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The chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party received a loud cheer at a campaign event after calling for Anthony Fauci to be “put in front of a firing squad”.

The Bennett Family.

John Bennett, who is also running for Congress, said Dr Fauci should be tried and executed for vaccine mandates.

Bennett noted that Dr Fauci should only be killed following a fair and just trial.

He is running to represent Oklahoma’s second district in the U.S. Congress in the state’s primary this June.

In 2016 Bennett gave a talk framing Islam as ‘90% violence’.

In 2021 he compared mask mandates to Star patches worn by Jews in the Holocaust. 

Sounds like a nice chap… eh?

(Thanks to Brenda for the heads up)

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, ou, plutôt les mêmes choses

Oh dear, another day, another criminal.
Still, he’s no stranger to controversy.
Eww, that’s nasty.

Then there’s this tube. nos fines nostros occupabimus in aliquo puncto indivisibili in futurum

And, talking about nasty, here’s Jake ensuring that we get some good news about Brexit… That is that we are NOT taking back control of imports for another 18 months+. Magic, all this controlling our own borders, eh?
He meant “eventually”!
Because, without a doubt, the best place to do an interview is at an Abba Party… Duh, everyone knows that. And you get the bonus of the Dancing Queen joining in, eh Gove, sniff?
Rule Britbinia.
As they say, God moves in mysterious ways…VERY!


I’d like to know if the front bencher who was allegedly (according to the minister involved) watching porn on his phone sitting next to a female colleague, is one of these MPs.

In fairness to the rest of the male members of the cabinet, I’d say we have to know more about this allegation, because, at this moment we are all wondering which minister was accused and there is a temptation to do the guilty until proven innocent thing.

But also, those facing investigation (not just Tories) that Ms Lucas mentions are putting all MPs under suspicion.

The law in their country may be different, but in Scotland when Alex Salmond was accused of sexual harassment in 2020, and charges were brought against him (of which he was later found not guilty by the High Court), his name was not kept secret.

I’d also like to know why the Tory MP Imran Khan, who was found guilty, in a Crown Court, of an assault on an underage boy, is still a member of parliament. He has been thrown out of the Tory Party, but he remains an MP and as such, I am helping to pay his salary.

The Crown Court Judge, Mr Justice Baker said he will sentence Khan at a date yet to be fixed and he went on to say that all sentencing options, including immediate custody, were being considered by the court.

And while we are on the subject of sexual cases, I not that the councillors of the City of York have unanimously removed the Freedom of the City enjoyed by the man who used to be called prince, Andrew.

Liberal Democrat Darryl Smalley, City of York Council’s executive member for culture, leisure and communities and proposer of the motion, said: “I was pleased to see councillors of all parties support this motion and make it clear that it is no longer appropriate for Prince Andrew to represent York and its residents.

The council also called for the queen or the government to strip Andrew of the title “Duke of York”.

I’d like to see the same thing happen in Inverness, where he has the lesser title of Earl. Apparently, however, when a vote was taken by the council, only 13 of the 32 members voted that he should be stripped of the title, and I get the impression that this was done along party lines. Because it was proposed by the SNP, the unionists voted against. Does anyone know?

If I came from Inverness, I’d not want my town to be associated with him.

Anyone from Inverness?


I realise that all parties have their scandals and many of them will involve sex, and it’s a cross party thing. We can all think of various levels of scandal in all the major parties and some of the minor ones.

And even when something isn’t illegal (as I’m sure some of these accusations will turn out to be) I think we probably have the right to expect that serving MPs, ASs, AMs or MSPs, who make our laws, should conduct themselves with a bit of decorum and restraint. We pay them, after all!


Pretty Pussy, little ball of fur!


Ummmm, maybe a wee windfall tax, Rishi? LOL. What am I saying? Poor people should just burn each other, as they die of the cold.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of the UK. Proud?

According to the Tories:

“In local authorities run by the SNP and Labour, you *could face an extra £200 on your council tax bill *if this year’s increases continue for the next five years. while protecting vital services.”

  • *My emphasis

Only that’s not what their poster says. It says it will increase by £200, fact. No indication of “may” and no indication of the time it will take to do that.


If this indicator is anything to go by, even if the bill went up by £200 over the next five years, it would stand at £1,547, still cheaper than Wales and much much cheaper that the Tories’ England.

Fortunately, given that the Tories now have a reputation for lying out of their backsides, it is highly unlikely that any but the most ardent Conservative will believe this.


I hope he didn’t cross his legs. Nad would have had a fit of the vapours.
Guaranteed I won’t be buying any. And I’ll never be able to think if Liz from now on without associating her with a salad dressing. Way to cheapen stuff, Heinz! Barf.


Journalists from the Guardian, Financial Times and Mirror were allegedly blocked from joining Home Secretary Priti Patel’s trip to Rwanda this month.

Whats that crooked white line going up the middle of her head? Is she going grey, or was Gove there?

I’m inclined to wonder if that indicates that they are newspapers that we should trust?


You ever get anything right, Nige?


This is Russ. Excellent analysis of the complete whatsit that the Tories have made in the last week.


Another West Indies nation wishes to move on from a foreign monarchy. Eddy and Mrs Eddy (apparently two of the less disagreeable members of the family) have been told by the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda that they wish, in the fullness of time, to become a republic. this was simply notice of intention for the future. Not nearly as embarrassing as the notice for two other countries, to the much less agreeable Willie and the Clothes Horse.


And this plank, ladies and gentlemen, is your deputy prime minister. Decidedly thicker than the proverbial two short ones.

I wonder if he means that WE too could have our motorways shut down by lorry queues and fertilised central reservations. Here is Professor Chris Grey’s latest take on Brexit (thanks to Brenda).



2. DUH!

“If you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughing stock.  That’s humerus.”



Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book. – Ronald Reagan

I JUST met a youngster on the street, crying his eyes out . I asked what was wrong.

He said: “Today I turned 22 in 2022 so I went to the bookies and put £22 on the second horse in the second race of the day. It was at 2.22!pm!”

“That all sounds great,” I said. ’”What went wrong?”

“He came in second”.



“I asked my boss: ‘What do you want me to do with this metre roll of bubble wrap?’ He replied: ‘Just pop it in the corner.’ Four hours it took me.”


NO ENGLISH dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the two words “complete” and “finished”, some people saying there is no difference – but there is.

When you marry the right woman, you are complete. When you marry the wrong woman, you are finished.

And if you marry a woman who likes shopping, you are completely finished!



Thanks to: John, Erik, Brenda, Graham. Also want to thank Nadine, Jake and Andy Bowie for being a constant source of amusement.

Late finds:

26. Failing Grayling living up to his reputation. What I “fail” to understand is, how could you take back control of your borders if you didn’t …ummm, control your borders, indeed didn’t really have any borders ?
27. It appears that if the prime minister sees a pair of legs of the female variety, he goes to pieces and can’t do his job properly. <LOL, OK, I’m taking the Mick; he never does his job properly>. Perhaps Global Britain will demand that women all adopt the Saudi dress code, at least when Boris Johnson and the Andrew who used to be a prince are around? And of course, Britain being so important, clearly every country will comply!
28. Please get your legs cut off, Ms Rayner, they’re putting Fatso off his game. I wonder if they will try to blame this on the fact that Rayner has legs!
29. Remind me… what century is this?
30. Ummmmmmm!
31. Have you ever tried to live with him?
32. I think he’ll have to be pushed. If only there was a head of state with just a tiny bit of democratic legitimacy, she could do the pushing.


1. Munguin said I can be in charge today. Look how happy he made me.
2. Resplendent Quetzal from Costa Rica.
3. Yet another happy dog turns up in Srem. More story, without doubt, from John later.
4. And this one is YumYum, who owns the pub…so very much at home with John there!
5. I’m not from Bulgaria, so AndiMac caught me with his camera. You never know, one day I may feature as part of a BIG Duck, wee Dug story! I wonder which one I’ll play!
6. Thank goodness Stewart put some lunch out for me. I wonder if that bird fancies joining me?
7. There’s a little kiss for you, little fish.
8. Moooooooo.
9. Who’s a big pussy cat then?
10. There’s a Scottish sunset for you.
11. Ooops, I felled.
12. It’s that time of year again.
13. Hello, pretty.
14. In the middle of the Sahara Desert (Niger region), giraffe patterns carved into rocks, claimed to be about 12000-10000 years old.

Of all God’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. – Mark Twain


16. We’re all in the choir.
17. Now am I, or am I not, a [pretty pussy… and I’d remind you, before you answer, I have sharp teeth.
17a. It’s that time of the year when Munguin enjoys being his his gardens.
18. And why not?
19. He’s had the Factotum cut the grass.
20. And there’s a shady bit too if the sun gets too hot.
21. Afternoon tea will be served by the Factotum, when he finished with the gardening.
22. That wants sorting, Tris!
23. Anyone know what this is we found a Binn Castle?
24. Some lovely places in Fife.
25. It’s hard work being in charge. I’d better go get a lie down and some ZZZZs.

But before I go I’m going to say thank you, on behalf of Munguin, to Dave, Graham, John, AndiMac, Stewart and, I suspect, Kay for the photos from Bulgaria!

Munguin says thank you. He couldn’t do it without you (like he does anything!)

PS: Don’t tell him about 17 and 17a… He’ll think I can’t count and underpay me!!!


Dear World,

You wish to give you notice that World Beating GREAT Britain and the UK is more important that any other power in the world and as such, when we sign an international agreement in order to (in conjunction with lying to the queen to get a prorogation of parliament), facilitate a massive majority at an election (by telling the plebeians that we “got Brexit done”), we expect to be able to have it changed as and when it pleases us to do so.

I’m sure all you lesser countries, including those in the EU and China, India and the USA realise that superiority and accept without question that the only people who are held to their signatures on these things are foreigners. Not us.

Australia and New Zealand which have made trade agreements with our important selves, please make a note and prepare for changes. Once again these agreement were come to in order that the Rt Hon Truss of Private Jet would be able to boast about how clever she was and pose for photographs overlooking the Greenland Sea, or wherever it is you are.

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Rees Mogg, Rt Hon member of Her Britannic Majesty’s Privy Council.