I’m mindful of what my friend, Bruce, said in the last post, and I want to make it very clear that I’m not disrespecting the United States of America in this post. No more than I would disrespect the marvellous people of Hungary by calling Victor Orban an odious right-wing, racist bucket of cow dung.

But a man who locks up little children, separating them from their parents, and makes them appear in court alone and working in a foreign language, is lower than a snake’s belly. I won’t show him respect.

And that’s not his only failings. He’s a racist and a sex pest who brags about what he gets up to because of his money and position… I could go on, but you know it all already.

I know he doesn’t represent the people of the USA. Not the ones I’ve met anyway. He’s an embarrassment to them.

So America, no insult to YOU or yours intended.

Just one word. Please keep the protest peaceful. We’re better than violence.

Met in England by Liam Fox, the man you’d cross a continent to avoid, and in Scotland by Fluffy, a man you’d traverse the universe to avoid.  Seems he’s getting the real works.
I think there’s going to be a shortage of orange ink, crayons and paint buy the end of this weekend.


police camp beds.
While Trump and his entourage are being wined and dined on the very best that the Brits can afford, and Trump is put up in palaces with four-poster beds and all, the police who are there to look after him in England, were made to sleep in this last night. If you can afford to crawl all over Trump, you can afford enough space for the police that if they stretch in the middle of the night, they won’t be in someone else’s bed.
Aww, isn’t it sweet? No, you’re right. It’s sickening.
Seen in a Dundee cake shop. Just not sure I’d want to eat that.
Nice peaceful protest from these young hooligans.
Nigel Farage is running after Trump like a waling adolescent after a boy band. Poor Nigel was apparently turned away at the US Embassy, despite sobbing his little heart out.
Tell him one has gorn ite and won’t be beck until he’s well and truly in Scotland.
The Brits really like me… he said. No, really we don’t, you dumb ass.




Some hastily scribbled notes on the latest developments.

So we have eight-and-a-half months before we leave the EU. The last six of these are supposed to be for the consideration of the agreement between the UK and the EU negotiators by the Brussels parliament and by the parliaments of the 27 remaining members (including some regional or devolved parliaments).

So with effectively two-and-a-half months to go, the UK cabinet finally came to some sort of fractious agreement about a negotiating position, and, in keeping with the conduct of everything this Westminster government has done since Mrs May came to “power”, everything has fallen apart within hours.

Not only has David Davis resigned as Brexit Secretary, but two of his junior ministers have also gone. The department has been left even more rudderless than it was last week.

By anyone’s standards, the UK is in a bit of a laughing stock. In the two years since the referendum, until Friday, it had come up with no real suggestions about how to exit the EU. Friday’s agreement, unbelievably, was hailed as a success by May who then announced that the EU must now respond.

Probably before they do, though, they will want to read the proposals and meet new ministers “responsible”.

So far we know that Dominic Raab, a junior Housing Minister for the last few months, has been promoted to the Brexit cabinet post, arguably the most important job in government at the moment.

We don’t know a lot about him, especially in Scotland, because he’s an English MP and has been a relatively junior minister in English departments.

However, we do know that he is a solid Brexiteer, apparently trusted by the right wing of the party. In an earlier post at the English Ministry of Justice, he attempted to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. He failed, it is said, because he couldn’t come up with a plan that was legally literate. He was, they say, a slogans man. So Brexit means Brexit will be right up his street.

He also was a member of a Facebook Private group that advocated abolishing council housing and bringing back the workhouse.

That May appointed a man with views like that as a Housing Minister says a great deal about what kind of vision May has.


Raab is quoted as saying: “Food banks are not about poverty but people with a cashflow problem”. So that’s OK then. (Maybe people would have fewer cashflow problems if Esther McVey would get her head out of lying backside and sort out the horrific problems of Universal Credit.)

Warned by the Express? Aye right?  Maybe if the Tories could show some unity, it would be a start.

So, like I say, about 10 weeks to go before the final proposals have to be made and to call the government “chaotic” would be to compliment them.

I suppose that the next question is: What about Boris and his well-reported comments on the plan being a turd? I mean you can say what you will about Davis being lazy and incompetent, but at least when push came to shove he had the cojones to resign.

What about BoJo? Will he be gone by the end of the day? The BBC reports that he has gone into hiding and even the Whips can’t find him.

On the plus side, if he resigns it would mean that he won’t be obliged to meet with the Orange Moron this week.


Humza Yousaf Retweeted ScotsPolFed

It is simply unacceptable that UK Govt has so far refused to say that they will pick up the policing bill for President Trump’s visit, he is a guest of the UK Govt. I’ll be writing to the UK Govt demanding an urgent resolution to this matter.

We did not invite him. I’m pretty certain most of us don’t want him here.
What do you think?


Boris Johnson: ‘The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump’


Boris Johnson, 2017: is clearly out of his mind and unfit to hold the Office of President.

Boris Johnson, 2018: “ deserves “respect and recognition” and not “infantile denigration” We welcome him to the UK.


Boris, who seems to have a rather mixed-up impression of Trumpy, might have to rescind his call for the president to be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

It appears that the ‘Summit in Singapore’ is off. Trump is washing his hair or playing golf that weekend. 

So what is the story? Was Kim just yanking his chain?


Still, it seems that it will save the North Korean authorities some money, so as my Granny would say, “everything’s mixed with mercy”.




Homeless and rough sleepers are, apparently, being rounded up in Windsor. These people, however, seem to be grabbing their place for an event that will take place in 2 days’ time. Does that not make them rough sleepers too? 


The Tories seem to think that the decision of the Scottish Parliament (although I’ve heard it described as the decision of the Scottish Government) not to approve the European Withdrawal legislation, which will see the removal of powers from Holyrood, was some sort of small-minded nationalistic protest. 

But we should remember that Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats voted with the government for this action. It’s not narrow nationalism. It is cross-party consensus, with the only exception being the Tories.

In comparison to people who live south of the border, we have it a bit easier. And we’d like to keep it that way.

The British government (or rather the part of it that deals with England and Wales (and now, presumably, Northern Ireland) has revealed plans to make getting permission for fracking as easy as for putting up a garden shed.

A small thing, you might think, till it affects land in your area.

In Scotland, we can produce energy using green technology and at present fracking is illegal.

We must keep the fracking ban until we know that it is safe.

Incidentally, and ironically, Mundell has said that only Tories understand the complexities of the Withdrawal Bill and MSPs didn’t understand the technicalities of it. Presumably, he imagines that he is brighter than any of the MSPs who voted against it.

So I’ll leave you to have a good old laugh about that one…




So, Boris, remind us, why did you suggest that he should get a Nobel Peace Prize?

He’s certainly a bit of a lad for international diplomacy, isn’t he?


Just saw this. It was a year ago but it’s still funny!




Just a thought… Why not?



We owe a debt of gratitude to Craig Dempsey on Twitter, for drawing to our attention the following item for sale on Amazon. co. uk


Seriously… this life-size model, inappropriately dressed as usual, and several other versions of it are available, and Munguin said immediately that I should let you all know.

He also suggested we let Amazon know to expect a rush on them.

This will work equally well as a burglar scarer, rat scarer, crow scarer…well anything (except maybe rattlesnake) scarer. (She has an affinity with them.)

A superb way of getting rid of any unwanted callers at your house.

Stick it in your window and they will either think she is in your house, and run for their lives, or they will decide that you are a complete nut job and avoid you like the plague, lest you should finally lose control completely and start strangling visitors.

For added security, you can have Donald Trump too.

Don’t thank me… It was a pleasure.