37 thoughts on “Then and Now”

  1. From the top (in pairs)-
    Martin Shaw
    Marianne Faithfull
    Mick Jagger
    Sandie Shaw
    Cliff Richard
    Petula Clark
    Paul McCartney
    Barbra Streisand
    Paul Jones
    Judith Durham

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  2. Someday perhaps I’ll come to terms with Petula’s current hairstyle. 😉

    Cliff Richard didn’t look right, then I realized that he’s not Keith Richards….(who was Keith Richard for a while.)
    Have to admire Mick Jagger for wasting no time and money on facelifts to combat facial wrinkles. Same with Richards!

    Streisand never had the nose job and remains by all accounts as obnoxious and disagreeable personally and professionally as she ever was.


    Dean Martin DID have the nose job BTW and it was probably a wise choice.

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    1. Yes Cliff Richard never made it in America so you wouldn’t know him much. I don’t like him but he was a relatively good singer. Forever young, they said, until he wasn’t!

      I know someone who met Streisand. He said she was plain rude. So much so that he couldn’t really listen to her stuff after without thinking how sour she had been with him.

      Yes, it’s true you have to accept that the Stones have been a bit frugal when it came to skincare.

      Pet’s hair?

      Yeah, well, it’s just Pet’s hair. It can look nice…

      Dean certainly had a big nose LOL!

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      1. Nice picture of Petula and her hair!

        Jerry had a funny story about Dean with his nose bandage on. On YouTube I think.

        The side view of Streisand’s nose is legendary.

        By all accounts, Streisand goes out of her way to be rude and offensive. A diva even by the standards of diva-ness.

        “Where the **** is that light coming from,” she screamed. “It’s 5.30am,” a hesitant crew member responded. “I think it’s the sun.”
        “Well, do something about it,” she replied.


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                  1. SHHHHHHHHH Don’t give him ideas.

                    He’ll be trying to interest the Pope in Vatican edition… and guess who’ll get the extra work… and for how much extra a week, I ask you…

                    I’ll tell you!

                    Nihil, nulla, zero!

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                    1. OMG, it gets worse and worse! My specialty is the pluperfect subjunctive. 😉
                      You’ll recall the Boston cab driver who was asked by a fish food lover where he could get scrod. SUCH unfortunate confusion resulted!

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  3. Warning here for all young men (and women). The object/subject of your lust may not be quite so appealing after a while. Eg, Marianne Faithfull was the epitome of desire in my bygone youth. Lucky escape! I’d have ended up with a bag lady, judging by the pic here.

    Others are more fortunate. I’m still the same braw specimen of Scottish manhood that the Resident Sassenach found so irresistible all these decades ago. Even the jeans and T-shirt are unchanged (or so she claims). Just a wee bit faded, that’s all. Like my beard’s got bleached from so long in the blazing sunshine of Africa, the Middle East, and now Bulgarian summers.

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      1. Now that I’ve caught up with comments, yes – they did have jeans back then. Except we called the ablatives. Even absolute – by, with, and from were the governing prepositions. Or off proposition- depending who was wearing them. I’m sure Conan can help explain the declensions. Jeans had another Latin grammatical in my youth: declension imperative.

        Again depending on the wearer’s genitive – and no risk of later accusatives. (If you were lucky enough to get a dative to begin with.)

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