n bun1
Morning! A bit of a surprise for you today. It’s Easter so I gave the Orangutans the day off. I think they are rolling their eggs.
n mt fuji
Mt Fugi. Wanna roll your egg down there?
n porcupinequills
I got Rose Hips instead of Easter Eggs…much better for me.
n sb dog
Belt up, little one. Off to roll your egg.
n wisteria
Wisteria at my friend’s house. How does she manage to make it grow?
n bun4
You gonna share that?
n south georgia
Munguin’s family in South Georgia.
n cat
I spy with my cat’s eye something beginning with E!
n snaefellsness
Snaefellsness, Iceland.
n bun2
Are we quorate for the Bunny Council meeting?
n baby-orang-utan-poses
I thought I’d better look in to keep an eye on these bunnies!
n bun3
What a cosy looking home…
n japan
They do posh garden sheds in Japan.
n wren
Even little wrens get sleeping sometimes…
n moo
Your not rolling eggs down my hill, or you’ll have these horns to deal with!
n bun1
I like doing this Soppy Sunday job. Does Munguin pay well?
n switzerland
Do you think the Swiss roads designer had had one or two too many glasses of the infamous Swiss whisky?
n sea turtle
Sea Turtle on her journey to the sea.
n o3
I’m not sure these bunnies are doing a good job, Uncle Tris.
n stockholm
n bun6
You thought it was all over… but we have a surprise for you…




I’m told that May came to Scotland yesterday for a very brief visit during which she studiously avoided any members of the public.

This Scottish bloke here was clearly explaining the manufacture of tartan to her.

She, clearly, couldn’t have been less interested if she’d made a Herculean effort.

I’d have thought that she might have been able to learn how to smile, and at least look towards whatever was being explained to her even if she’s not taking in a word of it.

I’m wondering what particular “real opportunities” Brexit will provide for “Britain”. (Given that she was on a whistle-stop tour of four nations of the UK, I’d have thought she might have mentioned Scotland by name. But that would have taken a bit of empathy, not one of May’s strong points.)

b r e

Anyway, what ARE “real opportunities” …as opposed, say, to “imaginary opportunities” like, for example, £350 million a week for the NHS?

Oh well, they say that trying times bring forth the best in some people…

So maybe we’ll reinvent powdered eggs, ration books and gas lighting and sing songs around the piano. Now there’s an opportunity for second-hand piano salesmen.


*added at 11.03

Random Thoughts


Yes, Ms Nokes reckons that Scotland is just like Lincolnshire County Council. I presume then, that she sees us as a county of England. Amazing the level of ignorance in the UK government!



Mrs May, I heard this morning, described her united kingdom as the most successful union in the world. And this from a woman who, like the late Mrs Thatcher did, holidays in Switzerland. She may also have heard of Germany. And her a geography graduate.



Liam Fox on the radio this morning making it clear that he knew much more about moulded seat parts for car manufacture than the chief executive of the that makes moulded seat parts for cars. Well, who needs experts when you have the genius of Liam Fox at your disposal.




The Indy Pledge is an agreement of the YES movement’s core values, offering simple positive principles, promoting our shared beliefs and actions as a force for positive change.

The intention is to encourage people to be mindful of how our actions, in person or online, can impact positively or negatively on the independence movement.

By signing this pledge, individuals, groups and organisations are agreeing to abide by the following core principles:

  • We are an inclusive movement that values all people equally and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, religious beliefs or non-beliefs or sexual orientation.We will promote this inclusiveness in all our expressions and actions.
  • We work with respect for all people, regardless of our politics or differences of opinion.
  • We are a peaceful organisation and apply peaceful means of achieving independence.
  • We will promote a positive vision for independence.
  • We will work constructively towards the goal of independence: as individuals and as a movement.
  • We are an open grassroots movement and work with the utmost transparency in our ideas and actions.
  • We are a broad and diverse movement and expect individuals to take responsibility for their own actions and contributions to the campaign for independence.
  • We are the grassroots of an independent Scotland. We believe that a dynamic and creative movement will bring a thriving Scotland, and we want all people to play a role. As we work towards independence, we will enable and encourage fellow members to develop their own skills and talents.

Independence starts with our movement and we must reflect the Scotland we want to be.

With this in mind, we ask that all people and all groups sign up to this pledge and make our contributions ever mindful of these principles.

 Sign as an Individual

The pic comes from this website, which is worth a visit.


Warning: Bad language and sectarian bigotry. 


James Dornan, MSP for Cathcart got this in his email.

He’s reported it to the police.

I hope anyone else who gets one does the same.

It’s being done in the name of Protestantism.

I’m not a religious believer of any sort but I’m pretty certain that there’s not a word in the Bible about doing this…

Not to Catholics. Not to Irish. Not to Muslims. Not even to SNP supporters.

The person or people who came up with this are sick. They’re an insult to the church they purport to represent. We all know that. But this is exactly the kind of thing that will excite some low life… you know, the kind that goes to the football for the drinking and the fighting, and knows sod all about the game.

They really need to be stopped. This is not the kind of Scotland I want to live in.





Not, in any case, that there is anything wrong with simply advertising on Facebook. Parties USED to advertise in the newspapers when they had a readership. NO one suggested that was wrong as long as they didn’t overspend.

!dont grow up poor or i'll starve you
When you grow up a bit and go to school, just don’t be poor, otherwise, I’ll starve you. Hush now…
It seems the Royal Mail is being paid to deliver stuff straight to the skip.  Censorship by the postie?
a nigel4
I’m not sure the government’s plan is quite that good.
DWP: Heartless Bastards. I don’t swear on the blog (I do in real life) but this is sickening. If you thought IDS was bad. McVile takes evil to whole new level.
Erm, y’what? I see you weren’t in the loop then!
ahands lords
Of course, the House of Lords is a travesty of democracy in any case, but this is for sure. When MPs lose their seats they should NOT be given a meal ticket for life in the “upper” chamber. The public expressly said they didn’t want them. They threw them out. The will of the people and all that. Why are they still there, as Michelle Moan said, FOR LIFE?
Judgement? You have to be joking!
Well, I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, you certainly wouldn’t see it on the BBC.
LOL, posh boy. Do you seriously think that they aren’t already laughing like drains at the Brits? You need to get out more.
military salaries
So, just how many ranks in Scotland are going to be paying a few pence more in tax as of April, in return for better services?



I always say there’s nothing like a hug on a Sunday morning.
n bun
I know it’s not Easter yet, but Panda Paws has been asking for me, I hear, so here I am…
n killer whale
I’m having a whale of a time being in Munguin’s Soppy Sunday.
n penguinbs sg
What are we queueing for again?
n danny
Hubble Ultra Deep Field (from Danny). cw ESA/Hubble.
n klevan ukraine
Klevan, Ukraine.
n kangaroos
No, you can’t pick any. This is our garden and these are OUR flowers.
n kangaroo island
I wouldn’t mind some of what that guy was drinking when he came up with this road on Kangaroo Island.

n happy dog

I’m ready to go for my walk when you are…

n jaisalmer India

Jaisalmer, India

n hello

Now, look me in the eyes and say that…

n sudan white rhino

This was Sudan, the last white rhino in the world…

n bye bye, white rhino

He died this week of old age. This is his keeper, and friend, saying goodbye.

n bergen

Bergen, Norway. They are right hard these Norwegians. This one didn’t clear the snow off the bench before sitting on it.

n abu dabhi

Abu Dhabi.

n bee

Good find here… lots of lovely pollen.

n Ban Gioc, Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Ban Gioc, Vietnam.

n baby or9

OK… now DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOU CLOCKS TO SCOTTISH SUMMERTIME (as long as you live in Scotland). Remember it’s spring forward and fall back. See you next week.



The other day there was a small demonstration on London’s river, the Thames. It involved a few middle-aged men and some dead fish. It seemed to get quite a bit of coverage in the media (including our own humble pages). Possibly because it involved Jacob Rees Mogg (the next UK prime minister, they say), Nigel Farage, the arch publicist, and much more interesting, the aforementioned dead fish.

Today there was a massive demonstration in Edinburgh involving thousands of protesters who joined arms around our parliament in a symbolic gesture telling the UK parliament to keep its hands off our powers.

I mean, we can be pretty certain that Westminster’s objectives in repatriating powers to THEIR parliament instead of OURS is NOT IN ANY WAY destined to be for the good of the Scottish people.

As if!

So thousands of people turned up and they joined hands and encircled our parliament, as you can see from photographs to be found all over the net.

As far as I can make out, however, the BBC didn’t bother mentioning it on the grown-up national news, and even BBC Shortbread had it so far down the pecking order it went almost unnoticed.

Indeed, according to the BBC… “news” under Scotland, a library book returned after 36 years, was considered to be more important. now Munguin’s Republic encourages people to return Library books timeously… or even late… (and we’re sure that will get Conan’s backing too) but come on… Thousands of people protesting at parliament in the capital and one library book!

So, if you aren’t internet savvy and you don’t live in fairly close proximity to parliament in the capital, you ain’t gonna know that it happened.

Well, of course, unless you live abroad… because the Chinese were there


The BBC seems determined not to report any news that is good for Scotland and in particular the independence movement, but you can bet that if only 4 people had turned up, Misreporting Scotland would have been over it like a particularly nasty rash.

I don’t know if they think they are doing Westminster a favour; I don’t know if they think there is a collection of Damehoods, Knighthoods and Peerages to be gained if they manage to keep news from us, but I tell you this, as a long-term strategy, this kinda thing rarely works.

You’ll be rumbled, BBC.

Anyway, Munguin wishes he’d been there (if only to take tea with Nicola afterwards) but to all the great folk who WERE there (and I know some Munguinites were), we say thank you for going and playing your part in telling London where to get off.

Let’s make “so called” Reporting Scotland an essential epithet.