63 thoughts on “GET READY TO VOMIT”

  1. The ignorance and nastiness of these people is so depressing. It shows what a useless task it is to try to change the minds of these bigoted morons. You are right about most of what they are saying being just plain wrong. The classic was the stick shaking old biddy saying they all go to prison, ie all immigrants are criminals.

    We’ve got people like this in Scotland too, but not so many. England won’t let us go, though. These same people manage to hold the contradictory ideas in their heads that Scotland is subsidised by England but shouldn’t be allowed to get above itself and be independent.

    The current government plays to this audience of nasty racists, using them to to be the “will of the people” which allows the Tory rich to get on with their underlying project of upwards wealth redistribution, free of any EU rules and tax investigations.

    They are backed by the deep state establishment, who are ready to play the dirtiest of games in Scotland and Ireland. I really fear for us. Fascism is around the corner, preparing its prison camps and oiling its guns, waiting for the chaos. Anyone who thinks I am being overly dramatic has some shocks coming.

    I’m rather short on solutions today. We must continue to work for independence, but it is not going to be given easily, even if a majority in Scotland can be established and proven.

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    1. Yes. It’s worrying the number of people who didn’t question any of the idiotic and impossible rhetoric that came from the leave side.

      Foreigners are taking our jobs. There are a lot of unemployed British people.

      Yep… most of them aren’t qualified doctors or nurses though, but as they go off in their droves, I’m sure Esther McVey will get some unemployed person to come along and take over the ward.

      The prison one was really good.

      I really fear for the future. After all, all we have to rely on if we stay in the UK is Theresa May, and I’d not trust her to run a bath.


      1. Liked your last observation. Noted over on Wings tweets that TM is lauding the benefits of Countries (in Africa obviously, since she is there) gaining their Independence! Let’s get out of here ASAP.

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  2. Every society has its stupid, it’s lazy and its gullible and I think we just saw some of them on the clip. They’ve been indoctrinated for their whole lives, drip, drip, drip and it’s become a deluge in recent years. They trust the government and in their minds, why wouldn’t they because it’s the path of least resistance. They are the easily manipulated, the extent to which this is done to them being down to the ethics (or lack of) possessed by those pulling the strings. Some of us have managed to resist but you can’t have that level of exposure without some contamination. I think we’re all more than likely tarred with it to some extent.

    We can blame these ‘ordinary folk’, we can stereotype them as evil racists but they’re our neighbours, relatives, folk you meet in the shops. They’re in many instances victims of this uncaring right wing, greedy, selfish style of government, it’s propaganda and the consequent Brexit fiasco we find ourselves in.

    It’s the people who should know better that I get most annoyed with. The active racists, the ones that make the choice and use it as they will. I don’t believe we saw any of them on the clip.

    The government, the media and in particular the hate filled rags that are our press have a lot to answer for.

    It’s all been said before and as an illustration of the xenophobia behind Brexit, the clip does the job. I still don’t believe many people who voted out on these terms had the wherewithal to know it only affected European immigration.

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    1. No, people didn’t realise. And most of these people clearly still don’t

      One woman clearly thought that we had already left and didn’t think that things were changing fast enough.

      It was Channel Four… less likely to be biased than BBC, but I’m surprised there was no one… not one… who thought it was a disaster.


  3. Greig, there is much in what you say, and I agree that people have been manipulated, but I think you are too kind in the extent to which you minimise their personal responsibility for their despicable views and attitudes.

    To some extent the hate filled rags print what they do because that’s what these people want to read as well as it being what the proto fascists want them to read.
    They are not sheep. In many cases they prefer to spout their prejudices than to believe the evidence they can easily see around them. As Paul Simon insightfully wrote,
    “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”
    To some extent that applies to us all, but to some more than others. It is a choice.

    I do think you’re right that some middle Englanders thought that voting leave meant expelling Asians, Africans and anyone suspiciously dark, but they are not all as thick as that.

    Whatever is true about that, nasty things are coming and situations will be exploited by the UK deep state to attempt to crush opposition in Scotland. Ireland doesn’t bear thinking about if the extreme Rees Moggites get their way. The fragile consensus for peace is seriously at risk.

    So, yes manipulation is going on, but these people are responsible for themselves and I blame them.

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    1. I suppose I do give folk the benefit of the doubt East Neuker and maybe can be a bit too lenient sometimes. I remember being thrust into a position in the 80s where I went from factory worker to OU courses and Social Work training where I had to confront my own attitudes and values. I’ve always felt fortunate that even though I didn’t have the opportunity to attend university I later met people who granted me the respect and the space to learn something about myself and the wider world. I developed a healthy dose of scepticism.

      Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not making out that I’m some well rounded, virtuous goody, goody. Far from it. I sometimes think though that when I meet folk like those on the clip that it could’ve been me had my life taken a diferrent turn.

      I did say in my post that the ones who know better and make the choice to be racist bear responsibility, but I think at the end of the day we may have to just agree to disagree because I believe that a great many others just don’t know any better. They’re not bad people, they’ve just never had to bother to find out.

      I think Brexit will force a lot of folk to question and modify their attitudes and beliefs. It may with the exception of Scottish Independence be the only good thing to come out of it.

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  4. Well they do say that education lifts the mind above the gutter and after watching that film I see the point!
    England has a major problem. I really don’t need to caveat that any further!
    It’s increasingly obvious and imperative we get on the road to start building a Nation and stop being dragged backwards by Westminster.

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  5. Dunno what y’all make of this, from Wikipedia:

    “According to the 2011 census, people who were cohabiting were more likely to be in an inter-ethnic relationship, than people who were married or in a civil partnership (12% vs 8%). This was the case for all ethnic groups except Other White, where the proportions were the same (39%). The pattern for inter-ethnic relationships for those married or in a civil partnership and those who were cohabiting was similar to the overall picture of inter-ethnic relationships across the ethnic groups – with the Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups as the most likely and White British the least likely. The largest differences between people who were married and cohabiting were in the Asian ethnic groups. Bangladeshis who were cohabiting were nearly seven times more likely to be in an inter-ethnic relationship than Bangladeshis who were married or in a civil partnership (39% compared with 6%). Indians (56% compared with 10%) and Pakistanis (41% compared with 8%) were around five times more likely. Two thirds (65%) of Other Asians cohabiting were in an inter-ethnic relationship compared with 28% who were married (or in civil partnership). In the Other ethnic groups, nearly three quarters of Arabs (72%) and Any Other ethnic groups (74%) cohabiting were in inter ethnic relationships, compared with almost a third (31%) of Arabs and over a third (37%) of Any Other ethnic group who were married (or in a civil partnership). The proportion of people in inter-ethnic relationships was lower in 2001, compared to 2011. Some 6% of people who were married in 2001 were in an inter-ethnic relationship compared to 10% who were cohabiting.[405]”

    My friends, who the language of the day would be described as being in ‘an inter ethnic relationship’ and then got married and had kids, just did what they wanted to do. I admire their love overcoming this ridiculous nonsense.

    As I understand it , lots and lots of London marriages are multi-ethnic.

    Which is at it should be. Folk’s love for one another isn’t what we should argue over, it is, rather something we should celebrate. And nothing, zero, that any state should interfere in.

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    1. I just don’t see colour, race, disability, gender, sexuality, religion…

      Of course, some of them are obvious and I do SEE them, but they go in one ear, or eye or whatever and out the other.

      It’s the person I see.

      Of course people should love who they love; marry, have kids.

      Sometimes, when I listen to people, I wonder if anyone has told them its not 1950.


  6. Ech, appalling. Too many people go through life without, evidently, thinking two coherent thoughts together, steeped in stupidity, ignorance, and a conservative mindset that sees a threat in anything new. Oh, and thinks that other people have rights as a threat, as victimization and oppression, because they themselves are white and English and it is their birthright to be superior to everyone else. Stands to reason, guv.

    White nationalism and white supremacy – a foul combination. Next: racism is a personality disorder. Discuss.

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  7. If anyone is in any doubt about the supreme court decision on the exit bill,maybe this will help avoid any disappointment.
    Deigo Garcia and United Nations

    The population of the Chagos Islands was evicted around the 70’s to make way for a US military base on Diego Garcia, the largest island.
    The residents were removed from their plantations after the de-colonisation of their country, the UK paid their government £3m.
    Thepeople have since fought a series of legal battles to return, but British courts have ruled they do not have the right to do so.
    The overwhelming rights of our colonial masters take precedence.
    Having watched the video I can confirm that englandland is full of compliant and brain washed citizens who recollect that they once raped a quarter of the world of any resource that would turn a quid.
    LOved the ironic statement from mundell that it is economic foolishness to run your economy on one resource, OIL, he hasn’tnoticed that englandland has done just that since the 70’s. The irony is they picked the pocket of their neighbour to do so and left us as paupers in a union of unequals.
    As i heard at the weekend, A nation is never governed well by a colonialist.

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    1. When Muddle says stuff like that, I always think of Norway… not that either Scotland or Norway would run or currently run their economies on it alone.

      But just look at how they live in Norway with approximately the same population, a slightly less agreeable climate and slightly less oil.

      It’s like the difference between California and Burkina Faso.

      The Chagos Islands saga is a stain on Britain and on the government of Britain. They were so scared that helping their best buddies out would be thrown out of parliament that they did it all by backdoor methods… which they can.

      Have you seen John Pilger’s documentary?


      1. defending the indefendable, the politicians.
        Correct me if i’m wrong.
        This was the time of the cancelling of Blue Streak, the stand off nuclear missile and the deal between Kennedy and McMillan to maintain the UK’s seat in the UN and the licencing and lease of Polaris missiles, the warheads to be provided by the UK.
        Followed on by Douglas-Home, Heath, Wilson.
        The era of the 3 day week.
        The era of running to the World Bank to keep the economy afloat.
        We are all capable of “Only following orders” just part of the tribal nature of homo sapiens, can we rise above the madness, I hope so.

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  8. I don’t know what to make of this , it seems that those interviewed still think like it’s the 1950’s . If the younger generation were asked , what would be their answer ? Is this English Nationalism showing its face in mainstream media ?

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  9. This is possibly the most depressing thing that I’ve seen for a while.

    Channel 4’s tweet suggest that it was filmed in Barnsley, an area with minimal immigration. Barnsley Council’s own figures show that the population is 97.9% white (96.4 British and 1.5% non British).

    But this lack of any actual ethnic minorities doesn’t seem to affect the interviewees (and no, I don’t believe that they’re talking about white EU immigrants). Even though it’s unlikely that any of them would actually notice if the 2.1% of people with brown skin increased or decreased by a couple of percentage points they seem to think that it’s OK to be casually racist, especially the appalling woman at 0.38 of the clip: “I think there’s too many already here. But I’m a bit like that” she says proudly with a smirk and a little laugh to show that she knows that it’s really OK now for her to be openly racist.

    But possibly more dispiriting than the racism is the ignorance on display about what Brexit actually involves. A year and a quarter on from the vote (when the segment was filmed) and all we hear is “I just thought things would happen a lot faster and they haven’t – – – ”

    Now, I have some sympathy with the view that they’ve been indoctrinated all their lives, that they trust the government and that they are easily manipulated but this just increases my anger with MPs, particularly from the Labour Party, who have simply abdicated responsibility for any kind of leadership.

    The MP for Barnsley is Labour’s Dan Jarvis. Jarvis voted Remain, has a degree in International Politics, was an officer in the Parachute Regiment who served in Kosovo and Afghanistan and is well aware of the dangers of inflaming ethnic conflict and of the importance of leadership.

    And yet, like the majority of Labour MPs in Leave-voting constituencies, he seems to be afraid of opposing Leave voters in case UKIP takes his seat.

    Remember – nobody expected the 2017 snap election. After the 2016 Referendum, as far as MPs knew, they had 2 – 3 years to Brexit and 4 years to the next election. Are we really supposed to believe that a good constituency MP with experience like Dan Jarvis couldn’t have gone back to his voters, believing that he had 4 years to work on them, and said “I’m your representative, not your delegate – Brexit is wrong because – – -”

    It would have been an uphill struggle, but he could have at least tried to educate people on the complexities and problems and, maybe, changed a few minds.

    And what was the real risk – as Stephen Bush said in the New Statesman – most Labour MPs in large cities can afford to lose a significant number of votes before the seat drops from ultra safe to merely safe.

    But no, instead Labour’s MPs have sat on their hands and enabled a Hard Brexit by allowing the extreme Tories to dominate the public narrative.

    In my view,they are more to blame for the current shambles than the Tories.

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    1. Great post.

      I blame the tabloid press, which in my opinion includes the Daily Telegraph of Sark since those ghastly twins got it.

      They have been told for years that just about everything is the fault of foreigners and Europe.

      No wonder they instinctively hate them… although they like to go there for the cheap booze and sun.

      Now the tabloids will blame the EU for not allowing Britain to have its cake and eat it.

      I notice that Macron has refused to help May to get a deal which would give Britain special status because it might tear Europe apart.


      It seems likely to me that we will crash out (and burn) and that the Sun and the Daily Mail will blame intransigent foreigners.

      How holding all the cards worked out, huh?


  10. “Do you think they should be sent back to their own countries?”

    “Yeah. I do. Not in a bad way”

    She is talking about forced repatriation of 3 million humans from the EU and more than that from outside the EU. In what way could this ever be anything other than bad?

    Here’s another of those Brexit intellectuals:

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      1. Wow. Couple of smart blokes there.

        I suppose the first one thinks it was ok for Brits (and other Europeans) to go to Africa and the Middle East and take their countries, force them to speak a European language, and rape their lands (not to mention in some cases their women, girls and boys).

        As for the second one… well, god only knows what he thinks… or even if he does think. None of that ramble made any sense. I can’t even begin …

        He’s just gob-smackingly dense.


        1. Where can I learn to speak Indian? It’s amazing what they’ve invented in Clacton-on-sea.

          We are surrounded by a catalogue of denseness. It is pulling us out of the EU with its own gravitational force.

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            1. I alternately laughed out loud and shuddered as I watched that, Terry.

              Apparently all young people do is go to Ibiza and get drunk, and, yeah, its a scandal that they teach ‘Indian’ in schools, but OK that they teach French and Spanish…

              The other one… He does know, doesn’t he, that India ISN’T in the EU and France and Spain ARE, and that it’s the EU we are leaving, not the Commonwealth?

              No probably not.

              You kinda wonder how folk like that manage to get dressed in the morning.


              1. The UKIP guy is quite mental. He really thinks the chances of securing employment in the EU is minimal. It’s not. He really thinks that anyone wanting to do that is feckless and stupid. They’re not.

                Brexit came about through racism and xenophobia.

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                1. Well they were all awful, but of coure, the point is that these are people with voted… all of them, and these are the reasons that they voted. They believe this stuff.

                  When it all goes whatsits up, they will believe the Daily Mail and the Express when they scream that it is all Europe’s fault that they are starving, have no electricity, there are no doctors and even if there were, there’s no medicine for them to prescribe.

                  What bothers me is that I know it’s all bollox, but I’ve been dragged into it too.


    1. One of my occasional football contacts voted leave to “get rid of the jihadis” and added that he had come round to the belief that Hitler was right and would have known how to deal with that problem.

      I told him that polls had shown that fears about immigrants were highest in areas with the least immigration ( cf Barnsley above). Got the instant reply that that was because all the immigrants voted elsewhere. Gave him up as a waste of breath.

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      1. When you are up against someone who thinks that Hitler was right, it’s probably the time to walk away, shake you head and avoid in the future.

        You’d need to be a saint (with infinite time on your hands) to bother trying to convert him.


  11. Quite interesting, another ‘missing verse’ from a national anthem:

    “And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a Country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    Not what you thought about the US national anthem. Not a particularly humane or human point of view.

    Wonder what ‘bone spurs’ makes of it?

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  12. And, from the land of the orange giant.
    Trump supporters ask if a native indian congressman is illegally in Kansas, maybe because he doesn’t look like a white person.
    On the same subject wonder if the white Australians will ask if their resident,before Cook arrived, peoples are also to be deported.
    Maybe we’ll get some convicts returned as not wanted in the Southern Continent.

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    1. Yes… interesting isn’t it.

      I remember reading a Tweet from the Orange Idiot, ages ago, when he was ranting about how he would stop immigration.

      It read something along the lines of “My parents didn’t come to this great country to be swamped by immigrants”.

      I know, you wouldn’t believe it, if it hadn’t been from the orange turnip himself.

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  13. The world may have been better if Europeans had not discovered the Americas.


    This is 10 out of 100 in your ethics course.

    There are books you could read.


    1. Excellent article, Jake.

      I thought it was a good point made, that the setting up of ‘regional’ parliaments, but not having one in England, contributed to the idea that we are all really part of England.

      De Gaulle vetoed British membership on the basis that they would never be team players; they would always want to be in charge and have things done THEIR way.


  14. I actually feel sorry for the people in these videos. Their communities were destroyed by Thatcher and Tony’s gang did nothing to redress it. Then comes the bankers’ bail outs, austerity and the BBC promoting Farage’s simple solution – it’s all the fault of the Eu and foreigners. The press never questioned austerity and the idiots in the Labour party were incapable of arguing against it nor any of the bile spouted by the MSM. They even jumped on the immigration bandwagon. Along comes JC the saviour of all and he is happy to see the hardest of Brexits because he thinks the lost sheep will come running back to Labour and he’ll build a socialist utopia. In England there is a tradition of never questioning their betters and that’s why people like those in the videos believe everything the BBC and press tell them. It’s depressing how easily working people can be turned against each other rather than blaming those that are causing their misery.
    Will the post-Brexit empty supermarkets, mass unemployment and sell off of the NHS finally bring them to their senses or will they continue to blame their neighbours because they have a different colour skin, accent or religion? Unfortunately I think I know the answer and it isn’t going to end well.

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    1. I just wish they wouldn’t haul us out with them.

      There is already a huge gap between life on these islands and life in the Nordic countries… it’s about to get much much wider.


  15. to be honest i agreed with the proposition we have two many immigrants
    but as the reality becomes more clearer from the fog of racist propaganda
    from the Tory and right wing media.
    I have to question the rightness of that view its not pleasant
    to see how it effects people.

    two young (enormous )lads Polish/Scots came round to go on
    a bike ride with my grandson last night all aged 13 .

    I have been invited to Polish friends house for dinner
    (and a drink )

    when you are wrong you are wrong i was wrong

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    1. Fair enough, Niko.

      We also couldn’t possibly do without all the EU workers from fruit pickers to care workers from doctors to dentists.

      No more than we could have done without the Windrush people in the 1950s.

      People bang on about having unemployed people here, and whilst I agree that the definition of the UK government about what/who is “employed”, I know, having worked in the employment business, that a vast number of the unemployed here, are virtually unemployable.

      Not all, of course, but many are too old and/or ill to work at the pace now demanded of companies. Others have convictions, some dating back to the days when “prison worked” and you got a jail record for minor crimes. Thanks Mr Howard.

      Others have drink or drug and mental health issues.

      In any case, we are told that there are 3 million EU people living here, and only 1.4 million unemployed people in the country. (Of course it’s not quite true.) But even allowing for the false figures, that would leave us with a HUGE shortfall.

      Not to mention the 1.5 million pensioners reciprocally returning to the UK.

      I wonder how far Mr Jonson’s mythical £350 million a week would go with that?

      Anyway, enjoy your Polish hospitality. It will probably be splendid. And much credit to you for putting your hands up to being wrong.

      We all are some times. Spook would be proud of you. 🙂


  16. I had an interesting conversation with a retired but active businessman today. His business is/was in food processing. He told me the erstwhile company he worked for was struggling to get labour at all. They could still get Romanians, but the smarter Poles were now finding better/ higher paid ( Euros ) work in Scandinavia and Germany, so were not coming here. We each shared our experience ( mines hearsay/ second hand ) along the lines that we are close to full employment in the UK and required to import workers. The chap also mentioned that his Granny was originally an immigrant from Lithuania. I remarked that my own granny had an Eastern European middle name, but that nobody really knew much about their family back a couple of generations.

    So what’s an immigrant? Who’s jobs are they “taking”? What has happened that casual racism is tolerated in this country?

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    1. The racism seems to have been stirred up by the tabloid press.

      Of course many of the Tories have long been racists. You only have to look at some of their old election posters to see that.

      But I can remember a time when my father spoke well of Poles who had fought with us in the war, and my best mates granddad was a Pole. His mum half Polish and him 1/4 Polish.

      When a group of friends was discussing who would have the chance of an EU passport after Brexit, it turned out that almost all of the group of 8 had a relatively close relation who was European… Polish, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Swedish.

      Still, while they were giving the Eastern Europeans and Europeans in general a hard time, the people from the sub continent and Africa and the Caribbean got a bit of a break.

      I see now that no one is safe from the Home Office’s campaign to allow almost no one in.

      Frankly I can’t imagine why anyone would want to come.

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