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It’s good to take back control of your borders… isn’t it?

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Nah… must be wrong. We held all the cards and there were no downsides.


For those who still haven’t worked this out:

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It’s really not that hard.



And Johnson calls us The Scottish NATIONALIST Party. What a twerp,
Even Sir Keir is at it.
Goodness.. someone has a banner of them across her living room… and the wee twerp at the top there has his red box open.
There’s always the smart arse that has to have more flags than anyone else… and you might know the Pritster wins hands down.


1. Trust BIG Dug and wee Dug to have the best interests of the butcher at heart!
8. Haute cuisine Ecossaise.
10. Whatever.
11. Who? Me?

Thanks to Erik, Andimac, Brenda, Brendan and PP.

Bonus: Warning, Only for those with a broad mind and a strong stomach.

What are dancing sandwiches?
The Viceroy cometh … and I think we will probably need to ask the colonial masters if we can please please please have ta shot of their army to hold back the enthusiastic crowds.. and of course to answer the inevitable question “Who’s the English blokey in the kilt and what did he come as?”
Easter is just around the corner…
This one is for the ladies… I told you not to look unless you had a strong stomach. Cor… look at them manly legs… No, I was joking. DON’T!
Try to contain yourselves…


1. Morning all. What do you think of this little one of mine?
2. We’re like the Alexander Brothers, but we’re betterthe Alexander Burdies. Maybe Moira would fancy a collab?
3. Hamish would be most displeased… and you wouldn’t like to meet a displeased Hamish.
4. Eh? What sign?
5. Patagonia.
6. I have two trees in my garden. And no snow, Munguin…
7. Ah, you thought I was walking on water, didn’t you? Well, no, I’m not that good yet… I wish I’d brought my skates though.
8. These look tasty leaves!
9. We’re playing at being polar explorers today.
10. Dunnottar Castle.
11. I heard there’s peanuts at Munguin’s feeling table.
Image result for capital of malawi
12. Lilongwe, capital of Malawi.
13. Dwarfie Stane, Hoy, Orkney.

14. Nope, it’s no good. No matter what way I look at you, I can’t say I’m impressed. I’m gonna get a mirror.

15. I’m not any more keen than Hamish at getting my horns touched… Just letting you know.
16. I cannot tell a lie. I’m very partial to meal worms… and it’s my birthday today.
17. You do know, don’t you, that Red Pandas isn’t proper Pandas like what I is.
18. Meeeeeeeeeeh
19. Pals…
20. While my mum’s not looking, I’m sticking out my tongue at you… He he he… Don’t tell her though, or there’ll be no bananas for me!

Thanks to AndiMac.


Yesterday, Munguin and his friend, the Archduke of Antarctica took a stroll in the ground of the towers.

I took a snapshot of them enjoying a rare moment or relaxation in the snow, before resuming their heavy responsibilities: Munguin in his media empire and the Archduke with his matters of state. (Strangely similar tasks seem to be involved in running a continent and running a media empire. For example the quaffing copious amounts of champagne and consuming gravlax with white truffle shavings…)

Not long afterwards, however, I discovered that they had entertained yet another notable at their garden party, probably while I was shovelling snow or answering the bell. My thanks, therefore go to the very excellent Piers Doughty-Brown for capturing the visit and sharing it in his own photograph of the event.



I give you fair warning. There’s a lot of colourful language in this video.

(The one thing you can be grateful for is that there’s neither sight nor sound of Sniffy Pure Dead. So it’s only a moderately offence post.)

Danny sent me the link. It is really worth watching.

“If that’s not an impeachable offense, then there is no such thing”.

Not an unreasonable claim, I think. It would be hard, having seen that, and the time line on Trump’ commentary, not to agree with that statement.

And even when eventually he told them to go home, there was no condemnation of what he must have known had happened.

He told them…”we love you”.

Imagine. That was the president of the United States of America.


Sniffy Pure Dead Brilliant’s Whitehall Union Department is looking for staff. The job advert says that a knowledge of Scottish issues is merely ‘desirable’.. Given some of the blunders they have made so far, none of the people working there can even spell Scotland so this may be an improvement.

They are spending taxpayers money on this. I trust that they won’t get too bent out of shape if our government sets up a department to do the opposite.


Did you know that there were wee houses up there in the middle of the Forth Railway bridge. In fact they are workers’ rest places … Here’s a wee bit about them.


To be fair, I’ve never though Grant Shapps was bright enough to be let out on his own, but it appears that he’s not bright enough to be kept in on his own. He has told

The transport secretary has defended the UK’s current border restrictions, saying that implementing strict Australia-style border closures would not help the UK get the covid pandemic under control.

He said the same approach would not work for the UK as it is “an island nation – unlike Australia or something which is an entire continent”.

Anyone want to give the twit a map?



Piers Morgan@piersmorgan · 2h

If failing to quarantine properly is punishable by 10yrs in prison, what is the punishment for failing to properly protect the country from a pandemic?

Off the top of my head, I’d reckon a seat in the Lords and a pile of dosh.


I’d quite forgotten just how dim Sarah was. Maybe there’s a job for her in the English Cabinet. She has the right qualifications. Hard right and Dumb as a Stump.


As you might imagine, Munguin is less than pleased about the state of his grounds. “Tomorrow, Tris, you must gird your loins and set about restoring my grounds to their usual splendour, unless of course you had your mind set on a change of career”, he said to me only minutes ago.