1. It’s OK, little one. You don’t have to socially isolate from me. I’m your mummy!
3. OK, Quokka, if you have any spare food, I got a nest of hungry chicks to feed!
and the ducks
4. On a tour of the grounds, Munguin chats to lesser animals, almost as if they were his equals.
5. Andi sent this in. A couple of busy bees on a cotoneaster. I’ve been trying to get a photograph of the bees in the garden (there are hundreds) for ages, but every time I get close, they move!!!
6. Mum, I could give the birds a rhino ride too!
breakfast for birds
7. I’m gonna eat this all up before my lil brother hatches!
8. Hmmm, does that make me the black sheep of the family?
bare with me
9. Nothing like a socially isolated stroll in the woods. If you bring anyone with you, I’ll eat them, OK?
with the snails
10. Munguin addresses a meeting of the Snails.
oi get your own
11. What’s this, a free-for-all with my breakfast?
12. Humans on the beaches after they lift the lockdown, leave me scratching my head. Are they all quite mad?
13. Me too. They are all bats… er, well no, they’re humans, but batty humans.
14. So, is the diet working?
take that
15. I’m not sure you’re supposed to bite me when I punch you.
16. Grrrrrr… oh, I can’t be bothered.
the king
17. I hate it when he comes out and supervises. He says nothing but I can see him silently disapproving of everything I do.
18. Heaven, except at high tide!
cerulean warbler
19. If you want a song, I’m a warbler…
Baby Orangutan Gives Mum Kisses And Cuddles - YouTube
20. I’m giving my mum a goodnight kiss… so that’s your lot for the day. These tours are exhausting. I wish Munguin paid more.

Thanks to Quokka, for the quokka… and Andi for the bees.

Additional pic for DonDon from Dani in Budapest.



Yes, I know it’s all happening in a zoo, but as we’ve said, some of them do amazing work, and if we are taking ORANGUTANS’ wild environment away from them, then, albeit very second best, zoos are at least giving some of them another home of sorts.

Hole in the Wall, Washington.

Allen’s Hummingbird.

n swisse
Swiss Valley.
n pus
Look into my eyes.
n moncheau
Monchau, Germany.
n puss1
You looking for me?
n poler
Lying low!
n lion2
Do you think my claws are sharp enough?
n dogmate
Best mates.
n do
This is the life.
n californian newt
Cute as a Newt!
n koal fam
Meet the family.
n canI
Any for me?
n buddies
More mates.
n bath time
Bath buds.
n baby guide dogs
We’re gonna be guide dogs when we grow up.
n brrrrr
Where’s all this global warming you humans are on about?
Image result for baby orangutans
Sad look, because that’s another Soppy Sunday over and done.




Image result for orangutan babies
Morning all. Happy Sunday.
n toure soliel
Sunflowers at sunset.
n tort
House and Garden…
n tiger
It’s Twins.
n wasp moth
Wasp Moth
n sheep
n recued
I got rescued by these kind (but slightly ugly and shaved) grown up orangutans
n grand canyon.jpg
Grand Canyon.
n foxy1
I wonder what’s up there…
n manatee
Stay close by mum.
n nuts2
Oh look, Brexit!
n flow
What a perfect place for wildlife.
Image result for baby walrus
This looks a good place for a snooze!
Image result for baby platypus
When we wake up we will be duck-billed platypuses.
Image result for baby giraffe in wild
Mum, don’t make a fuss!!!
Image result for bhutan
n pals 1
Best Buddies.
Image result for greenland wildlife
Greenland Musk Oxen.
Image result for jungle
I need to grow some…
Image result for orangutan babies
Cut, cuts, cuts… the school bus is too wee.




So Munguin had me toiling in the fields today, despite the bitterly cold wind. He’s an animal of very little compassion. However, as he was supervising from the window of his penthouse apartment, I couldn’t slack and quickly warmed up by working double plus hard.

There were some pleasant early surprises so I thought I’d share them with you.






Most surprising of all was this rose. A rose in February? Only in Munguin’s grounds!


Image result for orangutan babies
Morning all.
n pic
You take my picture and I’ll take yours.
n dog1
Yeah, that’s it, the idea is not to get your bottom wet!
N barn
Barn Owl.
n bear 2
Nah, it’s not that cold and the salmon is really good.
n blue mycena mushroom
Blue Mycena Mushroom.
n cow
Nothing like a nice beach holiday, wouldn’t you agree?
n faroes
n f
Handsome, aren’t I?
n pink poppies
Pretty in Pink.
n fin swan
Finnair announce the departure of…
n jumping
I’m training for the high jump in the Oceana Olymoics.
n lion 7
It must be Love, Love, Love.
n koala
A boy and his bear… well not really a bear.
n rh
This is what I’ll look like when I grow up.
n goaty
Aren’t I the most handsome black and white animal on Soppy Sunday today?
n mummy
Sometimes, you just need a cuddle.
n thailand
n wake up, it's breakfast time for burds
Hey, wake up, lazy bones. Birds get hungry in the morning.
Image result for orangutan babies
Well, that’s it. I’m gonna make a quick getaway while my mummy’s sleeping. Adventures to be had. See you next week.



n orantiger
Morning. My pussycat and me have been having a lil sleep.
n puppy
Who could resist those eyes?
n mates
Hey, I’ve been looking for a hat like that for ages. Mind if I have it?
n pup1
Woof. I’m ferocious.
n pretty flamingo
If I make a pretty reflection, would you take a photograph of me and put it up on Soppy Sunday?
n arora oban frank
Arora at Oban taken by whom thanks.
N BC Canada, pure
Pure clear water in BC Canada.
n cheetah
Did you say I was a cheater?

n chick
I did drop something…
n ducky
Royal birdies.
n bison
Never go out without your fur coat on, said my mother when I was just a calf.
n burg eltz
Burg Eltz
n elepnat
The ferry company that isn’t a ferry company has lost the contract, you say? No ferries, no port, and only a Hawaiian Pizza to deliver. Why would you ever put Chris Grayling in charge of anything?
n ice
Beautiful Iceland.
n sleep
n frog
If I kiss you, will you turn into a beautiful princess?
n mooo.jpg
What d’ya think of my tattoo?
Thanks to David for this, and indeed for the link to the other fantastic pictures on this site. Really worth a look.

n okiss for mum
This pic is especially for Ed, who is under the weather at the moment, with the message “Get well soon, Ed, from Munguin and his new Republic.”



Image result for baby orangutans
Morning all…
n great egret
Great Egret.
n green
The beauty of northern Greenland.
n tortoise
The wisdom of age.
n kids!
Grrrr …. kids!!!
n lift
And don’t run away from home again!
n papillon citron
Papillon Citron.
n paris
I’ve stood there watching the cars and wondering how the hell you would know which lane to be in for a 12 exit roundabout.
n teddy bear picnic
I’ll have the soupe du jour …
n pigmy marmoset
Pigmy Marmoset.
n play
I wish I could go out and play with them…
n two tails
A tale of two tails.
n zermatt1
n wyoming
Welcome to Wyoming.
n wol
This human provides a nice soft and warm perch.
n tree1
Come on in, the water’s fine.
n snow
Yeah…we know, thanks.
I Kea. LOL, no, not a Swedish store, a New Zealand parrot.
n silver falls oregon
Silver Falls, Oregon.
n bats
British cabinet.
Image result for baby orangutans
Well, you lot, that’s your lot for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon though… Yeah?


Image result for baby orangutans
We were just having a play fight when you happened along…
n latefossen nor
Latefossen, Norway.
n hungry
Plenty here for everyone.
n emerald tree boa
Emerald Tree Boa.
Image result for baby elephants
By special request…
n family
You just do what I do and you’ll be fine.
n gaspard
Gaspard, one of Zeb Soanes’ London foxes.
n goose wanna be flamingo
If I stand on one leg can do you think anyone will notice that I’m a silly goose?
n hello you lot
You’re doing fine, little one.
n peng
One of Munguin’s relations.
Image result for baby elephants
Pretty neat playmates.
n love
n ocellated lizard
Practising for the Sound of Music… High on a hill lived a lonely lizard…
n lamb
You’d think they’d leave some for a little one, wouldn’t you?
n hotchin
Four returns to the water hole, driver.
n tree
n hello
Slightly disapproving look.
n rock fish
Rock Fish.
n snowy gerry
Now, Gerry tells me that his grandchildren built this snowman while he sat inside and watched, but I’ve a feeling that he might have been a little more involved than that. What do you think?
n france
La belle France.
Image result for baby orangutans
Amn’t I the cutest baby you ever saw?




Image result for baby orangutans in the world
Morning. We’re having a healthy breakfast… what about you?
n share
We’re having a healthy breakfast too.
Munguin wants me to do this in his grounds next year.
n western mud snake
Western Mud Snake.
n pals
So, what’s up?
n pb
Cosy with mum.
n Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier
n wyoming
Wyoming can be a bit chilly this time of year
n wolves
n winter11
This weekend in Scotland… or so they say.
n tongue
Are we nearly there?
n field mouse
Double choc muffins, if you’re going near the shops, Tris.
n cancun
n chat et chien
Now here’s a handy bed.
n beast
Was your dad a zebra?
n alaska
n golden bridge vietnam
Golden Bridge, Vietnam
n laysan albatross
Laysan Albatross.
n old man of storr by kinsta punkka
Old Man of Storr.
Image result for baby orangutans in the world
Yay… it’s nearly Christmas. What did Munguin get me?