“I don’t know Prince Andrew, but that’s a tough story, it’s a very tough story, I don’t know.”


Well, fair enough, I suppose. A bit tangled language-wise, but we kinda get the drift…

I mean, you can stand next to someone once without knowing them. And at Westminster Anney it’s easy to just chat to another member of the congregation without knowing who it really is.

And heaven knows just because you are walking right next to someone, it doesn’t mean you actually know them, as in, y’know, actually knowing them… eh?


And how can you possibly be expected to remember someone you met before his hair turned grey, he got tubby and …whatever happened to your own hair …happened?

Come on, be reasonable.


Oh, and just because you spent two out of the three days of your state visit to Britain in the company of Andrew (presumably because the Queen thought two vulgarians would hit it off), doesn’t mean you are going to remember him, especially if you are a tad on the dim side.

“The Duke of York is being used as a secret weapon by Buckingham Palace in the belief he will be able to defuse any potential diplomatic disasters during the state visit of Donald Trump.

“In what has been dubbed “golf course diplomacy”, British officials have taken the unusual step of ensuring Prince Andrew is alongside the American president for two out of the three days he will be in the country.

“It is hoped the men’s shared passions for business, but more importantly, their mutual love for the game of golf will help them bond allowing the prince to exert a subtle influence over the politician.

“The pair met nearly 20 years ago when Prince Andrew visited Mr Trump and his then-girlfriend, Melania Knauss, at the businessman’s $200 million Mar-a-Lago estate and golf course in Palm Springs, Florida.”

Considering his self-proclaimed ‘greatest memory of all time’, he seems to forget a lot of things
Donald Trump: I have ‘one of the great memories of all time’
Donald Trump has disputed the claim that he forgot the name of a slain soldier while talking to his widow, claiming he has “one of the great memories of all time”.


Well, we know Trump is dim, but Fatboy’s memory lapses must have been catching…

I wonder if Trump’s ever been to Woking?

I suspect his bone spurs must have meant he never had the opportunity to be so scared that he simply stopped sweating.



  1. Trump’s Mar a Lago resort is where Virginia Roberts, then 17, was working when she was approached by Ghislaine Maxwell. The latter invited her to an interview with Jeffrey Epstein with a view to Virginia training as a masseuse. That’s Maxwell’s disembodied head in the right of the picture of York and Trump. Maxwell and York is still reputedly friends.

    There is also video evidence (Panorama) of Trump laughing and joking with Epstein. Epstein is reported to have been a friend/associate of Clinton.

    Small world…

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    1. I’m reminded somehow of the song…
      Four and Twenty virgins came down FOR Inverness
      And when the ball was over there were four and twenty less

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  2. Oh, and here’s another one… Nicola asks Richard “Are you the only member of CND that supports spending £200 Billion on Trident?” This was the absolute best put down I’ve heard in 50 years following politics. He never even saw it coming. Comedy gold.

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  3. Trumpy: “York?” York who? I know a NEW York!

    During the Richard Nixon impeachments hearings, Senator Howard Baker uttered the now famous line: “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

    Trumpy’s habit of not really knowing people he was once close to has gotten worse as the various criminal investigations and the impeachment hearings have proceeded. Now the expression should be: “Who does the President know, and when did he quit knowing them?”

    Washington Post:

    A word of warning; he’s in London now, and he’ll be doing what he can to divert attention from what’s going on in Washington. Yesterday (Tuesday) the Intelligence Committee of the House issued their Impeachment Report, and today, the Judiciary Committee will begin drafting Articles of Impeachment. The full House of Representatives should be able to formally vote impeachment before Christmas, with the Senate trial to be held in January. So Trumpy will be stirring up some trouble while in London for sure. He and Macron had a nasty exchange yesterday. I think he also had some unpleasant things to say about Canada.

    For those wishing to read the 300 page impeachment report in its entirety, there is a hypertext link in this article to all 300 pages published online by the Times.

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    1. It’s unfortunate, Danny, that he keeps on being photographed with people he’s never met… or maybe it’s a fortunate talent he has.

      I’ll pass on the 300 pages of the NYT, but that Post article is hilarious.

      Either he’s senile or he’s a nut job liar.

      Has he heard of the internet?

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      1. Tris……And isn’t it odd that so many of these people who he’s never met and yet show up in pictures with him, are either in prison or are awaiting sentencing. 😉

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        1. … and, Danny, some of them died in prison, awaiting trial!

          He certainly doesn’t mix in very reputable company.

          On the bright side, if he ends up in jail, which he almost certainly both should and won’t, there will be dozens of people he doesn’t know but has photographs with for him to chum about with.

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          1. LOL Tris……Yes, in prison he’d be face to face with all those strangers from the pictures. 😉
            I’d forgotten to mention the prison friend shared by both Trumpy and Andy. Andy being another acquaintance he has very little recollection of.

            There IS a Prince sitting beside him at the NATO leaders reception picture, but it isn’t Andy, who for some reason wasn’t invited.

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            1. It occurs to me that, although I don”t pay a great deal of attention to what the queen wears… I don;t remember seeing her ever wearing the same outfit more than once.

              Doesn’t of course, mean that she wasn’t!

              I’m glad I’m not that rich. I like my jeans with the holes in them.

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                1. Don’t think so, Danny.

                  I wonder what she does with them when she’s done with them.

                  Yep, the Erdogans do look like they’d be having a grand time at a party. I bet they get down and bogie with the best of them.

                  I was trying to work out why Mrs Trump thinks that her bright pink shoes with heels over a foot high, go well with her yellow coat. Made me feel a wee bit sick, and I wonder she doesn’t have vertigo.

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                  1. I assume that being a fashion model by trade, and having tons of money, Melania is probably always attired in high fashion. Maybe one is wearing yellow and pink this season. 😉 I was actually trying to figure out if that’s a coat or a dress. One picture might be at the door, but another seems to be taken inside. Perhaps the palace is cold and she left it on. Hard to imagine how she walks in those heels.

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                    1. Hmmm Munguin isn’t wearing pink and yellow! But, I guess Melania knows what she’s doing?

                      No wait, she married a Mango!

                      I’d think that the palace is well heated. It’s state property and the bill for electricity is paid by us.

                      I understand that in her own homes, where she pays the bills… (Sandringham and Balmoral)… it’s as cold as charity!

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                    2. I know the Queen does keep small electric heaters sitting around.
                      I think maybe Melania just enjoys wearing coats indoors. At least these shoes are color coordinated. 😉

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                    3. Yes, the White House is a forest of trees at Christmas. I don’t know if holiday tourists ever get lost or not. In modern times the number of White House Christmas trees has generally ranged from 25 to 35, but I think the Trumps in 2017 had more than 50. 😉

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  4. I know of both airmiles and doris but don’t know them as people.
    LOve the idea that trump will be off the planet but that it may take some time, wondering if the strange uSA system will give him another 4 years.
    Likewise for doris, he will also leave the planet in the future just like the rest of us.
    The system is we come onto the conveyor belt of life, get moved along it and take various paths BUTT eventually we fall off the end into the recycling bin.
    Why do we have people who think that they’re the most important on the planet and that they’re views are like Infallible?.
    If the science proves to be correct about the GLOBAL warming this species of argumentative mammals will consign ALL the mammals to the list of the Extinct but there will be nobody to update the list.
    I’m quite sure the dinosaurs were happily doing what their instincts told them to do with no thought as to the consequences, then along comes a big stone and their comfortable lifestyle came to an end.
    The capitalist system will eventually do the same for us, take all and more than you need, collect lots of paper and now electronic tokens to show your worth and don’t live with the planet.
    You will be leaving your tokens to the cockroaches.
    Hope I don’t sound like too much of a luddite.

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    1. Yep, it’s sad that he probably will get another term, even although the House will almost certainly vote to indict him… and the Senate will not find him guilty, which he will turn to his advantage.

      I suspect it will be bad for Britain. He’s so volatile you can never trust anything he promises.

      One day we are getting the best trade deal in the known universe and the next day we are not.

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