We have heard from the Tories and their wee Torylite lapdog on the right, that the Scottish government should have been doing far more testing in Care Homes, although oddly, the Tories in England didn’t.

Interestingly, I read tonight that ol’ Carlaw got £35,000 for his leadership campaign and Union Jacket on the right here managed to snag £40,000 for his 2019 election campaign… from Care Home owners.

Bless… you scratch our backs and we’ll run down the Scottish government for you.


I’ve also been reading that Tea Boy Johnson, Mr Cummings’ PA, has decided to go on a charm offensive (I’d have thought “offensive” alone would have done) around Europe, to try to persuade Europeans to come back to England. Seriously, he has.


Given that Britain is now the “plague nation” of Europe, I’m not entirely sure that they will let him in, but if they do, there are apparently over 20 official languages in the EU. So I guess he’s going to learn a stack of new ways of saying “foutre le camp”, “Разкарай се”, “orlähteä tiehensä”. I wonder if it’s the same in modern Greek as in ancient…




Face masks now compulsory in France, but burqas, niqabs, still ...
Facemasks are now compulsory in France.

The advice of the Scottish government is if you are travelling on public transport or using a supermarket or shop you should wear a mask.

They are also saying that if people don’t pick this up voluntarily, they will look at bringing in legislation to make it compulsory.

Although it started off being Tory unionists that were whinging about it here (who does Nicola Sturgeon think she is? etc), it seems that the English government is bringing in legislation now and from June 15 it will be illegal in England to used public transport without a mask.


Red face again, eh Jackson?

We need to respect people who work in supermarkets. If you are a shopper, your chance of catching the virus is tiny, particularly if you are only in the shop for as short a time as possible…in the region of 0.02% on average. However, working there on an 8-hour shift, face to face with customers, your chance is far higher. Maybe as high as 8 or 9%.

On public transport, it’s impossible to socially distance. But wearing a mask, though far from foolproof at least reduces the likelihood of infection.


New royal yacht? A second idea enters the fray - Classic Boat Magazine

Rigsby Jones has decided that what we need to cheer us all up is a new royal yacht.

You can always depend on a member of the house of lords to have his finger on the pulse of what people want.

Why, as I lay in bed this morning, I said to myself: “Self”, I said, “what would make you feel better about all this Covid, Brexit, lockdown, no-deal, stuck here inside crap? Hmmmm?”

Boris Johnson's critics attacked by Lord Digby Jones in furious ...

And what do you think was my answer to myself?

Yep. You’re absolutely right. I said, “we need a new royal yacht to lift the Scottish people’s spirits.”

And then, lo and behold, as if from out of nowhere, the Noble Baron put it into the kind of words that I could never have found, just being a humble commoner.

The Trouble with Andrew | Vanity Fair | August 2011

So there you go. You don’t need any more jokes pages or soppiness on Sundays… You have the prospect of spending £100 million on a yacht so that Air Miles can skip the country when Liz Truss sells him out to the FBI for a photo opportunity with the orange fascist.


English Statistics by Dummies, erm I mean FOR Dummies.

29 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Both Carlaw and Murray with their “one UK approach” are annoyed that Scotland doesn`t have as many deaths as England.

    Perhaps they should be told , “Scots lives matter”

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    1. I think they probably are annoyed that time after time they criticise the Scottish government and shortly afterwards figures are unearthed that show that the English government did worse or that the English are now going to follow the lead of Scotland.

      I sometimes wonder if it isn’t England that is too wee, too poor and too stupid.

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  2. A possible scenario. To celebrate the new “Royal Yacht ‘Empress of England’” everyone on the civil list is on board for a triumphant world tour. First stop one of the crew tests asymptomatic positive for Covid-19 and the whole shebang is quarantined for the next 40 years without ever returning home. All burials will be conveniently at sea and every one can attend through livestream satellite phone broadcasting.

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    1. On the basis that every silver lining has a cloud… what about the poor crew… stuck out there for 40 years in the Indian Ocean with that lot!


  3. TBF it’s not impossible to socially distance on a First Glasgow bus. They’ve marked off seats that you aren’t allowed to sit on (though occasionally an eejit seems unable to read the BRIGHT yellow notices on them) AND if they’ve got the maximum number on, they put – FULL on the destination board and don’t stop. Good job lots of folk don’t need them as my bus is currently one an hour. Imagine if it flew past you. NOOOOOOOO.

    Anyway be told – there is ALWAYS a need for Soppyness on Sunday. Always!

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    1. Exactly… there’s always someone who knows so much better than the medical officers. Every country has them. In America it’s this orange person. But in Scotland we have plenty of them too. “I’ll sit where i want. Nobody’s gonna tell me where I can sit.”

      As for SS, although I was only joking, Munguin has already put me in detention for a week. Not that that means a lot at the moment.

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  4. The comment about an 8hour shift in the supermarket reminded me of a chat with a teacher friend.
    After the school holidays, went back to work in top health.
    Within the first week of student contact,runny nose,sore throat,coughs and sneezes, every year in a 25 year career.
    Put down to coming into close contact with 30 pupils in an enclosed space.
    Open the schools,it’s very safe,the students come from different areas and so do the teachers, all been kept apart for 10 weeks,AYE RIGHT very safe.
    Official count now 50,000 early deaths,probably well over 65,000, lives do matter,especially your own.
    Keep safe and assess the risk.

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    1. Yes.

      And when you, as a teacher, are in loco parentis you can’t socially isolate.

      I don’t know any parents who will send their kids back to school at the moment, no matter what the governmnet says.


  5. when you read some of the articles you have to check to see if they were printed on 1st April.

    Re the Care Homes thingy – some of us with long political memories remember that the chief moaner, Kilgour stood for Parliament in 1979 for the Tories. This has become big business and bleeding local authorities dry. They should be nationalised and given to the local authorities. No compensation as they have banked enough profits over the years.

    Carlaw and Murray taking slush money, cannot be true? How else have done the same and given them donations?

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    1. Carlos jackass got £35,000 for his leadership campaign?
      There’s only 12,000 registered votes cast in total,from memory and he got half the vote.
      Wonder if the accounts were published or maybe a wee addition to the art collection used up the cash.

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    2. I just can’t understand why this long-term care isn’t a part of the NHS.

      It’s been proved that when the only real motive in running these homes is to make loads of money and that no scheme to do that is too ridiculous, because, at the end of the day, rather like banks, the governments will HAVE to bail you out, it’s time to ask questions.

      I’d love to see where people’s donations come from.

      Particularly large sums like that. You can bet your life that there will be plenty more.


      1. IF it was the 1920’s in Chicago the media would have been all over it with:-
        Politician accepted a big bribe from the mafia.
        Here in the 2020’s, a small measure of support for a businessman’s experience of life,giving work to the masses.
        I have seen a care home owner who operated a £500,000 aircraft, run as a business expense.

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        1. Wow!

          You’ve given Munguin an idea. He is thinking of opening the basements of the towers as a nursing home… he feels sure I can fit that in alongside my other duties.


  6. If Johnson wants to entice Europeans back to the UK he is going to have to get rid of Eva Braun and her storm troopers in the Home office.
    Also,he is going to have to guarantee their European rights.
    Now…..how is he going to do that?

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    1. It’s a bit of a sticky one … as the Captain in “It aint half hot mum” used to say to the Colonel.

      Nope… I don;t think that I have the answer…

      Oh well, get the Windsors out picking vegies.


  7. Just looking at Sky website, this is why you can’t trust the media, if this is the standard of reporting that’s followed. We know it’s the normal.
    Why you can’t trust Sky News
    Coronavirus: Reopening schools ‘unlikely’ to cause a spike in COVID-19 infections, say scientists
    A study finds that relaxing lockdown measures would have a greater impact on transmission than a return to schools alone.

    Reopening schools in England is unlikely to cause a spike in coronavirus infections unless social distancing measures for adults are also relaxed significantly, say infectious disease experts at Warwick University.
    Primary schools began a phased return on Monday 1 June amidst concern that increased contact between children could raise R – the average amount of people infected by one person.

    But the researchers suggest any increase in “R” would be small, and not increase it above one, which would cause the epidemic to grow again.
    “Our work indicates that the current policy of reception, year one and year six children returning to school is likely to result in a small increase in the reproduction number,” said Professor Keeling, part of the team who produced the study.
    “In isolation this is unlikely to push R above 1 but there still remains uncertainty about the consequences of relaxing the lockdown,” he added.

    The first paragraph is the headline,
    no spike from reopening schools,say scientists.
    Followed by, relaxing lockdown would have a great impact than opening schools ALONE.

    How can you write the headline from the rest of it?.

    Watched a walkabout video of Manchester about R rate, what’s the chance of filming 4 separate CHINESE passersby with masks on in a 30second transmission clip? , edited together,some other message perhaps.

    Roll on AoY


    1. So the ‘R’ numbers now are:

      North West – 1.01 (was 0.73)
      South West – 1
      South East – 0.97
      London – 0.95 (was 0.40)
      East – 0.94
      Midlands – 0.90
      North East and Yorkshire – 0.89

      But yes, let’s stop the lockdown, go back to work and send our children back to school. Fantastic.

      Well, it seems that in a lot of England the R value has increased to over 1.

      Still, I’m sure Johnson knows what he’s doing.


  8. Off-topic: The brutality of some of the police in Buffalo and in Salt Lake City that I have seen on Twitter this afternoon is mind blowing.

    Also, who are all these people surrounding the White House with no insignia and no identifying number on their tunics?


    What the actual…….?

    Is he even human?


    1. What we all suspected. And whos name do we see there… again? Oh yeah Don’s mates.

      Thanks for sharing that.

      I heard that the NHS trusts in England are now at war with the UK/English government and Hancock over masks.

      The same masks that the government thought were a waste of time but that now they are making it law to wear on public transport.

      Question about masks: And this goes for Scotland too.

      I bought masks a while ago and use them when I’m in shops. I found them on Amazon. They weren’t fantastically expensive, but they weren’t cheap.

      If they are obligatory where are people going to get them from, and how will people on minimum wage struggling to get by, with many a couple of kids, be able to afford them?


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