n oo
Hello everyone. Welcome to Soppy Sunday.
n banff canda
Banff, Canada.
n mates
They don’t make Vaporetti like they used to…
n dundee, dave
Dave tells me this was taken in Dundee recently. I’m trying to work out where… Anyone?
n guoliang tunnel in taihang mountains china
Guoliang Tunnel, China. 
n bathtime
n jaanese garden
Japanese garden.
n bat
No smart Alex remarks about me being batty…
n cat1
Well… some of you like cats.
n black
One overheated blackbird. If you can, make sure the birds in your garden have somewhere to drink, and to bathe if possible. They find the heat exhausting too.
n cherry
That made me want some cherries… at half past ten on a Saturday night… Fat chance.
n garden
The garden at Munguin Towers.
Say AHHHHH!  I’ve no idea how Frank got this shot, but I think you’d agree it is brilliant.
N finland derek,
Derek took this one in at around midnight a couple of days before midsummer in Oulu, Northern Finland.
n hamish (roaming junketeers)
Hamish, the chief Roaming Junketeer.
n grass
n cote d'Argyll frank.
You might have assumed Côte d’Azur; in fact Côte d’Argyll. (Frank)
n moon
La lune.
n hens
Anyone for a boiled egg?
n harris
Another Côte d’Azur, this time on Harris.
n hofskirkja ice
Hofskirkja, Iceland.
n ire
If you can see yourself, wave. Don’t often get such a clear view of our countries
n o
OK. That’s your lot for today. Come back next week and we’ll find some more nature for you to behold.


Humza Yousaf Retweeted ScotsPolFed

It is simply unacceptable that UK Govt has so far refused to say that they will pick up the policing bill for President Trump’s visit, he is a guest of the UK Govt. I’ll be writing to the UK Govt demanding an urgent resolution to this matter.

We did not invite him. I’m pretty certain most of us don’t want him here.
What do you think?

If you have an hour…

This is very much worth a watch.

Jim Fitzpatrick reveals new information on how the DUP and Vote Leave worked together in the EU referendum. Did they break the law? And he digs deep into the finances behind the DUP’s record referendum donor in a money trail that leads to Ukraine and beyond.

Yes, I know it’s the BBC, but every once in a while, they come up with something good.

It looks like Vote Leave and the DUP  may have been on the fiddle and maybe some people in Northern Ireland and some in New York are going to be looking into it.

Don’t expect any help or encouragement from Downing Street though, as Arlene Foster owns May, lock, stock and barrel.


So, this is the new cabinet, with junior ministers to be announced tomorrow.

Personally, I’m sorry to see Shona Robison, my own MSP and a friend, go, but having read her letter of resignation, I can understand why she made the choice to resign.  Shona has had a hard year with the death of both her parents and a personal health scare to cope with. She is in a new relationship now and I wish her every happiness. I hope she’ll continue to be our MSP because she’s a damned good one.

Britain spends less than most of Europe on its health services, below the EU average, and way below countries like France and Germany, but for all that, Shona has managed to make NHSS the best of the four UK services. Jeane Freeman has big boots to fill, but her first-rate setting up of Social Security Scotland makes me sure we will be in safe hands.

Jackson Carlaw put out a generous and courteous tweet:

I shadowed for many years & appreciated her genuine concern for the NHS. A hugely challenging brief & while did not call for her to go, now is the time for fresh leadership & thinking. On a personal level, I wish her well & thank her for her courtesy.

Anas Sarwar, on the other hand, not only made a bit of a mess of the grammar but was left looking rather petty and silly by comparison:

A personal congratulations to Humza, too. I remember Munguin, he and I met on the Edinburgh March in 2012. He was busy, but he took time to meet with Munguin and have a photograph taken with him (which I have subsequently managed to mislay). He may have uttered a few words to me as well!

He’s done a great job with transport… again, Scottish trains, poor by EU standards, are the best in the UK. It is gratifying to see his promotion to Justice Secretary.


Post Script:

Some comments on Sarwar’s tweet…

Anas, my husband is a hospital consultant and has been for decades. He is clear that under the NHS has never been better. He swears that under it was an utter shambles. So suggest you get help for your verbal diarrhoea (LMR)

Just spoke to a Senior Specialist Nurse in the NHS and I quote: “. needs to stop playing political football with the NHS. He’s just shown why Labour aren’t fit to govern” (Colin Alexander Storrier)

I work in the NHS in Glasgow. I have friends and relatives in Wales and England and I can tell you that the service we have up here in Scotland is miles ahead of what they have elsewhere. (Purple Monkey)

Factually incorrect and seriously lacking class. I give you Anas Sarwar, who luckily is destined never to be in charge of anything. ( )

Delete this, you poor excuse for a human being and public servant. Once you’ve deleted this, delete your account you quilt. The legacy of Ms Robison is the best NHS in UK and that really sticks in your craw! Now, sling your hook! (Davidlikesguys)

Well if failure is the best performing Health service in the U.K What the hell would you call what’s going on in And as far as funding goes It’s Central government to blame in but the SNP’s fault in Scotland? How would you square that? (Lez)

And there are many many more…




It has, at least in large part, to do with race, colour, religion and making loads and loads of money.

Did I mention, it has to do with colour (color)?

Now, why does that not surprise me?

My thanks to Danny for sending it.


Friday Night and Saturday Morning

n night
From left: Douglas, Abu, Munguin, Ed. (Sorry, it was really dark in the bar…)

Thanks for all the pics on Twitter.



Puan, the world’s oldest orangutan (in captivity), died aged 62. She had a good life, if not an entirely natural one, and she was surrounded by people who loved her at the end. We shouldn’t be sad, but of course, we are. (Thanks Quokka.)
n puss
Look into my eyes.
n edin
Edinburgh Castle.
n antrim
n vietnam china border
China/Vietnam border.
n musee
Victoria and Albert Museum, Dundee.
N Pika china.jpg
Pika, China.
n a-traveler-enjoying-the-summer-sun-in-igaliku-in-south-greenland-1-1400x933
Sunbathing in Greenland.
n p
Panda babies.
n moo
n or5
Hope you’re not too upset about Puan. I’m here to cheer you up. 
n burd
Erm, he’s the black chic of the family…
n par
A little bottle on a Paris balcony.
n edin 2
n baaaa
Baaaa ba Blacksheep…
n wall
The builder’s been on the ale at lunchtime?
n Castlerigg Stone Circle, nr Keswick.jpg
Castlerigg, Keswick
n norway
n fish frank
You don’t have to be pretty to be cute. This fella looks a little down in the mouth at being dead.
n mull
Mull sunset.
n jaguar
Jaguar: I’m not the E-type though. My top speed is 64 mph!
RIP Puan.


ss sail
What they did before they had mobile phones.
ss dave files 00
Dave sent these sad, and pretty abrupt business-like letters from the MoD. 
ss dave files0
Almost impossible what it must have been like to receive one.
ss dave files
Thanks for sharing them, Dave.
ss dash
ss 44 londres v1
Wartime in …
ss bofallan
Where and when?
The answer is blowing in the wind.
Seems it did more than clean baths without scratching…
Cough, cough…

!there you go

So, there you have it.

Post Brexit jobs crisis sorted.

When you get paid off from your highly-skilled Aircraft factory job, you can easily get a job picking rasps. Well, for at least 2 months, off and on, dependent on the weather and the ability/willingness of someone else to pay the rent/food/electricity on the days you get no work.

Thank goodness for a brilliant PM, I say.

(Thanks to Ross Colquhoun for bringing it to my attention.)