Jackson Carlaw is on Twitter today complaining that Jeane Freeman, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport is an unpleasant person who can be sharp with people, at least, according to an article in the Times Of London.

I’ve never met Jeane Freeman and I have no idea whether she is sharp or rude, so I can’t comment.

But Mr Carlaw thinks that: “This leaves serious question marks over Freeman’s ability and conduct; and calls into question the SNP’s legitimacy in managing Scotland’s precious NHS. The SNP are politically and morally bankrupt, time’s up for this failing government.”

As I say, I know nothing about Ms Freeman so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the article (which, because I don’t pay the Times of London any money, I cannot even read) but, just supposing there is some truth to it, it’s a bit of a leap of logic to say that this would mean that the SNP is politically and morally bankrupt.

The SNP runs the Scottish Health Service because it is the elected government of Scotland… rather like the Conservatives and Matt Handcock run the English Heath Service, because that is how the English voted. No one doubt the Tory Party’s legitimacy to run the service. They were elected to do so, never mind how rude Priti Patel allegedly is.

The legitimacy to govern comes from elections, not from some alleged shortness from a minister.

And given that the aforementioned Mr Handcock seems to be completely out of his shallow depth in his role, and resorts to making stuff up, particularly about Coronavirus, (not to mention standing creepily near to a colleague while broadcasting so that she moves away and puts her handbag between them), I think Mr Carlaw would do well to give that particular subject a wide swerve.

Additionally, England’s Department of Health doesn’t really have a great record now, does it?.







I’d have a great deal more time for Mr Carlaw and his Twitterings if he actually had a policy, any policy, to offer up.

But he doesn’t.