When is Amber Rudd going to go?

Every time she appears before the Commons to answer questions on the fiasco that is the immigration/deportation policy, she has changed mind about the story and her part in it.

And each time it has changed because she has been caught out misleading, misspeaking,  dissembling or whatever is the current euphemism for lying her backside off on the previous occasion.

Tory Fibs (on Twitter) summed it up thus:

• There were no targets

• Oops, there were targets but I wasn’t aware

• Oops, my civil service didn’t inform me

• Oops, there was a memo but I didn’t read it

• Oops, I wrote a letter mentioning the target

• Oops, it wasn’t a target. It was an ambition

This is incredible. This is the Home Secretary, one of the most senior cabinet ministers, talking to the House of Commons.


Today we’ve all seen a leaked copy of a memo which she sent to May showing how she was taking the enforced deportations forward by increasing the target (y’know, the ones she didn’t know about because there were any, but there were and she did).

The article is worth a read, and I won’t rehearse all it says here. But it shows her up for what she is.

She is clearly either incredibly stupid and forgetful, or she is a compulsive liar.

Either of these things makes her unsuitable to be Home Secretary.

So she must just GO NOW.



n joss
Morning Soppy Sundayers. I’m in charge of the tour today. Walk this way…
n autumn forest
And this is the enchanted forest.
n badger
Please tell the Brits to stop killing my friends and family.
n belles
Blue is a lovely colour for flowers.
n bryce snow
Bryce Canyon, Utah, in the snow.
n buchanan castle
Buchanan Castle, Scotland.
n from space
Scotland from Space.
n getting teeth
Look, everyone, I’m getting my first teeth.
n corvin cstl rom
Corvin Castle, Romania.
n Hanokohau Falls Hawaii
Honokohau Falls, Hawaii.
n jamie
n sad dog
So, a walk is definitely out of the question then?
n rovaniemi isladn finland
Rovaniemi Island, Finland.
n lion
Five mates out for a drink.
n crock
Mum… don’t forget I’m in your mouth, will you?
n moorhen
Come on, the water isn’t cold.
n hippo
I’m one good looking hippo, aren’t I?
n magnol
Magnolia blossom.
n needles iow
The needles, England.
Baby Orangutan at Chester Zoo
Oh, you catch me having my elevenses. Hope you had a good tour. See you next week.


Oh really!


What DID you expect?


Oh yeah, that was it…

Certainly are different, there’s no disputing that…


Britd in spain2
When they go to live abroad, Brits like to fit in.



They get emotional about SOME babies, but not all.



The LOVE sport.



England Fans
And getting their kit off for a bit of stone-throwing at foreigners…



Although, fortunately, not all of them.



Like I say, they don’t like ALL children. Just ones with titles.



But, you have to give them credit. They have sticking power.



bre3 irlanbd
Even if they are incompetent.



And hopefully, it’s about to blow up in their nasty evil faces…


Just go, you unpleasant woman.




And in many cases, offering military expertise, which I suppose is why there won’t be retaliation against Saudi Arabia for bombing the wedding party. Ooops, My Bad!

Yep, I got it now… I think????
I think that was only if the president was black. If he’s orange it’s an entirely different thing.
Well, yeah, but that was different. I got better shoes now because presidents get the best shoes in the world. FACT.
As they bloody well MUST be…
Ah, yes. Well maybe if they can prove the unprovable… a bit like the victims of Grenfell Tower who were promised new homes within 6 weeks, and are still waiting.
!this is your
Sounds like that lovely Christain woman whose worst deed ever was to run through a cornfield. Coz clearly taking someone’s citizenship from them, having them lose their job, home and actually deporting them, or denying them cancer treatment, is far less offensive than running through a bloody cornfield, you odious woman.
Winston Smith hard at work in Whitehall.
Alive and well, it seems.
Could? Well, yes, I suppose it could. Martians could land too and then what would happen to the NHS? But look on the bright side, Michael. You won, at least in England and Wales and you’ve forced us into it too. And one of the results of this is that no one from Europe wants to come and work in your NHS. So it will become unsustainable anyway because there won’t be many nurses or doctors by 2030. It would be fair to say that the scenario you outlined could have been avoided in numerous ways. You could have vetoed Turkey’s membership (although you wouldn’t ahve to because Greece would have done it for you). Or you could have simply enacted the provisions that exist and which other EU countries have done viz a viz only allowing people to live here when they have jobs (and are paying taxes). Still, nothing like a bit of racial hatred to get the terminally thick on your side. Filthy foreigners coming over here to die on our trollies.


So, not only do our pensioners live in poverty… our kids are among the hungriest in Europe. Proud?






Scotland, I suspect, would not feel obliged to punch above its weight so it might have money to pay a pension that approaches that of some of our neighbours.

We might also be able to ensure that people had enough money to buy food and stay warm 52 weeks of the year.

And maybe our health service would be something to be even more proud of it we spent the same percentage of our GDP as say, Japan, Germany or France.

Just a thought…



n orq Andalas
MOrning. The kids are in bed, so I’ll take your tickets and start the tout…
n woof
I’m first.
n croatia
Croatia, one of my favourite countries.
n desert
Life everywhere.
n dolp
Come on in, the water’s fine.
n donk
We’re from Birmingham. Don’t laugh. Someone has to be.
n f
Anyone know what these are called?
n kings landing nouveau brunswisk
Kings Landing, Nouveau Brunswick.
n finland
I’m not sure which is holding which up…
n french alpes
French Alpes.
n mexico
Swimming Mexico style.
n hello
Did I smell breakfast cooking?
n slug-invasion-spanish-slugs-805965
Find a cute slug you said… well, I’m here.
n tapir
I’m a Tapir, in case you were wondering.
n Vischering castle
Vischering Castle, Germany.
n wall
Maybe this is Trumpy’s new wall?
n yosemite
Our old mate Yosemite.
n tiger sllug
I’m a Tiger Slug. I borrowed Bet Lynch’s coat.
n northumberl
Northumberland. Isn’t it green?
n orang1
I’m up now, Uncle Munguin. I’ll take over the Soppy Sunday Tour.