n or 6
Sometimes all the excitement of Soppy Sunday just wears you out.
n bat1
But not me. I’m raring to go.
N bath
Baths in Bath… how odd.
n bee
If I could just work out how to get this window open, or if Tris would just open it for me, I could be off to work polinating stuff again.
n kyoto
Kyoto, Japan.
n sete (Frank)
Sète, France (Les Vacances de Frank).
n horse
This is our field. I hope you weren’t thinking of moving in?
n moose the 2
The lovely Moose the Husky (Vestas). You might say there was a Moose loose about the hoose.  Or you might not…
n saltzburg
What a cool place to build flats, in Salzburg.
n tianmen china
How to get down a mountain in China.


n tre
They thought that when I blew down I would die, but I’m made of sterner stuff!
n pussy
Who’s a nice pussycat?
n whalesdolphins
Imagine having those two for cruising company?
n pine marten
Just like Tris at the gym, says Munguin (laughing up his sleeve)… Pine Marten. 
And now there’s a Moose loose about the gairden. (Vestas)
n rome
n deer
How did you get up here? 
n wildcat
Scottish wildcat, looking, erm wild!
n or
Hope you enjoyed that.  See you all next week.

18 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Bet that first guy is just puckered out after earning stuff from mum. Those without mums go to -blatant plug –

    Orangutan Jungle School – available without tv license on channel 4 od.

    Moose looks really friendly and cute but I heard that huskies require very careful handling by experienced owners.

    Loved that tree – where there is a will and all that.

    The monk and the tiger, gosh that’s pure joy if a tad dangerous. Oor ain wee beast looking fairly fierce too. And a bit like a pallas cat. Maybe related back in the day?

    Anyway marvelous stuff, life re-affirmed and all that. Could only have been improved by a Sam Heughan picture. He’s a Yes supporter too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s very tiring learning stuff…

      I watched the show on Channel 4 (for those outside the Uk you probably have to get a VPN and set it to a UK location).

      I’m glad your life has been reaffirmed.

      Good old Sam. He’s one of us, is he. Good looks AND intelligence.


      1. “Good looks AND intelligence.”

        much like ourselves Tris. Anyway when that Conan asked for another Marianne picture he got one and I haven’t one of Sam. So here’s one of him confirming his intelligence.

        He started off as a No and comes from D&G so it is possible in Fluffy country!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Moose’s owner is Canadian, family lives in Toronto, lakeside cabin, half a dozen dogs (inc 2 huskies) etc so he’s got plenty of doggie experience.

    Main thing about huskies is they’re basically duracell bunnies and can run non-stop for distances (50km+) that’d kill a working collie. As such they need a lot of exercise & like all dogs who don’t get that then they can get grumpy.

    The walk we do is around 6km and the dog probably does 15-20km – there was also a video I sent Tris which he couldn’t work out how to post on wordpress & its the first 45secs when he’s off the lead. I worked it out on google maps and its around 650m covered, dog isn’t anywhere near top speed after the first 10 secs 🙂

    An hour after those 15-20km he’s ready to go again if given the chance.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh and the one in the garden is just before he decided he liked tomatoes (ripe ones) and tried to get some off the plants.

            He does actually like tomatoes (most dogs do, you need to make SURE its only ripe toms) but he’s not keen on the skin and can’t break the (cherry) toms open. Quick squeeze so it pops open & he went through about a dozen – clearly wanted the sugars after the run.

            For you dog owners – raw/tinned tomatoes in moderation (couple of times a week) are usually pretty good for them, especially if you’ve got a somewhat flatulent animal. Green toms or tomato leaves are toxic. There’s always the occasional dog who has stomach probs with ripe toms but it’ll be obvious if they’re not happy.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL… it doesn’t look very inviting, does it?

      I have a vague memory of going somewhere like that on holiday as a very small child and swimming in some Roman baths. Maybe it was there. Maybe I peed in the water… I was a very small child at the time, before you judge me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tris……Bath looks like an interesting place. It would be fun swimming in Roman baths……the indiscretions of small children notwithstanding. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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