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MOrning all… what do you think about the hairstyle?
Oh, were you expecting coffee?
n toad
Nice house, Mr Toad.
n torlift
Cute hat!
n flo
Posing for a photograph?
n fox and wolk
Fox and Wolf friendship.
Isn’t it normally the kids who spend all their time on social media?
n pp
Mum hugs.
n el hello
n db dinner
Fill it up.
n california
California after the rains.
n gir
Parental pride.
n hedgy
Is it safe to come out now?
n iceland
Lovely Iceland.
n iom steam
Isle of Man steam railway.
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When you’re hungry, even your brother’s leg seems tasty!
n puma
Pumas don’t suffer from vertigo, it seems.
n db had a bath
Is that the medical over then?
n off road
Come on, Junior… let’s get you off the road.
n davidbell usky
Good game, huh?
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I’m just contemplating the meaning of life… and in particular, how screwed Mrs May is. So, see you next week when we may still be in the EU… or not…or something!

Thanks to David Bell for the doggy pics, of which more next week!¬


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David Mundell

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.@theSNP and Labour MPs gloat as the PM’s Deal voted down. And what are their solutions? A General Election, an independence referendum . Yet again politicking and self interest over the National interest


Dear Mr Mundell,

Scotland voted 62-38  to remain in the EU.

And that was the view before your idiot government and prime minister got its incompetent, unprincipled hands on the negotiations.

Every Westminster constituency in Scotland, including your own; every council area too, voted to remain.

The SNP IS voting in the national interest.

May I take this opportunity to remind you too, that there were also many Tories (your party, you may recall) who voted against the prime minister’s deal. I don’t need to reiterate any of the comments they made about slave states. I’m sure that their vitriolic comments are imprinted on your brain. So why just have a go at the SNP?

Indeed, two Tory Brexit Secretaries and a foreign secretary, not to mention countless junior ministers and PPSs resigned over the hopelessness of your prime minister’s deal.

If you wanted to know the solutions put forward by the SNP, then the paper produced by the Scottish government would have been a good place to start. You are supposed to have read it, although I doubt you have.

Secondly, had you been paying attention, the other day Joanna Cherry put forward a proposal. 

Have you any solution?

This whole ridiculous Brexit situation came about because your last leader decided to try to outwit Tory MPs who were plotting to defect to UKIP. He was so sure that he would be in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats (who would veto his Referendum plans) that he took a risk on everyone’s future to save his party’s bacon.

Then, as we all know, it went horribly wrong, at which point he disappeared into a millionaire’s shed to write his memoirs, make more money and leave everyone else to clean up his mess.

How typically upper-class Eton Boy.

Finally, I’d remind you that you told us during the Scottish referendum campaign, that it would be disastrous for Scotland to be outside the EU, and you did so again during the EU referendum campaign.  I don’t know how genuine that was, but it remained your opinion until England voted to leave. Proud Scot, huh?

Presumably this change of heart enabled you to retain your seat at the cabinet table, especially after the disastrous 2017 elections where there were other candidates for your post.

Your constituency voted against Brexit; your country voted against Brexit, and you voted to keep your scrawny arse on the front bench, where frankly you never deserved to be.

And you try to make political capital out of the SNP voting the way Scotland voted.

I’m ashamed that you represent my country in Westminster… You make me sick.


Yours sincerely



PS: Incidentally, f you want to hear more people jeering at your government then I suggest you go… well, just about anywhere and open your ears.

For a proud Brit Nationalist, you appear to have no earthly idea what a fool your people have made of the UK.



Activity may be a bit restricted over the next few days, folks.

The dreaded lurgy appears to have taken itself off and I’m feeling a little better, but my mum was taken into hospital last night and will be there for a few days.

So, I may or may not have time to do much Munguining…

But, in the meantime, enjoy the great Scots words being introduced to the UK public thanks to unashamed Scots using their language in the hallowed British parliament.

Thanks Sarah.




I wonder if that’s an appropriate plea given that, once free, Moses’s people were lost in the wilderness for 40 years.

(I’ve just read that a telephone conversation between May and Mrs Foster resulted in Arlene saying NO.)

It’s OK, Mr Blackford was clear that he couldn’t disclose any actual information about his source or about the facts. Just the conclusion.  I suspect we already knew it. 



As I wasn’t able to be there myself… what with having a nasty virus and all, I would like to thank all the people you put up pics, which I then pinched.

Special thanks to my mate, Jonathon Poole-Smith, who actually gave me permission to use his stuff…

If anyone has pictures here that they want me to take down, just let me know.



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Morning all. I’m here with my mummy, coz I’m pretty little.

n whooo
Any ideas who this little soul is?
n white ibis
White Ibis.
n web
Neat construction work.
n sleepy
Mum’s snooze time.
n sheep1
I found the best bed ever.
n san m
San Marino. After Liam Fox’s recent trade coups, he’ll be heading off there soon. I wonder if they like Jam?
n pumpkin toadlet
Pumpkin Toadlet.
n panda
Sometimes I lies here and thinks… and sometimes I just lies here.
n penguin
Let’s swim…
n peace
That’ll be me!
n tiger
Seriously nice day for a bath.
n yellow mountain ch
Yellow Mountains, China.
n s gre5
Greenland’s Icy Mountains???
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Guard Goose looking fierce.
n blaze and laoch
Which two famous brothers are these?
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Boys’ Best Friend.
n lion1
Perfect family.
n gull
Tory Seagull?
n norway
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This is my scary face…
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And that’s it for this week. See you next time around.