Isabel II planea una transición tranquila con Carlos como príncipe regente

BJS Alba sent me this translation of an article (which you may find interesting) taken from El Pais. 

Carlos de Inglaterra y la reina Isabel II, en el palacio de Buckingham, el pasado junio.

Elizabeth II plans a quiet transition with Charles as prince regent.

The plan, according to the British press, is when the 95-year-old queen turns away from the scene and gives way to her heir but without giving up the throne.

Charles de Inglaterra (71 years old) is already preparing to assume the almost full functions of the monarch as “prince regent”, as published by some British media. The heir to the throne visited his father, Philip of Edinburgh, on Wednesday at Sandringham Palace, where they both discussed the consequences of the disastrous interview granted to the BBC by his brother, Prince Andrew.

The babbling, excuses and bizarre explanations offered by the Duke of York to justify his relationship with the American millionaire and paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, caused a scandal in public opinion. From New Zealand, where he was on an official visit, Prince Charles coordinated with his mother the queen a drastic response to raise a rapid firewall: Andrew was forced to resign, “in the immediate future”, to all his public functions. Charles, according to the British press, has also used the meeting to prepare a gradual increase in his role at the head of the monarchy.

The general conclusion in the media of what happened in recent days is that the Prince of Wales has taken the reins of the affairs of the royal family. His father, the Duke of Edinburgh, the core of any withering decision made in recent decades to preserve the survival of the Windsor House, is now 98 years old. He retired from public activity at 95, and since then, his influence on some indecisions of Elizabeth II has been missed. The Daily Mail newspaper quotes anonymous sources (as almost always, in this type of information) from Buckingham Palace to ensure that the queen would already be preparing her withdrawal from the scene (in no case an abdication) within 18 months, when she also reach 95 years.

The last time there was a “prince regent” occurred in the United Kingdom was in 1811. The continuing episodes of mental illness of George III led his eldest son to assume the obligations of the monarch. Known for his love of food, alcohol and women’s companies, the future George IV remained in regent status for nine tumultuous years in which a prime minister, Spencer Perceval, was killed, the Napoleonic Wars broke out in Europe and there were riots by British taxpayers over the tax increase. “Prinny” (little prince), as he was known by his subjects, also had his own attempt to divorce, unsuccessfully, Caroline of Brunswick, a scandal for the time.

The queen has significantly reduced her presence in public events. In 2018 he came to attend 283 events (a still considerable number), but it is Charles of England who today occupies the first position in this regard. In that same year, he was the relevant figure 507 times.

The Prince of Wales has never contemplated the possibility, strongly suggested during the worst years of his stormy relationship and worse divorce of Lady Di, to abdicate in favour of his son, Prince William, who enjoys much greater popularity among British citizenship. Charles has been preparing to reign for a lifetime, with very clear ideas about how the future monarchy of the United Kingdom should be. The heir aspires to a much smaller royal family in the intervention of its members in public life, which does not include some of them like Prince Andrew or his daughters Beatrice and Eugenia. Tradition states that the wife of the heir, if he is a male, acquires the title of queen (if the heiress is a woman, her husband is only a consort king). However, the relationship of love and hate of the British public with Camila Parker-Bowles has brought forth implicit indications from the surroundings of Prince Charles that an exception would be made with her.

22 thoughts on “Isabel II planea una transición tranquila con Carlos como príncipe regente”

  1. A smaller Royal Family will mean less opportunities for the wealthy to get backdoor confidential information from HM government which might be to their benefit.
    No,they will just have to up their contributions to the Tory party instead.

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  2. If charlie gets some actual response to the idea of Queen Camila he”ll find that he won’t be King.
    Most of the people I hear talking about the monarchy say it should finish with lizzie the last.
    His uncle David had to abdicate when he WANTED to marry a divorcee let alone be married to one.
    Different age I know but there are still a lot of onionists out there that lived through the event.
    The propaganda machine sorted out that wee problem.
    Advert on a London Bus, Another big whopper on a bus, Must be an election.
    Come on doris,when they’re doing this you’ve lost your way, when they make FUN out of a serious event you will lose in the end.

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    1. Bit by bit all this stuff has changed…

      David had to abdicate; Margaret was ‘advised’ not to marry Townsend.

      Anne had to get married the second time in Scotland where we are a bit less retarded about that kind of thing.

      Charlie had to get married in a registry office the second time around.

      By the time it came to Harry marrying a divorcee no one seemed to care much.

      God appears to have changed his mind to suit the royals…

      But Queen Camilla… ewwww what a name!


  3. Regardless of what happens, none of the royals will be short of cash. It is reassuring though, that we can rely on the foreign press to keep us up to date with events and what the future has in store.🤨

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        1. Yes, I noticed a lot of procreation recently within the family.

          Despite lecturing us on the importance of only having two children in order that the human count not continue to increase, I notice that William has so far managed to produce three…

          I guess that’s what happens when you don;t have to pay for your kids.

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          1. Wonder when carless jackass will require lizzie to return some of her benefits because she’s got too many houses as well as too many bedrooms.
            Will the will ex helicopter pilot have to get his wife to fill in the benefits form on the status of child number THREE.
            Will harry, hewitt’s boy, have to pay the emigration people for his wife’s visa and permission to stay.
            Don’t think they’ll be worried, these little rules don’t apply to Sax Cobergs, the hidden emigrants.
            ANYWAY we are all jock tamson’s bairns in the end.
            Just chatting to a friend about families, he tells me his Auntie Jean was returned home from the Big Hoose as a wanton woman, pregnant by the laird’s son. The child was brought up by her parents as their own. Her version of the events were not believed.
            Who followed the ‘christian’ teachings, not the laird or his son.

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            1. Certainly that used to happen a lot in the days when they have comely serving wenches in the bog hoose.

              If the occupants of the big hoose happened to be the King, the bairn got a title, as it was unseemly for someone with royal blood in their veins to be untitled.


    1. Unfortunately, stuck in this union, we have to keep the ones in London too… and all their hangers on with their grace and favours…

      Why are we paying for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Duke of Kent, Prince Michael and his ghastly wife?

      And worst of all Fatboy and his awful daughters?


      1. When you get to Billions in currency it no longer matters what the currency is if its one of the big trading currencies.
        Even the old Italian Lira i’d be happy to spend billions of to buy a loaf of bread for the weans, equally worthless paper trading tokens.
        They are only part of the confidence trick.
        I have some Rupees from the far east, was a couple of million short for buying a cup of coffee in a cafe, owner said it was fine, he’d accept as my other large numbered note he didn’t have change of.
        The exchange rate was millions to the Aussy Dollar.

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