n orq Andalas
MOrning. The kids are in bed, so I’ll take your tickets and start the tout…
n woof
I’m first.
n croatia
Croatia, one of my favourite countries.
n desert
Life everywhere.
n dolp
Come on in, the water’s fine.
n donk
We’re from Birmingham. Don’t laugh. Someone has to be.
n f
Anyone know what these are called?
n kings landing nouveau brunswisk
Kings Landing, Nouveau Brunswick.
n finland
I’m not sure which is holding which up…
n french alpes
French Alpes.
n mexico
Swimming Mexico style.
n hello
Did I smell breakfast cooking?
n slug-invasion-spanish-slugs-805965
Find a cute slug you said… well, I’m here.
n tapir
I’m a Tapir, in case you were wondering.
n Vischering castle
Vischering Castle, Germany.
n wall
Maybe this is Trumpy’s new wall?
n yosemite
Our old mate Yosemite.
n tiger sllug
I’m a Tiger Slug. I borrowed Bet Lynch’s coat.
n northumberl
Northumberland. Isn’t it green?
n orang1
I’m up now, Uncle Munguin. I’ll take over the Soppy Sunday Tour.













The first photos of the season. New phone with not very good camera. The garden’s looking a bit bare at the moment. Still, in a couple of weeks there will be leaves on the trees and the plants will have grown a bit and the new ones will look a little less “planted”


n o2

Big welcoming party today. Just like your trains, our transport is a bit overcrowded.

n alpaca in scot
Alpaca in Scotland.
n beech
Sea view in one of Munguin many palaces.
n cappadocia turk
Cappadocia, Turkey.
n cat
Hard work at my gym.
n dartmoor
Dartmoor, England.
n hephaestus temple athens
Hephaestus Temple, Athens.
n marbella
Old Marbella.
n montana
n moo
What do you want? If it’s this water, it belongs to me.
n sq
A war? What war? Oh, look, there a squirrel.
n strasbourg
n swim
I’m off for a swim.
n temple of horus, egypt
This used to be the Temple of Horus, in Egypt, but I live here now.
n wildebeest
n zeb
Stripy Horses, as I used to call them…
n wren
Sleepy Wren.
n phi phi Le Thai
Phi Phi Li, Thailand.
n oran2
This is fun, mum.
n nuuk
Nuuk from the air.
n hipp
Is that my breakfast?
n oran1
You’re going too fast, mum.
n orang
Anyway, I’m playing with my mum here. I hope you enjoyed Soppy Sunday.




Hello there! Sunday again? Well, you’d best come in and look around.
n wolf
Watch out for the wolves though…
n are you following me
Are you following me?
n amsterdaym
n bears
I say, old chap. Most awfully nice to make your acquaintance…
n bryce Canyon Utah
Bryce Canyon, Utah.
n bun
I was supposed to be here last week, but the bus from Wonderland was late. Humza must resign!
n busy
Can’t stop, I’m what’s called a Busy Bee, or is it a Buzzy Bee?
n canadian rockies
Au Canada… or Ohhhhh Canada.
n come on in
Come on in… the water’s perfect.
n fenghuang china
Fenghuang, China.
n emeph
What was it that Elephants were supposed to remember… I’ve forgotten.
n eyes
Those eyes though…
n indian highways
They seem to go to some trouble with their central reservations in India!
n iseltwalt, swiss
Iseltwalt in Switzerland.
n lupins in ice
Do you reckon this Icelander might be fond of Lupins?
n veg
Only joking. Munguin ordered a reprieve!!!
n lhasa
Lhasa, the capital of Tibet is not all temples…
n maison particuliere
Drinks on the roof terrace at 6.30?
n o
Well, that’s your tour for this week. Munguin wants for nothing, but if you’re flush you could make a contribution to Orangutans, who do need money.




n bun1
Morning! A bit of a surprise for you today. It’s Easter so I gave the Orangutans the day off. I think they are rolling their eggs.
n mt fuji
Mt Fugi. Wanna roll your egg down there?
n porcupinequills
I got Rose Hips instead of Easter Eggs…much better for me.
n sb dog
Belt up, little one. Off to roll your egg.
n wisteria
Wisteria at my friend’s house. How does she manage to make it grow?
n bun4
You gonna share that?
n south georgia
Munguin’s family in South Georgia.
n cat
I spy with my cat’s eye something beginning with E!
n snaefellsness
Snaefellsness, Iceland.
n bun2
Are we quorate for the Bunny Council meeting?
n baby-orang-utan-poses
I thought I’d better look in to keep an eye on these bunnies!
n bun3
What a cosy looking home…
n japan
They do posh garden sheds in Japan.
n wren
Even little wrens get sleeping sometimes…
n moo
Your not rolling eggs down my hill, or you’ll have these horns to deal with!
n bun1
I like doing this Soppy Sunday job. Does Munguin pay well?
n switzerland
Do you think the Swiss roads designer had had one or two too many glasses of the infamous Swiss whisky?
n sea turtle
Sea Turtle on her journey to the sea.
n o3
I’m not sure these bunnies are doing a good job, Uncle Tris.
n stockholm
n bun6
You thought it was all over… but we have a surprise for you…




I always say there’s nothing like a hug on a Sunday morning.
n bun
I know it’s not Easter yet, but Panda Paws has been asking for me, I hear, so here I am…
n killer whale
I’m having a whale of a time being in Munguin’s Soppy Sunday.
n penguinbs sg
What are we queueing for again?
n danny
Hubble Ultra Deep Field (from Danny). cw ESA/Hubble.
n klevan ukraine
Klevan, Ukraine.
n kangaroos
No, you can’t pick any. This is our garden and these are OUR flowers.
n kangaroo island
I wouldn’t mind some of what that guy was drinking when he came up with this road on Kangaroo Island.

n happy dog

I’m ready to go for my walk when you are…

n jaisalmer India

Jaisalmer, India

n hello

Now, look me in the eyes and say that…

n sudan white rhino

This was Sudan, the last white rhino in the world…

n bye bye, white rhino

He died this week of old age. This is his keeper, and friend, saying goodbye.

n bergen

Bergen, Norway. They are right hard these Norwegians. This one didn’t clear the snow off the bench before sitting on it.

n abu dabhi

Abu Dhabi.

n bee

Good find here… lots of lovely pollen.

n Ban Gioc, Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Ban Gioc, Vietnam.

n baby or9

OK… now DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOU CLOCKS TO SCOTTISH SUMMERTIME (as long as you live in Scotland). Remember it’s spring forward and fall back. See you next week.




n o2
Morning all. How do you like my little baby?
n matthias hungary
St Matthias, Budapest. We were there a couple of years ago and it is as fantastic in real life as it looks.
n muskrat
Musk Rat mates.
n baaa
I’m ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille. 
n brasov romania
Brasov, Romania.
n camel
Well, what do you want?
n castle
Edinburgh Castle, but when?
n lan
Lamb taxi…
n spidersnowflakelorez1.jpg
Snowdrop hotel and a resident.
n ny ny
New York. They know how to do skyscrapers there.
n cat
What do you think? I’m just as good as these big cats, aren’t I
n sunset on skye
Sunset on Skye.
n concepcion columbia
Concepcion, Colombia.

n doggie 3n doggyn doggy2

n doggy4
Family album.
n garden
This is how Munguin wants his garden to look. Pay attention, Tristan.
n japan
They have some super nice mosses in Japan.
n baby-orang-utan-poses
They’ve put the little one to bed, but I’m here to see you off the premises. We hope you had a good visit.  See you next week.