Boris got a rousing welcome from Mancunians.

And the faithful were clearly agog to hear what drivel they were being fed.


At some fringe meeting, Bojo was talking about a climate change summit he’s holding in Glasgow, if you please, where he wants there to be a big union flag at the back of the stage. And…

Well, I suspect she doesn’t want to be anywhere near your flag. But you do realise that being stupid enough to mention all that, does mean that Glasgow, very much a YES city will be teaming with Saltires, inside and outside of your summit. (Incidentally, does your boss… you know, your old bro with the orange skin… know that you are into climate change stuff???)

And in the meantime, they carried on sleeping.


The “scandal” of Boris’s wandering hands won’t go away. I’m not one to comment on whether it is right to bring something like this up after years, or whether they should have dealt with it at the time.  He was their boss. It’s not always easy to deal with your boss in that kind of situation and unless you know all the circumstances it is best to stay out of it. But not dear old Tobe. He seems to have just gone and made it worse.

tory con1

Ho hum… And then there is the ever charmless Hopkins person:


Has anyone ever come across a more stupid or repugnant character than Hopkins?

Ooops, maybe I spoke too soon.

I dunno. Can anyone point me in the direction of something sensible said by someone…anyone… at the Tory Conference?

I wonder if this is what passes for sense in today’s England.


Just for a laugh

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Thanks to BJSAlba for the above.

joke pedant john

Thanks to John for this one.

jk jrm

joke eu


whos's dead



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Morning. I’m a rescue baby. I expect Tris looked a bit like this last week.

n dubai cat
John has been in Dubai this last week or so and discovered this fine kitten who was rescued by John’s mate from a skip and taken in as the office cat.
n utah
n redpoll
Wildflowers growing in Vienna.
Image result for isle of man peel castle
Peel Castle, IOM
Image result for giraffes
Just checking your spots, dear.
Image result for sealions
Seal Lion love.
Image result for greenland
From Greenland’s not so icy mountains.
Related image
Image result for highland cows
So, imagine you meet these fine animals on the road. Who has the right of way?
Image result for cobra
King Cobra.
Related image
Freetown, Sierra Leone.
n snail
Yo, there.
n hunt
Let’s do it.
munguin guard david bell
One of Munguin’s doormen. (David).
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OK. That’s it. I’m takinga shift looking after Tris this morning. I think he prefers me to Munguin. Munguin reckons that looking after him involves Tris making his breakfast and bring him champagne. All I need is a cuddle.





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Amazingly, and long before I imagined that they would, Ninewells sent me packing today.

I cannot say how much I hated being there, but by the same token, I can’t say how fantastic all the staff were. Where do nurses get the patience to deal with patients?

The anaesthetists were fantastic guys, both of them funny witty lads with plenty of jokes and funny stories. The surgeon was a lovely man, and although his pre-surgery chat left me a tad on the nervous side (all that could go wrong… but didn’t) he was a great guy.

Funnily the first thing I asked when I came round was… ‘what happened in the Supreme Court?’, as opposed to ‘did anything go wrong with the op?’

Thanks for all your comments on “Talk to Yourselves”. More by a long way than we normally get! As for the readers’ stats… they didn’t vary at all from the average norm.

Hmmm. Editorial note: maybe I will be able to dispose of Tris’s services!

I’m fine but knackered, and sore all over, and I’m under strict orders to take it easy (except obviously for making Munguin’s dinner and opening his champagne) so I’m not going to be writing much over the rest of this week.

But I couldn’t resist this…

His brother, a Tory MP and minister, resigned his post and the Conservative whip and now his sister has a very dim opinion of his tactics.

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If only Trump were not funnier and more orange, Britain really would be the clown car of the world.


Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is the number of things I find annoying, I mean apart from being part of the UK, Brexit and politicians in general.

Image result for paying at the till in a supermarket

So, for example, I hate that when you are standing behind someone in a supermarket queue and they get all their stuff packed and then the assistant asks them for the money, and they have to rake for their wallet or purse and then they have to try to find their card and it takes ages…

I mean it’s not like they didn’t know they were going to have to pay, is it?

It wouldn’t have hurt to have their method of payment ready, would it?

Another thing is people wandering around town with their faces stuck to their phones oblivious of other people on the pavement, banging into others and glaring like it was everyone’s fault but theirs!

Well, I could go on, then you’d know what a grumpy person I really am…

I just wondered what kind of things annoy you. And I thought, while I’m out of circulation, you might like to share these things with other Munguinites.

Over to you…


…I thought you might like to see the cream of British intellect out on the streets fighting for Great British values.

I think as well as knighting this fellow, Liz should probably marry him off to her remaining single adult granddaughter, and start to improve the gene pool of the royal family!


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john cartoonas

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Munguin’s Republic will be taking a short break this week as Munguin is flying off to Paris and his usual suite at the Ritz.

Tris, on the other hand, has to go into hospital for an operation, however, you will be relieved to hear that Munguin has hired a butler in the fashion of Jeeves for the interim, and President Macron that Munguin is in town… So please don’t worry about him.

He will be expertly looked after.

We’ll see you upon his return!




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Morning all.
john cat
Acrobatic Bulgarian cat. (John’s)
n jericho vermont
Jericho, Vermont.
n redpoll
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You’ll find it’s a good idea to give little birds a lift!
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What are you looking at?
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I know… we’re not supposed to like each other. If we can be besties, what’s wrong with you Brits that you have to hate foreigners…specially ones that are the same colour and creed as you are? Jeez, are you a stupid lot?
n normandie
North France.
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Don’t get the hump!
Related image
Open wide.
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Anyone for the high jump?
Image result for wild animals
Now, let me think…
n corsica.jpg
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Snooze time.
n crrot
If cute animals can star in MR, I don’t see why cute vegetables can’t!
And sad-looking black rain frogs too!!!
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This owl’s going to teach me to fly!


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Apart from a couple of bonus videos, that’s yer lot for this week.