Mr Carlaw’s constituents voted to remain in the EU.

And he rose in the chamber to praise them for doing that just days after the vote, in which most Tory MSPs and their one MP in Scotland voted to remain. (You’ll remember the Colonel and Fluffy telling us how utterly vital it was for Scotland’s economy, to Remain.)

However, yesterday Jackson decided that, were there to be another referendum, he would vote to leave and sod his constituents.

This is, he says, because the EU has changed since 2016 (and clearly nothing to do with the fact that Boris has told him to change his mind).

Brussels is, he insists, going to have its own army by 2025.

And there are other changes too, he told the BBC, but he appears not to have bothered to elaborate.

So dealing with the one point he did specify, the army… as far as I can discover, there is no reason to believe that there is actually going to be an EU army, although, it is hoped to establish closer military ties between countries in Europe.

This makes sense. Indeed, the majority of Europeans want this to happen, including 56% of Britons! Perhaps the less-than-reliable cross between a Carrot and a Mango, which currently resides in the White House, has finally persuaded European leaders that it is time this continent stood on its own two feet militarily, instead of relying on the USA.

And quite right too. There is no reason why Europe cannot continue to work co-operatively with the USA, without being dependent upon them.

Alone, of course, all European countries are too small to support defence forces of any real power. Even Britain with its massive military spend (punching above its weight) is a minnow by comparison with real world powers like Russia or China.

In my opinion, it makes sense to have a military alliance within the continent.


Britain, were it to vote to remain in the EU, however, could not be forced to join this military alliance.

So Mr Carlaw’s thinking doesn’t seem to stand up. Unless there is some reason in his “unspecified changes”, that has made the EU a less desirable ally, I’m suspecting that the possibility of a knighthood or maybe elevation to the aristocracy may have more to do with his change of heart than any military alliance his beloved union couldn’t be forced to join, and indeed, over which it would almost certainly have a veto.


Unassociated with this matter, I noticed that the BBC article points out that the Tories, along with Labour, SNP and Brexit party have been forced to suspend candidates who have made unfortunate tweets or comments some time in their past.

Image result for boris johnson

When asked about comments made about Muslim women looking like letter boxes, bum boys, and the working classes, by another Tory candidate, Jackson said that he preferred to judge Mr Johnson (for it was none other than he) on his actions as prime minister rather than on things said in the past… which seems a little unfair to the other candidates who can’t offer any baubles.

Maybe one of these days a Tory will tell the truth about something.

OK, OK, I was joking. They won’t.


  1. We live in a Strange country where carless jackass can use the Alice through the looking glass theory to cover his change of stance.
    Mr Bumble would be a better representative for East Renfrewshire But he is too busy so we are left with his assistant.
    I wonder If the expensive education carless was given at the High School has been worth the expenditure because it seems like it was mis-spent.
    The carless is the MENTOR of the ex MP, master Paul McMaster…ton, who appears to have no thoughts of his own in all the literature being dumped on the constituency viz:- We’ve told Sturgeon NO and we mean it.
    This was a well off area that now has a food and clothes bank to support children and their parents, progress indeed from the tory representatives.
    WOnder who writes his script for the weekly stand up comedy that is his gig in Hollyrood, I reckon you could mix and match the the sound to any video as the actions are the same, read the script , don’t look up or he’d lose his place

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  2. I think it was Angela Merkel who said,after Trump had been screaming about Europeans not pulling their weight in NATO,that Europe could no longer rely on the USA to keep the peace.
    Europeans and indeed anyone else outside the USA can no longer rely on them full stop,just ask the Kurds.
    The USA and their poodles in the Brexit movement are embarking on a program of isolationism and have forfeited all rights to lecture anyone on cooperation between nations.
    Short term,narrow minded bigots but that appears to be what some people like.

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    1. Yes it was Dr Merkel.

      I see no reason for rich European countries to depend on the USA for protection, but Mr Trump needs to realise that “he who pays the piper calls the time” works in reverse too.

      You don’t get to be in charge and expect other people to pay for it.

      Britain of course, will knuckle under to America no matter what, but I doubt that France, Germany and most of the rest of the continent will.

      We should stand on our own two feet as a continent.

      The hard right here (and elsewhere) don’t really know what they are doing.


  3. Also,the Americans will probably have to find another market for their bloated military industrial complex’s goodies if Europe goes it’s own way.
    Don’t suppose that either the Chinese or the Russians will be too interested.
    Part of what we are seeing with Trump’s EU trade war is down to this.
    He claims that the EU subsidises Airbus at the expense of Boeing but the reality is that the military in the USA do the same thing.
    This is what happens when politicians go for short term gains at the expense of long term stability and international cooperation.
    Trump first.
    BoJo first.
    Carslaw first.

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  4. And yet, and yet, I was at the 2016 local council election count in Motherwell, when a Tory was elected in Wishaw. One of our members, who lives there was almost in tears. ” Don’t they remember what they did to Ravenscraig”.
    She then explained that the reason being was that the area had a number of lodges of a certain organisation, and they were solidly behind the Tories, no matter their past, or indeed their present record.
    So that is one of the obstacles we face, polling around 25% if you believe the polls, they seem certain to retain at least some of the seats they gained in 2017.
    It seems hundreds of years of brainwashing has worked, at least for a section of the electorate.

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