69 thoughts on “GOOD OLD BREXIT…”

  1. tris

    Emotive language you say 🙄
    The fact is Brexit is not gonna
    Affect my life much ((but who knows )

    It will destroy the possible futures for my children 👶
    And grandchildren.

    We need to get much more Emotive we are fighting for the
    Future lives of those we care
    About the most in this world .

    If the brexiteers have their way
    The days of Thatcher will look
    Like the best days of our lives.

    God help us

    I hate the snp lord knows but on a spectrum they would be my besty mate and the brexiteers would at the other end as my wery worst hated
    Enemy (alongside Conan )

    Well alright the Conan but isn’t true but the rest certainly is 👍

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    1. I’m sure Conan will be relieved to know that, Niko.

      You’re right though. Older people will not be THAT badly affected.

      But the Brexiteers have pretty much isolated the UK at a time when the world is becoming a smaller place and people are moving around much much more.

      I think of my mate who is Hungarian, who did his bachelors degree in Scotland; his masters in Sweden and is now doing his doctorate in Ireland. He may end up working ion Austria, or Bulgaria, or Portugal or Iceland.

      His British counterpart won’t have these chances.

      But it’s not just that.

      For older people, the NHS is being denuded of doctors and nurses. It’s worse in England but it’s bad enough here. And more every week are off home, sick of being treated like second class citizens.

      And who’s going to staff the care homes?

      And… ever stood for a couple of hours at passport control?

      And as for Ireland… There’s not a solution.


      The things is, before the referendum we know that Nicola and Patrick told us it would be a disaster.

      But then so did Kez and Wee Willie… and Ruth. 100% of our party leaders told us it was a catastrophe for Scotland.

      Add to that Fluffy’s rather feeble voice.

      Now Fluffy and Ruth think it’s the best thing that could happen to us, because England voted for it.

      I dunno… maybe you can tell us what Richard thinks about it. I can’t work out what his view is.

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  2. We are all entitled to change our mind when the evidence and facts are laid bare before us.
    We’ve said it before now, mundell and untruthie ruthie should come out from hiding and explain the evidence that has caused them to change from leaving the EU is a disaster for Scotland and you don’t trash the economy if you want schools and hospitals by leaving the EU.
    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the BREXIT it shouldn’t be beyond the ken of our political avoiders to lay out their credentials to their Crystal Ball and tell the mugs that pay their salaries WHY.
    Even now mother theresa is saying it won’t be the end of THE world, it may just be the end of the comfortable world that most of us live in.
    Glasgow airport this morning, the money changers were giving 90 EU cents to the pound sterling. WHen are we going to see the man upturn the tables in the counting houses. I don’t for one see any of the current bunch of turkeys voting for an early general election.
    Some were saying, right from the start of that letter of intent to leave, it’s a no deal exit that’s planned. Their crystal ball seems to be the one we should use to predict.
    Our so called leaders might want to ponder on the lead up to the Russian Revolution had all the same callous disregard for the citizens. This week it’s in the Midlands that we hear of back to school uniform banks being set up as the expense of clothing the pupils is beyond the purses of zero hours contract parents. This in the 6th biggest economy in this world. A country that the UnitedNations wish to discuss with the colonialists in London how the residents of a small Indian Ocean island group were evicted from their islands to make way for a stationary aircraft carrier, not to mention the previous indication of the residents of the uk being sytematically economically abused.
    The world service overnight was laying into France, Germany, Russia, India and the South American countries for being very poor at looking after their citizens. More blue squirrels to be seen.
    A republic, independent, would suit me. Reading through “The Scottish Nation” by T.M. Devine, sounds like in 300 years we still have the same pressures from englandland to keep us in their hard grasp, they are colonialist junkies, parisitic sapiens that haven’t been categorised by science.

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    1. They know not what they do…

      Really, they haven’t got a clue.

      Not one single one of them has an idea.

      It is hard to believe that in what they laughingly call the 6th biggest economy in the world (it isn’t), there are 2 million people who don’t have enough to eat; who are cold in the winter and who don’t have clothes to wear to go to school.


      1. Sorry to disagree with your first sentence tris, but I believe that they, the tories, know exactly what they are doing. I used to think they were just incompetent, but now I believe it’s something far more sinister. Joined at the hip to their red comrades, this Westminster Government are going to, quite deliberately, inflict real pain and suffering on all of us, well the common herd anyway, which encompasses most of the population, in the most brutal manner, and not give a jot.
        I have lived through Governments from Chamberlain to May, and this is the most obviously cruel, obnoxious, bunch of reprobates, I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.
        If, when the opportunity arises, we don’t take the chance to distance ourselves from this mob of deranged individuals, then we should no longer should call ourselves a country.

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        1. Alex. I bow you your greater experience of governments over the years.

          I agree absolutely that they are cruel and heartless. I know that many many people have died in their austerity drives… and to what avail? Well, I suppose they have saved some benefits and pensions.

          I just reckoned, and I know that it’s only a guess, that the people currently in government are driven by the vision of a Britain, or more likely an England, as it was under Victoria, ruling the world, at the top of the food chain, better than everyone else.

          And that this is being administered by people who, given the certainty that whatever the outcome of Brexit, it will be a disaster, are the scapegoats.

          May and her rag bag of minsters, who haven’t read any of the academic papers on Brexit and its impact, and seem to be oblivious to the facts staring them in the face, will go down in history as utter failures.

          Of course, they will do so with the highest orders of the land, knighthoods, damehoods, seats in the Lords, companions of honour.

          I’m kinda hoping that behind them are some reasonable people who are going to step up to the plate when the damage has been done, and try to sort the mess out.

          But as I say, I bow to your experience. You are probably right. They are just a bunch of evil lying b*****d chancers trying to reshape England in the Dickensian fashion of which they are so fond.


        2. This has been the constant question for the last 2 years: are they incompetent or liars? It’s hard to tell but I’m siding towards incompetence.

          Politicians today have no experience outside the Westminster bubble. They studied PPE, they became researchers for MPs, they briefly worked for a “think tank”, they won a candidacy here and there, they eventually get a safe seat. Once MPs, their lives are devoted to the theatre of politics: each day they have to learn the party soundbites, apply their media training to deflect probing questions with pre-rehearsed jargon, and maintain a media profile with photos of themselves in party-approved poses. If they want to get ahead they have to climb the ladder with a mixture of back-stabbing and strategic alliances around whoever they think will win in the next reshuffle. With all that going on, there is simply no time to understand the processes of government. More than that, though, the life of an MP does not appeal to anyone technically competent or intellectually able because it never, ever engages those skills.

          What kind of person would want to join the Tory or Labour machine? Someone like Liam Fox is the answer, someone good at the theatre of politics but no grasp of the functioning of the world they want to govern. We can’t place someone like Fox on the moral spectrum because it never occurs to him that his incompetence has moral consequences. All he sees is personal success at the politics game. In his own mind he is a winner, good at his job. The problem is that his idea of the job of a successful minister of state is very different from ours.

          I’ll have a different answer next week.

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  3. Competition:
    In the event of Scotland taking back its independence as a result of Brexit.
    Do you think the English will:
    a) Wish us all the jolly best of luck and thank us very much for our forbearance, trade surplus, Taxes and natural resources they’ve shamelessly exploited for 300 years.
    b) Loudly proclaim that we’re a bunch of ungrateful turncoats, deserting them in their
    hour of need, and will be forever cursed without the benefits of their benevolence.

    Answers on a postcard please, to:

    I couldn’t give a monkeys what they think anyway contest,
    PO Box 1320

    1st prize is a giant sized box of donkeys ears with integrated ear loops to hand out to no voters at the next Indyref. (Pack includes the Prince Charles spec size for the bigger gentleman)
    2nd prize. A week in Blackpool
    3rd prize. 2 weeks in Blackpool.

    Entries to be submitted by the day before yesterday. Terms and conditions can be seen on
    Allrightsmoreor less reserved.

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    1. LOL.

      As you no doubt know, Munguin’s entry with the correct answer was sent to you last Thursday week.

      I look forward to receiving the donkey ears… hopefully attached to a donkey.

      And, no, Prince Charles will not do.


    1. You should probably arrange to meet up for a drink.

      Who knows, you might convince him to join Labour!!!

      But even if you don’t, he’s good fun on a night out.


  4. Tris
    It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 12 weeks with any agreement. If an agreement is reached it will be heralded as a major success by the media and those supporting the Tories and May. The impact this will have on a future referendum will be interesting as I am not convinced the SNP want to go soon with indy2 and any deal will be enough to give some voters, esp older ones, the excuse to vote no again in an indy2. The problem with this also is that any split in the yes movement/SNP due to any delay, while the yoons are praying for that, will also result in a different vote in future elections thus damaging the chances of indy2 also. There is a part of me that has to hope for a no deal scenario as being the best way to ensure indy2, or at the very least a major split in the Tory Party. Interesting and worrying times. Saying that any deal that results in a lot of pain down south will make for interesting times politically, up here I am amazed with how much Scots take on the chin and keep going back asking for more.


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    1. These next 3 months are important, Bruce.

      In the YES camp you have the “go for it now” and ” caution” divide. In Labour you have a divide between the Corbynistas and the Blairites; in the Tories, among the Remain, the Soft Brexit and the Scorched Earth Brexit.

      I think as part of our education we should all be shown documentaries on life in Scandinavia.

      If we could only see how other people lived, and how having a decent and generous welfare system, good public services and, yes, high taxation, makes people happy, and relatively crime free life, we would be less likely to accept this divided society,


  5. trispw said:

    “I think as part of our education we should all be shown documentaries on life in Scandinavia.

    If we could only see how other people lived, and how having a decent and generous welfare system, good public services and, yes, high taxation, makes people happy, and relatively crime free life, we would be less likely to accept this divided society”.

    I am becoming Lesley Riddoch too.

    Frankly, that is my ideal society and with added happiness!

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    1. I’ve always been a Nordic fan.

      People there seem not to bother so much about making obscene amounts of money, thus depriving others of enough to live on.

      As the Danish foreign minister said, no one is very rich here; no one is very poor..

      It’s not for everyone, but it would do for me.


    1. Nothing is ever perfect Niko, and you can pick holes in everything. I’m not sure I believe quite all of what he said, and clearly his insulting comments on Iceland demean the article.


  6. would I want to live in Finland? In summer, you’ll be plagued by mosquitos, in winter, you’ll freeze – that’s assuming no one shoots you, or you don’t shoot yourself. Finland ranks third in global gun ownership behind only America and Yemen; has the highest murder rate in western Europe, double that of the UK; and by far the highest suicide rate in the Nordic countries.


    1. Not sure where they get all that from.

      If you watch some of the videos from Alex, you will see he talks about the upsides and downsides of Finland.

      He’s not afraid to mention things like drinking (a problem in all northern countries, including Scotland, rich and poor from Russia to Greenland).

      In one of his videos he talks about how safe it is, and that women can walk around late at night without fear.

      It’s not all good, Niko, but it’s better than here.

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    2. I’d say that although it is cold in Finland in the winter, at least they can afford to heat their homes, which many here cannot.

      Here’s a video about the bad things.


      1. We have Yale locks and low salaries. Everything else pretty much the same as Scotland, been paying up to £6 for a wee while now in Edinburgh. For pints that is.

        WTF is “Church Tax”? It sounds a bit medieval.

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        1. Stuffs going up in price here for sure. Mrs Greig12 works so I do the shopping and I’m noticing a diferrence by around £7-£10 per shop. One item I buy regularly in Tesco has increased 25%. I’m too male and working class to ever make this a conversation piece in real life but I can safely do it here😁.

          I haven’t been out for a pint in Edinburgh for a while but I can still recall the icy cardiac arresting moments experienced when buying the first round of an evening.

          Members of the two main churches in Finland pay 1-2% of their income to the church. It’s like getting the collection plate passed round at your work.

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          1. Yep… without a doubt prices are going up. And the notion that it’s the 3% the government has said it is is laughable.

            From car tax to a loaf of bread around 10% increase I reckon.

            As you say, somethings a lot more.

            Eating and drinking out… pffffff. It’s for the rich.


        1. Finland has universal male conscription with reservists serving until at least fifty years old. They all need weapons Niko…

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              1. Yes, Finland was at one time a Duchy in the Russian Empire. It was also a part of Sweden.

                The Finns have had an uncomfortable relationship with Russia.


      1. Of course a lot of people don’t use guns for killing other people. I imagine there is a lot of hunting in Finland. Not that I approve of that, but it does make it very different from the people who keep guns for personal protection.


    1. Umm 😐 support Alex
      Against the snp Government ,

      Still a cadre of snp msps and
      MPs are doing the same thing
      Everybody is saying they all hate Nicola’s autocratic husband.

      The wheels may not yet be coming off the the snp bandwagon but the wheels
      Are definitely squeaking loudly.

      They say when the story was leaked by the snp government
      Conan was in such a state of shock he went and hid under his bed 🛏 closed his eyes 👀
      Tight placed his fingers in his ears 👂 and shouted la la very loud all night till he was dragged out from his hidy hole.

      So they say on the Herald

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      1. Well, if they say it on the Herald, it must be true. I bet Conan was bang on top C.

        It’s not, per se against the ‘government’. It seems to be against the Civil Service, which of course is the government behind the government, in theory non political.

        Nicola wasn’t informed about it. She knew nothing until Alex himself informed her.

        She cannot intervene. It is an “officials” thing. Nor culd she have thrown him out of the party. Remember, in Scots law you are innocent until proved guilty. So far all we know is that there have been some allegations made about something that supposedly happened 5 years ago.

        I don;t know who leaked it, but as no one in the Cabinet knew, when they say the government I’m assuming it was some Civil Servant.

        Nicola is right though. It doesn’t matter whether the allegations are again Prince Harry, Alex Salmond or Willie the Window Cleaner, they have to be investigated. It’s not the British way as practised at Westminster, where they have just voted themselves anonymity, but this is Edinburgh.

        I’ve not heard anything about people hating Peter.

        If you have any links, can you share them, please?

        Alex collected well over what he needed last night (what he doesn’t need will go to charity).

        I’ve heard, although I’ve no figures to back it up, that there was a surge in membership of the SNP last night, mainly as a result of unsavoury tweets from Tory and Labour MSPs and some actress.

        Wings did an article on it.

        I don’t know what the outcome will be.

        Whatever they are, for me, the actions of one man will make no difference to the fact that I’d rather live like an Icelander than a Brit.

        BTW, I see May’s been round Africa shaking her magic money tree while homelessness rises in the UK. Presumably she is bribing them not to tell us to push off when we go after trade deals.

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          1. Thanks for the link. I’ll read it.

            No, it’s not Trumpian. It is, as fara s I can make out, the truth.

            The complainants are two civil servants. At some point they have reported the alleged misdemeanours and the Cabinet Secretary, or whatever the head of the civil service has taken it forward.

            I understand that Nicola only got to know about it when Alex told her.

            I’ve never really heard anything about Peter Murrell.


                1. Compare and contrast how seriously the SNP take sexual harassment allegations as opposed to the labour party who did nothing about Monica Lennon’s allegations of sexual harassment by a senior labour politician.

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                  1. Well perhaps the polis will take the investigation against
                    Alex Salmond seriously .

                    let see snp sexual harassment= cover up, blame the civil servants
                    deny, distract panic and generally obfuscate any facts.

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                    1. I think Alex was the one to make it public.

                      As I understand it… (and I’ve not read any scandal sheets about it, not listened to what the BBC did to sensationalise it)…

                      No one is “blaming” the civil servants, but there is an undeniable fact that it is they who are in dispute with Salmond. As I said, Salmond was informed of the complaints in January. Nicola Sturgeon was not informed by the Civil Service. As I understand it, when it looked like being serious Alex let Nicola know as a courtesy. She was not informed by the “government”.

                      Her attitude, quite rightly, was that no matter who you are, the alleged behaviour will not be tolerated in Edinburgh.

                      Unlike at Westminster, I might add, where many people have complained about sex pests and zero has been done until in some cases pressure was brought to bear,..

                      So Alex reckons that the government has treated him unfairly. He has not been fully given details of the complaints against him.. I haven’t read it, but I believe that the Daily Record got something leaked to it. He might want to read that. So he has asked for a Judicial Review.

                      Nicola Sturgeon has no power to do anything about it. Her interference would be obstruction.

                      He’s not an MP, MSP or Councillor. He holds no position in the party. He shouldn’t be treated more leniently becasue he once was “someone”, but nor should he be treated more harshly.

                      The facts are that, apart from what someone leaked to the Record, there are no facts.


                    2. It has been suggested that the Daily Record/ Labour game plan is to so prejudice the case, through publicity/ suspected breach of data protection law, that it collapses, thus allowing the Record/ Labour nexus to scream “cover up” at the next stage. Are you in on the plan ?

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                    3. Well, there’s a lot of theories around it…

                      Nasty to try to make political capital out of this.

                      There is either a man who has been wrongly accused, or a woman who has been assaulted.

                      I don’t remember ever trying to make capital out of any of the sex scandals of the other parties, no mater how bizarre.


                    4. The police should take it seriously. I watch some police procedurals on the telly and they ask folk what they did on July 1st 2018. My honest answer would be I have no idea what I did on July 1st 2018. It was apparently a Sunday. Does that help?

                      Probably not.

                      Just out of curiosity, does anyone here know, or not know, what they were doing on that particular day?


          1. Yes, of course, but that’s becasue he loves you really.

            I tell you its Mr Brownlie you have to worry about being mauled by. I’ve heard he can be vicious.

            Well, that’s what my mum said anyway, and she should know.


  7. Off topic but interesting perhaps – in Keith Lowe’s acclaimed The Fear And The Freedom, p 361, he distinguishes between nationalist movements and “regional separatists”, who include, surprise, surprise,Scotland (explicitly on p 357.) Another Tom Holland ?

    Perhaps he hasn’t noticed what the initialism SNP stands for ?

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  8. Further to the previous post, it occurs to me that one might ask Mr Lowe whether, if Scotland and presumably Wales and NI are regions of the U.K., then so too is England. In this case England’s Leave vote may be construed as regional separatism ?

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    1. I fear they see England as being the UK.

      Certainly when I lived there, they conflated the two. No one was being particularly insulting, but Scotland was seen as a rather backward northern part of England.

      And I remember too being offered 95p for a £1 note (yep, it was a long time ago)


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