congressional Medal for doing a Chirac and considering all the issues, then coming to an informed conclusion about the existence of WMDs, do you.

          Anyone found anything yet?

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  1. Pic 1 – Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz of “I Love Lucy” doing their bit to promote emphysema, lung cancer, etc., back in the late 1950s/early 60s. Pic 5 – Queen Victoria, ancestress of the current bunch of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha wasters. Pic 6 – a Humber Hawk estate car, early-mid 1960s. Pic 9 – BBC’s Juke Box Jury, David Jacobs presenting – diddicult to make out all the panel but from l to r – Frankie Vaughan, Barbara Kelly (?), Pete(r) Murray, ?. Pic 10 – ITV’s Double Your Money hosted by the utterly execrable Hughie Greene. Pic 13 – Singer Gazelle – mid 60s, I’d guess. Pic 17 – Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. Pic 18 – Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins from a duff 70s TV series The Professionals. Pic 20 – Cilla Black, one-time great singer, here reduced to Saturday night TV pabulum for the brain dead (to be kind).

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    1. Andi…..In the commercial (below) Desi smokes but Lucy doesn’t. Maybe that was because it was during the time that she was pregnant. The word “pregnant” was forbidden on American TV at the time, so one episode title was “Lucy Is Enceinte.” The word “pregnant” was never used in any of the episodes, although her pregnancy and the birth of “little Ricky” got huge national attention in 1952-53. The CBS network and Philip Morris required that a priest, a minister, and a rabbi approve each of those episodes. The episode where she gave birth was filmed in advance and played the same day Desi Arnaz, Jr. was actually born on January 19, 1953. A landmark date in the early history of American TV!

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      1. Danny: LOL… that was obviously in the days before “Freedom Fries”.

        Why couldn’t people say the word pregnant?

        The super religious, a least the evangelical Christians, must have read in the bible that Mary was “with child”. Not saying the word “pregnant”, or replacing it with the French translation, served no purpose at all, surely.

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        1. I suppose that it was OK to replace the forbidden word with a French word that few Americans would know except maybe figure it out in context. Even today American broadcast TV is puritanical by British and European standards, which may show brief glimpses of nudity (I’ve been told.) For glimpses of nakedness (such as in R-rated feature films) and to hear the still forbidden TV words, you have to pay for premium cable channels. For example you would only hear the famous George Carlin list of words you can’t say on TV on the HBO cable channel. 😉 CAUTION…….”adult” material:

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              1. Tris, Marcia…….The Evangelicals have been in a turmoil since a scathing anti-Trump editorial appeared in “Christianity Today,” a publication that was founded by the famous evangelist Billy Graham. “The Christian Post” then defended Trump. Meanwhile Trumpy says he’s done more for religion than anybody…..or words to that effect. 😉

                It seems that everybody’s mad at everybody now.


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    2. Well done again!

      I had no idea who the panel were, Andi.

      After the 60s, Cilla Black tended to drift into “show biz”. Her voice died on her to a large extent and I reckon her management decided to play to her ability to do entertainment for the masses.

      I saw a picture of Martin Shaw the other day, which reminded me that I should do a Now and Then of the stars of the past.


    3. Could that fourth panel member be Pat Phoenix – Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street? Not exactly a teenager but none of the rest of them are either. Then as now, people often appeared on the basis of their celebrity rather than any relevance to the subject….

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  2. Queen Victoria looks like she was a lot of fun. 😉

    Occasionally, in “I Love Lucy”, Lucy lights a cigarette for no apparent reason. Doesn’t actually proceed to smoke it as I recall. Seemed odd until I realized that Philip Morris was a sponsor. Maybe an occasional cigarette on the show was in the contract. Lucy and Desi were in the commercials.


      1. It really seems odd to see cigarette commercials. Or on television for any reason except dramatic effect. YouTube clips of very old shows like “What’s My Line” show both guests and panelists smoking. Unbelievable that they couldn’t put a cigarette down long enough to appear on TV. 🙂

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          1. Oh yea……I’ve never seen a clip of the old Dean Martin TV show where he wasn’t smoking a cigarette. There was an old time TV comedian named Jackie Gleason who always had a cigarette in his hand. Oddly, he would always be holding a cigarette in feature films, for no apparent reason. Apparently some sort of personal performance prop that had no function in the performance.

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              1. LOL……Neither would have worked for Gleason. 😉
                He was a funny man who played some dramatic roles. He was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in “The Hustler.”

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      1. Well worth the few minutes it takes, and thank you, Douglas for giving us more food for thought. Can hardly believe that next year will be the sixth anniversary of the referendum. Six years to look back on the lies of Bitter Together – and we still have yoon MPs in Scotland. And no dramatic upward shift in Yes polling. (Shakes head and reaches for the whisky bottle – muttering Gaelic imprecations at the Resident Sassenach…)

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  3. 2nd last photo is mostly of Dundee’s D M Brown’s before it expanded to be the premier department store. The shop of the left of DMB is of J P Smiths the clothing firm. One of their direction signs can be seen today on the building at the start of DMB


    ‘Have you a criminal record? Yes, I have one of Des O’Connor’s. ‘ A gag on the Morecambe & Wise shows.

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    1. I’ll have a look next time I’m down there, Marcia.

      Poor old Des. He got a rough time from Morecambe and Wise.

      On Christmas Day, when I was at my mum’s, there were some clips from Morecambe and Wise on tv. I’m not sure why anyone thought the were great comedians.

      Not in the least funny, I thought.


      1. You will find the signs on the right hand side corner of the pend that goes up to the Keillor Centre. Many wrongly think it is DMB’s old sign but it is not. It was uncovered a little while ago.

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  4. Tobacco companies are a prime example of why business must not be left to regulate itself. It was a bizarre cultural norm in the media of yesteryear where words describing anything relating to sex were taboo yet the sponsor could perfectly legally peddle death sticks to the population.

    Getting fags for Christmas (that’s cigarettes Danny) was frowned upon in our house by my mum. That didn’t always hold though and occasionally I’d get some. They were always unfortunately either Benson and Hedges or Rothmans kingsize which were the most horrible fags in the world. They were also the most easily had in duty free, which was more than a coincidence. I used to give them in turn to my dad whose taste was ‘eclectic’, ie he would smoke a tarry rope if there was nothing else.

    I went cold turkey on the 13th of January 2001 and I haven’t had a fag since. The occasional urge didn’t finally go until about 4 years ago and now I don’t even think about it. I’m not at all snobby about smoking though, I’ll sit with folk in their houses and stuff if they’re doing it because I’d rather have their company than adopt some fascist rules. I must admit though that when I see folk outside smoking these days I think it looks daft, it’s just so much effort.

    I must confess to the more than occasional feeling of relief that I’ve took the leap and I’m over it and am no longer a slave to the weed. Not just for the health benefits or the money but also the gigantic pain in the arse that is living with being hooked on an addictive substance.

    I might give up the Malt or the Armagnac in 20-30 years but the only way I can see that happening is if my internal organs make me an offer I can’t refuse.

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    1. LOL.

      Did you find it hard to give up?

      I used to smoke, then I had gastro something or other and was a sick as a dog.

      I couldn’t even drink water, never mind anything else.

      When, after two weeks I was feeling a bit better, I thought, well, I gave up for this long, I could give up a bit longer… or like forever.

      So despite having just that very day bought 200 cigarettes, I never smoked again and sold the 200 to a mate at work.

      I’ve only been tempted once, and I didn’t give in (most unlike me!)
      I too will sit with people who are smoking, but I can’t say I like it.

      What I hate is having to walk through a cloud of smoke outside a bar or shop.

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      1. Did I find it hard to give up?

        Naw it was effing impossible but somehow I managed. The first 3 months were horrendous but the really hard bit is when you get to the stage where you think you’re safe and just one puff won’t hurt. If you take it disaster awaits. Accepting a doobie passed at a party is also dangerous. I have a friend who strongly asserts that he’s a non smoker but smokes 20 joints a day.

        For medicinal purposes only of course.


  5. I’ve been looking closely at Pic 15 – I’m pretty sure they’re toothbrushes, probably bone and animal bristle. Victorian/Edwardian period? Pretty awful looking, mind you. Who is the lassie in the preceding pic? – looks familiar but I just can’t place her.

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