*Opinium Westminster Voting Intention: 21-23/04/2020

CON: 50% (+5)

LAB: 33% (-)

LDem: 7% (-5)

SNP: 5% (+1)

Grn: 3% (-)

PC: 0% (-)

Flavible Projection

CON: 384 (+19)

LAB: 185 (-18)

SNP: 55 (+7)

PC: 4 (-)

LDem: 3 (-8)

GRN: 1 (-)


So, it would seem that Sir Keir Starmer hasn’t made any impact on the Tory lead in England.

Tories in Scotland are down to 3 seats.

Labour holds its usual one in a Tory heartland.

Liberals appear to have lost all their seats, even the Northern Isles, which I find incredible.  Bring back Jo Swinson, I say!!!

And the SNP has gained 7 seats, bringing them back to 55.

Also asked in the poll:

“Which, if any, of the following people do you think would be the best prime minister?”

The answers were…

Boris Johnson (Con): 44%

Keir Starmer (Lab): 23%

None of these: 17%

Don’t know: 16%

So it seems that election of centre-right Sir Keir Starmer hasn’t done Labour a power of good, although to be fair it is early days. But the calm and measured Starmer at around half the support of the de Pfeffel buffoon, in a crisis? What is wrong with these people?

On whether people are doing a good job the results were: 

Boris Johnson: + 19

Sir Keir Starmer: + 13

Nicola Sturgeon: + 3 ( Possibly because it was a UK poll.)

Ed Davey: – 8 (Possibly because no one has heard of him or knows what he is doing.)

Johnson has done a good job? Is that the sympathy vote? Because as the “Just for a Laugh” cartoon say yesterday…



In the meantime, Jackson Carlaw has told us there is no border between Scotland and England. He tweets:

“It is ridiculous to suggest Nicola Sturgeon could close the border. There is no border – we are one United Kingdom.”

OK, this probably isn’t the time to get into how being “one united kingdom” isn’t working out too well for us. That’s not the point. But it is possible to close “internal borders”, which, like it or not, Mr Carlaw, DO exist. Australia and Malaysia are, each of them “one united country” but Quokka was saying recently that the borders between states in Australia are monitored and Abu told me the same thing about Malaysia. (They may now be completely closed by now as both countries are taking stronger action against the virus.)

In the UK, however, people can freely move between the countries because there is no border security because some people, like Carlaw, are desperate to not give the impression that we are anything other than one united kingdom.

The map above (albeit based only on an opinion poll) suggests that the “united” part of united kingdom is risible.


*Access to full tables through that site.


  1. I’m kinda thinking I’m being stupidly pedantic here but how can something be united without discernible constituent parts and boundaries/borders for each. If there aren’t borders then we’re not the United Kingdom, we’re just, The Kingdom.

    I’ll probably regret posting this bit of flawed logic 2 milli-seconds after pressing the post comment button and it won’t be the first time. I can tell you for certain though that both the left and right sides of my brain are ‘United’ as far as that goes.

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  2. Like the result that ‘None of the Above’,and the ‘Don’t Know’ is in second place.
    Maybe carlos should use the doris method, keep quiet and submarine.
    You can’t get the blame if you’re invisible.
    Anyway a SIR in charge of the people’s party, doris is just a plain mister.
    Reading the report this ,morning that the chancer is reducing the support to those laid off.
    Anyways you might as well try out the explanation on annie wells first.


    1. Given that everything that de Pfeffel does is done in Churchillian mode, it must wrankle somewhat that he’s plain mister, like the rest of us.

      I’d be hesitant to try to explain anything to Ms Wells.

      There is a section of the more idiot extreme right in the Tories that want everyone back to work because it’s hitting their share prices, and the only reason that they have directorships is that they influence the government.

      Sensibly, Johnson isn’t prepared to do that.

      I guess that the reduction in aid will be some sort of compromise to stop the rebel Tories rebelling more.


  3. The first thing Carjack should do then is drop the name Scottish from his pretendy Scottish political party.
    The United Kingdom Conservative Unionist and No to Independence party,except there are no unionists in England to join in union with.
    Also,he should be denying the need for his party’s Secretary of State for Scotland.
    There are borders between counties and regions but they,apparently,do not require a separate Secretary of State to act as the representative of the UK of E in that region.
    Also,he should be getting rid of the Scottish office and it’s army of spin doctors,spin is more important to the Tories than medicine as we have found out.
    There is no Yorkshire office,Essex office etc because they are regions within the country of England.
    He is on a big loser with his Scotland doesn’t exist nonsense,it will cost him votes as well as being patently untrue.

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    1. The key point is surely that Scotland (and NI?) has it’s own separate legal system, unlike Yorkshire or Wales for that matter. There may be specific laws that only apply in some restricted parts of the UK, but Scotland has a complete system all to herself.

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      1. Yes, NI has its own legal system and its own laws.

        I think that bringiton was being a bit sarcastic.

        The thought of getting rid of Jack does fill me with pleasure.

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  4. And now more brainwashing/propaganda with a minute’s silence announced for 11am this morning. It’s the sheer breath taking hypocrisy of the very people responsible for the deaths of these workers that for me is sick inducing.
    Aye, they should be standing with their heads bowed, but in the dock at Bow Street Magistrates Court.

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  5. Apologies to all those falling silent for I now see that this is International Workers Memorial Day. I didn’t realise that when I wrote the above. Although I still think it’s been hijacked for tory political purposes.

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  6. The handcock is worried about the number of children being admitted to hospital with a respiratory problem.
    Mainly infants.
    Mr Hancock added that while the disease is rare, it is “very significant” for children who do get it.

    What is it about these people, seems it is very significant for them,They die.

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        1. Why am I not surprised.

          There wouldn’t be a quid pro quo, would there?

          Like, y’know, say nice things about us… and bash those bloody unruly Jocks.

          Munguin wants to know how many millions he’s getting.


  7. Just to confirm what Tris has said. In Malaysia, this pandemic is viewed from parish, district, state and federal level. We have a general lockdown (although allowed to do essential shopping and business), in which people are expected to stay indoors unless you are excused (I am a small holder [somewhat like a crofter] and travel within two parishes only [no roadblocks]). This lockdown is strictly enforced by the police, army and civil defence units using lots of roadblocks. We are in or 4th 14-day phase of the lockdown and enforcement has particularly been strict. The deputy health minister has just been fined RM1000 for breach of the order (eh politicians everywhere are the same).

    There are a few places in which the the lockdown is further enhanced (EMCO/PKPD) due to what the health ministry considers outbreak hotspots. These places are essentially under curfew (no one is even allowed to got out of the door of one’s residence) and if you cannot get/buy food, it will be provided for you. As far as I recall the enhanced lockdowns has yet to be lifted.

    For me I am in a bit of a pickle because I live near the border of two other states. I principally shop and do other businesses across the border. It a hassle just to cross it. The border is a river and the roadblock is set up just before the bridge. Now, more than any other time, made me realise the existence of the borders of the states.

    As such, Jackson Carlow, the ex and the current SoS are talking shite.


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  8. I am amused by the proud Scots who deny that Scotland exists as a separate entity. I have slightly – very slightly – more respect for the view of a (much younger) unionist colleague who denies being Scottish and defiantly describes himself as British. I am tempted to ask why he goes to watch a team which shd really be called North Britain but he may think Scotland just a football team name like Hibs. (Or like Croatia – see if you can work that one out !) 😉

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    1. OK, totally lost over that one, but one of the brains on here is going to explain it, I know.

      Well, I guess your colleague IS British, as, unfortunately, am I. but I’m also a citizen of the world, I’m European, I’m Scottish and I’m Muirheadian.

      I consider that the most important for me is bing Scottish. It’s how I define myself. I went through the Scottish education system (although I also spent learning time in England and in France). My accent is Scottish and I live under Scots Law. Not Code Napoléon, civil, fiscal or pénal nor English Law.

      So my main identity is Scottish.


    2. Perhaps confusion here between Political and Geographical Identity.
      Geographically your friend is Scottish, British and European; assuming born in Scotland.
      Politically he can choose to be what he wants as it is not determined by location but by “emotion”.

      So when he says he is not Scottish but British he is specifying his preferential Political identity. When he supports Scottish teams he is specifying his Geographic identity.

      For my part I am Scottish by birth and Scotland is home, even though I live in Australia and have dual citizenship. So I am Scottish both Geographically and Politically.

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  9. It is a bit shocking that Scotland has over 1,200 deaths from Corvid-19 from a population of 5 million compared with Australia’s 84 deaths from a population of 25 million and New Zealand’s 19 deaths in a population similar to Scotlands.

    An explanation may be found in the fact that the two worse performing countries in the world: the USA and soon to be the UK: the two countries that have neo-liberalism as their national ideology!

    Being controlled by a neo-liberal neighbour has deadly consequences.

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    1. Common mode of operations.
      They are still landing aircraft passengers with NO Health Checks.
      America is a big landmass but then so is Australia, 300 million in the USA, 50,000 deaths.
      The USA and the UK slow to contain the virus, they’re still on herd immunity imo.

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      1. Yes, I reckon they might be.

        The Tories need to remember two things.

        1. There is a disproportionate likelihood of death in over 70s.

        2. There is a disproportionate number of over 70s who vote Tory.

        So getting rid of older people may save a bit of pension money and medical/care money in the immediate future, but in 4.5 years, there might not be enough pensioners to vote in a Tory government!


    2. It’s awful.

      There are thing that we have done differently from England; things that we should have done differently from England, but didn’t and things that it would have been good to do differently, but we just could not do it.

      Sensible countries have done so much better.


      1. Then of course there are the Rumsfeld options
        a) different things that we didn’t know about that we could have done differently,
        b) different things that we knew about that we could have done differently,
        c) different things that we didn’t know about that we wouldn’t have done differently, even if we knew about them.

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    3. I am also rather surprised by the desire of the soi-disant Scottish Tories to be more like England since the age distribution of Covid – 19 fatalities disproportionately affect their voter demographic. Have they noticed that any wrong decisions on lockdown leading to resurgence or increased spread of the virus will disproportionately affect No voters, bearing in mind that 73% of over 65’s voted No last time ?

      I was surprised shortly before lockdown when I said to a young, fairly savvy, friend, that British people will have to take all the low paid jobs – and he said “I hadn’t thought of it like that”. Lockdown has prevented me from exploring this point with others people to learn whether this lack of consideration of the implications of decisions is in fact any more common. Fruit pickers in England don’t see to have twigged it yet…

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      1. I’m guessing that a vast number of people who voted to leave the EU were persuaded by the ridiculous headlines in the written-down tabloid press… Mail, Express, Telegraph, Star.

        The stories were fantastical. Turks invading the Uk, most jobs going to foreigners, foreigners coming over here and putting a strain on our schools, NHS, transport systems or getting put to the top of housing lists.

        Even sometimes (because many of their readers were too dim to catch on), saying that we were all going to have to live by “Muslamic law”. From the EU???(

        Of course that lad was working class, but a lot of it was the aspiring to be middle class Daily Mail respectable readership.

        Nothing was ever properly investigated. And the Remain campaign had a hard job to get their message through because the [press is mostly owned by Tory supporting leavers.

        So despite the fact that most party leaders (all in Scotland) were pro EU their message was little heard.

        People didn’t take into consideration that there would be a shortage of doctors, nurses, care home people… and many many others

        Farmers who wanted to leave the EU somewhat dimly never considered where they would get their seasonal labour from. You can’t use the unemployed without providing some sort of security for them because the weather is so unpredictable you can’t guarantee a weeks pay. Imported labour lived in Caravans and then went home at the end of summer.

        People just desperately wanted to be out of Europe. The tabloids talked up second empire and people imagined how it was when Britain ran the world, like they learned from their even then out of date history books in the 1950s.

        They were, almost literally living in another world. They dreamed of Britain being back where it was before it lost the empire and America took over running the world from France and Britain.

        So now fruit and veg will rot in the fields, there is already a dire shortage of capable workers. Once upon a time my local Lidl was staffed almost entirely by eastern European staff. It was a great shop, always clean and the staff always ready to help. Recently they are all Scottish or English staff and the standard has got so low as to make it a misery to shop there.

        And all of that before Conora and before we have truly left.

        And as you say, a disproportionate number of them will get this virus and die. And they won;t see December 31 and “freedom”.

        Hell mend them.


        1. I was born and raised here, although people always say I sound Canadian (being polite I guess XD) but hopefully that doesn’t disqualify me, hehe.

          All I will say about daily mail readers at this juncture is that a week or two ago there was a news story about Eastern Europeans being flown in for seasonal farm work…

          As for Jackson carHaw-Haw, I wish he would just hawk off to his beloved englandshire and stay there.

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            1. Farmer: We have to come out of the nasty horrible foreign run EU otherwise we’ll be over run with foreigners

              Also Farmers: We need a lot of hard working eastern Europeans to pick our crops, otherwise we will make a great fat loss and won’t be able to afford a brand new BMW for every member the family this year.

              Calling Kirsteen Hair…


          1. It does seem to me that he would be better suited to England where the Tories do seem to have a real foothold… and to be honest don’t look like they are shifting any time soon.

            Not matter how bad it all gets, we’ll get the Blitz spirit that almost none of them has any idea about.


    1. That’s hardly grand enough for Munguin, Niko.

      Well, then, Niko, it says something for the Scottish population that they still prefer the idea of living under permanent Tory government than under a Scandinavian/Nordic type regime in an independent Scotland.

      Maybe they ARE only fit to be the boot boys of the Tories.


  10. Subtle change to the No 5 test.
    The next surge isn’t to overwhelm the NHS.
    This suggests we are in for a roller coaster year,or more.
    So a release from lockdown, movement around to pick the lettuce, back to more lonely deaths.
    I’m suspecting that IF the death rate comes down to a few hundreds a day the doris will relax some of the conditions.

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    1. It’s a big decision to make.

      His party is divided again between those who just want their money coming back in, and those who realise that old people vote Tory.


  11. Carlaw etc are only in it for the money , they don’t care about Scotland , they don’t cares about England either in fact they don’t care about anything except the money , they will change their opinions change their vote their support and anything else that will bring them money by being changed.

    We have seen it over and over again the most recent example was when he and others voted against Boris Johnston then voted for him when he became PM.

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    1. Yep. Absolutely right. When it was made clear that it wasn’t acceptable for Carlot to be pro EU, despite hi9m having campaigned to remain, and his own constituency following that advice, when it mena a bit of advancement for him, he changed his mind on the whole thing.

      I hope his constituents show him the door in in ’21.

      It was of course the same with Fluffy the Goat and Baroness Colonel…. It will be a disaster, became it is a great opportunity, in the space of 12 hours.


  12. I suspect that some unionists in Scotland are now having an Angela Merkel type moment.
    The moment when she realised that we could no longer depend on the US of A to keep the peace in Europe.
    So with the UK of E.
    We can no longer depend on Westminster protecting us from harm.
    In fact,quite the opposite.
    The times they are a changin’.

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  13. Who was who said ” a week is a long time in politics ” ? polling intentions for an election in 4 years time, pretty pointless don’t you think?

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    1. From the point of view of predicting the result… goodness yes.

      But looking at how things are going. Learning lessons about what policies are popular, and at the moment, whether the government is coping with Covid19, it’s an indicator.

      Amazingly, in England, they seem to think that Johnson is doing a good job. Not so much here!


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