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Jeremy Corbyn has graced our humble country with a visit this week, and Carry on Dick is beside himself with joy. Rabbiting on about how only Labour can end the austerity that the Tories and the SNP have brought down upon us.

It’s interesting though, to see that in Wales, where labour IS in power, they don’t appear to have done much austerity busting.

They weren’t in favour of equal pay either. Indeed they fought hard against it.

And when it came to voting for Mr Cameron’s Welfare Cap, where were our trusty socialists? Well, it seems that most of them were in the lobbies with their Tory mates.

And here is a list of Labour MPs who didn’t vote against the Tories’ Welfare Reform Bill, reducing the Child Tax Credits, and imposing a benefits cap.

Yesterday Labour and the Greens jumped on a bandwagon, once again. This time it was about public money that had gone to an arms firm, Raytheon.

It turned out that the money, awarded by Scottish Enterprise (SE), was destined to help the company to diversify from weapons manufacture into other fields, thus retaining Scottish jobs, while reducing our dependency on weapons manufacture.

As  Craig Dalzell pointed out, it is important to ensure that the money IS indeed used for that purpose and not to subsidise anything else. We must demand that SE does this. (Having been involved in projects funded by SE, I suspect that this will be done. In my experience they are strict in inspections of outcomes compared, for example, with the DWP.)

It was certainly unfortunate that Labour got involved in this argument given the funding that the Labour government in Wales has been giving the same company.

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Oh no… Is that a Welsh flag I see?

And lest we should forget, Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair (yes, he was Labour) was the bloke who took us into an illegal war with Iraq to get rid of Weapons of Mass Destruction which everyone, except the stupid UK, knew didn’t exist (even Gordon Brown admitted that). And we know how that ended up, don’t we?

Hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed people; the destabilisation of Iraq; the rise of ISIS and terrorism, not just in Iraq, but all over Europe.

Bravo, Tony. Still, you got a Congressional medal and got to play with George W Bush.

So, if I were Labour, I’d stay clear of criticising anything to do with war.


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John Major privatized railways all over the UK in a step that even Thatcher refused to contemplate.

Like most other things that were privatized, (health services, prisons, probation, water, telecoms, electricity, gas, etc) they have met with varying degrees of “success”, mainly “very little” and in some cases “catastrophically little”.

In 13 years of power “New” Labour didn’t reverse any of these Tory privatizations: indeed it added to them.

But that didn’t stop their Scottish branch complaining that the SNP hadn’t re-nationalised Scotrail. Until recently, of course, Edinburgh didn’t have the power to do that. (You can never be sure that Labour actually knows any of this stuff, or says it in the hopes of getting some SNP baaaad headlines.)  Now, although the current contract has some time to run, the government is looking at nationalisation after it runs out.

However, one ex-Labour stalwart is against it.

Struth, what are they like?


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PS: Do you remember the time that The Most Noble Lord George ffoulkes, Baron Cumnock, fumed at the Saltire livery of ScotRail, introduced in 2007, just after the election of the SNP government?  It was apparently designed to brainwash people into becoming nationalists.

He had to be informed that it had been agreed by a Labour-Liberal Dem government (Liberal Democrat Transport Minister, Tavish Scott) long before the SNP were in power.



  1. Tris
    They are just not self-aware at all in any shape or form and they know their hypocrisy just won’t be challenged in Scotland at all. I heard the clip from Radio Scotland and it is a shocker, I have given up now with the media apart from the National that I will redouble my efforts to buy again as it’s all we have. Labour are a total joke, even if by some miracle and divine intervention they formed a government they are worse than the Tories as far as incompetence goes. I actually preferred Miliband to Corbyn, I didn’t agree with most of his policies but I thought he was at least decent, just too weak and he could not overcome both his party full of nut jobs and the media who we know will do anything to keep the Tories in power. Corbyn is a total joke, he just has no idea about anything at all, he is a grumpy old man who is going to fail a second time and where do Labour go from there. Leonard is just as bad, he is out of his depth and being surrounded by the Baillie’s (she would not be out of place in UKip) of the world his ignorance and lack of knowledge of his brief just shines through. Has it ever been this bad in Scotland, I am just so relieved we have the SNP, not perfect, but can you imagine the state we would be in without them. I also see they are starting to roll out Curtice more now to tell the electorate, two years before the next Holyrood election, that the SNP can’t get a majority even with the Greens. Curtice and the yoon media are obviously fortune tellers now but it shows that the campaign has started now and the SNP will need to get their fact check team in over drive. No wonder people drink.


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    1. I don’t know how anyone can even begin to predict anything in the current climate of uncertainly.

      In 2 years everything may be OK, or we could be eating earthworms. How can you predict how people will vote.

      I’m not sure why anyone would vote for Richard Leonard. He’s the biggest joke yet, and that’s saying something after Murphy.

      I suppose people who want Tory policies will vote for Ruth, or whoever comes along after her when she goes to be an English cabinet minister.

      Willie Rennie… aye, well… whatever.

      Can you imagine any of them as first minister?

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      1. It’s just that Ruth Davidson does not like to associate herself with quite a lot of Tory politics- in case she has to explain and justify herself… not that any of the media challenge her to do that… she gets away with it. So, in the name of humanity- there is no excuse for voting Tory in Scotland -or Libdem. Labour is allowing itself to be destroyed from the inside out -accusations of anti-semitism – while the racists in the Tory party carry on regardless. What a mess.

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  2. Just maybe some Welsh people are beginning to see where they lie in the union.
    Listened to a radio programme on the way home from work, the dragon within.
    ” We are a colony of england”
    “We are not best governed by a foreign country”
    ” The electricfication of Welsh Rail was stopped on the same day as HS2 was given the funding”
    “The Cardiff Basin Tidal Power Barrage was found to be of no economic value ”
    ” Wales gets huge development funding from the EU as it is the poorest part of UK”
    ” Earners in Wales get 70% of the UK average wage”
    Just a few quotes from a spokesman who also said that england take decisions for London and the home counties, the other 3 ‘Nations’ are left in poverty.
    He did make one false statement that Scotland has at least Tax raising powers, unfortunately very poor.
    His last point was NI got £2b for 10 votes.
    And they vote welsh red tory, hopefully they’re seeing that they can go it alone as well, the union is definately a busted flush.

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    1. Oh, for sure, none of them in Westminster give a stuff about Wales.

      Wales is unlikely (atm) to vote for independence, so why would they care?

      NI is important at the moment because they invested all that money buying the votes of the Nut Job party, and on other occasions they have to be a bit careful, given their history of violence in England.


    1. Yes, Conan. An excellent read.

      I don’t suppose she’ll get into trouble for it, but she’d done her cause no good, and Jamie has done himself and his cause no harm.


  3. Just heard a bit of media coverage on smart meters.
    Classic FM ‘NEWS’, smart meters won’t save you money, the costs of making and installing and running them far outweigh any possible benefit. First advert after the ‘NEWS’ ; INSTALL a smart meter it’ll save you money, source; the power companies that our government are paying a bonus to have the target met by the date.
    Next we’re getting the squirrel, orange donald cheated on his election costs.
    Fox making his bid for the big job of PM, possibly.
    The EBC are turning their output into a tabloid, lets distract with games and cheap cackle. They’re even doing adverts now around their ‘news’ for their own output.
    MT is now going to sort out the sale of puppies and kittens from pet shops, a huge problem, but for the rough sleepers, nothing other than a recycling of old ‘news’.
    We’re living in the age of sound bites with suitable backing noises to help calm our troubled souls.
    I now find it not strange that all the media seem to lead with the same story, easy if you’re just passing on the cackle from your master in westmonster, no need to think about what to put in your publication.
    By the way where is MT, just doing a cut and paste job on the chequers docs.

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    1. Smart meters save them money, becasue they don’t have to have anyone come out to read them.

      Frankly, although I have one, I don;t use the thing that tells me how much I’ve used. It’s far too depressing… and if I knew how much it cost me to cook dinner, I’d probably stop eating!

      The notion of the disgraced DOCTOR Fox as as prime minister, isn’t THAT ridiculous, when you consider that the Orange Balloon is president of America.


  4. What is it about our xenophobic neighbours, you know, the country that is geographically attached to the south of Scotland.
    Dressing up as a member of the dad’s army cast is Great.
    Dressing up as a member of the German forces in WW2 is BAAAAD.
    Are they just bad at winning and losing or just rabid exceptional delusionists that won the last few wars on their own without help.
    Who were still paying off the borrowed money from the last war in the 1970’s.
    Who in their propaganda give the Greeks a hard time for managing to come out of an EU bale-out. Negativity abouds in their take of life in a world of paper currency that has no intrinsic value, a huge confidence trick.
    We really need to persuade our countries residents that the lifeboat of independence is awaiting.
    The south american oil state is also getting it hard on the media, all part I suspect of “You can’t rely on oil and gas to float your economy, Scotland” propaganda.
    In the meantime 30% of rUK natural gas consumption is coming out of the WEST of Shetland Basin, i.e. the Atlantic. Don’t tell anyone it’s a secret.
    Spoke to a midlander in Edinburgh, started out with Brexit, ended up with our usual, ” If Scotland is such a drain of englandland why don’t you just give us our independance”, silence. That was after putting him right on GERS figures as only a guide to pull a fast one.
    He had just told me that he had just given up on an offspring that he had had to support with money and NO thanks, think is called cognative resonance.

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    1. LOL.

      Aye, remember it was all going to run out in a couple of years… it having been wasted on wars and weapons, by governments of both colours, in a effort to keep in the the USA president, and, with his approval, continue to act like they were important.

      I’d love to take bus loads of NO voters to Norway and show them how an oil rich country of 5 million in the North Atlantic can look and feel.

      But then maybe Norwegians are just massively cleverer than jocks.


  5. Well it’s a fact you can kill and maim
    Innocent people as a yoon and the
    Nats will condemn etc.

    You can kill and maim people as
    A snp android the nats will defend
    Thier murderous action till the end.

    Munguins Republic or the nats version

    Conan dead ringer for Sean Hannity
    Only a lot more nastier


      1. you missed out better looking
        and as for talking shite why
        should you and tris have the

        When Jeremy ascends the peacock throne
        the first Labour action will be to kick yer erse
        mind you would probably enjoy that.

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  6. Just a few “thoughts” I put up on Twitter earlier Tris.

    Labour … what are they good for?

    their ignorance
    their incompetence
    their betrayal of Keir Hardie (Note to Labour … at least I spelt his name CORRECTLY!)
    being utterly useless
    being disingenuous
    being disrespectful
    being spouters of hot air
    being Tory supporters

    p.s. has anyone asked oor Jerry about his “concept” that Scotland holds the key to a General Election win considering that Scotland has voted thus since 1959?


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    1. They don’t seem to understand it.

      If every SNP seat had gone to Labour, they would still be in opposition.

      Because the SNP and Labour (and all the minor parties together) aren’t enough to overtake the Tories.

      Fundamentally, Scotland gets the government England votes for.

      And it gets the referendum result England votes for.

      We might as well just give up voting and let the clever people in England do it for us. It would save a lot of time and effort.

      Jeremy Corbyn is one hell of a disappointment.


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