Jackson Carlaw is on Twitter today complaining that Jeane Freeman, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport is an unpleasant person who can be sharp with people, at least, according to an article in the Times Of London.

I’ve never met Jeane Freeman and I have no idea whether she is sharp or rude, so I can’t comment.

But Mr Carlaw thinks that: “This leaves serious question marks over Freeman’s ability and conduct; and calls into question the SNP’s legitimacy in managing Scotland’s precious NHS. The SNP are politically and morally bankrupt, time’s up for this failing government.”

As I say, I know nothing about Ms Freeman so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the article (which, because I don’t pay the Times of London any money, I cannot even read) but, just supposing there is some truth to it, it’s a bit of a leap of logic to say that this would mean that the SNP is politically and morally bankrupt.

The SNP runs the Scottish Health Service because it is the elected government of Scotland… rather like the Conservatives and Matt Handcock run the English Heath Service, because that is how the English voted. No one doubt the Tory Party’s legitimacy to run the service. They were elected to do so, never mind how rude Priti Patel allegedly is.

The legitimacy to govern comes from elections, not from some alleged shortness from a minister.

And given that the aforementioned Mr Handcock seems to be completely out of his shallow depth in his role, and resorts to making stuff up, particularly about Coronavirus, (not to mention standing creepily near to a colleague while broadcasting so that she moves away and puts her handbag between them), I think Mr Carlaw would do well to give that particular subject a wide swerve.

Additionally, England’s Department of Health doesn’t really have a great record now, does it?.







I’d have a great deal more time for Mr Carlaw and his Twitterings if he actually had a policy, any policy, to offer up.

But he doesn’t.




To be fair to the Tories, Jackson Carlaw said that the SNP proposals for a separate system did have merit, and they were looking at them closely.

So why not take part in an interview?

Maybe because they have been told by Mr Cummings’ underlings to keep quiet?



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Thanks to @rosscolquhoun on Twitter from bringing these tweets to his followers’ attention.


I understand that “The Sun” is reporting that Boris Johnson called Nicola Sturgeon “that bloody Wee Jimmie Crackie woman”. (No link to the article because I won’t be a party to their clickbait.) Of course, you can’t entirely believe anything you read in the Sun, but it sounds like his unprofessional style. The kind of thing you’d expect from a 12-year-old.


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This you can believe.

Derek Mackay has resigned as Cabinet Secretary for Finance.

It appears he had been texting a 16-year-old lad and offering him dinner over a six-month period.

As the lad was 16, Derek was doing nothing illegal. In Scotland, you can leave school, get married, have children and vote at 16.

But for heaven’s sake, what a bloody stupid thing to do.

We all know that the Press is against us and that they put a huge effort into finding anything unpleasant they can headline on their front pages.

The Sun has it splashed over 9 pages on this, so presumably, they have been working on it for a while. It will take a bit of living down!

What on earth possessed such an intelligent and otherwise competent man to indulge himself like this?

As Ruth Wishart put it: “Another self-immolation by a politician with no shortage of talent but an all too slender grasp of judgement”.

He’s let us down badly.


It is said that Ruth Davidson is to be offered a seat in the House of Lords.

The Edinburgh Central MSP has been selected alongside former Chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond    picture: GettyImages

So just a day after wee Carlot Jackson was hobnobbing with the Duke of Rothsay at Buck House, to collect his CBE, his predecessor is preparing to join Baroness Moan of Mayflower in teh Isle of Man on the red benches, collecting £300 a day and stack of “get out of jail free” cards.

Democracy, huh?

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I read that Wee Sniffy Gove may be appointed to lead the arrangements for the Climate Change summit in Glasgow.  The vacancy came about when Johnson sacked the previous incumbent, former environment minister, Claire O’Neill, without notice, for complaining that he had failed to carry out any of his promises in regard to the conference.

We all know that in most things Johnson does, promises are piecrusts and details are doughnuts. He says stuff. He walks away. He forgets everything.

Ms O’Neill has, subsequently, spent days speaking to the Press about how incompetent Johnson is,  how little he understands the subject and bemoaning the lack of progress that has been made in organising this massive international event.

David Cameron has apparently refused to take on the job, as has William Hague, both citing other commitments, possibly money-making ones (or more likely a desperate desire not to be stuck in Scotland for most of the year).

Grouse Beater on Twitter wrote, “Michael Gove is tipped to be appointed the new president of the UN climate summit to be held in Glasgow because, being a Scot, he is *well-liked* north of Gretna Green.”

Ye, I thought you’d like that!.

If possible, an even less likeable candidate, Michael “Something of the Night” Howard has also been proposed. Why not go the whole hog and invite Ann Widdicombe, his bête noire?  If it all goes horribly wrong she can always give us a tango or quick step! After that, even a catastrophic conference would fade into the mists of insignificance.

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With eight months to go, it seems like a huge task for whoever will take it on, particularly as they will be organising it in Scotland and, whether they like it or not, they need to liaise with Edinburgh about arrangements.

Given the current state of relations between London and Edinburgh, and in particular, between Johnson and Nicola, this is proving to be difficult.

You’ll remember that Johnson said that he didn’t mind if there were one of two Saltires at the conference but he wanted the place to be a sea of union flags and that he didn’t want to see Nicola Sturgeon there.

Bless him. How little he understands…  anything!

Nicola responded that she had been at the last three climate summits by invitation of the UN and that she WOULD be at this one. Of course, she can’t control the flags… but we can, and I have no doubt that Glasgow will be a sea of blue and white and that Back-Door Johnson will get the welcome he has come to expect when he appears in public in Scotland, which may cause him a little embarrassment with the world’s press in attendance.

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True, true, Ruth.

You got out in the nick of time with some lame excuse about being too busy looking after your bairn to be doing all these surgeries and constituency work (although you do have time for making radio programmes and you wouldn’t have had time to be a PR consultant, if only you hadn’t been such bad news for the consultancy that was going to employ you).

So, no. You didn’t lose a third of your seats. or, indeed, any seats. You are but a humble constituency MSP.

But Jack the Car (you know, the one you said, only the other day, was doing such a cracking job), managed to lose a bit over half your seats…53.8% actually. So he did better at losing than Nicola, by some way.

Nicola, on the other hand, increased her seats from 35 to 46 (an increase of 31%) or 47 if you include the suspended-SNP MP who was on the ballot paper as SNP (an increase of 34%).

Nicola is now the one with 47 (or 48) out of 59 seats… and your lot are the ones with, erm… 6.


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The Daily Borisgraph called this “ungracious and nasty”.

And they weren’t the only ones. Twitter was raging about the First Minister celebrating a victory for her party. I read comments about how disgusting it was that she, a woman, would rejoice in the humiliation of a young woman ( well youngish, and Amy Callaghan, who beat her, is a good ten years younger!)

Incidentally, I’d have thought that it wasn’t particularly “humiliating” to lose your seat in an election. It’s normal. More people lose in elections than win. Surely everyone goes into an election anticipating that it can happen.

It’s even less humiliating and more to be expected if you didn’t bother to live in the constituency… or to spend much time there during the campaign (or ever).

johnson win.jpg

It seems, however, that when Boris Johnson celebrated in a not dissimilar way, far less was made of it. I think it is utterly natural to celebrate a win, and I’m sure that Swinson and Corbyn did it when they took or held a seat. A win for someone means a loss for someone else, but that’s competition for you. That’s politics.

 Boris throws his arms up in celebration as he celebrates with James Cleverly at Tory HQ

In any case, rumour has it that having been rejected by the electorate, Swinson will not be humiliated by anyone in her next job.

She may be appointed to the House of Lords where she will be able to snooze away at £300 a day for the rest of her life, so I’d save my pity if I were you.

NO matter what you think of the SNP, at least their politicians are elected (in what passes for a democratic style in Britain).

 Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Sajid Javid enjoy a group hug as they celebrate the win


In other news, the bloke that managed to lose more than half the Tory seats in Scotland has apparently said that he won’t accept Coburn (ex-UKIP) into the Tory Party.

Not that I have a problem with that. Coburn isn’t an asset to anyone, anywhere. And it’s noticeable that Farage also refused to have him in the Brexit Party. (And when you think of some of the loonies that he took on, that’s saying something.)

But I wasn’t aware that a branch office temporary leader could refuse membership to anyone. And doesn’t Coburn live in London?

Enjoy your wee bit of power while you can, you wally!


Mr Carlaw’s constituents voted to remain in the EU.

And he rose in the chamber to praise them for doing that just days after the vote, in which most Tory MSPs and their one MP in Scotland voted to remain. (You’ll remember the Colonel and Fluffy telling us how utterly vital it was for Scotland’s economy, to Remain.)

However, yesterday Jackson decided that, were there to be another referendum, he would vote to leave and sod his constituents.

This is, he says, because the EU has changed since 2016 (and clearly nothing to do with the fact that Boris has told him to change his mind).

Brussels is, he insists, going to have its own army by 2025.

And there are other changes too, he told the BBC, but he appears not to have bothered to elaborate.

So dealing with the one point he did specify, the army… as far as I can discover, there is no reason to believe that there is actually going to be an EU army, although, it is hoped to establish closer military ties between countries in Europe.

This makes sense. Indeed, the majority of Europeans want this to happen, including 56% of Britons! Perhaps the less-than-reliable cross between a Carrot and a Mango, which currently resides in the White House, has finally persuaded European leaders that it is time this continent stood on its own two feet militarily, instead of relying on the USA.

And quite right too. There is no reason why Europe cannot continue to work co-operatively with the USA, without being dependent upon them.

Alone, of course, all European countries are too small to support defence forces of any real power. Even Britain with its massive military spend (punching above its weight) is a minnow by comparison with real world powers like Russia or China.

In my opinion, it makes sense to have a military alliance within the continent.


Britain, were it to vote to remain in the EU, however, could not be forced to join this military alliance.

So Mr Carlaw’s thinking doesn’t seem to stand up. Unless there is some reason in his “unspecified changes”, that has made the EU a less desirable ally, I’m suspecting that the possibility of a knighthood or maybe elevation to the aristocracy may have more to do with his change of heart than any military alliance his beloved union couldn’t be forced to join, and indeed, over which it would almost certainly have a veto.


Unassociated with this matter, I noticed that the BBC article points out that the Tories, along with Labour, SNP and Brexit party have been forced to suspend candidates who have made unfortunate tweets or comments some time in their past.

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When asked about comments made about Muslim women looking like letter boxes, bum boys, and the working classes, by another Tory candidate, Jackson said that he preferred to judge Mr Johnson (for it was none other than he) on his actions as prime minister rather than on things said in the past… which seems a little unfair to the other candidates who can’t offer any baubles.

Maybe one of these days a Tory will tell the truth about something.

OK, OK, I was joking. They won’t.