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The Daily Borisgraph called this “ungracious and nasty”.

And they weren’t the only ones. Twitter was raging about the First Minister celebrating a victory for her party. I read comments about how disgusting it was that she, a woman, would rejoice in the humiliation of a young woman ( well youngish, and Amy Callaghan, who beat her, is a good ten years younger!)

Incidentally, I’d have thought that it wasn’t particularly “humiliating” to lose your seat in an election. It’s normal. More people lose in elections than win. Surely everyone goes into an election anticipating that it can happen.

It’s even less humiliating and more to be expected if you didn’t bother to live in the constituency… or to spend much time there during the campaign (or ever).

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It seems, however, that when Boris Johnson celebrated in a not dissimilar way, far less was made of it. I think it is utterly natural to celebrate a win, and I’m sure that Swinson and Corbyn did it when they took or held a seat. A win for someone means a loss for someone else, but that’s competition for you. That’s politics.

 Boris throws his arms up in celebration as he celebrates with James Cleverly at Tory HQ

In any case, rumour has it that having been rejected by the electorate, Swinson will not be humiliated by anyone in her next job.

She may be appointed to the House of Lords where she will be able to snooze away at £300 a day for the rest of her life, so I’d save my pity if I were you.

NO matter what you think of the SNP, at least their politicians are elected (in what passes for a democratic style in Britain).

 Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Sajid Javid enjoy a group hug as they celebrate the win


In other news, the bloke that managed to lose more than half the Tory seats in Scotland has apparently said that he won’t accept Coburn (ex-UKIP) into the Tory Party.

Not that I have a problem with that. Coburn isn’t an asset to anyone, anywhere. And it’s noticeable that Farage also refused to have him in the Brexit Party. (And when you think of some of the loonies that he took on, that’s saying something.)

But I wasn’t aware that a branch office temporary leader could refuse membership to anyone. And doesn’t Coburn live in London?

Enjoy your wee bit of power while you can, you wally!



Given that the Telegraph is the mouthpiece of the current UK government and its prime minister, and that I just read this article in the Irish Times, I’d suggest that, following the meeting yesterday between the Taoiseach and the idiot Johnson, the DUP is about to be thrown under the bus.


For the implications on peace, on the economies of Northern Ireland and Scotland, the possible reaction in Brussels…over to you!

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He’s done what?



So, I’ve been following Marky Booth on Twitter as he patiently waited for parliament to be prorogued. I pinched this cartoon from him. Oh sorry, it’s actually a picture.

Anyway, twice in the last month, we’ve had to sit through Black Rod mumbling some antiquated nonsense, and some ermine clad ne’er do wells toffs doffing their caps, as Boris manages to once again shut down democracy with the compliance of Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha.

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Why they do all this dressing up in strange costumes and taking their hats off (only the men it seems) heaven only knows. Maybe there is a reason hidden in the mists of time and tradition. Maybe there isn’t and they just like dressing up is strange clothes. Who knows when it comes to the English aristocracy?

I was going to say, “who cares?” But I think I do. All these people, after all, are highly paid and/or on massive expenses and I help pay for them and their costumes which are doubtless expensive too.

And what is it all?

Why can’t the Speaker and Lords Speaker just read off a sheet that parliament is suspended until Monday by order of the queen and then everyone can go home, or wherever it is they go in London?

Well, of course,what it is for this time is so that on Monday the Toytown prime minister can have his party political broadcast read by the queen, who presumably will have had to come back from Balmoral, also at considerable expense, to read his list of promises, from her golden throne, after arriving in procession, accompanied by page boys, ladies in waiting and all manner of tra la la.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the promises that have been made over the last few weeks, and which will presumably to be included in this Clown Speech from the throne, are utterly unaffordable given the shitstorm of no deal that we are about to enter. Presumably, if she is paying attention Liz will already know that its a pack of lies, but will, nonetheless, read it out anyway.

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So all the nonsense about 40 new hospitals (that on closer inspection became 6) and massive spending on infrastructure, or indeed for us Scots, all the money Johnson was guaranteeing to spend here to make up for the fact that Holyrood treats us so badly… you know, not making us pay for tertiary education or prescriptions or extra bedrooms or care for the elderly… you know the sort of thing… well, we can forget it. Tax increases and spending cuts to pay for this fool’s Brexit are going to be the order of the day.

Still, it is comforting to know that, no matter how bad things get, the Brits will always find enough money for tricorn hats and weird rituals.




According to Sky, the crisis has been averted (also see Evening Standard). After talks with Davis (and Johnson and Fox) this morning, Maybot appears to have caved (in a strong and stable sort of way, of course) and agreed to a vague end date of 2021 or 2022 for the single market arrangement over the Irish border.

It appears that for the bulk of this parliament then, Mr Fox has no function as he won’t be able to sign a single trade deal, which I guess is more or less what a trade secretary gets paid for. Maybe we should make him redundant and save his ministerial salary for the next 4 years?

And all this is thanks to the fact that Arlene Foster owns Mrs Mayhem and will NOT tolerate ANY differences between Northern Ireland and Britain (except with regard to abortions, gay marriage and their PR electoral system, of course).