And in many cases, offering military expertise, which I suppose is why there won’t be retaliation against Saudi Arabia for bombing the wedding party. Ooops, My Bad!

Yep, I got it now… I think????
I think that was only if the president was black. If he’s orange it’s an entirely different thing.
Well, yeah, but that was different. I got better shoes now because presidents get the best shoes in the world. FACT.
As they bloody well MUST be…
Ah, yes. Well maybe if they can prove the unprovable… a bit like the victims of Grenfell Tower who were promised new homes within 6 weeks, and are still waiting.
!this is your
Sounds like that lovely Christain woman whose worst deed ever was to run through a cornfield. Coz clearly taking someone’s citizenship from them, having them lose their job, home and actually deporting them, or denying them cancer treatment, is far less offensive than running through a bloody cornfield, you odious woman.
Winston Smith hard at work in Whitehall.
Alive and well, it seems.
Could? Well, yes, I suppose it could. Martians could land too and then what would happen to the NHS? But look on the bright side, Michael. You won, at least in England and Wales and you’ve forced us into it too. And one of the results of this is that no one from Europe wants to come and work in your NHS. So it will become unsustainable anyway because there won’t be many nurses or doctors by 2030. It would be fair to say that the scenario you outlined could have been avoided in numerous ways. You could have vetoed Turkey’s membership (although you wouldn’t ahve to because Greece would have done it for you). Or you could have simply enacted the provisions that exist and which other EU countries have done viz a viz only allowing people to live here when they have jobs (and are paying taxes). Still, nothing like a bit of racial hatred to get the terminally thick on your side. Filthy foreigners coming over here to die on our trollies.


So, not only do our pensioners live in poverty… our kids are among the hungriest in Europe. Proud?







Or at least so says this roaster.


Dunno about you, but to me, this is beginning to sound frightening.

All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the unintended consequences of the BritNats’ desire to show Johnnie Foreigner a thing or two, will be the break-up of their beloved and benighted kingdom.


Given the verification tick, I’m assuming this is genuinely from Mrs May’s boss, the president of the United States of America, the world’s biggest economy and most powerful armed forces.

Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!

OMG! As Pa Broon said on Twitter, they’ve put a toddler in charge of the USA.









So Nigel sent a tweet at 5.58…
And at 5.59 this happened.


 not according with truth or fact; incorrect.
  1. “he was feeding false information to his customers”
    synonyms: incorrectuntruewrongerroneousfallaciousfaultyflaweddistortedinaccurateinexactimpreciseinvalidunfoundedMore



…  because the BBC and STV have apparently been over it like a rash. And doubtless, the tabloids will be giving 7+ pages each tomorrow.

Thousands and thousands of people, it appears, turned out to meet the royal couple (only they aren’t a royal couple yet and it was hundreds and hundreds … or sort of).


In truth, there wasn’t a huge turnout, as these photographs show.

I’ve seen a couple of quotes in reports. One was from a couple of elderly ladies who had travelled from Newcastle in England, because this was a treat and they didn’t get much in the way of royal visits there. (To each her own.)  The other was a grad student from Monterey in Mexico.


But, of course, I’m sure there were many Scots there, and if I hadn’t lost the will to live,  and persevered with reading, I’m sure I would have seen some quotes from them in the text, doubtless frothing over their royalnesses, and the tartan coat Princess Harry to be somewhat patronisingly wore. But I can’t help thinking that the press rather overdid the estimates of the number of admirers, just as they tend to underestimate the numbers that turn up at an independence rally or indeed the rally in London about NHS England, which, I’m told, went largely ignored.



Someone on Twitter commented that the numbers at the castle weren’t terribly much more than you would expect for tourists at this time of the year.



The royals are extremely rich. Some recent estimates of the family’s fortune have been as high as £40 billion, and although I’m sure they are guesswork, it still seems to me that they can afford the wedding without getting a payday loan from Wonga. So maybe the wedding money would be better spent on the NHS or trying to find homes for the homeless.

After all, we don’t pay for any other Tom, Dick or Harry to get wed, why would we pay for this one? I don’t think that any members of it should have their weddings paid for by us but certainly not as far down as 5th in line.

You may or may not wish to sign the petition here. It won’t, of course, make any difference at all. Theresa will still throw as much money at it as is required. It’s going to be a distraction from Brexit reality for the masses and   heaven knows she needs that. However, it’s the gesture that counts.



The Daily Star is reporting that Barack and Michelle Obama have been invited to the wedding.  But given that the Daily Star prints even more ridiculous garbage than the Express and the Mail and that wrapping your fish supper in it is an insult to the poor dead fish and the potatoes which were dug out of the ground,  I’d take that with a pinch of salt (and vinegar?).

It would be interesting if he did though. Can you imagine Trumpy’s orange face going red as he stropped? It would be worth contributing a couple of quid for the wedding just to see that!



a derek

Apologies for the lack of work this week.

And I know it’s been an exciting week, what with Derek’s budget proposals, Ruth’s admission that she’d not be averse to a London parliamentary seat (the worst kept secret in the world), the Mayhembot being beaten in parliament on taking back to control to their parliament (instead of a cabal of right wing nut jobs), Kezia being sent to the Scottish equivilent of Coventry, and the high nesses Willie and Charlie joining the Maypole at a service for the survivors and victims of the greed and incompetence of Kensington Council, many of whom still have no permanent home.

a aWindsor-Castle-burning

Charles and Willie, of course, will remember when their mother’s/granny’s place at Windsor went up in flames and they had to throw Rembrandts and Van der Neers out the window. A dreadful year. An annus horribilis, in fact!

Doubtless, the royals were thinking to themselves how awful it was for these people to lose their priceless works of art (I mean your average Botticelli doesn’t look its best after being flung from the 20th floor of a multi), but then consoled themselves in the sure and certain knowledge that those who were left alive would have, as mama/grandmama had, decanted to one of their other houses, filled with equally desirably artworks

a roy

Then there was the slap in the face that Trumpy got when despite his presidential endorsement, Roy Moore and his horse were not elected to the US Senate, and the South’s South, the reddest state in the union, elected a Democrat senator, leaving Trump’s majority on the shoggliest of nails.


Finally, of course, there was that magical and heartwarming news that Harry the Hunter and his bird are to be wed, largely at our expense, on May the something or other. Joy unbounded. (Note to May: Brilliant day to bury any disastrous news.)

Anyway, there should have been articles on most if not all of those matters, and there was not. Munguin is not a happy chappy, and Tris is now sharing the cellars with Mick the Mouse. Nice bit of cheese for supper though!

Anyway… here’s some auld pics to puzzle over. Hope that makes it up to you! Munguin says you can all have 10 per cent of your subscriptions back….

What more could you ask?

Wait a minute…

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ss car



Oh and…


a trump
So, no one has told Mrs May, or she’s lying because she knows the longer the notice, the better the public will able to organise a protest of proportions suitable to the man’s status.