1. Dead sea scrolls at Pathetic Quay tonight.
    STV the onionist TV channel in Scotland.
    Article on the ice damage to a car with the owner and presenter looking at a cracked windscreen.
    ‘Someone could have died’ says driver. Lots of time spent.
    Last item on the programme.
    A pensioner has been knocked down and killed by a bus at Berwick Street, 25 seconds.
    Maybe Nicola being out the country was the cause.
    Looking forward to hearing carlos jackasses questions tomoorow at FMQT.
    Only saw it at my sister’s house as I was filling out a tax form for her.
    The news was followed by a strange lancastrian msp giving a party political broadcast for the labour party in Scotland telling us that slab was building again to become the dominant party in Hollyrood.
    More chance in Hoolywoooood.
    No red face from carlos tomorrow when it’s pointed out he was the convenor of the design committee, the internet doesn’t forget but help is at hand with the new laws by doris, Germany 1935 the plan.

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    1. Isn’t it really sad that Labour can’t find one single MP to be the shadow Jock Secretary. I mean they do actually have one, but he hates the Labour leadership so much because it isn’t Tony Blair, that he can’t stand to be in the same room as it.

      Still, someone from the cast of Corrie will do just as well.


  2. Any truth in this?

    Maureen Fitzsimmons Retweeted
    Rachael Swindon #UTFC
    Did you know Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley, received a multi-million-pound compensation payout over HS2 after he had to sell his home in London?

    Or even about Johnson’s brother, Max, who works for a firm which is set to gain from a £7 billion Euston HS2 land grab?

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    1. The bad guys are going for the frustrated commuter vote. Y’know, the ungrateful ones.

      As a double-plus they utterly hate that it is a beautiful looking bridge.

      Is it just me – that unionists expect perfection from anything the Scottish Government achieves and judge it against that standard when they – themselves live in a cesspool? The South East of England has had it’s own disastrous overspends or projected overspends. We hear little about that. It is as if England were perfect and Scotland was imperfect.

      I can provide quite a lot of examples of England pursuing stupid projects, from fracking to nuclear power to climate change denial.

      Do we really need to put up with these idiots?

      Bridges close in extreme weather conditions.

      Get used to it. Or give engineers a time to fix it. Moaning is just stupid.

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      1. It doesn’t matter what the Scottish government does, the opposition party is against it.

        Of course, they will have followers who simply believe that we are being government by a party that cares no a bit for anything except independence, but there must come a time when their more sentient support thinks… wait a minute!


  3. I thought this was funny…

    Gary Pryde on Twitter

    The Queensferry Crossing is open, but they tell me there’s only one door open at Asda at Straiton Loanhead due to high winds, in case you’ve got fuck all to tweet about.





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  4. The Ballad of Jackass Carwash

    It was a winter’s night in the Tory saloon
    and no-one was feeling merry,
    when a shivering stranger stumbled in,
    mumbling, “Bridge…closed…at…Queensferry.”
    A deadly hush fell on the place
    and drinkers stopped mid-swallow
    because they knew who was there that night
    and jaloused something bad would follow.
    A fat guy waddled up to him,
    he’d a face like a weel-skelped arse –
    “What’s that you say – they’ve shut the bridge?
    Well, that’s a bloody farce!
    We were told that bridge would NEVER close.
    So said the SNP!”
    The stranger flinched from the raving man:
    “It’s because of the weather”, said he.
    “This storm we’ve had – with its sleet and wind and snow –
    made ice fall from the towers onto the road below.
    They fear that it could kill someone, in a passing car or lorry,
    so they decided to close the bridge. Better to be safe than sorry.”
    “That bridge cost over a billion pounds!”, the baw-faced man replied.
    “We told them it was far too dear and wouldn’t work” he sighed.
    “But the SNP said, ‘No -it’s fine’: once again, you see, they lied!”
    Then a quiet voice from the corner, where Auld Jock had his seat,
    said, “Jackass, afore ye say ony mair, ye should mebbe read this tweet.”
    “It’s ane o yer ain frae no faur back, cast yer mind back jist a bittie.
    it wis when ye were convenin a big Holyrood committee.
    It wis the ane that approved the route and the design forbye
    o that crossin at Queensferry.
    Ye said ye were, “Delighted” and the crossin, it was “Stunning”.
    So whit’s this drivel noo that’s oot yir big mooth runnin?”
    The fat man’s face turned purple, he shuddered and he shook,
    then he stormed out into the night with nary a backward look.
    The stranger looked around and said, “I’m sorry if I’m to blame.”
    But Jake said, “Naw he’s jist an eejit – Jackass Carwash is his name.”

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  5. Slightly OT
    On tuesday night I was driving home late, the car has a lane hold facility.
    In the sleet the panel lit up with a fault, lane hold sensor fault.
    Pulled into the hard shoulder, wiped the slush from the sensors, fault cleared.
    Shades of Boeing Max, the car has to stop before you can turn off the lane hold.
    Maybe the engineers didn’t check the system in wet slushy snow and build in a heating system to stop them being covered.
    Some cars have heating built into the screen washers for the same reason, water freezes in low temperatures.
    Had a look at carlos jackasses business insolvency , £11 million lost just about covered by the sale of the property the preferential creditors, the workers being last in the running order.
    No red faces there then.
    Off to watch FMQT online.

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    1. There sensors GRRRR.

      I have a problem with my ABS sensors at the moment.

      Fortunately I have a great mechanic.

      I wonder if Jackass raised the matter of the bridge for which he approved the design…


  6. Shades of Derek.
    Javid resigns as chancellor just before the budget, carlos what say you?
    All well planned, are we up for another election?, that is the tory party leadership one.
    This is the EBC website before the news broke.
    Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith and Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom are among the early casualties as Boris Johnson begins a cabinet reshuffle.

    Housing Minister Esther McVey and Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers are also out of the government.

    Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, who attended cabinet, has resigned.

    Senior figures such as Chancellor Sajid Javid, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Home Secretary Priti Patel are expected to remain in place.

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    1. It seems that Javiod actually did resign as opposed to being sacked. Johnson said that he had to accept SPADS from Dom Cummings, so he said, “Nuh! I’m off!”

      I’ve just done a reshuffle post.


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