It appears, from Radio 4’s Today programme interview, that Liam Fox wants to hold US/UK trade deal talks in secret.

You might well wonder why.

Well, maybe it’s because it will allow corporate lobbyists to influence the talks while the UK public and parliament will have no idea what is on the table as quid pro quo.

What you reckon Mr Fox… Oh sorry, DOCTOR Fox, wants to hide from us?


Workers’ rights?


Environmental standards?

Fracking licences?

Foreign affairs?


Is it because, if it is done in public, the “ordinary” people will see the UK fold its tent every time the US makes a demand?

What do you think?



Also on the Today programme, the BBC out and out lied about Africa and trade deals. Mrs May is in South Africa to drum up support for a future trade agreement.

Mike Galsworthy pointed out:

Argh! talking crap about why we have “huge tariffs” on “African countries” & whether we can lower tariffs. This is ignorant. 33 African countries have ZERO tariffs to EU – coz they fall under “Everything But Arms” agreement.

Also, on top of this, the EU has various deals with African regions in development, aimed at helping Africa integrate into global trading system (EU is Africa’s biggest trading partner)

The EU has *huge* interest in the economic development & stability of Africa… especially given the proximity and immigration issues. With these trade deals, I understand EU even planning to invest to help African producers meet EU quality levels to help boost exports to EU.

Small wonder that the BBC’s “flagship” news programme has lost 800,000 listeners in a year.


That’s £500,000,000 per annum, by the way.



n or 6
Sometimes all the excitement of Soppy Sunday just wears you out.
n bat1
But not me. I’m raring to go.
N bath
Baths in Bath… how odd.
n bee
If I could just work out how to get this window open, or if Tris would just open it for me, I could be off to work polinating stuff again.
n kyoto
Kyoto, Japan.
n sete (Frank)
Sète, France (Les Vacances de Frank).
n horse
This is our field. I hope you weren’t thinking of moving in?
n moose the 2
The lovely Moose the Husky (Vestas). You might say there was a Moose loose about the hoose.  Or you might not…
n saltzburg
What a cool place to build flats, in Salzburg.
n tianmen china
How to get down a mountain in China.


n tre
They thought that when I blew down I would die, but I’m made of sterner stuff!
n pussy
Who’s a nice pussycat?
n whalesdolphins
Imagine having those two for cruising company?
n pine marten
Just like Tris at the gym, says Munguin (laughing up his sleeve)… Pine Marten. 
And now there’s a Moose loose about the gairden. (Vestas)
n rome
n deer
How did you get up here? 
n wildcat
Scottish wildcat, looking, erm wild!
n or
Hope you enjoyed that.  See you all next week.

Some observations on Thursday night’s events

Wee Ginger Dug

I’ve only just heard that Alex Salmond is taking the Scottish Government to court over their handling of two allegations of sexual misbehaviour made against him. I know no more about the details of the allegations than you do, which is no more than has been revealed in the press, but allow me to make a couple of observations.

Firstly, Alex Salmond is taking legal action against the Civil Service because of the way in which they have handled this matter, not against Nicola Sturgeon or her cabinet, who have – rightly – no role in this. It’s also important to point out that anyone accused of an offence has the right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

That said, we cannot make judgements about the guilt or innocence of anyone who is accused of a sexual offence on the basis of our…

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