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According to Buckingham Palace, Andy the lad is appalled by what he has learned about his dear friend, Mr Epstein.

A statement said: “The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes. His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.”

But, two years after Mr Epstein was jailed having been arrested for sexually abusing dozens of girls between 1999 and 2007 (he bargained this down to a Florida state felony prostitution charge, and was obliged register as a sex offender and do some jail time), Duke Airmiles was videoed with him at his mansion in New York.

So really he can’t have been THAT appalled.

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Please note, I’m not accusing Airmiles of anything except incredible stupidity, something for which, along with greed, he is renowned.

Many of the rich and famous have been friends with Epstein, spent time in his home and gone to his parties. And not all of them, possibly not any of them, will have shared his sexual proclivities.

But once they were known, and there’s no excuse for not knowing about them after the guy spent time inside for sexual misdemeanours, you’d have thought that someone at Buckingham Palace would have had the good sense to advise “his royal highness” that to be seen in Epstein’s company was probably not in his, his family’s or indeed the state’s best interests.

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Given that Tubby gets a fair old whack of dosh from the taxpayer to keep him in golf clubs, and his two daughters (who appear to do absolutely nothing for the state except mooch) in expensive clothes, I don’t think it is too much to ask that he steer his lazy self clear of people like Epstein.

If he was too stupid to see this for himself, or accept the advice of officials paid for by us to keep royals on the straight and narrow, then he deserves all that’s coming at him.

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As, I suppose, was to be expected, his highness was so upset about all the bad publicity that he and Duchess Sarah have flown off in a private jet to Malaga where they will hide from public scrutiny for a while.

It must be wonderful to be able to drop everything at a few moments’ notices and push off to an exclusive villa in the sun, all at taxpayers’ expense.

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Morning all…
n swan
All aboard… no pushing and fighting inside.
Kelp Forest.
n alpine
Alpine Meadow.
n bambie
Bambi and Bambi and…erm, Bambi!
n bear1
Off fishing.
n bloody buses
Late night buses, huh?
n buds
You looking for trouble?
n cottontail.jpg
Cotton Tail.
n cow 2
Whatcha think of that for a tongue?
n fox
Let’s have a fight.
n galapagos, ecusa
Galapagos, Ecuador.
n Zosha john Naismith vestas moose
Zocha, Moose’s buddy… (Vestas)
n clouded yello
Clouded Yellow.
n puff
Welcome to the cliffs.
n penguins
Who’s been naughty… and who’s been nice.
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n kiama aus
Kiama, Australia.
n bedtime
All that playing fair takes it out of you!
n rhino
Wish the rain would come. It’s like Brexit here!
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Except… these are for Panda Paws!

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In August 2009, I had been in hospital, having suffered a collapsed lung  (spontaneous pneumothorax) which just wouldn’t uncollapse, spontaneously or otherwise.

Bloody thing!

So they sent me to Edinburgh Royal, where they operated and stuck me all back together again, actually with talcum powder… no really!

When I was released I was a bit incapacitated with holes here and there and told to rest, temporarily unable to resume my duties. I’m wasn’t good at rest, although I’m a lot better than I was all these years ago.

So I was a bit bored. To be honest, I was a LOT bored.

There was a fair number of pro-indy blogs publishing in these days of yore long before the SNP did the unthinkable and formed a majority government based on a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum, and I was an avid reader of so many of them (along with watching endless re-runs of “Murder She Wrote”. Go, Angela!)

The following isn’t an exclusive list (and you may want to add to it), but I have very fond memories of Scot Goes Pop (James); John Brownlie; Pseudepigrapha (Conan); Niko’s Bar; Dean the Tory; Subrosa. I looked forward to their articles and the discussions that inevitably followed.

Office Party.

I was a reader of, and a regular contributor to, a blog called Advanced Media Watch, which was run by “The Spook of Leith”, a university student whose real name was Omar, and he and I bantered a lot on his blog, then got to emailing each other and bantering some more.

Spooky suggested I write a blog as a way of passing the time while I recovered from my operation, but I was far from confident about it and kept saying no. But bit by bit he wore me down… and then this little fellow turned up in my life and took over.


Between them, Munguin and Omar convinced me that I should get started, and Munguin’s Republic was born, with Munguin at the helm, and Tris there as his dog’s body.

Omar advertised the Republic on his very popular blog, Munguin took the writing in hand (paw? flipper?) and off we went.

And 10 years later, here we still are.

With the passage of time, blogs have come and blogs have gone… and some go on forever, eh James!

It’s a long time, is 10 years, and we’ve all got older but not a lot wiser.

We’ve discussed some stuff over the years… a good deal more than politics. And we’ve developed traditions. I reckon I’d get lynched if “All our Yesterdays” or “Soppy Sunday” (John’s invention) were to fall by the wayside. So they won’t.

I’ve made friends on here. Some of whom I’ve met (sometimes just in passing on a march, sometimes on a more personal basis, in the pub! And of course, maybe most dramatically, my friend Abu, who came all the way from Malaysia because of his love for Scotland). Some more, I hope, I will meet sometime in the future… and some, I guess, I’ll never meet.


Munguin and I would like to thank all of you… those who’ve been around since the beginning and those who have joined in more recently, for your friendship and for sharing your thoughts over the months and years. The Republic would be nothing without the comments.

Some of you, I know, read the blog regularly and rarely if ever comment. That’s fine too. And grateful thanks go to people who send in contributions, whether that’s articles (Panda Paws, Abu, et al), jokes, or photos… well, there are far too many to mention, but we all know who you are and your input is appreciated.

So enough nostalgia, and let’s try to get through the mess that is Brexit, even though we didn’t vote for it and onward to Independence, hopefully in the very near future.

Actually, we’re incredulous that there are still those who think that a Boris Johnson/Dominic Cummings government (as Chris Patten described the current UK administration tonight on Radio Four) is preferable to an Independent Scotland.


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AUOB march tomorrow in Aberdeen.

Details here. and here.



J is for Janus

Prepare to meet your end, all you nationalists!
As that lad said on the day after the referendum… “embrace it”.
!!!Proper Charlie
Lord save us. He’s had 70 years’ training for the job, and he still can’t do up his own buttons.
Well, if Mr Lavatory (above) doesn’t kill me off, I expect this fellow will.
Does it, aye?
bell ends
Bell Ends? British Whisky or Whiskey or whiskie or drain cleaner or something.
Richard Braine
UKIP’s new leader, Dick Braine…no really!


Hmmm… yep, that’s about it. Seeing as you want to defend England, mate, you can trot out to the gulf with that wee boat the Brits are sending.


He’s been back this week with another Browntervention.  Does anyone listen any more?


Whit? Oh yeah, so it has! You were right there. Pity about the £350 million a week. Still, think about the Blue Passports, eh!