Sir Simon Stevens is head of NHS England until the end of July, when he will be retire, go to the Lords, and be replaced by the next head of NHS England.

We assume it will be by Lady Harding (she of £37 billion Track and Test black hole and sundry other cockups).


She has now “applied” for the post, having mentioned a couple of weeks ago on social media, that she was thinking of doing so.

She is well known to Hopeless Handcock, and will be a good match for him, so I assume he has given her the nod.

Anyway, Sir Simon don’t seem to think a lot of old Matt the Muppet.



Oh look, he managed to say all that OTT sh*t in English. Not a word of Latin. If it hadn’t been Mogg, I’d have suspected sarcasm when he was talking about the “F*ing useless” Handcock.


Anyone up for it?
Is it the Morecambe and Wise Show, ‘Allo, Allo, or a Whitehall Farce? Mr Rees Mogg needs to start treating this with a little more respect… and when the hell is that useless Speaker going to do something about the farce that is ‘questions to ministers’. Questions deserve answers and ministers need to act like ministers, not some third-rate music hall comedy turn. World beating idiots.


See what I mean. We genuinely want to know the answer to the question, this airhead makes a snide remark that presumably she finds amusing, and the Speaker dozes quietly in his comfortable chair.


I’m pretty sure they were warned about this. World beating shortage of staff. Bravo Bojo.


And clubs seem smaller these days too…


Well, quite so, Mr Ross.



The Australia deal is going well, then?


Hilariously, the Scottish Tories in North Ayrshire, have demanded that they NOT be called the Scottish Tories, because they say it is derogatory and an insult.

And the Provost has asked, nay ordered, the SNP to refrain from using the term.

After raising a point of order in the meeting, Councillor Ferguson for the Tories said: “It is a derogatory term and I would prefer if you call us by our appropriate name, which is the Conservatives or Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.”

Councillor Gurney, for the SNP, pointed out that on Twitter, the party is handled @ScotTories… a name they chose for themselves.

You really couldn’t make them up.

Angus Robertson on Twitter: "“Dumb and Dumber: Red faces for top Tories.  Ruth Davidson and Douglas Ross humiliated as vote of confidence in Sturgeon  ends in embarrassment”. Front page of today's @Daily_Record…
Don’t call us Tories, say the Tories.

I remember vaguely that Michael Howard tried to get the media and the public to start calling the Conservatives Conservatives, presumably because he knew that their name was derived from a Middle Irish word meaning thieves or villains.

Anyway, Munguin has decided to respectfully ignore the request and you will doubtless be relieved to know that Tories of any colour will continue to be known as Tories on this blog with an occasional expletive added for good measure.


Oh… damn. says Truss. Did I get something wrong? Cheese.


Derek Louden@LoudenDW · 5h

It turns out that 60 times the present level of Aussie beef & lamb can come in immediately under Boris’s deal with no 15 year phasing in period after all.

Michael Russell@Feorlean
The Secretary of State against Scotland , the lamentable Alister Jack, ( @ScotSecofState ) was assuring the nation on Sunday that there would be effective limits on total imports & a long period of transition. Neither were true so either he wasn’t in the loop or he lied.

The pledge to protect farmers for 15 years has been dropped.

Incidentally, these details were released in Canberra but suppressed in England.


Something resembling hell': how does the rest of the world view the UK? |  Politics | The Guardian


It isn’t just on-line radicalisation though, is it?

It’s the mainstream press too, Express, Telegraph and Mail in particular, and, for all I know (because I don’t watch it and almost never now listen to it) it’s the BBC itself which seems to be a mouthpiece for the Tory English Nationalist Government. No wonder Dross can’t take his hands away from his eyes. He’s got to fight for this lot.

But it seems to me that if the Johnson government is continuing to restrict freedoms, the threat from this virus must indeed be still very real.

It is, after all, the last thing they want, although the arrival on these shores of so much of this Delta virus is, of course, to a fair extent, the fault of Johnson and Patel, who refused to close the border with India, presumably for fear of annoying Narendra Modi, with whom they need a trade deal.

According to Public Health England, early data suggests that Delta is more likely to lead to hospitalization than Alpha and deaths have been recorded of people who have had both vaccinations. Ninety percent of new cases in the UK are Delta.

Those who have not had any vaccinations are at very considerable risk from it, and I suspect that many of those protestors will have never worn a mask and will have refused their vaccinations. And yet, they shouted right in that man’s face.

And the police did nothing! (I’ve tweeted this video to the Met as I’m sure many others have).

As someone pointed out, if he’d been a statue of a slave trader he’d have been better protected.

And it’s not just in London or Engand this is happening.

More and more in shops in Scotland I see mask-less people (including in Stobswell, one of the high risk areas in Dundee) who make no effort to distance from other shoppers and walk past the sanitising stations at the door, increasing the risk that whatever they had on their hands will stick to the first items that they examine without buying and leave for someone else to take home.

At this rate, and with this level of disrespect for the regulations, and other people, I wonder how long it will be before we are back to total lockdown.






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David M. Herszenhorn@herszenhorn
·Message just now from handler about Boris Johnson’s closing G7 news conference as summit host:

“Unfortunately the UK does not accept journalists from foreign outlets”

Global Britain. Right.


Adam S. Business Owner, Vintner, #BDS,#FBPE@Adam_SH69

Please spare a thought for proud brexiter Mike. Owner of a seafood restaurant overlooking River Dart in Devon. He called LBC upset that his European staff have gone & left him with a staff shortage. “I’m waiting tables at my age. The wife is behind the bar polishing glasses”.








18. Has he become Mrs Thatcher?


19. Maybe you should have tried it in easier English and restricted it to no more than half a page in large letters.

James Felton@JimMFelton

If it came home she would deport it

Priti Patel@pritipatel · 5h

COME ON ENGLAND Flag of England

20. I wonder will she do that for Wales and Scotland, or does she not think they exist?

Thanks to Brenda and AndiMac


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