Tweet from David Merritt, the father of the lad, Jack, who died:

Don’t use my son’s death, and his and his colleague’s photos – to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for – hatred, division, ignorance.

These low lives make you so sick.


15 thoughts on “JUST HOW LOW CAN THEY GO?”

  1. Tris
    This campaign is a total joke and the media, and the politicians, are to blame. One minute they hang out candidates for, in some cases, mistakes and then allow Johnson and his like to weaponise a tragedy but that’s ok it’s just coloured people. I hate what this country is becoming I really do, I really hate what the parties are becoming too, the SNP are in real danger of becoming like the rest of them. It’s all so depressing to be honest. Have things ever been so bad, I survived the 80s and didn’t think it could be worse but I’m starting to think it actually is.


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    1. I think it is a lot worse than ever before, Bruce.

      They are liars and charlatans… well, maybe they always were, but with the net maybe we hear more about them.

      One of the things seems to me that the front bench teams are people who with “normal” leaders would never have got past PPS.

      It’s really distressing that we have to deal with Rabb, Abbot, Patel, and Rees Mogg.

      These people aren’t Cabinet level.

      But no decent Tory will work for Johnson, and, Starmer excepted, no one good will work for Corbyn.

      As for Swinson… Lord love us. Barrel scraping or what?

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      1. Agree with what you both say and I am particularly concerned about our main Party up here. I can only hope that they know what they are doing and that they do not blow our chances of making our own decisions in the near future.

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        1. Agreed, Grumpy. If they blow it this time, I reckon we probably can say good bye to it for a generation.

          It beats me that anyone who isn’t looking for titles and ermine could possibly want to be a part of this fur coat and no knickers land when they could be living like Scandinavians!

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        1. I’d say that was always Lord Snooty’s plan. It’s like expecting Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served to wait on the sidelines while the Hockey Captain prances around like Mrs Slocombe proving she’s unfit for the magnificence of high office.

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          1. He will. I think he sees himself as a (or the) PM in waiting. He has cunning and ruthlessness. Just what additional flaws he has due to avarice, supplies yet another reason why I don’t want Scotland to be part of the Westminster setup, just in case he or any of the other power hungered manage to gain office.

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  2. Craig Murray has described the UK as a rogue state which,in my view,no longer serves any purpose beyond being the global money laundering capital.
    Consequently there is no requirement for a government of any gravitas,just an assortment of clowns who will do the bidding of the international billionaires and prevent the natives from revolting.
    No one in the international community will ever take a government
    lead by BoJo seriously which will further diminish the UK’s already diminished status.
    All that will be left is the City state of London.

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  3. That old Saying

    It can’t get any worse

    Always seemed rubbish to me
    Life can always get worse

    And the Torys are proof positive
    Of that fact . They happily dance
    On the graves of those poor young people.

    Believe me under Boris regime
    Things can and will get worse

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    1. I read the other day about a man who had missed an appointment at the DWP. He was sanctioned for 6 weeks. No money at all.

      The trouble was, he was diabetic and had to use insulin.

      He ran out of money; out of electricity and didn’t eat and couldnt keep his insulin cold, so he died.

      He had missed an appointment.

      Apparently these are Great British Values.


      1. I read that also, it is tragic. A human being, a life gone over an appointment, minutes measured and marked on a clock face. A disgrace.

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