Tell you something though, I bet they don’t have blue passports, made in France.

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See, I told ya so. So there. Nah nah nah nah nah.


Oooops, sorry. My bad!



Dear Mr Mundell,

I am flabbergasted at your ignorance of what the people of Scotland voted for, and therefore appear to want.

I mean, what part of 62-38 are you failing to grasp, Secretary of State? Do you think we all said, ‘oh well, the English voted by a narrow margin to leave so obviously that’s what we want too’?

We don’t want an orderly Brexit… or any other kind of Brexit. And just because you say it to yourself doesn’t make it so.

Now, it’s your job to convey our wishes to Downing Street, you are supposed to be our representative there. So why don’t you do that instead of threatening every few days to resign and then remembering that you’ve got a highly-paid cushy number with all that foreign travel, and withdrawing your threat?

Not that I think for a single second that your leader will be in the least bit interested what a bunch of Jocks think. She’s only interested in your confidence and supply partners in Northern Ireland (who represent a minority of Northern Irish sentiment, by the way) because without them she is toast.

In fairness, she’s probably toast anyway.

Yours sincerely




(My thanks to Jonathon Poole-Smith for the pic.)


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n tongue
Could we get on with it, please?
n tatra mountains poland
Tara Mountain, Poland.
n bali starling
Bali Starling, rather more exotic than the Scottish version.
n lion 3
I wanna hold your tail (Lennon/McCartney/Leo).
n norway Geirangerfjord
Geirangerfjord, Norway. 
n nuts
n walk
“So, what do you think about Brexit?”
n whooping crane
“You just swallow it whole”
n zeb
Race you to the water hole, mum.
n washington
Sunset in Washington.
n tulum mexico
Tulum, Mexico.
“Throw it, for heaven’s sake.”
nmini raptor
Mini Raptor.
n pp
n pup12
“OK, I’ll pose for my photograph, as long as you throw sticks after.”
n peregrin falcom (Walter Jenkel)
Peregrin Falcon and his best mate. (By Walter Jenkel.)
n s gre5
Green part of Greenland.
n tap
Drip! Kinda reminds me of Jeremy Hunt.
Image result for Baby orangutan
No, you can’t have any. See you next week when I’ll be bigger!





Tories with a truck claiming the SNP want you to pay a car park tax

Well, and maybe you could say, opportunists, chancers, amateurs, third raters?

And while we are on the subject of the third rate opposition in Edinburgh…

Telt, again?


Bonus Pic:


This is a sharp reminder that intelligent people do change their minds when incontrovertible facts are presented to them. We need to present these facts as clearly as we can and then be ready to welcome, with open arms, the people that they convert.


As predicted by some, this morning three Tories crossed the floor of the House of Commons and joined the Labour MPs who, over the last couple of days, have left the Labour Party.

This raises some questions.

Is it a flash in the pan or is it the beginnings of a reshaping of British, or rather, English politics. (There are no Scottish MPs involved and politics in England and Scotland are very different, the one from the other.)

If the independent group grows, as some predict it will, and its numbers overtake the number of SNP members, will it become the third largest group in the Commons, and entitled, in place of the SNP, to a front bench place and automatic questions at PMQs?

And should that happen (which it may well not) what should the SNP’s response be?

And, do Munguinites think that it should be compulsory for members who were elected under the banner of a party and that party’s manifesto, to stand down if they leave that party regardless of which parliament and which party?




Thank goodness they voted Tory.  Because, if this is strong and stable, I don’t think I could have withstood weak, wobbly and chaotic. (Note to self, look up the definition of chaotic.)


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Billy the Bigot is in a bit of a snit at the BBC, until recently, seemingly his close and trusted friends.

It seems that the story he gave about being invited on to the BBC’s Question Time shows has been denied most fulsomely by that august British institution’s management. And our Billy Boy isn’t happy about being called out as a liar.

He’s has been going back through his diary and has tweeted: “I sat down and looked up all the Q.T shows I was on and got all the dates and people who were on panel and I’m so tempted to blow the lid on BBC again… 4 times NOT EVEN CLOSE, if BBC want to start I’m ready”.

Oh, the joys to be beheld when besties fall out.




UK Unemployment figures have reduced again. And wage growth is up.

So everything is rosy, isn’t it?

Well no, because they’ve spun everything to make it sound good, but in fact, it’s pretty crap.

(The details of wages in the video are, of course, for England.)


So Munguin had me toiling in the fields today, despite the bitterly cold wind. He’s an animal of very little compassion. However, as he was supervising from the window of his penthouse apartment, I couldn’t slack and quickly warmed up by working double plus hard.

There were some pleasant early surprises so I thought I’d share them with you.






Most surprising of all was this rose. A rose in February? Only in Munguin’s grounds!