Daft Works goes to Davos


I understand that Theresa May is to give a talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

But rather than talking about economics, ya know, at the Economic Forum, she’s going to talk about social media, which we have known for some long time, that she wants to control.

It kinda worries me to have anything, including social media, and the internet in general, policed by someone who thinks that running in a cornfield is the height of wickedness.


Anyway, I digress. My question is: She’s addressing an economic forum. Given that HER united kingdom (the one she keeps on calling OURs) is going through the massive economic upheaval of Brexit… why isn’t she addressing, erm, economics?




23 thoughts on “Daft Works goes to Davos”

    1. True dat… besides, whatever she said, whatever view she took, there would be a few more letters arriving at the desk of the chairman of the 1922 committee demanding a leadership election.

      1922? That’s about where they belong!

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      1. Just as a totally insane president is obliged to tell everyone that he’s a genius, so the weakest and wobbliest prime minister ever has to tell people that she’s strong and stable.

        Jings, crivens and help ma boab.

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  1. I read this via the link on WOS, then went to the link for Craig Murray. His piece on Facebook censorship should give us cause for concern. The British State doesn’t take kindly to opposing viewpoints (especially if they’re exposing their lies), the PM wants to see ‘more controls’ over social media. I smell shite!

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    1. Oh yes.

      There is definitely the air of something unpleasant in what she’s saying.

      Of course we need to control people who are exploiting kids or teaching others how to make bombs…

      But it scares me how much control this nut wants to have over what we see and hear.

      She appears to have the BBC and her pet newspapers (particularly the Daily Mail, which is probably at about her intellectual level) in her pocket. She’s very chummy with Dacre. (Lord what a thought.)


      1. It’s Standard Operating Procedure for UK Government, pick a target readily demonised – sex offenders/deviants/terrorists more than fit the bill – then slide in enveloping legislation with draconian powers. It may catch the bottom feeders and unsophisticated (who will be wheeled out for the cameras) but will drive the determined further underground.
        Like outing RSO’s it only makes the policing job harder. The determined will adopt ‘Tradecraft’ (if they haven’t already) as used by Spooks.
        No, my worry is for people like you, the Rev and WGD. Was it you or ‘Wilderness’ that posited that GE17 was a response to Scottish Parliament’s mandate for a Referendum? The Tories react with a sledgehammer, obtained by clandestine methods.


      1. Rant?


        I fear you may have made a mistake there, Niko.

        Mellow is my middle name old chap.

        Dunno why you fond of the BBC though, Niko me old mucker. They hate your bloke as much as they hate our woman.

        Maybe even more.


      1. A word that could well apply to how one should view the Maybot, Rees-Mogg and all of their chums – its definition being “the action or habit of estimating something as worthless.”

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