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Special thoughts for any Munguinites who aren’t feeling too well (I know Panda Paws’ back is really sore, and Conan has some issues right now and Ed is undergoing some treatment at the moment). So to them especially (and any others not feeling well) a special thought from Munguin. (PS: Tris says Happy Christmas too!)



This is the pic John was trying to put up.

Sound like strong stuff.  So strong Munguin thought about flying to Bulgaria to get some, but decided, instead, to stay where he was and simply send for some.




  1. Felicitations. Irrespective of your faith or lack thereof, please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, best wishes for an environmentally conscientious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday … merry xmas everyone.

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  2. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a drink on my behalf. No really, I’m on very strong painkillers and not allowed to drink so it will be on my behalf!!!

    Will I be okay with a brandy soaked mince pie?

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    1. Thanks, Darren. You too. I’ll spend the afternoon with my mum and then I’m off to get drunk with a couple of neighbours because Munguins has given me the evening off! Well three hours, anyway. I’ve got to be back to make his supper at 11! …

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  3. Thanks Tris and Bugger. The light at the end of the tunnel may not be a psycho with a flamethrower after all.
    I’ve had health issues, my best friend has had some, and my nephew was in intensive care. All of us are not quite out of Sherwood yet though… Anyway thanks again and everyone: have as Merry Christmas as you can.

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    1. LOL! I suppose it was asking for trouble to have a tree in a house with cats! Amazing how, a bit like kids, they can climb ok, but getting down is another thing altogether.


  4. All been said very comprehensively, so I can only echo the seasonal sentiments. Especially to those Munguinites getting over health problems. Hope you’ll soon be firing on all cylinders again.

    Were you here in Bulgaria, I’d be happily sharing our Christmas spirit with you – and all MR readers. For now, you’ll just have to make do with the label…

    (Except I can’t get the label to paste. I’ll send to Tris and I’m sure he can draw on Munguin’s WordPress expertise so you can see what you’re missing.)


  5. I found that at the end of my tunnel was er ! More tunnel
    I fear I will go into the afterlife
    Never seeing a UK Labour Government again.

    But still I wish all in the Republic a very merry Xmas
    Even ! Even ! Even Conan
    There managed to say it .
    As once said

    Martin Luther King, Jr. –
    I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

    Unfortunately I am not the man
    He was and cannot extend the same to any Tory Brexiteers

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  6. Tris, the pic at the head of your Christmas message has inspired(?) another wee piece of doggerel.
    Conan, sorry to hear about your woes – all the best to you and yours – and the same to Munguinites everywhere.

    Spirit o’ Christmas

    A man wis walkin doon a lane,
    oot wi his dug fur a walk again
    an as they cam walkin aroon a bend
    they saw a sleigh up on its hin end.
    A wee fat man in a bright rid suit
    ca’d “Haw there, pal, kin ye help me oot?
    Ah’ve cowped ma sledge an noo ah’m stuck,
    an wi presents tae deliver – jist mah luck!”
    “Ah’m sorry, china, Ah’ve got a right bad back.
    Ye’ll need tae get yir ain sledge back on track.
    Ah’ve got a dug tae walk, so ah’ll be on ma way.
    Oh, an ‘Merry Christmas’, by the way!”

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      1. As the possessor of a really bad back at the moment, can I assure you wouldn’t have been ABLE to help Santa, willing or not. Mind you I’m not walking myself, far less my imaginary wee dug, anywhere further than the next room. If you give me long enough…

        Apart from that bit (harrumph) it was another excellent bit o writing from our resident poet.

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  7. Merry Xmas nico, and to all. I try never to use the word hate, as I feel it ends up destroying you, and not the person you feel deserves your dislike. However I can well understand how people feel that way, considering the way real people are being treated, by a increasingly corrupt, cruel, uncaring Westminster administration.
    Hopefully, in the near future, we can at least mitigate some of the damage being done to our people,and country, by becoming an independent nation once again. Not for my sake, but for future generations of Scots.

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too Danny. A long long time ago you gifted me with the Andromeda Galaxy. It remains my screen saver, and probably always will.

      May I ask you how come you post here?

      Maybe the question is how the heck did you find it and, out of a universe of web sites you could settle on, you end up here.

      I think that that would be an interesting story.

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      1. Danny and I know each other from a while back. We met on another forum discussing social issues and became mates… When I started the Republic I told him about it and he came along…

        I guess he must have liked you guys, coz he stayed.

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      2. All good holiday wishes to you Douglas. As Tris said, our meeting was quite by accident in an online forum where we discussed politics. It was during the US federal midterm election campaign of 2006 during DubYa Bush’s second term. That places it a little more than 13 years ago in October, 2006. Munguin’s Republic came later, and the rest is history…….as Tris observed. 😉

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    1. Douglas…….regarding your comment on an astronomical image as a screen saver:

      I happened onto that Andromeda image again in one of my digital picture file directories just the other day. I too have an astronomical screen saver. I use one of the Hubble Deep Field images. It’s not nearly as visually impressive as the Andromeda/Moon image of course, but its magnificent view of thousands of distant galaxies near the outer edge of the Observable Universe….so small that the most distant galaxies look like stars… awesome to see and contemplate. NASA’s Hubble Telescope website posts various high resolution versions of the deep field images.

      You can download high resolution images directly from the Hubble “spacetelescope” website.

      The most distant galaxy ever seen in the Observable Universe is a barely visible reddish spec in the Hubble Deep Field image. It’s named GN-z11, and its light arrives at earth redshifted at z=11.09. That means its light has traveled for 13.3 billion years through expanding space to get here (“lookback time”,) and left the galaxy in that distant past at a “cosmic time” (elapsed time after the big bang) of only 415 million years. That places its comoving radial distance (“proper” distance at the present time) from the earth at 9,879 Megaparsecs, or 32.22 Billion Light-Years. Nothing more distant has ever been seen, except for the expanding Big Bang plasma itself…….the “Surface of Last Scattering,” observed as a massively redshifted (at z=1089) microwave radio signal called the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation.

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      1. Danny,

        Looking inwards:

        I was moved by that. A pretty poor copy of that image resides on the wall above my computer.

        We would not have that photograph of Earth from interplanetary space without the intervention of Carl Sagan.

        I have thought. often, that everything that happens on the pale blue dot ought to be trivial, given that viewpoint, but that it is not. I think Carl Sagan was making the point that we have a duty to look after our own planet first?

        Perhaps that is somewhat less profound than I’d like it to be?

        Thanks for bringing astronomy to this forum.

        Who’d have thunk it?

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        1. Douglas……Thanks for posting that. The “Pale Blue Dot” picture is amazing….the first such picture from deep space.

          You may also remember a famous picture that was made by the Cassini–Huygens Saturn probe. After the Pale Blue Dot picture in 1990, later that decade, on October 15, 1997, Cassini–Huygens was launched from Cape Canaveral, and it entered orbit at Saturn on July 1, 2004. Cassini–Huygens orbited the Saturn system and returned data for 13 years. It took the second and third deep space pictures of earth, including the “Day the Earth Smiled” picture of four planets…..Saturn, Earth, Mars, and Venus… a single composite photograph, taken on July 19, 2013.

          The sun is eclipsed behind Saturn and back lights its ring system. You can click on the picture and it should come up full size. Earth, Mars, and Venus are in the sky along with a number of Saturn’s moons that can be seen in the full resolution image. This picture was published on the front page of the New York Times on November 13, 2013.

          Mars, Venus, and Earth are oriented in a more or less straight line from upper left to lower right at the tips of the vertical line markers, and are easily seen at full size.

          The Earth and Moon are not resolved at this magnification, but are the star below the sharply defined rings.

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  8. Happy the man, and happy he alone, He who can call today his own;
    He who, secure within, can say, Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today.

    Merry Christmas.

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  9. Merry Christmas to All at Munguin Towers And All Your Readers. Best Wishes for The New Year.
    Live Long and Prosper.

    Heading to the airport early hours tomorrow and will be home for a family get together on the 29th. It’s sunny here in the Caucasus but I’m looking forward to some awful Scots weather.

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    1. You’re coming to the right place for it, then.

      Although given the terrible fires, typhoons and floods that are going on some places in the world, including England, I think we are really lucky.


  10. best wishes to all and good health in 2020 to gird our loins for all challenges in 2020

    currently in nomansland in deepest darkest devon, englandshire (with Dartmoor on one side and Exmoor on the other), visiting two of the grandchildren.

    weather was beautiful yesterday but tipping it today!

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  11. Happy holidays to all!!! Witnessed a partial solar eclipse here today (the southern part got the annular solar one). Was amazing and humbling at the same time. Hope everyone had a good holiday and rested well. We will have a hell of fight next year.


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    1. It was a while ago but we got a solar eclipse. What took me was how cold it got around the middle of it. It was really chilly. It was an utter relief when it passed.

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