Seriously, just how inappropriate was showing footage of WWII while the newsreader was announcing that Brussels had said that the agreement they eventually got from the British Government was the one that they would be sticking with?

I wonder if the BBC are predicting a third world war, or if the producer was simply pissed out of his head.


Seriously, there is no point in a backstop if it is time limited or if one party can simply withdraw from it at will. The EU’s deputy chief negotiator has said that there is no change in the EU position.

James Felton, on Twitter, put up this picture with the following caption, which more or less perfectly describes the position of the Brit Prime Minister.

“Me again. You know the backstop.

The backstop I signed up to, yes.

After two years of painful negotiation, that backstop, yes.

The backstop you’ve repeatedly said is a red f***ing line, yes.

I was thinking – can we scrap it?


Ok, same time again tomorrow.”

Oh, Theresa, if only you hadn’t got yourself entangled with the Dinosaur Unbelievers Party (DUP)! And you thought the worst thing you’d ever done was run through some field or other when you were a bairn?



I don’t remember seeing a word about martial law.

I can hardly wait. 

(Thanks Ed)

Oh and, as an afterthought…

Image result for mrs may: this is what a feminist looks like
Erm, no it’s not.
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Nor, a couple of years later, is this.

Just saw this on my twitter feed… It’s brilliant.


Image result for baby orangutans
We were just having a play fight when you happened along…
n latefossen nor
Latefossen, Norway.
n hungry
Plenty here for everyone.
n emerald tree boa
Emerald Tree Boa.
Image result for baby elephants
By special request…
n family
You just do what I do and you’ll be fine.
n gaspard
Gaspard, one of Zeb Soanes’ London foxes.
n goose wanna be flamingo
If I stand on one leg can do you think anyone will notice that I’m a silly goose?
n hello you lot
You’re doing fine, little one.
n peng
One of Munguin’s relations.
Image result for baby elephants
Pretty neat playmates.
n love
n ocellated lizard
Practising for the Sound of Music… High on a hill lived a lonely lizard…
n lamb
You’d think they’d leave some for a little one, wouldn’t you?
n hotchin
Four returns to the water hole, driver.
n tree
n hello
Slightly disapproving look.
n rock fish
Rock Fish.
n snowy gerry
Now, Gerry tells me that his grandchildren built this snowman while he sat inside and watched, but I’ve a feeling that he might have been a little more involved than that. What do you think?
n france
La belle France.
Image result for baby orangutans
Amn’t I the cutest baby you ever saw?




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I often wondered how David Cameron could have been stupid enough, what with all that expensive education, to think that a referendum on the EU would somehow pour oil on the troubled waters of  the civil war in the Tory party between the people like Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry on the one hand, and Liam Fox, Jacob 18th Century and Michael Gove et al, on the other.

The barest intelligence would have concluded that bringing the argument, kept bubbling under for 40+ years, to the forefront of political life, was only likely to add oxygen to the fires of discontentment in his party.

Now it seems that Donald Tusk has released information about conversations they had which may throw some light on his motivations.

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Image result for David cameron looking stupid

It appears that our esteemed ex-prime minister failed to realise how being associated with his toxic party had damaged the Liberal Democrats and that, as a result, their seats in parliament were so diminished that there was no coalition, but, in fact, rather surprisingly, a small majority for the Conservative party, and thus no coalition partner was available to stop the folly and take the blame.

(It was a small majority which his successor would manage, in, unbelievably, even more incompetent style, to lose.)

Image result for theresa may

And as a result of his misjudgement, the Tory party, which he thought he could bring together with the referendum plan (and then blame the Liberal Democrats when it all fell apart) is now engaged in what seems to some may be a terminal civil war.

Oh well, if nothing else good comes out of Brexit, the damage that it will have done to the toxic Tories is a small chink of light in the darkness.

Of course, there is a far greater prize awaiting Scotland!